Sad Harvey Still Pitching Like Crap

Final Score: Brewers 7, Mets 4

Matt Harvey pitched like crap. The Mets never really had a shot last night. I don’t know if Harvey is struggling because he’s still recovering from the thoracic outlet surgery or if he’s just dunzo but he hasn’t looked like dominant Harvey in years. He gave up 5 runs, 3 home runs, and 5 walks last night over 5 innings. 5.63 ERA? Good lord. Lately with this rotation I feel like it’s a throw back to 2010/11 when the Mets were starting mooks like Pat Misch.

Long Bomb: Neil Walker had three hits and smoked a long solo blast to right field in the 4th inning.

How Long Before Terry Blows It?: Lucas Duda came off the DL yesterday and Terry Collins actually made the right call by keeping T.J. Rivera in the lineup. T.J. had one hit last night. How long before Terry banishes him to the bench again and plays Jose Reyes? It’s going to happen right? No way Terry makes the right lineup decision. The bigger question is around Michael Conforto when (if) Yoenis Cespedes returns. Obviously the answer is Conforto plays center field everyday, and there’s no discussion. Grandy goes right to the bench. But I still feel Terry will find a way to screw that up.

Today: Robert Gsellman and his 6.54 ERA takes the mound. Last time I checked the Mets had the 28th ranked team ERA and their starting pitcher ERA was 5.00 ranked 29th. Expect another blowout today.

2 thoughts on “Sad Harvey Still Pitching Like Crap

  1. The clock is ticking on Granderson – when Yo is back it’s Yo in left, Conforto center and Jason Bay, I mean Jay Bruce in right. Heck, Grandy should sit now and let one of the pitchers hit in his spot but that would be tough on the pitcher playing center… maybe a good spot for Harvey the invisible rabbit since he can’t pitch.

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