1-877-Runs4Fans, The Mets Scored Runs Today

1-877-Runs4Fans/R-U-N-S, Runs for fans/ 1-877-Runs4Fans/The Mets scored runs today!

Final Score: Mets 17, Phillies 0

What an explosive day at the plate for the New York Mets. Thank the gods for the Phillies. The Las Vegas 51s pitching staff and hitters made Philly look like they belonged in the Pacific Coast League this weekend. The Mets earned many of the runs on Sunday, but Philly also handed us runs left and right. Walks and wild pitches and hit by pitches. Sweet Jesus it was an ugly game for Philly. I’ll take it though! The other Wild Card teams lost. The Cardinals and Giants continue to struggle, and the Mets continue to excel against the bad teams during this crucial stretch of baseball. That reality has to be acknowledged. As much as it feels like “nobody wants the Wild Card”, the Mets have been among the best teams in baseball (record wise) for the last month. Let’s keep it up.  Also, I’m excluding the Braves from the “bad teams” because 1) They destroyed us and 2) Seemingly they aren’t as bad as their record would indicate. Look out for them next season.

The Runs They Gave Us: The Phillies handed the Mets so many runs on Sunday it was hard to keep up. With the bases loaded in the fourth inning, they walked Jose Reyes to force in a run. In the fifth inning with the bases loaded, they hit Rene Rivera with a pitch to force in a run. They also added a two out wild pitch in the fifth inning with Jose Reyes batting that allowed Jay Bruce to score. They walked in a run with bases loaded again in the 7th with Jose at the plate. The gifts just kept coming and coming.

The Big Hitters: There were many notable performances on Sunday including two hits from Jay Bruce. In the second inning Bruce led off with a double and T.J. Rivera followed that with a single. Bruce wound up scoring when James Loney hit into a double play. Curtis Granderson hit his 30th homer of the season in the fourth inning. In the fifth inning T.J. Rivera hit an RBI single. In the seventh inning Asdrubal Cabrera added the big time Grand Slam to make it 11-0 Mets. In the 8th inning Jose Reyes doubled in two runs. He had 4 RBIs on the day. Eric Campbell even got in on the action with a two-run single in the 8th inning. Michael Conforto had the final RBIs with a two-run double to cap off the 8th inning.

I’m Excited But…: I’m excited to see Robert Gsellman off to an incredible major league start. He pitched 7 scoreless innings and gave up 3 hits with 8 strikeouts. I’m excited but…I’m keeping my expectations low. I’m hoping he keeps this up, but I ain’t about to crown him as a new young ace. I made the mistake of doing that with Conforto. I don’t want to make that mistake again. Is he a playoff caliber starter? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter does it? If we get there he’s pitching. So yeah he could be a playoff starter. We shall see if he gets the chance.

Today: The game tonight will be very emotional. Jose Fernandez was supposed to start before his tragic passing in a boating accident on Sunday. I will remember him tonight. I will remember him always.

Mets’ Comeback: Close, But No Cigar

Final Score: Phillies 10, Mets 8

I’ll be honest. As soon as I heard that Noah Syndergaard was scratched with strep throat, I had a feeling that last night’s game had the potential to be one of those sacrificial lamb pitcher nights. A night where the team concedes and a pitcher or two are offered up as tribute to the baseball gods. The arms are brought in and the manager allows them to get crushed because the team has already conceded the game and the manager wants the pitchers to eat up innings. Last night Sean Gilmartin and Rafael Montero were serving in that role. Sean Gilmartin took the mound in the first inning, and he gave up 5 runs before the inning was even over. He was lifted for Montero. As soon as Montero entered we all knew 1) He would give up more runs. 2) He was giving the team innings no matter how many runs he gave up. Montero ended up serving up another 5 runs over 3.1 innings. By the end of the 10th inning it was 10-0 Phillies and the game felt completely over. 

Sub-a-dee-doo-dah-day: Prior to the top of the 5th inning, Terry waved the official white flag by pulling all the regulars. T.J. Rivera came in for Jose Reyes, Ty Kelly came in for Yoenis Cespedes, Gavin Cecchini replaced Asdrubal Cabrera, and Brandon Nimmo replaced Curtis Granderson. Sub-city. And that crew of subs started a comeback that lasted until the 9th inning. In the 5th inning, the Mets added runs on a Philly error, a T.J. Rivera RBI single, a Brandon Nimmo RBI double, and a Ty Kelly sac fly. In the 6th, Cecchini added an RBI double and Rivera added an RBI on an infield hit. In two innings it went from 10-0 to 10-6 and the comeback was underway. 

The Last Chance: In the 8th inning, Cecchini added his second RBI double to make it 10-7, and that extra run at least gave the Mets a fighting chance to tie the game in the 9th. In the 9th, Jay Bruce hit a surprise pinch hit solo homer to make it 10-8. Then the Phillies walked Eric Campbell and Michael Conforto with one out and gave Lucas Duda a chance to win the game with one swing. Duda failed and then so did Travis d’Arnaud after him. The Mets comeback effort fell short but at least the B-squad really showed some fight yet again. Also the Phillies stink. 

Today: The Mets look to win the series against Philly today with Robert Gsellman on the mound. The Giants and Cardinals won yesterday. So the Mets and Giants are tied and the Cards are a half game back in the Wild Card race. We all know this race is going down to the final day. Don’t kid yourselves. This week is going to be drama city. Let’s go. 

Serious Note: My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez who died in a tragic boating accident last night. The news is just heartbreaking and a reminder of how precious life is. Rest in peace Jose. 

Hungry Mets B-Squad Leading The Wild Card

Final Score: Mets 10, Phillies 5

This Mets team full of veteran hitters and B-squad arms continues to show resilience in these final games against the worst teams in the National League. They can smell a playoff spot, and they refuse to roll over and die. This season has been a disaster, but at least this crew will keep things interesting until the season’s final day. 

A Bunch Of B-Squad Arms: Terry used six pitchers to get through this game.  He had the shortest leash in the world for every pitcher, and that was completely justified in my mind. Starting pitcher Gabriel Ynoa gave up 2 runs in the second inning and Terry yanked him. 

D’Arnaud Did Something: In the second inning Travis d’Arnaud hit an RBI double to make it 2-1 Phillies. It was shocking to see Travis do anything considering how horrendous he’s been this year. 

A Bunch of B-Squad Arms Part 2: Logan Verrett gave up an insta-solo homer when he entered the game in the third inning. Then he escaped a bases loaded jam in the 4th, and Terry yanked him. Josh Smoker pitched a solid 5th inning. 

Marching Back: In the top of the 5th inning, Curtis Granderson hit an RBI single to make it 3-2 Phils. Then Kelly Johnson hit a 2-RBI single to give the Mets a 4-3 lead. Michael Conforto capped off the inning with a 3-run homer to make it 7-3 Mets. I’m guessing that’s the official death blow for any Jay Bruce starts the rest of the way. Good riddance. 

A Bunch of B-Squad Arms Part 3: In 6th inning Smoker walked a guy, and then gave up a two-run Jack to Darin Ruf. Terry yanked him and went straight to Erik Goeddel. Goeddel pitched a scoreless 6th, and then in the 7th he pitched like crap. He put the first two men on base before retiring a batter and being lifted for Josh Edgin. Edgin gave up a single to load the bases with one out. Then Hansel Robles came in and fortunately induced an inning ending double play. Robles pitched the rest of the way and saved the day. 

Put It Away: In the 7th inning, the Mets put the game away. Juan Lagares hit a run scoring sac bunt, Eric Campbell hit an RBI single, and T.J. Rivera hit a sac fly to make it 10-5 Mets. 

Today: Oh I forgot to mention that Noah Syndergaard has strep throat and was scratched from today’s start. Sean Gilmartin will pitch and Thor will probably miss the Wild Card playoff game now. Surprise, surprise! This season has been a complete joke. Go B-Squad Arms! 

Flip Them All Off

Final Score (in 11 innings): Mets 9, Phillies 8

What a goddamn game. Mets fans went from thoughts of drinking bleach to dancing along with the Bleach Boys as Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera propelled this team to a shocking extra innings victory. Yesterday I had one of the worst regular season baseball hangovers in recent memory. The Braves snatching that Yoenis Cespedes near homer away from the Mets and handing us the L sent me and the fan base into a goddamn depression spiral. Then the Mets announced that Steven Matz ain’t coming back this year. The game was a painful rollercoaster full of blown leads and what felt like false hope. And then all of a sudden we were back. The Mets gave us a classic walk-off home run amphetamine-esque regular season energy boost, and now I am soooooooo back. I’m back! I’m ready for the final 9 games. Let’s go!!!!

Grandyman: Curtis Granderson hit a two-run homer in the second inning. He’s probably going to hit 30 homers and have under 60 RBIs. That’s insane. He’s so freaking hot too.

The Savior: Yoenis Cespedes tied the game at 3 with an RBI single in the 5th inning and gave the Mets the lead with an RBI double in the 7th inning. He had 3 hits. He’s the reason Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera are absolutely raking at the top of the order. Pay him now.

The Bleach Boys: Jose Reyes hit a game-tying two-run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning, and he went ballistic. He was fist pumping and dancing. Then in the 11th inning after the Phillies took the lead 8-6, Asdrubal Cabrera came up with two men on base and launched a game-winning three run homer. He added the most incredible bat flip I’ve ever seen and limped around the bases. Pray for that knee. He’s en fuego. Apparently Terry wanted to bat him 4th in the order last night. Ummm please keep him in front of Yo. Does Terry not realize it’s because of Yo? Jesus.

Props To The Young Outfielders: Brandon Nimmo singled in the 9th inning to set up the Reyes homer and Michael Conforto walked in the 11th (before Jose singled) to set up the Cabrera game winner. They will probably have a bigger role next year once the Mets pull the plug on Jay Bruce. The METS disease has Jay looking like a vegetable. Poor Jay.

I Won’t Get Into It: I just want to focus on the positive walk-off home run energy in this post. I won’t get into the fact that this was the first time in 2016 that the Mets came back to win in a game they were trailing after 8 innings. I won’t get into Eric Campbell being in moron Terry’s starting lineup and striking out with two men on base in the bottom of the 4th inning. I won’t get into Seth Lugo looking pretty mediocre over 5 innings in this game. I don’t want to talk about Ryan Howard, despite being dunzo as a player, hitting a game tying solo homer in the 5th inning to make it 2-2. Cameron Rupp followed that with a solo shot to take the lead. I refuse to dwell on the reality that Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia are burning out as we approach the finish line. I won’t get into the 8th inning three-run homer Maikel Franco hit off of Addison Reed. Sure he’s on my friend’s fantasy team who I am currently playing in my league’s semi-final. But I can’t dwell on that crap. I won’t get into Jay Bruce stepping up to the plate in the 9th inning as the tying run and striking out and being the worst midseason acquisition in baseball history. I won’t get into Lucas Duda missing a game winning pinch hit homer in the 10th inning by inches as it just missed the right field foul pole. I also won’t get into the mystery of why Duda isn’t playing for James Loney (if he’s actually healthy). I won’t get into mook A.J. Ellis continuing to burn the Mets (and nobody else) with an RBI single in the 11th that gave the Phillies a 7-6 lead. I refuse to focus on Jim Henderson walking in a goddamn run in the 11th to make it 8-6. Our bullpen loves walking in goddamn runs now.

Today: No I won’t get into any of the negative stuff from last night’s game because we won, and I feel great today. Let’s spank the Phillies tonight. Let’s hit more home runs. I need more of that good stuff.

Matz Out For Good (Of Course)

There’s no real breaking news in this post. Earlier this week the Mets said Steven Matz was feeling better and looking to come back from his shoulder injury on Friday. Today Terry Collins called a team meeting before the game. I figured he was calling it to explain to the 40 players in the clubhouse why the hell Eric Campbell is in tonight’s starting lineup. But he actually announced that Matz is being scratched from Friday’s start and is unlikely to be available for the playoffs (i.e. he’s out forever). This isn’t news. This is just standard operating procedure for the Mets. Every single pitcher and position player that we lost for the season this year was ready to go one day and then out forever the next day.

I’m totally desensitized to all these injury stories at this point. I don’t care anymore. The Braves Citi Field sweep was actually an enormous wake up call for me. It was like somebody poured a bucked of ice water over my head. It shocked me back to reality. The 2016 team has broken me. They break me every season, but they really broke the hell out of me this year. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be optimistic about a Mets baseball season ever again. Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption was right. “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” I hoped the Mets would fully transform the narrative for the franchise this year. Nope.

Shut down Steven Matz. The Mets should have shut down Matz weeks ago. Let’s just enjoy these final 10 game since they may be the last 10 games with Yoenis Cespedes in a Mets uniform. If the Cardinals and Giants screw up so much that the Mets actually stumble into a Wild Card playoff berth then let’s all enjoy a Noah Syndergaard start. And that’s all I have to say about that…

2016 Mets: I’m Approaching My Innings Limit 

Final Score: Braves 4, Mets 3

I could not be happier that there are 10 games left. The pain stemming from this torturous 2016 campaign has finally done so much damage to my mind and body that I’m nearly ready to shut it all down. I’m approaching my innings limit with this team folks. The Mets haven’t tortured me like this in years. This may be the toughest season in recent memory.

If you didn’t feel like last night’s game summed up the entire year then you must have missed the season. The Mets were only in the game because of the long ball. Check. Big Sexy reminded everyone that’s he’s the most reliable starting pitcher on our team. Check. A former Mets player from last year’s NL Championship club embarrassed us. Check. Terry Collins made awful bullpen and bench choices that cost us the game. Check. And then finally, Yoenis Cespedes nearly hit a homer to launch the team to a stunning victory over a bad team, but instead he was robbed at the wall by an amazing catch and we lost. So we failed to beat a bad team (three times in a row). Check.

Homers, Our Favorite: Asdrubal Cabrera hit a two run homer in the first inning to make it 2-0 Mets. Rene Rivera added a solo shot in the 5th inning to make it 3-0.

Big Sexy Dominance/Recked: Bartolo Colon was dominant for 6 scoreless innings. In the 7th inning with one out and a man on, he gave up a two run opposite field homer to Anthony Recker. What an embarrassing blunder. I felt a disturbance in the Mets Force at that moment. At that moment my dream of a Big Sexy complete game and a Mets victory was fading. I knew we were in big trouble.

The Pen Snafu: Terry asked Addison Reed to get more than 3 outs in this game when he brought him into the game in the 7th. It was a totally reasonable request. Reed has been arguably the game’s best reliever this year. He’s been even more dominant than Jeurys Familia. So Reed retired a batter to end the 7th inning. Then in the 8th inning, James Loney made a pathetic fielding error that allowed Ender Inciarte to reach first base to start the inning. James Loney is terrible. I never want to watch him play baseball again. Reed recovered to retire the next batter. But then Terry Collins removed the best reliever in the game in favor of rookie Josh Smoker to face the lefty Freddie Freeman. Let’s be clear here. You don’t take out your best reliever in the name of splits. You wouldn’t take Familia out in that situation, and you don’t take Reed out. Especially considering Smoker walked in a run on Tuesday. Nope. If you’re removing Reed in the 8th, the only acceptable move is go to Familia. Smoker served up a single immediately, and then Terry went to Familia. Total bullpen mismanagement. He put Familia into a terrible situation. Ender Inciarte and Freedie Freeman executed a double steal and then Matt Kemp hit a sac fly to tie the game at 3.

Terry The Unimaginable Fool: Terry gave up the lead, but the Mets had a chance to score in the bottom of the 8th. And Terry blew that too. Yo hit a one out double and Curtis Granderson was intentionally walked. Then with T.J. Rivera up, the Mets executed a double steal. The Mets actually had the opportunity for a sac fly, but Rivera struck out. Then Terry played a ridiculous little game of mix and match with the Braves. Terry pinch hit Kelly Johnson for Matt Reynolds and the Braves responded by bringing in a lefty reliever. So what does Terry do? Well he couldn’t bring in Wilmer Flores because he killed him in that home plate collision. We really miss Wilmer. Instead of letting the established veteran hitter Johnson face a lefty reliever, he brings in Soup. Eric Campbell was intentionally walked so the Braves could get to the next lefty Loney. Instead of letting Loney hit Terry brought in the worst hitter on the team Kevin Plawecki, and he struck out in obvious fashion. The reporters said nothing about this horrible stretch of bench burning decision-making after the game.

Soup Note: If you don’t remember Eric Campbell, he was formerly public enemy number one for the fan base before he was used as a pinch hitter for Jay Bruce two nights ago. Talk about a symbolic passing of the baton of hate.

Make It Stop: In the top of the 9th inning Familia coughed up a run to make it 4-3 Braves. In the bottom of the 9th, Yo came up with two men on and two outs. He had a chance to come through with yet another signature moment at the plate. He launched a ball with home run distance and Ender Inciarte robbed the homer with a game saving catch.

Awful, All Awful: The Mets, Giants, and Cardinals all lost. I honestly hope these teams finish in a three way tie for both Wild Card spots and fans across the country are forced to watch them play one awful tiebreaker game after another. None of these abysmal squads deserve a playoff berth. The Giants are in the midst of the worst second half collapse in the history of baseball, and the Mets still can’t claim a playoff spot. Pull the plug. End this season.

Today: Philly comes to Citi Field tonight. I’m watching the game on mute. I can’t handle the crowd noises and commentary anymore. Just get me to the 2016 finish line.

Old Man Collins Fell Asleep

Final Score: Braves 5, Mets 4

There are many factors that will ultimately determine whether or not the Mets win the Wild Card. One major factor will be Terry Collins’ handling of the bullpen. As we all know, bullpen management isn’t exactly one of his strengths. Hell he pretty much sucks at most aspects of in-game management. Well last night Terry fell asleep at the wheel again. He botched the hook of his starting pitcher, he screwed up the management of his bullpen, and he missed key spots to pinch hit. Those blunders combined with some on field mistakes cost the Mets a close game. Also Yo is ice cold right now and consequently the Mets offense has shut down. There’s a shocker!

Terry Fell Asleep: Robert Gsellman did a nice job getting through 5 scoreless innings. By the 6th inning the Mets were only up 1-0, and Terry should have had a short leash with his young starter. There’s no reason whatsoever to take chances with these young guys, especially considering Terry has the 40-man roster at his disposal. Other than Julio Teheran, the top of the order was due up in the 6th. Terry should have had his bullpen cranking and ready to go. He did not. He was asleep. By the time Gsellman had surrendered two straight singles to Ender Inciarte and Adonis Garcia, Terry realized he blew it. Warthen visited the mound to give the pen some warmup time but the lefty wasn’t ready to face Freddie Freeman. Gsellman ended up walking Freeman to load the bases.

Mold Glovers: Then Gsellman gave up a gift single to Matt Kemp that fell between our horrible outfielders Curtis Granderson in center and Jay Bruce in right field.

Squeezed: Josh Smoker then came in and was squeezed by the home plate umpire. He walked Nick Markakis to force in a run and make it 2-1 Braves. Fernando Salas then entered and managed to escape further damage.

Nap Time: In the 7th inning, Fernando Salas was pulled after giving up a single and then retiring the pitcher. Terry brought in Jerry Blevins to face Inciarte, and he gave up a single. Then he left Blevins in to face the righty Met Killer Adonis Garcia. I saw the home run coming. He’s hit like .300 against the Mets this year with multiple soul crushing homers. I saw it coming a mile away. The three run shot made it 5-1. Goddamn the Braves.

The Runs and Final Mistakes: In the 8th inning, Asdrubal Cabrera walked and Yoenis Cespedes was hit by a pitch. Then Grandy doubled to make it 5-2 and T.J. Rivera added a sac fly to make it 5-3. Then the Braves brought in the lefty for Jay Bruce and the Mets pinch hit for him. Bruce’s early onset METS disease has become so bad that he’s being pinch hit for!!! Pray for Bruce! He’s dunzo. Anyway Terry pinch hit Eric Campbell, and I don’t care that he hit an RBI single to make it 5-4. It’s still the wrong move. The lefties on the bench are better major league hitters. Period.

D’Arnaud is Garbage: In the second inning with two men on and one out Travis d’Arnaud failed to deliver a hit. In the 8th inning, he came up with runners on the corners and two outs. Terry should have pinch hit for him. He’s terrible. He grounded out and failed to tie the game. He has one of the worst cases of METS disease I’ve ever seen. He’s lost all his skills in one offseason. He has to be hiding an injury. Book it.

METS Disease: Ray Ramirez will need to study the bodies of Bruce and d’Arnaud in the offseason to see what he can learn about METS disease prevention. Speaking of our legendary training staff, the Mets fired former assistant trainer Mike Herbst from the organization. Herbst was best known for his use of bloodletting to cure the plague of sweat sickness that swept through the Mets clubhouse in the early 2000s. His medieval methods will not be missed.

Yo Ain’t Hitting So We Out: Yo came up with a man on and two outs in the 9th inning and struck out on a breaking ball. He missed the pitch before his strikeout so badly that he fell over while swinging. He’s cold right now. And as a result the offense is bad again. It ain’t rocket science. Without Yo we’ve got nada. The Mets failed to hit with runners in scoring position throughout the game.

Braves Have Nothing To Lose: In the third inning, Asdrubal Cabrera doubled and the Braves threw over to second base so many times. They forced Cabrera and his bum knee to dive back and forth. He looked like he badly aggravated his knee multiple times. Then in the 8th inning they nailed Yoenis Cespedes on the arm with a pitch. Screw the Braves. They’ve got nothing to lose, and they are successfully punishing and embarrassing the Mets.

Today: The Wild Card race is a three way tie. Let’s salvage a game against the Braves at home. You gotta love how once again we can’t take advantage of our “easy schedule”.

Stop Counting Dem Chickens!

Final Score: Braves 7, Mets 3

My takeaway from yesterday is that Mets fans are counting their Wild Card game chickens way before they’ve hatched. 12 games to play and people are talking about the Wild Card game starting pitcher and how the rotation could look if we win the Wild Card game at home. I’ve even seen members of team positive talking about how this September run has made this season a success, and it should stop Mets fans from having the woe is me, God hates us, same ol’ Mets mindset. And that opinion is a complete joke. If you feel one hot month in September should erase the memories of the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years then you’re delusional.

I’m enjoying these games. Let’s all enjoy them and let’s hope the Mets finish strong. But for the love of God stop making plans for October. Focus on qualifying for the stupid Wild Card game first.

Thor Struggled: Noah Syndergaard had an awful start. He went 3.2 innings and gave up 5 runs on 8 hits. He walked 3 and had no command whatsoever from the beginning. Terry left him in and let the game get out of hand because of course he did. In the second inning Thor walked two guys, and then let up a couple of RBI singles.

Met Killer: Met Killer Freddie Freeman went 4 for 5 with a third inning solo homer to make it 3-0 Braves. Then in the fourth inning with two men on and two outs Terry left Thor in to give up a 2-RBI double to Freeman to make it 5-0 Braves. Every Mets fan saw that hit coming. I would have pulled Thor for Sean Gilmartin in that spot. Noah didn’t have any command at all. Whatever. The Mets couldn’t muster any offense last night anyway.

Wild Thor: Thor has had a fantastic season overall. His numbers are Cy Young caliber. But when I think about his season I just can’t shake the image of the rare night like last night. Every so often he has no command and the opposing team runs wild on him. If the Mets somehow win the Wild Card, I hope Thor has it all going for him in the big spot.

We Lost To A Mook: The Mets couldn’t hit Aaron Blair who despite being a good prospect hadn’t won a major league start in 12 chances and had an insanely high ERA. But he held the Mets hitless for 3.2 innings until Curtis Granderson hit a single, and then T.J. Rivera hit a two-run homer. As I wrote yesterday, it’ll be pretty prettay good if T.J. Rivera turns out to be a stud.

Everyone’s Favorite Damn Lineup: Terry made most Mets fans happy by starting Michael Conforto over Jay Bruce yesterday. The only player that most fans are still begging to see is cracked back Lucas Duda. Well Conforto had a hit and was robbed of another by a Matt Kemp diving catch. James Loney started over rusty Duda, and he had 3 hits including a garbage time RBI double in the 9th inning.

Just Missed: The Mets ultimately just missed delivering in many spots last night. They just missed having a flawless night from the bullpen. But Josh Edgin/Hansel Robles struggled in the 7th inning. Robles gave up a 2-RBI double to Dansby Swanson that led to the runners inherited from Edgin scoring. Terry never should have asked Edgin to pitch two innings. Matt Kemp made two diving catches in the seventh inning to rob Michael Conforto and Alejandro De Aza of singles. In the 8th inning, Asdrubal Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes just missed hitting home runs. They had pitches to crush, and they just missed sending them out.

Today: The Cardinals won and the Giants lost. The Giants bullpen is awful. It brings back memories of 2008 when the Mets had Luis Ayala, and we blew games every night. Also, fear the Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton hit a bomb last night. They play the Mets next week. This race is far from over. Let’s hope greasy hair Robert Gsellman can outduel Julio Teheran tonight.

Two Wins, One Blog

The Minnesota Twins are so horrible that they don’t deserve two full recap blog posts. The Mets swept their doodie squad right out of town. Two wins, one blog. They actually weren’t the easiest wins. We didn’t really dominate in each game. But considering there was a stretch of the season where it felt like we’d never win two games in a row again, I’m still proud that we took care of business against baseball’s worst club.

Saturday’s Game- Final Score: Mets 3, Twins 2. 

Yo Obviously: The Twins took an early lead on a fourth inning solo homer. But Yoenis Cespedes managed to temporarily save the day in the 8th inning with a game tying RBI single.

Grandyman Heroics: In the 11th inning, Hansel Robles let up a solo shot to Byron Buxton to give the Twins a 2-1 lead. Curtis Granderson managed to keep the Mets alive with a game saving opposite field solo shot in the bottom of the 11th. But Jose Reyes struck out with the bases loaded in that same inning which kept the game going. In the 12th inning, Grandy hit the big time walkoff solo shot. His low batting average and terrible numbers with runners in scoring position this season really made everyone forget how big of a contributor he’s been during his time with the Mets. But Grandy is slowly creeping towards the 30 homer mark and helping to boost the Mets playoff chances. He’s also boosting his offseason trade value if the Mets decide to go in that direction.

Need A Zillion Arms: Seth Lugo pitched 5 innings and gave up 1 run. Then 7 relievers combined to pitch 7 innings. Other than the solo shot surrendered by Robles the pen shut down the Twins. These new young starters may not dominate in the same way as Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey but they keep the Mets in games.

Sunday’s Game- Final Score: Mets 3, Twins 2

Magic Healing: On Sunday the Mets started Lucas Duda at first base despite saying that he would be limited to pinch hitting duty upon his arrival. I love that the Mets activated Duda and expect us to buy the Lucas magically healed narrative. They love playing guys with injuries. It’s their favorite thing in the world. Pray for cracked back Duda.

He Gave Them A Reason: I wrote last week that I had no problem with the Mets starting Jay Bruce instead of Michael Conforto because Michael has essentially done nothing on the field to warrant playing time and Bruce is an established major league slugger. I said if Conforto wanted to play he should compel the Mets with his bat. On Sunday he drew the start along with the rest of the B-squad starters and he had two hits. He had a 2-RBI single in the first inning. You know what? Now if Terry wants to play him at least we can say he had a multi-hit game. At least now we can actually say Conforto is hitting and Bruce is not. Before Sunday, Mikey had 2 hits in September. Hard to make an argument when both guys hadn’t hit a lick all month.

Quick Hook: Gabriel Ynoa delivered a performance similar to that of Lugo on Saturday. He went 4.2 innings and gave up a run. Terry yanked him after he gave up a two out single in the 5th inning. I probably would have let him stay in, but Terry knows he has a bunch of arms in the pen and obviously wanted to lock up that sweep. I’m fine with the quick hook.

Please Be A Surprise Stud: T.J. Rivera had 3 hits on Saturday and 2 hits on Sunday. He hit a solo homer in the third inning that gave the Mets a 3-1 lead. His homer was the difference in the game. I wrote earlier this year that it would be amazing if the Mets had a random breakout candidate that turned out to be a major league stud. I hope Rivera is one of these late blooming surprise stories. I’m starting to think the Mets feel he might be a bigger contributor than they originally anticipated. I’m also still trying to rationalize the trade of Dilson Herrera. So yeah that’s where I’ve landed. I’m hoping they thought Herrera was expendable because Rivera will be great. It’s more likely they dumped Herrera because they are stupid and panicked at the deadline.

Yo Dizzy: Yoenis Cespedes left the game in the 7th inning with dizziness and nausea. I’m guessing the fumes emanating from the stinky Twins finally knocked him out.

Terry Killed Wilmer: Wilmer Flores still can’t swing a bat. His wrist is screwed up. Terry and Tim Teufel destroyed him in that home plate collision game. That was a such a goddamn blunder.

Pray For Matz: The Mets are saying Steven Matz might be available to pitch this week. They’re going to kill him aren’t they? Please don’t hurt him Mets.

Terry Totally Needs 40 Guys: I love how much better this team is now that we don’t play short-handed every single night. Terry crushes managing with a 40 man roster. Hopefully they change the rules so Terry and Co. can play like this for 6 months instead of 2.

Today: Noah Syndergaard takes the mound against the Braves today. Let’s go 10-3 and win 90 games! 90? Forget 90 let’s win out. No excuses. These teams all stink.

Cancel The Resurrection; DeGrom’s Done 

God hates the Mets. He just does. Jacob deGrom went from planning to resurrect his season on Sunday to officially sticking a fork in his 2016 campaign. DeGrom season ending elbow injury news on Jacob deGrom wig day at Citi Field epitomizes what being a Mets fan is about. It’s as Mets as it gets.

The Mets love mishandling everything. Fire Ray Ramirez! Fire the entire medical staff! Fire Wilpon! Fire everyone! He apparently felt some pain in his ulnar nerve while throwing a ball around in the outfield and needs surgery that will sideline him for three months. But it is NOT surgery to repair the ulnar collateral ligament (i.e. Tommy John surgery). This surgery involves the doctors moving the nerve or something to stop irritation. Whatever. It sounds horrible.

2016 ain’t our year folks. All the young pitchers are toast. Pray that one day we have a chance to see Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler take the mound on consecutive days. At the moment it seems more likely that we’ll be seeing Bartolo Colon pitching at 50 years old as his 20 illegitimate children watch from the bleachers.

Just shutdown Matz. Pray for Thor. Jesus Christ pray for Thor.