Familia Arrested For Domestic Violence; Screw Him


Jeurys Familia was arrested on a domestic violence charge. The Mets say they know about it and are “monitoring the situation”. Familia was literally just featured in an anti-domestic violence commercial. Yikes.

Familia supposedly said the following (because of course he did).

The victim was not named, but reportedly had scratches and a bruised face. I’m sure the details will come out, but the report is already making me sick. I can’t believe we went through this with Jose Reyes and now we have to go through it again. I can’t believe what his family (the actual victims) have to go through. I can’t believe at this point we “know the drill”. It’s pretty standard. The news breaks and there’s the contingent of people that are disgusted and want the person banished, and then there’s the group that says, “Wait for the details to come out.”

Then the details come out, and they are usually as horrible as anticipated. And when the charges are inevitably dropped or settled out of court, awful people try and cast doubt on the details or worse they make excuses for the behavior.

From my perspective, a DV arrest is a DV arrest. Screw Familia. And the player cycle is the same always too:

  1. Player gets arrested.
  2. Player goes through legal process.
  3. Charges often wind up getting dropped or settled out of court.
  4. League conducts investigation.
  5. League suspends player for insignificant amount of time.
  6. Player serves suspension.
  7. Player returns apologetically and is welcomed with open arms by many team, players, and fans.
  8. Player continues to get enormous paycheck (assuming teams deem the individual talented enough to overlook the domestic violence).

The whole cycle is disgusting and makes me sick.

Talk about a terrible 2016 for the preseason Sports Illustrated Mets’ cover boys. Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom with season-ending surgeries and now Familia gets arrested for domestic violence. Pray for Familia’s wife and kid. The Mets need a new closer. Too bad the most talented one available in free agency, Aroldis Chapman, is another domestic abuser.

4 thoughts on “Familia Arrested For Domestic Violence; Screw Him

  1. Jack Strawb

    What’s “disgusting” is your cowardly and un-American assumption of guilt.

    Apparently you think the only purpose of courts is to arraign and sentence. Trial? What trial? We don’t need no stinking trial.

    You should be ashamed.


    1. Umm well I certainly never said that. Obviously he’s entitled to due process and nothing will be decided until that concludes. Often times it never makes it to trial because there’s a financial settlement of some type. But he’ll be back playing soon. Don’t worry. The cycle is disgusting.

      And yes I think MLB should have a zero tolerance policy for players that are arrested for, charged with, or convicted of domestic violence. There’s plenty of other talented guys looking for a chance to play.


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