Pray For Wright, Sign Kelly Johnson

It didn’t take long for David Wright to have his first setback of the spring. Earlier this week, Sandy Alderson said David has a shoulder impingement. Today, Wright confirmed the injury after getting a second opinion in New York. The injury is related to his neck fusion surgery, and he’s being shut down indefinitely.

For the record, this is the millionth time David Wright has had a “career ending” setback in the last three years. Every single time they announce a new Wright injury it hurts me as much as the last time. It’s honestly torture for me as a fan, and I can’t even imagine how awful it must be for the guy who’s getting neck operations and constantly rehabbing a degenerative spinal condition. It’s too hard to even write about again. Pray for David. I don’t care if he ever plays again. All I care about is that this guy lives a long healthy life outside of baseball.

Does this setback hurt the Mets’ chances of competing in 2017? No not really. I haven’t been willing to pencil David Wright into our projected lineup for three years now. And for the first time this year the Mets aren’t depending on him either. Some combination of Jose Reyes and Wilmer Flores will slot right in at third base. That combination should be very productive at the plate and provide acceptable defense (barely).

That being said, the Mets should undoubtedly sign Kelly Johnson to take Wright’s spot on the roster. If David ever plays again it sure as hell won’t be by Opening Day 2017. They’ve said Lucas Duda is feeling better after his back/hip cortisone injections, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Kelly Johnson can play third base, first base, second base, and outfield. It’s always made sense to bring him back, but it makes even more sense now. The Mets need to make it happen.

And the Mets also need to start having Jay Bruce take reps at first base in spring games immediately. They can’t afford to delay because we all know Duda’s back could still be barking come Opening Day.

The Mets also need to experiment with Bruce at first base just to try and create more playing time for Michael Conforto. The team has only played a few Grapefruit League Games but so far Conforto is hitting .538. If Conforto continues to rake this spring then he’s starting in my Opening Day outfield. I don’t care where he starts. I don’t care whether Curtis Granderson or Jay Bruce lose out on playing time. If Conforto has solved the problems he dealt with at the plate last year then the Mets need to find him major league ABs. 

There’s no reason for excuses. I don’t care that the veterans have high salaries. Plus the Wilpons will be raking in so much money on Wright’s insurance policy they won’t even have to worry about the money being wasted on Bruce as he sits on the bench. 

Pray for David.

Grainy Video Of David Wright Swinging Bat Surfaces

I think that’s a video of David Wright swinging a bat. It’s either Wright or some other thin white guy between the ages of 20 and 40 with a spine more brittle than a pretzel rod and a neck fused together with rubber cement.

I was literally thinking about my man D-Wright earlier today when this grainy video surfaced. I was thinking about how everyone counted Peyton Manning out when he had his neck fused in 2011. They all said his career was over. Then he showed up everyone by winning NFL comeback player of the year in 2012, MVP in 2013, and the Super Bowl in 2015/16. Then we all found out Manning allegedly had enough HGH shipped to his house to make Bartolo Colon jealous, and the allegations totally tainted his career resurgence.

Even if our beloved Captain America followed in Peyton’s footsteps and healed his neck with banned substances, I don’t think all the juice in the world could fix his degenerative spinal condition. Every report on his spinal stenosis indicates it’ll only get worse. There’s no scenario where he magically heals and successfully plays out the last four years of his contract.

But if the baseball gods would grant David one more full productive season in 2o17 and a World Series Championship to go with it, I have to believe he’d call it a career. Then the Mets could give Wright a big fat deferred buyout spread out over the next 100 years. The Mets will need someone to take the torch from Bobby Bonilla once the team finishes paying him in 2035. The Captain could step right in and fill the void. It just wouldn’t be the same in Metsland if fans no longer had an excuse to have the same tired annual debate about contracts and the time value of money.

Instead we’ll suffer through our other annual tradition where we watch Wright ramp up baseball activities, laugh as Sandy and Terry foolishly pencil him in for 130 starts at third base, and cry when the Wilpons pocket the insurance money that covers Wright’s salary.

Do people even draft Wright in fantasy leagues anymore? I can’t imagine a league where he’s anything more than waiver wire fodder. I guess I’ll send this video to the other members of my league and try to fool them. I’ll say “Hey I’m hearing Wright looks great. He’s primed for a big comeback season.”

In the end I’ll probably wind up drafting him, stashing him, and praying. Basically the same approach the Mets have taken for four years now.

Cold Stove Update: Mets Ask Santa For Cash

If you’re looking for an update on the Mets’ offseason since they paid Yoenis Cespedes, don’t get too excited.¬†In fact, don’t get excited at all.¬†Nothing has happened. Sandy Alderson basically went to the Winter Meetings last week, ate the hotel continental breakfast for a few days, and then flew right back to New York. Sandy said the Mets can’t make any moves until they find a team willing to take the 13 million dollar¬†Jay Bruce salary off our hands.¬†Clearly the¬†days of worrying about our mid-market payroll are behind us.

Cold Stove Quick Hits:

Christmas Party: The Mets held their annual Christmas Party this week and decided to anoint Noah Syndergaard as the next cursed Santa Claus. Sandy Alderson was seen at the event trying to dump Jay Bruce in a Toys for Tots bin.

Pray and Wish: At the Mets Christmas Party, Thor said all he wants for Christmas is¬†a World Series. It’s a good thing that he’s motivated because Sandy and Co.¬†are¬†clearly showing that their strategy for 2017 is to pray that all of our young pitchers will be healthy. In other words, rather than actually improving the team this offseason, the Mets are asking Jesus and Santa Claus for help.

MLB Anti-Hazing Policy: This week, MLB unveiled a new policy banning “offensive” hazing practices specifically those that involve dressing teammates as women. No word from Donald Trump yet on the decision but expect to see tweets about “soft Manfred” and “the failing MLB” any day now.

David Wright’s Road To Retirement: David Wright is reportedly simulating baseball activities but has not swung a bat yet. He’s been “getting in a crouch” and “moving laterally”. Basically he gingerly slides from one end of the couch to the other and occasionally bends over to pick up a chip if he drops one on the floor. I’d like to think that if David Wright retired tomorrow the Mets would spend his salary on roster upgrades. But who am I kidding. The Wilpons are already banking on spending the Wright insurance money on Yo’s salary.

World Baseball Classic: Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto are reportedly on the preliminary roster for Team Italy, Asdrubal Cabrera is planning to play for Venezuela and Jeurys Familia wants to pitch for the Dominican Republic. You’ve got to love the idea of Ol’ Bum Knee Cabrera playing extremely competitive games in March when he limped through a third of the regular season last year.¬†Conforto¬†better hope¬†Jay Bruce doesn’t¬†have an Italian Great Grandfather otherwise he might wind up benched for the World Baseball Classic too.

Juanny Bum Shoulder: Juan Lagares strained his shoulder diving for a ball in the Dominican Winter League. Apparently he’s fine.¬†Juanny better have a big 2017. He hasn’t done a damn thing since his breakout year in 2014 other than hurt his elbow and his thumb and now his shoulder. If he has another injury filled season, that extension we gave him will wind up looking horrible.

Nationals Striking Out Non-Stop: Other than the Mets signing Yo, the best news of the offseason has been that the Nationals have failed in almost every single one of their attempts to land players. They failed to land Cespedes, Andrew McCutchen, Chris Sale, Kenley Jansen, and Mark Melancon. The list goes on and on.

Mr. Tingles: Matt Harvey said his arm is no longer tingling and he’s feeling strong as he recovers from his surgery. If Matt Harvey wins comeback player of the year and Noah Syndergaard continues to be a pitching machine then the 2017 Mets really will be in great shape. Pray.

Charges Dropped: The domestic violence charges against Jeurys Familia were officially dropped because as I’ve said many times on this site, the charges always get dropped or settled out of court. If you want to know what will happen next, just check out my post that I wrote the day this story broke. It’s the same exact cycle every single time. Familia will get a slap on the wrist suspension for allegedly assaulting his wife. Meanwhile Jenrry Mejia is locked up in a cell in the dungeons at MLB headquarters for taking a little testosterone.

Wright’s Fused Neck Supposedly Healing


Yesterday it was reported that David Wright visited his doctor in L.A. and his surgically fused neck (neck? spine? I think it’s all been fused at some point over the last two years)¬†is supposedly healing properly. Wright is on track to return for spring training 2017. Great! Looks like we can expect another spring full of Wright status updates and setbacks. Let’s make sure to pencil him in for 150 games¬†and watch him play fewer than 50 games¬†for the¬†third year in a row.

Meanwhile in a separate story Jon Heyman predicted that Yoenis Cespedes will almost certainly opt-out of his current deal with the Mets and sign a deal in the neighborhood of 4 years 100 million (Duh!). I actually think that estimate is on the¬†conservative end. I think last offseason was a complete fluke, and this time around he’ll have suitors lining up. He’s had two monster seasons in a row now.¬†Some team is going to call Roc Nation and¬†blow Yo away with a mega-deal, and the Mets will kick themselves for passing on the opportunity to lock him up last offseason. Instead of watching Yo ride into camp on his beautiful white steed, we’ll get to see David the headless third baseman galloping around after dark from doctor to doctor.

In all seriousness pray for D-Wright’s recovery and pray we sign Yo.¬†I’m hoping David magically heals. I’m literally hoping that the arrival of Tim Tebow has some magic healing effect on¬†David. If Masahiro Tanaka can put together a Cy Young caliber season with a completely torn UCL, is it that ridiculous to¬†expect Wright to magically recover? And as far as Yo goes, the Mets will sign him right? I’m starting to doubt my own skepticism regarding the Mets signing Cespedes. I realize we spent last offseason protesting, and ultimately Yo fell into the Mets laps. But the Wilpons can’t actually let him leave now¬†can they? He’s the best player in the city. Why would anyone buy tickets if they let him walk? They won’t. I’m just going to tell myself that so I can actually sleep at night. It’s the only way to¬†stop the daily Cespedes to the Nationals night terrors.

Wright/Reyes 2017: Make The Mets Injured Again

If you’ve been paying attention to the Mets news cycle, you’ve already picked up on the signals the team has been sending out. First we traded for Jay Bruce, and now all we’ve been hearing is how he’s “insurance” for “if” Yoenis Cespedes opts-out of his current “deal”. As if to say Cespedes might not opt-out and cash in on an almost certain 125-150 million dollar payday. And the Daily News even reported yesterday that the Mets now expect their 2017 outfield to be Michael Conforto in center, Curtis Granderson in left, and Jay Bruce in right. Yo is a goner folks.

When¬†we traded Dilson Herrera for Bruce, we started hearing about second base options for 2017. Sandy Alderson made no mention of Neil Walker in the possible 2017 plan. You know Neil? He’s just been one of the most productive second baseman in the league this year, especially after his recent run of success at the end of July into August. Right after the Bruce trade, I wrote about the case to re-sign Walker and how the Mets probably won’t do that. Instead, we’ve heard Gavin Cecchini and Wilmer Flores thrown out as options and of course the headliner…Jose Reyes!

So first we hear Reyes and his league minimum contract thrown out as an option at second base for next season. Now we are seeing David Wright visiting with the team and supposedly making great progress on his neck injury rehab. He says he plans to play in 2017. You know what all this means? Wright/Reyes 2017 is an absolute lock! Lock it up! Guaranteed. They will be penciled into the Opening Day 2017 lineup by the Mets in the offseason and will probably play under 30 games combined.

If a Wright/Reyes 2017 ticket is genuinely in the cards for the Mets, then we need to flood the Citi Field parking lot with protestors now. If that’s really the plan, then we might as well flush our chances next season down the toilet and close our supposed championship window that started last season. We’ve pinned our hopes on Jose and David so many times¬†before this. How many times did we wait for Jose to rehab his injuries in hopes of making a late summer run with him back in the lineup (including right now as I type)? Then as soon as Reyes departed after 2011,¬†Wright filled the injury void. Wright’s been on the DL for most of the season between 2013-2016. We can’t afford to spend another year penciling these guys into our fantasy world¬†lineups and expecting big production.

This post isn’t a commentary on¬†our chances this season. Obviously Wright and Reyes are hurt, and despite that this¬†team is still in the race. But their absence¬†during crunch time this season is about as¬†telling as it gets. This is now the second year in a row where we’ve depleted our minor league resources trying to fill the void on offense left by the absence of our captain and third baseman. We traded for¬†Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson (twice), Yoenis Cespedes,¬†and Jay Bruce all in the hopes of filling the Wright hole on offense. We just keep trading away prospects. Trading and trading.

Well now the Mets farm system is nearly depleted, and our best player (Cespedes) is¬†probably¬†leaving. But our young stars are¬†still under team control. We still have the¬†pitching.¬†This offseason is the make¬†or break moment for¬†Sandy. If we plan to actually¬†take advantage of this 2-4 year window, then we cannot rely on Wright and Reyes for another second.¬†I’m not saying release them. Jose Reyes at the league minimum on the bench sounds fine to me. David was productive when he played this year. His contract is a sunk cost. David and the Mets need to accept that he is a bench contributor at best in 2017, and they need to find a starting caliber player to man third base on Opening Day. That is the only acceptable¬†path¬†going forward.

The other option would be to let Jose Reyes and David Wright go to either the Yankees or Cardinals. Carlos Beltran was ravaged by injuries at almost the same age¬†(32/33) as Reyes and Wright.¬†Then Beltran¬†went to the Cardinals/Yankees and went on to have 5 more incredibly productive seasons. Perhaps the Lord’s chosen teams would help heal Wright and Reyes and restore them to greatness.¬†One thing is certain. They are not recovering as long as they don blue and orange with the Mets. So it’s time to move on. It’s time to vote no on Wright/Reyes 2017! Let’s make the Mets great again, not injured.

Goodnight Sweet Prince: Wright Out For Season

David Wright officially gave up on the¬†rest and rehabilitation plan¬†for his neck injury and decided to get surgery on the herniated disk. First the Mets said that his season was over, but now it’s being reported that they¬†won’t know that with certainty until the surgery is completed today. That being said, Thor is already sending out RIP David tweets, so I think it’s safe to say the Captain is out for the season. Honestly, he’s probably out for good as a result of the spinal stenosis and now this neck injury. We knew this was a lock before the season started. The fans don’t want to give up on David. Unfortunately, the Mets have¬†also¬†refused to give up on David, and consequently they failed to appropriately planned for his¬†demise. Well today is the day that the Mets need to officially change their approach. Starting now, the Mets must operate under the assumption that David will never play a game again. His contract is a sunk cost. The Mets need to assemble a roster that can win without David. Whether they do that before the trade deadline or in the 2016 offseason, that remains to be seen. Any contribution from David going forward¬†should be¬†considered a bonus.

I will miss David. Mike Piazza and David Wright are my all time favorite Mets. David had two chances to win a World Series, and the team failed despite coming so close both times (2006, 2015). The moron Wilpons built a stadium designed for Jose Reyes, and then they let him walk away. They took years to move the walls in and by the time they did, David’s youthful opposite field power stroke was gone. The Wilpons wasted away his prime as they scrambled to pay back creditors and the¬†investors they swindled. David did everything in his power to stay on the field, and give the fans something to root for. Whenever I was down because of the Wilpons indifference regarding¬†the state of the organization, I¬†watched David play and was reminded that somebody gave a damn.¬†I hope he comes back. I hope we win him a¬†ring.¬†Get well soon David. Thanks for caring so much.

Wright To DL Forever; Did The Blueprint Fail?

David Wright Dunzo: David Wright¬†is officially going on the disabled list today. The Mets say he’ll be out 6-8 weeks with this herniated disk in his neck, and then they’ll re-evaluate or whatever. I wrote about David earlier in the week. The Mets should have placed him on the DL a week ago. Playing shorthanded while waiting to see if David’s spine/neck feels better is an absurd strategy. In that prior post, I wrote about how sad the demise of David has been. It’s sad to watch¬†a childhood sports hero of mine crumble. My question is how did we get here and what do we do next? Did the Mets preseason blueprint fail?

Preseason Depth Delusion: In my season preview, I talked about how the Mets finally had some depth to speak of on the major league roster. In the offseason the Mets added a new starter at second base and shortstop in Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera. They also retained Yoenis Cespedes. By bolstering the starting corps,¬†they simultaneously enhanced the bench by pushing Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Alejandro De Aza, and Juan Lagares to part time roles. Finally, we were¬†taking the pressure off of young players like Lagares, Tejada, and Wilmer by taking them out of the starting lineup and giving them a chance to excel in a¬†limited role. The Opening Day bench was supposed to consist of these known commodities. Yes that’s right I’m calling Lagares, Flores, and Tejada known commodities. We knew with absolute certainty that Ruben Tejada was a mediocre light-hitting¬†backup middle infielder. Light hitting meaning .240 not¬†.140 like most of the bums we’ve seen this year.¬†Prior to this season, Wilmer Flores was approaching 1000 MLB plate appearances. In that time he showed the Mets that he had a competent bat with a little pop. He showed the Mets that he had a weak glove, but he was at least capable of standing and wearing that glove at second base, shortstop and third base. Juan Lagares showed the Mets he could play gold glove defense in the outfield and hit left handed pitching. Alejandro De Aza had a lengthy major league resume with success against right handed pitching and a decent glove at all three outfield positions. The Mets felt they had depth for the regular season. The only place where the Mets took a bit of a risk was at the catching position. Kevin Plawecki essentially failed in his 2015 catching audition. He failed to hit and the Mets really struggled during the stretch of the¬†2015¬†season when he filled in for Travis d’Arnaud. But the Mets took a chance on a young player that they have a lot of¬†confidence in. They felt he would take a step forward and produce. Or at least they felt he would outperform the garbage alternatives that were available in the offseason.

Has The Blueprint Failed?: So far this season the blueprint has failed miserably. Alejandro De Aza has struggled mightily in his limited role. He’s batting .196. Wilmer Flores got injured and has failed to produce at all offensively. He’s hitting .167 with one dinger. His production has literally been non-existent. The Mets inexplicably dumped Ruben Tejada at the end of the spring in favor of unknowns and quadruple-A player options.¬†Those unknowns like Eric Campbell and Ty Kelly have turned out to be significantly worse than Ruben¬†which is saying a lot. Not only have the quadruple-A bums been miserable, but they’ve been getting a ton of ABs which has been the primary reason for our recent offensive struggles. Kevin Plawecki has taken a step backwards this season. He’s struggled to produce offensively and his receiving skills have been outshined by non-hitting veteran journeyman Rene Rivera. So yeah the Mets blueprint has failed so far.

Why No “Super Team”?: This recent stretch of horrendous offense has led me to question the Mets offseason approach. Specifically, I’ve found myself saying things like “I wish we had Daniel Murphy too” and “I wish we made a crazy high bid to get Ben Zobrist”. I’ve seen a lot of people say these exact things. Here’s the bottom line. A “super team” sounds amazing. Obviously we would all love to have Neil Walker, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Daniel Murphy on this team. But we were never going to be able to practically¬†assemble that team especially with David Wright on the roster. Think about it for a second. Let’s say hypothetically that the Mets signed Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes on day one of the 2015 offseason. Do you think Ben Zobrist would have entertained signing with the Mets as a backup? Do you think the Mets would have traded for silver slugger second basemen Neil Walker and rendered the recently signed Murphy a backup? I’m not saying that we couldn’t use both those players today. Obviously without Wright, we have a place for Murphy at third base. But these established veteran players don’t sign contracts and cross their fingers that they will get a chance to play. They sign deals with teams that give them the most playing team. I love the idea of Neil Walker and Ben Zobrist on the same team. I love the thought of having Daniel Murphy right now. But that was a pipe dream and was never going to happen. And if we just signed Murphy and that was it, then we’d have Wilmer at second base and Murph at third and we’d be no better off.

The Real Problems: The real problem with our blueprint is two-fold.¬†The first issue was that we never replaced Michael Cuddyer. With Lagares, De Aza, Plawecki, and Flores the Mets really had one spot open on the bench. They dumped Tejada and they needed to replace him with a real major league player with a resume. Instead they gave us garbage. They passed on Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe, Steve Pearce, and many others. But the real problem is a dearth of upper level minor league position player talent. Let’s be real here. I wrote a couple days ago that the Cubs did it right. The Cubs had arguably the top position players in the league. And they bolstered that in the offseason by signing Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, and retaining Dexter Fowler. But wait a minute. That’s very similar to what the Mets did. The Mets added starting position players and bumped their young players to the bench. The difference is the Cubs have way more talented young players like Jorge Soler and Javier Baez to bump to the bench. The Mets didn’t have players of that caliber to demote to the bench. And the Mets clearly don’t have any position players other than Dilson Herrera at Triple-A ready to contribute. If they had players like that at AAA they would have been promoted already. So yeah the Mets deserve criticism for that. They’ve promoted a butt-load of talent over the past few seasons. So it makes some sense that the cupboard is empty. But the winning won’t be sustainable without an influx of upper level minor league talent. And that certainly won’t happen if we ship whatever we have left off to replace David Wright.

The Inevitable External Solution: As much as we can’t afford to ship off what’s left of our upper level minor league system, that’s looking more and more like a lock. I don’t think the Mets are realistically going to be able to get an impact bat. Every team will ask for Zack Wheeler in the “impact bat” conversation. Nobody is going to help the Mets unless we part with Zack, and we can’t afford to do that. In the same way that the Cubs have that position player depth, we have that in our pitching staff, and that pitching is the only¬†chance we have to win it all. In all likelihood, we will do the same thing we did last year with Uribe or Johnson. We’ll get a veteran bench/starter swingman. We will finally fill that Michael Cuddyer bench vacancy that we should have filled in the spring.

The Real Test: The blueprint has failed so far, but it’s not a complete failure yet. Why? Because Wilmer Flores has had like 60 ABs. Alejandro De Aza has had like 50 ABs, and James Loney just got here. The real test of the blueprint will be in June and July. The Mets need to make a trade¬†no matter what because of the¬†major injuries to multiple starting players and the need to fill the Cuddy bench hole that I mentioned above.¬† They need to¬†remove the quadruple-A players from the bench and replace them¬†ASAP.¬†But if Wilmer continues to fail as the replacement for Wright and Plawecki¬†is a complete bust as a replacement for¬†Travis d’Arnaud, then yes the Mets blueprint has been a total bust. The Mets will be able to find a way to add a veteran player for the bench. But it’s going to be very challenging adding a player that provides starting caliber production without surrendering Wheeler. Over the next few weeks, Wilmer Flores, Kevin Plawecki, and even¬†James Loney can completely change the narrative. Let’s hope they are successful, because the acquisition of a bench veteran¬†alone may not be enough to¬†keep the Mets afloat until these injured players return. To stay afloat, they need the players they penciled in as “depth” in spring training to come through as originally expected. In the end, that may turn out to be¬†just as¬†much of a pipe dream as the “super team”.

Series Preview: NL Least Rumble In Miami

The Mets went 14-15 in the month of May and the Marlins went 15-14. What does that mean? It means the NL Least is back. Frankly, it never left. East is the name and mediocrity is the game. The NL East rodeo of mediocrity also means that a rough series or stretch can flip flop the standing in a finger snap. So this road series is important. The Marlins are 6-4 in their last 10 games. Last weekend they lost 2 out of 3 in Atlanta, but this week they came home and took 3 out of 4 against the Pirates. In other words, the Marlins are somewhat hot and the Mets are not. ¬†The Mets lost 4 out of 6 on the homestand. Everyone is hurt. But if the mafia has taught us anything, it’s that a good old fashioned trip to Miami can be a great way to unwind and escape the heat of the New York microscope.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Noah Syndergaard vs. Tom Koehler

Tom Koehler hasn’t faced the Mets yet this year. He’s 3-5 with a 4.50 ERA. He gave up 8 runs in 2.1 innings against the Brewers on May 1st. That really inflated his ERA. He’s gone 5+ innings and surrendered 3 or fewer runs in all 5 starts since that outing. The Mets faced him 5 times in 2015. He tossed two quality starts in those games, and in the other three he got rocked and failed to make it to the fifth inning. Notable Matchups: Yoenis Cespedes is 3 for 8, Michael Conforto is 2 for 7, Wilmer Flores is 3 for 11, Curtis Granderson is 5 for 22, and Juan Lagares is 6 for 23.

There’s not much to preview when it comes to Noah Syndergaard. He’s pitching like a Cy Young candidate. In April he faced the Marlins at Citi Field. He went 7 innings, gave up 1 run, and struck out 12. He got a no decision in that game, and we ended up losing 2-1. It was one of the most demoralizing losses of the season, and that’s saying a lot considering how bad the two losses were against the White Sox this week. In that April game, the Mets couldn’t score with their “fully loaded” lineup. With the way our offense is sputtering, Thor will probably pitch nine scoreless innings and get the L. That is unless Thor decides to throw at people again and gets tossed from the game.

Game 2: Bartolo Colon vs. Justin Nicolino

Bartolo Colon has not faced Miami in 2016, but he faced them six times in 2015. He went 4-2 with a 2.49 ERA. I’m confident Big Sexy will fire a quality start. Justin Nicolino is a left hander who faced the Mets once in September of 2015. He went 6 innings, gave up 3 runs, and Yoenis Cespedes hit a home run off of him. He’s only made 3 starts on the season and he’s 2-0 with a 2.79 ERA. He replaced Jarred Cosart in the Marlins rotation. The Mets haven’t hit lefties all season and aren’t hitting any pitchers lately. So this could be trouble.

Game 3: Matt Harvey vs. Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is 8-2 with a 2.53 ERA in the season. He’s been on the same level as Thor, Clayton Kershaw, and Jake Arrieta in 2016. In fact he matched Thor inning for inning in that April start I mentioned above. In his start on Tuesday he went 7 scoreless innings, gave up 3 hits and struck out 6 without a walk. Fernandez has won seven straight starts, and in his last five starts he is 5-0 with a 0.79 ERA. Matt Harvey finally had a breakout start against the White Sox on Memorial Day. He went 7 scoreless innings, gave up 2 hits, and struck out 6. I’d be confident in Harvey if¬†he hadn’t struggled so much before his most recent start. That combined with the fact that¬†Jose Fernandez has been unbeatable at home makes this a tough matchup.

Things To Look For:

Hot Marlins: Marcell Ozuna has been crushing it all season long. He’s hitting .328 with 10 home runs and 27 RBIs. Martin Prado is hitting .323 on the season. Christian Yelich is hitting .313 with 5 home runs on the season. J.T. Realmuto is hitting .299 on the season.

Giancarlo: Giancarlo Stanton will be back in the lineup this weekend. He missed 7 games recently due to injury. He’s hit 12 homers and 26 RBIs on the season, but he’s hitting .210. He’s struggling. He’s battled injuries which is pretty much par for the course. I’m sure he’ll be back to launching dingers against the Mets this weekend.

Grandy Yay: Curtis Granderson has been hitting lately. He’s hitting .286 in his last 7 games and making some good hard contact.

No Bark From Big Dogs: On the flip side, Michael Conforto is 1 for his last 15 and Yoenis Cespedes is 1 for his last 19. Half of our regulars are out with back problems, but it seems like Yo and Conforto have finally started to fizzle after carrying the team on their backs all season.

Rene Gonna Play: I wonder if Terry will start Rene Rivera twice in this series. Rivera has been nailing base stealers non-stop and calling great games lately. Rivera and Lagares are seemingly our only above average defenders.

David’s Gone: David Wright will officially go on the DL before this series. They said he’s out 4-6 weeks. Hopefully that’s not 4-6 weeks in¬†“d’Arnaud years”.¬†The team literally said “extended absence”. That actually means out forever. Matt Reynolds will take his place on the roster. I’m surprised they promoted Reynolds again because the Mets originally planned to promote relatively unknown minor league infielder Rick Canball. The Mets like his “exceptional contact rate” and “versatility”.

Excelled In His Role: In a post full of negativity, I’d like to take a moment and praise Juan Lagares. Juan has been exceptional so far this season hitting .280/.322/.415 in 88 PA. But this is a reminder. Don’t be fooled when they say things on TV like, “Juan Lagares is having a great season. It’s a shame that he needs to battle for playing time on this team. He’s wasting away on the bench.” Nope. That’s BS. He’s excelling this season because¬†he’s on the bench. He’s finally in the right role. Good for him.

Pen Out Of Ink: Hansel Robles, Jeurys Familia, and the rest of the pen have struggled the last couple weeks after a burning hot start to the season. Let’s hope the Miami sun helps them regain some fire.

Bahamas: The papers ran a headline today talking about how Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and a few other Mets took a day trip to the Bahamas before this series against the Marlins. The paper was trying to stir the pot once again asking what these guys were doing in the Bahamas and particularly what Thor was doing there¬†the day before a start. Umm they’re probably swimming. Maybe drinking. Maybe they went to buy chachkies at the airport. Who the hell cares? I’m hoping they all went to recruit some famous Bahamian slugger. We need that most of all. We should be searching far and wide for a solution on offense.

Carrion For Vultures: Wright Should Be DL’d

Caught With Our Pants Down, Again:¬†So David Wright “avoided” the DL today despite his continuing battle with¬†a herniated disc in his neck. The first round of¬†anti-inflammatory medication didn’t work. Surprise, Surprise. Now the Mets are giving the poor guy another injection in his neck, and they will re-evaluate his condition in 48 hours. Keep in mind, David hasn’t played since Friday 5/27. The Mets insistence on perpetually playing shorthanded is getting to be ridiculous. The only real surprise here¬†is that David made it through¬†the first 50¬†games of the season without a DL stint.

Listen, I understand the difficult situation the Mets are in with David. There was no way the Mets were going to formally declare David Wright “dead” before the season even started and trade for an heir apparent like say Todd Frazier.¬†But the truth is we all knew David had no chance of making it through this season injury free,¬†and the Mets did not appropriately prepare for this inevitable situation. Nobody expected Wilmer Flores to completely stop producing at the plate. But it wasn’t fair or realistic to appoint Wilmer the backup at every single infield position and have Eric Campbell on double deck. That strategy was completely and utterly absurd from day one and anyone who disagrees should get their head checked. Now we are in the same position as last season. If David goes on the DL, we are going to run a subpar lineup out there on a regular basis. If he stays on the roster, then we wind up playing long stretches shorthanded, and we already have a weak bench.¬†But the bottom line is, the¬†subpar lineup option is better than playing shorthanded. We should put him on the DL, backdate the stint to Friday, and see where he’s at next week. And in the meantime, our front office needs to find a reasonable stopgap solution at third base, and they need to work quickly. It sounds like cantankerous old Terry wants nothing to do with Neil Walker at third base and Dilson Herrera at second base. Or maybe the front office is frowning upon that option. I don’t know. What I do know is they better act fast. Ben Zobrist or Daniel Murphy would be pretty useful for this team right about now. Whoops!

Can’t Be Done Without The¬†DH: In the long run, it’s going to be incredibly challenging for the¬†Mets¬†to continue¬†carrying David Wright on this roster without the option of the Designated Hitter. It just doesn’t appear to be feasible in the NL. Sure we kind of did it last season, and we made it to the World Series. We are doing it right now as I type. But can we really do this long term? Can we build a roster riddled with uncertainty where nobody knows David’s status on any given day and nobody knows what position they are going to play if somebody goes down at the same time as David? The permanent state of infield musical chairs is not sustainable. Maybe it’s¬†sustainable for a stretch of two months, but it’s not sustainable for this organization in the long term.

Is This¬†Almost The End?: Where does the latest David injury leave us? Well it undoubtedly leaves us in a state of limbo. There’s really no escaping the Wright purgatory in 2016. Maybe he will return to the lineup on Friday. Maybe a backdated DL stint¬†is inevitable. Maybe this neck injury will nag all season long.¬†It’s just so challenging for this team to continue to play with this¬†clear and obvious roster handicap. And¬†when I use the word “handicap” I’m obviously not talking about Wright’s performance. When he’s played, he’s produced at a fine level. The handicap comes in the form of roster management, and at some point we need a resolution on that front.

It’s really sad quite frankly. I’m 28. I’m a late 90’s and 2000’s Mets fan. I watched Mike Piazza come to the end of his baseball road. I watched his bat speed slow down and his skills diminish. I saw Johan Santana get injured and never really come back. Jose Reyes battled injuries forever.¬†But I never watched a Mets player as prominent as David¬†deteriorate due to injury at the level that¬†he has. It’s so awful. The guy works so hard, and his body just won’t cooperate. There’s seemingly nothing he can do to stay in playing condition. I genuinely don’t think this is a battle he can win. We’ve seen many players in MLB history¬†try to beat injuries in the past. It’s a losing battle. Will he retire? Will he continue to try and triumph over his physical challenges? I don’t know. I admire his perseverance no matter what path he chooses to¬†follow. But the continuously running injury storyline is sad and frankly demoralizing for a lifelong Mets and Wright fan such as myself.

P.S. –¬†I love you David. I’m sorry I gained too much weight since high school¬†to wear the child’s XL¬†Wright jersey I once rocked so frequently. I’m also sorry I¬†spilled sausage and pepper grease all over the jersey.¬†Now it’s just a small greasy piece of polyester that lives in my mother’s basement. I’m also sorry for any time I may have¬†said you weren’t clutch, cursed your name, or referred to you as a corpse or dead man (including in the title of this post). Please forgive me and get well soon. I want to win this season, and I want you there to be gently carried off the field into the sunset. Pray for David.

Wright Walk-Off Win; Brewers Are A Godsend

Final Score: Mets 5, Brewers 4

Wright Walk Off: David Wright with a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th inning is about as feel-good a victory as there can be. Unbelievable. Watching Yoenis Cespedes nearly tackle Wright and uncontrollably smile as the entire team celebrates on the field is truly special. We really needed a win like this.

Brewers Are A Godsend: Umm the Brewers are absolutely terrible. The Mets needed a matchup against a garbage team so badly. I mean let’s start with the 9th inning. They issued a leadoff single to Eric Campbell. Baaahahaha. Then they walked Kevin Plawecki who spent half the AB trying to bunt and failing. Matt Reynolds came up next and effectively executed the sacrifice bunt. Grandy was walked intentionally to load the bases, and then David roped his single on a 3-0 pitch to get the 5-4 victory. The Brewers nearly walked in the winning run anyway. They walked six Mets over the game.

Grandy Mendoza: In the first inning, Curtis Granderson hit a leadoff home run. He absolutely loves doing that. Too bad he’s hitting .197 on the season. The Mendoza line is a Mets favorite. Grandy is under it (.197), Wright is approaching it (.223), Kevin Plawecki is at it (.203), and Alejandro De Aza is too (.205).

DeGranted: I really take Jacob deGrom for granted. I just assume he’s going to jump on the mound and mow every team down. But he really didn’t have it yesterday. He struggled to get through 5 innings, he gave up 5 hits, issued 3 walks, and gave up 4 runs. His 7 Ks combined with the walks really drove up his pitch count. In the top of the second inning he walked Aaron Hill and with two outs gave up a two run home run to Ramon Flores to make it 2-1 Brewers. In the top of the 4th inning, deGrom walked the leadoff man and then surrendered a single. With first and third and nobody out, Ramon Flores hit a sac fly making it 3-1. Then pitcher Zach Davies executed a sac bunt (which the Mets staff still can’t do), and Jonathan Villar followed that with an RBI single to make it 4-1 Brewers.

Cespedes Saved Us Per Usual: In the fourth inning, Yoenis Cespedes singled with one out and advanced to second base on a Brewers wild pitch (they stink). Then Neil Walker struck out and with two outs, Asdrubal Cabrera drove in Cespedes with an RBI single. Then in the bottom of the 6th, the Brewers walked Michael Conforto with one out and Yo followed that with a two run shot. He’s just an unstoppable force. He should probably be walked every single time he steps to the plate. He’s quietly on pace to hit like 54 home runs which would be completely insane.

Electric Pen: Hansel Robles, Addison Reed, and Jeurys Familia combined for 4 scoreless innings of relief and 6 Ks. The pen has been electric. There’s no doubt about it. Pray that their arms don’t fall off.

Duda Dead: Lucas Duda was scratched with back pain again. He got an MRI and they think it’s a disc issue. He’s not playing in the series finale either. The DL is an absolute lock. Well so much for our plan to not have a contingency plan at first plan. Hooray! We have literally no option. It’s Soup. That’s it. We may need to consider calling up Dilson Herrera for second base and moving Neil Walker to first base even though he’s never played there before. Slowly the injuries are piling up. Pray.

Harvey Time: They said Matt Harvey had a great weekend bullpen session and is going to start in Washington on Tuesday. I suppose if Wright’s corpse can get a game winning hit then Harvey can have a rebound start.

Today: Man we really lucked out with Ryan Braun missing the first two games of the series due to injuries. Noah Syndergaard on the mound for the sweep? Yeah I like those odds.