The April 10th 2018 Mets Are The Third Best Team In Franchise History 

Once in a great while we are privileged to experience a sporting event so extraordinary it becomes part of our shared heritage.

  • 1969 – Mets win the World Series.
  • 1986 – Mets win the World Series, again.
  • Then for a long time nothing happened… until tonight!

That’s right folks, the April 10th 2018 Mets are 9-1, and I think we can already declare this team the third best squad in franchise history.

Oh you think the 1973 and the 2015 World Series runs were more impressive?!? Whooooooooo cares! They ended in failure. You know what the 1973 Mets, 2015 Mets, and 2018 9-1 Mets have in common? No World Series rings. 

At a minimum this smokin’ hot 9-1, salt and pepper Mets squad has already qualified for the all-time Mets team tournament of champions. It’s a sad statement about the history of the franchise but it’s true.

Mets fan confidence is close to all-time high levels. We’re walking so tall right now that the Mets Twitter account trolled the MLB Twitter account when they failed to list the Mets in their top 5 team power rankings.

Can we just end the 2018 season now and play the Astros for all the marbles? Please? Please God just let us play in the World Series now. This is the pinnacle. This is it. It ain’t getting better than 9–1.

I can’t believe the secret formula for (brief April) success was:

70 win 2017 team + 2 healthy MVP candidates (Michael Conforto, Yoenis Cespedes) + 2 healthy Cy Young candidates (Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard) + Todd Frazier and his salt and pepper gimmick – a moron manager who didn’t believe in analytics and had no idea what he was doing (Terry Collins) + a manager who will do whatever the front office computer printout says and also seems nice (Mickey Callaway) – a trainer (Ray Ramirez) who seemingly had Munchausen syndrome by proxy and was somehow keeping the entire team sick on a regular basis.

That’s all it took baby! It’s impossible not to enjoy the start of this season. Mets fans get to watch an elite New York Mets team play .900 baseball while the Yankees struggle (a little) and deal with a Mets-like injury report. It’s the pinnacle of happiness in Flushing. Sad.

I plan to enjoy every second of this run until the wheels inevitably fall off. Or maybe the Mets will go 161-1 and matchup against the inexplicably smoking hot .800 winning percentage (supposedly tanking) Pittsburgh Pirates in the NLCS. Not bloody likely.

Here are some quick notes on the first 10 games:

  • It’s nice to see the Mets formally adopt the two-headed catcher approach that almost every single team in the league has already adopted. [Insert pun about catching up].
  • The Mets swept the Nationals in Washington. That is not a typo. That being said, they beat a Nats team without Daniel Murphy. I’ll take the wins, but let’s see them beat the Nats when Murph is back. Remember when we voluntarily let him go to our chief rival after he developed MVP skills and propelled us to the 2015 World Series?
  • So far Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t look washed up and the Mets look like the best team ever assembled. Expect some regression to the mean.
  • Hot Asdrubal Cabrera can really carry a team. He did it in August/September 2016. So far this season he’s posted an OPS over 1.000 so far and his two homers took down the Marlins on Tuesday. Remember in the offseason when many Mets fans didn’t want to give him regular playing time this year?
  • Amed Rosario needs to play everyday. Jose Reyes shouldn’t touch the field unless there’s an injury.
  • Todd Frazier is a walking Jersey stereotype. From his accent to his lovable personality to his clown-like clubhouse presence. It’s impossible not to like him.
  • Yoenis Cespedes (i.e the engine) has been battling the flu and is off to a slow start and the team is still on fire. It’s a testament to the depth and talent level on this overall roster (when healthy).
  • Brandon Nimmo played great and was demoted today. Makes no sense. I like Jay Bruce but he stinks out in right field. The Mets need the DH.
  • Jeurys Familia is an elite reliever. If he’s healthy the bullpen will be infinitely better than last season (Duh).
  • Speaking of Familia, Mickey Callaway has been praised for his bullpen decision making thus far (rightfully so) but if Terry Collins had used Jeurys this much in the first 10 games he’d be getting absolutely crushed by the media.
  • I’m LOVING the Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo converted starter/super reliever plan. Turning struggling starters with good stuff into relievers that can give you innings is a trend across the sport (again it’s nice to see the Mets catching up). It’d be incredible if it works out for the Mets. MLB Analyst Mike Petriello seems optimistic about that plan for Gsellman/Lugo. Hopefully Lugo’s semi-torn elbow ligament holds up.
  • The Mets need one starter other than deGrom/Thor to give them 30 starts. One damn guy.
  • Jason Vargas and Anthony Swarzak have both been dealing with early onset METS disease. Hopefully they’re just developing an immunity during these early season DL stints.

Enjoy the winning now Mets fans. What goes up must come down, and we all know how painful it is to hit every branch of the loser tree during the free fall. Soak up all these good vibes now, while they last.