Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

On Friday, Jacob deGrom reminded Mets fans that the best path to victory for this team is one where the bullpen is never involved in the game. DeGrom pitched 8.1 innings against the Pirates and gave up 1 run on 6 hits with 10 Ks. He had an extra day of rest because of that “rainy” game against the Padres, and the Mets let him throw 118 pitches. The offense put up 8 runs on 12 hits, and Neil Walker hit two home runs. Fernando Salas was able to retire two hitters to preserve deGrom’s gem.

I’m sure deGrom’s arm will wind up falling off if the Mets keep having him throw 118+ pitches per start. But it’s really the only way we can get a win these days. The second the Mets bullpen gets involved the game is pretty much over.

Last night’s game proved that point yet again. Zack Wheeler gave the team a quality start going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs on 7 hits. The Mets scored 4 runs on 12 hits which is kind of pathetic. But in the end it was the same old story. Addison Reed blew a 4-3 lead in the 9th inning and new minor league pitching savior Tyler Pill was charged with the winning run and the loss in extras.

Pill was one of the last viable pitching options that we had in Vegas. I just don’t see a light at the end of the Mets’ tunnel right now. Not only did our new minor league call-up get smacked in extras, but we received bad news on all of our injured players. Yoenis Cespedes had a quad setback. He shutting down baseball activities until Tuesday. The Daily News reported today that scouts who have seen Steven Matz pitch during his rehab outings are concerned that he’s still experiencing elbow soreness. They are getting that impression based on his mechanics. Seth Lugo is seemingly the only player progressing nicely during his rehab, and he has a half torn UCL.

I ain’t seeing the light at the end of the tunnel folks. I’m just not seeing it. Pray for a series win tonight. We need Matt Harvey to somehow go the distance, and that seems unlikely considering he can barely deliver quality starts this season.

The Mets Are Officially The Worst

The Mets may not have the worst record in baseball. Hell they don’t even have the worst record in the NL East. But when your record is close to the worst in the league and you lose 2 out of 3 at home to a team that is considered by many to be the actual worst then you become the worst team. The Mets are officially crowned in my book. They lost this week’s stink-off to the Padres, and now they are the kings of Stinktown (Citi Field).

I actually believe the Mets-related suffering I experienced over the course of last season has made me more patient when it comes to this team. They turned their season around in August, and it reminded me that anything can happen. I fully understand that right now it’s the end of May and there is a lot of baseball left to play. That being said, I’m starting to believe that the Mets 2017 stinkiness is for real. Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are the actual last hope. If the return of Matz and Lugo doesn’t significantly improve the pitching staff then the team is in big trouble. Maybe we should convert Yoenis Cespedes to a pitcher.

I really don’t want to trade young players for a quick fix this year. I don’t want Sandy to address the pitching issues with his signature in-season patch job trades. I’m tired of those deals. If we hadn’t traded away pitching prospects to address our issues on offense over the last two years maybe we’d have a few options at Triple-A to help this club right now. We need Dominic Smith, Amed Rosario, Gavin Cecchini , and Brandon Nimmo for the future. If we are going to make trades I’d rather flip some of our soon to be free agents for pitching.

As far as last night’s game goes, it was over the second they announced that Jacob deGrom was being scratched due to the rain and Rafael Montero was starting in his place. Showing up to Citi Field and finding out deGrom has been replaced by Montero is like going to MSG to see Billy Joel and finding out he’s been replaced by the stage manager’s brother’s friend’s son’s shitty high school garage band.

And why the hell is Jacob deGrom getting scratched due to rain? I understand that he’s literally the only good pitcher we have left and they want to protect him, but when your choices are 1) pitch your ace in a rainy May game at home or 2) literally waive the white flag and lose to a horrendous ball club, how do you choose option two?

Poo Poo Pitching: The Mets lost 4-3. Montero gave up 3 runs in 3 innings. Addison Reed gave up what turned out to be the game winning fourth run in the 9th inning. He’s been so mediocre in 2017. He has transformed right back into the pumpkin he was before coming to the Mets. Terry probably blew his arm out last year too.

Other Stupid Game Notes: Lucas Duda is heating up. He had two hits (including a homer) last night. Paul Sewald actually continued to impress in his 3 scoreless innings. He may be the second best pitcher on the team right now. Also, the chunky Joshs have switched places. Now Josh Smoker is the bad chunky Josh and Josh Edgin is the mediocre chunky Josh. Travis d’Arnaud started after his long DL stint. He didn’t do anything of note. Hitless as usual. The Mets also activated Asdrubal Cabrera from the DL and then didn’t start him. Genius!

Today: The Mets head to Pittsburgh tonight. I feel like this season can get worse. Pray.

Blame The Bullpen, Terry, Sandy, EVERYBODY

I can’t decide what is more embarrassing: 1) The overall level of talent in the Mets bullpen. 2) Terry Collins’ inability to manage a bullpen. 3) Sandy Alderson’s belief that this team had an acceptable amount of pitching depth.

All three of those things are partially responsible for last night’s pathetic loss to the San Diego Padres (the worst team in the league other than us I guess).

The Calm Before The Storm: The Mets had a 5-1 lead after 4 innings. The lead was partially due to the fact that Padres starter Jarred Cosart was hit by a comebacker, fell apart physically, and then walked the ball park before departing in the third inning. But the Mets still capitalized with RBI hits from Wilmer Flores and Curtis Granderson in the third inning. Michael Conforto also added an RBI hit in the 4th inning. Even Robert Gsellman had a nice game. I joked in yesterday’s post that he never gives us a quality start, and then he spit my face. He went 6 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits. But once Gsellman was yanked from the game everything crumbled.

Terrible Bullpen: It’s so pathetic that our front office had the balls to say they were “all in” prior to the start of the season, and then they continue to rely on scrap heap players like Neil Ramirez and Tommy Milone. Fernando Salas came in the game for Gsellman and pitched like crap. He retired the first two hitters, but then gave up a single and walked two straight hitters. Then new scrub Ramirez came in to face arguably the Padres best hitter Wil Myers, and he nearly lit him up for a grand slam. He hit a ball off the top of the wall and two runs scored to tie the game at 5-5. Then Josh Smoker came in to pitch the 8th inning and gave up a moonshot home run to make it 6-5. That was the final. Also it’s worth noting that Josh Smoker (who has an ERA of 8.00 out of the bullpen and has a surgically repaired arm) is currently being stretched out as a starter so the Mets have someone to replace Tommy Milone this weekend.

Terrible Manager: Terry Collins is an absolutely horrendous manager. The fans have been clamoring for his head for many years now. Fire him. Terry used Jerry Blevins, Paul Sewald, and Fernando Salas in a blowout game on Tuesday and when he needed them last night they were either unavailable (Blevins, Sewald) or ineffective (Salas). He pulled Gsellman when he had under 90 pitches because he wanted him to leave “feeling good.” Are you kidding me? And I really don’t care how tired the other relievers were, there is no way you bring in Neil Ramirez to face Wil Myers. No way. Terry is the absolute worst.

Terrible GM: Sandy Alderson never blames the Wilpons. In fact he claims he has all the resources in the world. If that’s the case then Sandy is a moron. The lack of bullpen depth was known, and it was obvious. The starting pitching depth was always questionable. Sandy didn’t add any arms in the offseason, and now we are relying on scrubs. That is entirely Alderson’s fault.

Bases Juiced: Despite the pathetic bullpen display the Mets still had an incredible chance to win this game against the lowly Padres. They loaded the goddamn bases in the 9th with NOBODY OUT, and they STILL FAILED. Grandy, Rene Rivera and Juan Lagares all were retired in truly pathetic fashion. So Mets.

Today: If we don’t find a way to take 2 out of 3 from the worst team in the league, at home, with our ace on the mound today, then we should officially be crowned the worst team in the league. Can you believe we are still doing the crown celebration thing? Instead of placing a crown on the best player’s head after every win, somebody should dump a bucket of horse crap on all of the relievers after every loss.

Conforto Smacks Poodres

Final Score: Mets 9, Padres 3

The Mets put a beatdown on the stanky Padres in the first inning, and the game was basically over before I had a chance to settle in on the couch. The Mets put up a seven spot against Jhoulys Chacin. I’d like to make fun of the Padres starting pitcher, but he’d probably be the 4th starter for the Mets right now.

King Conforto: Michael Conforto went 3 for 4 with 2 home runs and 4 RBIs. He had a leadoff homer, and he capped the seven run first inning with an RBI single. He was the king last night. He’s been the king all season. It’s ridiculous to listen to fans argue about whether or not Conforto was mishandled last season. The guy has posted a 1.138 OPS in 153 plate appearances, and now everyone is convinced that if he was given more rope prior to his demotion last year he would have figured things out and been extremely productive.

I think that argument is flawed, but I don’t really care that much. I’m happy he’s here now and performing like a stud. I’m looking forward to the return of Yoenis Cespedes. I want them back to back in the same lineup. I don’t care if they bat 1-2 or 2-3 or 3-4. I just want Yo behind Conforto. That’s a scary combination.

Never Pay Pitching: As we all watch the young Mets pitchers deal with one physical obstacle after the other, it certainly serves as a reminder that paying starting pitchers is a risky proposition. Fans are losing their mind over Harvey’s descent into mediocrity. But could you imagine the reaction if the Mets had extended him and he was getting paid like 12 million bucks while performing at this level? The masses would be calling for his head. Matt Harvey was mediocre again last night. He pitched 5 innings, gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and 4 walks. I can’t complain though. He kept the Mets in the game. Considering how poorly the starting pitchers have performed in 2017, I will take that Harvey outing every night.

Bruce Tightness: Jay Bruce left the game with back tightness. Schedule the backiotomy for later this week. Curtis Granderson has played better of late and Bruce has been cooling off so I won’t be that upset if Jay misses a few games.

ReinforcementsSteven Matz and Seth Lugo were both smoked in their minor league rehab starts last night. Frankly I’m shocked to hear they are even rehabbing. Hopefully they remain on track to return by the end of this month.

Moron Terry: Terry decided to use Jerry Blevins in a 9-3 blowout last night. Collins was mixing and matching relievers last night and making pitching changes in the middle of innings. What’s wrong with him? He’s really slipping.

Screw Judge: The NY Post initially ran an article this morning titled “Patient Mets fans have their own Aaron Judge in Michael Conforto.” From what I can tell they have since changed the title. Can you imagine being such a delusional Yankees fan editor that you think it’s appropriate to run a headline that makes it seem like a player who has posted an .847 OPS over 695 plate appearances (Conforto) is somehow just starting to measure up to a guy who has played in 68 major league game (Judge)? Are you kidding me? Conforto was smashing World Series home runs in 2015 when Judge was probably car pooling to the Yankees’ Triple-A park in Scranton. The Yankee media bias is always nauseating.

Today: Robert Gsellman starts today. Can he give us 5 innings and under 5 runs? Is that too much to ask? I mean God forbid the guy finds a way to give us a quality start.

Trout In Town To Destroy Mets

The Angels come to Citi Field this weekend. I’m not talking about heavenly angels that will magically possess the Mets players and help them make spectacular catches, strike out the opposition, and mash home runs. These aren’t the Disney angels that help cursed teams on massive losing streaks stop the bleeding and turn around their season.

Instead it’s Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels that come to town, and I imagine they are going to demolish this Mets ball club. I don’t even think the Angels are that good. It’s just that the Mets are THAT BAD. Mike Trout is literally the only reason to tune in this weekend. It’s not often you get to watch the best player in the sport compete. How many times do you think Mets pitchers will foolishly give Trout pitches to hit with men on base this weekend? I’m imagining at least five situations where men are on base, I’m screaming at the TV for the Mets to walk Trout and our pitcher serves up a goddamn meatball that Trout crushes. It’s a lock.

The Mets are 8.5 games out of the division and 6.5 back in the Wild Card. The season is spiraling out of control in May. An ESPN article was published yesterday that basically tried to explain why the Mets seem to have more injury related disasters than any other team in the sport. The article offered the most shocking explanation of all time. Sources say Jeff Wilpon “meddles” in team affairs all the time including the “medical and strength and conditioning operation.”

Really?!?!? The incompetent Wilpons are the reason why bad things happen to the Mets literally every single day of the season? Jeff Wilpon is the reason this franchise seems cursed and hasn’t won a World Series in over 30 years? Really? Shock of the goddamn century. Reports that expose Jeff Wilpon as the root cause of all the Mets’ problems are actually the most depressing thing ever because they remind the fans that the team’s situation is somewhat hopeless as long as the Wilpons still run the show.

Also speaking of Angels, they just signed Doug Fister to a major league deal. Obviously the Mets had no need for an established major league pitchers. We’re better off continuing to run Rafael Montero and Robert Gsellman out there every other night. Maybe the Mets should consider bringing Nelson Figueroa out of the SNY studio and back on the field. He sucked seven years ago, but he can’t be much worse than our current internal options.

All we can do right now is pray to the Disney angels for help and pray that reinforcements (Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, Amed Rosario, and Yoenis Cespedes) arrive soon. Pray that somehow the Mets find a way to turn the season around starting this weekend.

Just Relax And Watch The Mets Burn

On Sunday when the Mets bullpen gave up seven runs and the team blew their 7-3 lead against the Brewers it was clearly the lowest point of the season. It was basically your standard “fire everyone” Mets rock bottom game. Mets fans know that the team has at least 10 of these moments per season. Last night’s loss to the Diamondbacks was pathetic as well. It was a 1-1 ballgame in the 8th inning, our horrendous bullpen got involved, I blinked, and three home runs later it was 7-1 Diamondbacks.

But honestly who the hell cares? None of the things that are happening to this franchise right now are all that surprising. The smoke has been building for a while now and finally the fire has started.

The injuries to our best hitter (Yoenis Cespedes) and starting pitcher (Noah Syndergaard) were literally caused by decisions made by our incompetent organization. I have no idea if participation in the World Baseball Classic played a part in the Jeurys Familia injury, but people certainly are speculating that it had an impact.  The other key injuries aren’t surprising because the roster is filled with a number of fragile veterans and injury prone players. And almost every injury issue has been exacerbated by terrible DL management.

The bullpen problems are 100% attributable to a lack of depth that was known for the entire offseason, and also to Terry Collins’ bullpen mismanagement. Terry has been destroying relievers for his entire tenure as manager. He should have already lost his job for that reason alone.

The front office is ultimately responsible for the Mets currently having the worst pitching staff in the sport despite devoting years of player development resources trying to stockpile top young pitching talent. Where is the next generation of arms? If the front office thought the team didn’t need to add any veteran arms in the offseason then they must have felt we had viable depth in the minors. Soooo where the hell is the depth?

The front office/ownership also never gave this team a chance to win the NL East. The Nationals split a doubleheader on Sunday. They are now 24-13. I’m not going to get worked up about a stupid ass organization that had its sights set on the Wild Card before the season even started.

If the Mets had spent the offseason building a team that had a chance to win 95 games, then maybe I’d be upset about the adversity this team has dealt with in 2017. But this ownership group had no intention of building an elite NL club. So why bother getting worked up when scouts and experts seemingly agreed before the season that this Mets roster had the talent to win 85-88 win games? The Nationals were better than the Mets last season, and they improved their ball club. There was no reason to expect anything other than frustrating mediocre baseball in 2017.

The Yankees spent Sunday adding Jeter’s plaque to monument park, and I’m sure Brian Cashman spent some time thinking about his goals for the Yankees franchise. I guarantee you his long term goal doesn’t include Wild Cards and 86 win seasons.

When I say I plan to relax and watch the team burn, I’m not trying to say I’m rooting against the Mets. I’m just saying I’m fine letting this play out. I can’t handle the Panic City mentality day in and day out anymore. It’s draining me. Let’s just see what happens over the next 30 days.

If Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, and Yoenis Cespedes return and Matt Harvey/Robert Gsellman start to show signs of life then maybe there’s some hope for this team. If we’re still playing like crap come mid-June then we need to call up Amed Rosario, Gavin Cecchini, and Dominic Smith and trade every single impending free agent for some pitching depth at the upper minor league level. Lord knows we need it.

Sad Harvey Still Pitching Like Crap

Final Score: Brewers 7, Mets 4

Matt Harvey pitched like crap. The Mets never really had a shot last night. I don’t know if Harvey is struggling because he’s still recovering from the thoracic outlet surgery or if he’s just dunzo but he hasn’t looked like dominant Harvey in years. He gave up 5 runs, 3 home runs, and 5 walks last night over 5 innings. 5.63 ERA? Good lord. Lately with this rotation I feel like it’s a throw back to 2010/11 when the Mets were starting mooks like Pat Misch.

Long Bomb: Neil Walker had three hits and smoked a long solo blast to right field in the 4th inning.

How Long Before Terry Blows It?: Lucas Duda came off the DL yesterday and Terry Collins actually made the right call by keeping T.J. Rivera in the lineup. T.J. had one hit last night. How long before Terry banishes him to the bench again and plays Jose Reyes? It’s going to happen right? No way Terry makes the right lineup decision. The bigger question is around Michael Conforto when (if) Yoenis Cespedes returns. Obviously the answer is Conforto plays center field everyday, and there’s no discussion. Grandy goes right to the bench. But I still feel Terry will find a way to screw that up.

Today: Robert Gsellman and his 6.54 ERA takes the mound. Last time I checked the Mets had the 28th ranked team ERA and their starting pitcher ERA was 5.00 ranked 29th. Expect another blowout today.

Familia Possibly Out For Season Because Of Course 

Jeurys Familia blew the save in yesterday’s series finale loss to the Giants. Wilmer Flores committed an error on a potential double play ball in the 9th that set up the disaster of an inning, but ultimately Familia was the one who blew the game. I wanted to write a post today complaining about Terry’s foolish decision to pitch Jeurys in a lopsided game on Tuesday. I wanted to rant and rave about Terry’s horrible bullpen management. I wanted to complain about how the Mets keep winning series but still find a way to end them on horrible notes.

But before I had a chance to even type a single word the Mets announced today that Jeurys Familia has a blood clot in his pitching shoulder and season ending surgery may be required to address the issue.

I’m absolutely speechless. Cursed. The team is just cursed. Year after year it’s the same story. Everyone gets injured. Players move on to new teams and have better results. Ownership sucks. But the curse aspect is underrated and real. I wasn’t alive in 1969 or 1986. I’ve never seen a Mets championship.

At this point I have a hard time believing that the ’69 championship even happened. Sure I’ve seen the footage. But I’ve also seen footage of the moon landing and people say that was fake. Maybe the entire 1969 championship was staged. Maybe the fans in the stands in ’69 were somehow all paid actors, and they’ve managed to cover it up all these years. And the 1986 World Series was just a cruel joke by the baseball gods. A battle of two cursed franchises, and the baseball gods just decided to flip a coin.

I can’t comprehend how a team can have so many injuries year after year. So far in 2017 the Mets have lost their most important hitter, starting pitcher, and reliever before the end of the second week in May. Are you kidding me? Is this real life?

I actually feel semi-responsible for the injuries to Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that before the season started I drafted a blog post saying that Thor and Cespedes had a chance to post the highest combined WAR for a Mets position player and pitcher in team history. I actually did research and created a spreadsheet outlining the all-time Mets position player/pitcher WAR leaders and projected potential 2017 results for our two studs. I actually thought Thor could win the Cy Young and Cespedes could win the NL MVP.

In the end I never posted the article. Why? I was afraid the blog post would jinx the two of them, and they’d have major season ending injuries. Well it turns out that just thinking about it destroyed their respective seasons. The baseball gods heard my thoughts and decided to crush my hopes and dreams in the most horrible way possible. They tore Syndergaard’s lat muscle and Yo’s hammy to shreds. And now Familia is next on their damn list. Pray for Jeurys. Circulatory issues and blood clots are serious problems.

At least we signed plenty of bullpen depth in the offseason. Greg Holland can just step right up and fill in as the closer. Oh wait we never signed anyone? Right. I forgot. Well now we can watch Terry destroy Addison Reed night after night. Pray for Reed too.

Conforto and T.J. Equal Fun

There have been many contributors during the recent hot stretch of Mets baseball. The bullpen has looked strong lately and the bats are collectively on fire. But Michael Conforto and T.J. Rivera have been key difference makers in my mind. Conforto had two hits in the leadoff spot last night and T.J. had three hits in the two hole. They’ve made this recent stretch of baseball so fun. When men are on base for Conforto or T.J. I always feel confident they will come through with a clutch hit.

Conforto has arguably had the biggest impact on the club this year. He’s breaking out and helping carry the team without Yoenis Cespedes. We needed a hero, and he’s been just that. Rivera on the other hand needs to stay in the lineup. When Lucas Duda returns the Mets need to either put Rivera at third base or second. They need to reconfigure things to ensure he gets playing time.

Everyone’s Hot: It’s certainly not just T.J. and Conforto carrying this team. Lately it’s been a new hero every night. On Monday when the Mets beat the Giants 4-3, Neil Walker had an RBI ground rule double in the first inning and a walk off RBI single in the ninth inning. Rene Rivera also had two hits in Monday’s game. He’s hitting .321. No way that lasts, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

Yesterday’s Heroes: Last night the Mets beat the Giants 6-1. The Mets put up a four spot in the first inning. Neil Walker hit a two RBI triple and then Jose Reyes and Rene Rivera added an RBI single and double respectively. T.J. Rivera hit an RBI double in the fifth inning and Conforto hit a solo blast late in the game. The team has pulled back to .500. Life is good.

Mighty Pen: The bullpen has been rock solid this week pitching 6 scoreless innings in the two victories against the Giants. Jerry Blevins has been clutch all season. Jeurys Familia has looked good in the ninth. People are saying that Terry’s decision to pull Familia in that game a few weeks back and bring in Josh Edgin kind of woke him up. I’m pretty sure he just needed some time to shake off the suspension rust but whatever. Believe what you want.

Quality Starts: Jacob deGrom certainly wasn’t efficient in terms of pitch count on Monday, but he’s been like that all season. He struck out 11 over 6 innings and gave up 3 runs. Zack Wheeler (Mr. Inefficiency) pitched 6 innings and gave up 1 run on 2 hits and 4 walks last night. The importance of Wheeler’s presence this year cannot be overstated. Even with all the walks and short outings he’s been one of the few reliable starting arms.

Bum Wrist: On Monday the Mets decided to fly Gavin Cecchini from Vegas to New York for a promotion, and then they decided they would rather keep injured Asdrubal Cabrera on the roster. They are truly insane. I’m hoping they plan to put Cabrera on the DL when Lucas Duda is available to return because he clearly needs 10 days off. That would also take care of the “where do we play T.J. Rivera” question.

The Tearful Apology: Yesterday the Mets held a press conference where Matt Harvey apologized to his teammates and the fans for going out drinking on Cinco De Mayo and then missing Saturday’s game due to a hangover. Harvey was seemingly on the verge of tears, Terry Collins was getting choked up, and the players all said they are ready to move forward. Even Bartolo Colon texted Harvey to offer words of support.

In my opinion, this was all totally unnecessary. I’m in the minority on this one. Most fans feel Harvey’s behavior was outrageous and appalling, and that he owed everyone this apology. People were calling for the Mets to trade him or demote him and on and on.

I think this entire Harvey situation was ridiculous, avoidable, and created by the Mets. Harvey went out late, got drunk, and blew off work. Generally speaking that’s unacceptable behavior when it comes to work. It’s definitely doesn’t fly for a professional athlete. But the Mets could have quietly fined Harvey, had him apologize privately to his teammates, and then moved on. That’s what “keeping it in-house” actually means.

Instead the team told the media everything that was going on and had a ridiculous emotional press conference. The Mets and some members of the media have now given the fans and general public the impression that Matt Harvey has a drinking problem, is depressed, and that he’s on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Is that true? I don’t know. I’m not one to joke about substance abuse, depression, or any psychological issues. But I think it was wrong of the Mets to make this a big public spectacle. I realize that Harvey partially brought this on himself by being out in public partying and cutting off contact with the team. He is partially to blame. But I think as usual the team made a mountain out of a molehill. Either way I’m happy it’s over.

The Dark Knight And The Case Of The Mysterious Dildo

darkknightThe offense has been hot. The Mets had won three series in a row against division foes. They came back to win against the Marlins on Friday and then after the game the Mets official Twitter account tweeted a picture of a crowned T.J. Rivera standing in front of Kevin Plawecki’s locker. The locker happened to have a giant dildo inside. The fans thought the prank was hilarious. Even though Kevin Plawecki issued a dildo-related apology, I’m pretty sure he thought it was hilarious as well.

Then on Saturday thanks to the luck o’ the dildo, the Mets continued to roll and crushed the Marlins 11-3. Robert Gsellman didn’t pitch great, Asdrubal Cabrera left with a thumb injury, and the Marlins helped the Mets win with a bunch of errors, but the bottom line is the team was looking hot on Saturday and the mysterious black dildo only added additional intrigue to the recent streak of luck.

But… as a Mets fan we all knew some distraction was just around the corner. That distraction came out Sunday morning when the team suspended Matt Harvey for three games and didn’t really provide an explanation as to why he was being suspended. They replaced Harvey with minor league mook Adam Wilk, and he was demolished in the start. For the second straight Sunday the Mets had a crushing loss directly caused by decisions made by this incompetent organization (Thor injury/Harvey suspension). The two straight crushing Sunday losses detracted from what were pretty positive stretches of baseball for this team.

Now, Matt Harvey is getting absolutely crushed by the mainstream local media, national media, and even the fans for his behavior. I actually saw reporters quoting perfect angel Jose Reyes regarding his opinion on Matt Harvey breaking team rules. Are you kidding me? Reporters are asking wife beater Jose Reyes what he thinks about Matt Harvey breaking a minor rule?!?

I’m not seeing fans or media outlets wondering if perhaps the incompetent Mets franchise might be at fault. Here is the information that has been revealed thus far:

  • Matt Harvey was suspended for three games due to a violation of team rules.
  • Harvey supposedly golfed on Saturday, had migraines, blew off the team all day, and only contacted the front office to explain his absence late in the day.
  • As a result of that behavior (which apparently has been a reoccurring problem) Harvey was suspended.
  • Harvey is filing a grievance and claiming he did not violate team rules.
  • Also, Harvey’s suspension had nothing to do with the giant dildo.
  • The dildo may or may not be lucky (I think it’s lucky).
  • The dildo may or may not replace Mr. Met as the official team mascot.

I also think it’s worth noting that the Mets said they were going to keep this “in-house” and since that statement all of the above details have been leaked. I honestly can’t believe people are destroying Harvey for this and saying things like “Harvey owes the Mets an apology.” Apologize to the Mets?!?

I don’t fault Matt Harvey for supposedly missing practice and Saturday’s game due to a migraine/hangover/whatever the hell happened. He’s a diva, and we already know this. He shows up late to team events after partying in the city all night, and we know this. Why is this old news becoming an issue now? It’s becoming an issue because Harvey is watching this organization physically destroy all of his friends and teammates (Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Yoenis Cespedes etc.) and he’s probably lost all respect for the front office. Wouldn’t you?

The other reason this is popping up now is because the Mets front office didn’t like some recent comments Harvey made to the media. When the Mets scratched Thor from his start on Thursday, April 27th and started Harvey on short notice, Matt took the mound and gave it his best shot. After he got smacked around, he told the media that he worked out the day before and really wasn’t prepared to start. I have no doubt that those comments infuriated Terry, Sandy, and ownership. And I think it’s pretty obvious that the team has decided to punish and embarrass Harvey. The behavior of our front office is disgraceful.

I don’t blame Harvey for complaining about that surprise spot start one bit. He’s coming off major surgery, and the organization put him in an absurd position. Instead of signing starting pitching depth in the offseason and trying to take some of the pressure off Harvey, the team didn’t bring in a single viable Triple-A depth option. That wasn’t fair to Matt.

When you combine that with the fact that Harvey has watched this franchise mishandle one player after another is it really any surprise that he’s had enough with abiding by the rules of this front office? He’s had it. I’ve had it too. The Mets don’t get the benefit of the doubt. The Mets don’t deserve apologies.

I don’t attribute Sunday’s loss to Matt. Nope. In my mind this L gets pegged on Sandy and ownership for once again mishandling a player, and ultimately driving talent away from Flushing. Harvey may continue to struggle over the next two seasons before he hits free agency or he may turn things around and string together 45-60 spectacular starts. I don’t know what the future holds regarding his performance, but I do know that Harvey will continue to be a diva and that his future won’t be in Queens beyond the 2018 season. The Wilpons already know this too, and just like they always do, they will take every opportunity to destroy Matt’s arm and reputation before he walks (likely limps) out the door.