Familia Possibly Out For Season Because Of Course 

Jeurys Familia blew the save in yesterday’s series finale loss to the Giants. Wilmer Flores committed an error on a potential double play ball in the 9th that set up the disaster of an inning, but ultimately Familia was the one who blew the game. I wanted to write a post today complaining about Terry’s foolish decision to pitch Jeurys in a lopsided game on Tuesday. I wanted to rant and rave about Terry’s horrible bullpen management. I wanted to complain about how the Mets keep winning series but still find a way to end them on horrible notes.

But before I had a chance to even type a single word the Mets announced today that Jeurys Familia has a blood clot in his pitching shoulder and season ending surgery may be required to address the issue.

I’m absolutely speechless. Cursed. The team is just cursed. Year after year it’s the same story. Everyone gets injured. Players move on to new teams and have better results. Ownership sucks. But the curse aspect is underrated and real. I wasn’t alive in 1969 or 1986. I’ve never seen a Mets championship.

At this point I have a hard time believing that the ’69 championship even happened. Sure I’ve seen the footage. But I’ve also seen footage of the moon landing and people say that was fake. Maybe the entire 1969 championship was staged. Maybe the fans in the stands in ’69 were somehow all paid actors, and they’ve managed to cover it up all these years. And the 1986 World Series was just a cruel joke by the baseball gods. A battle of two cursed franchises, and the baseball gods just decided to flip a coin.

I can’t comprehend how a team can have so many injuries year after year. So far in 2017 the Mets have lost their most important hitter, starting pitcher, and reliever before the end of the second week in May. Are you kidding me? Is this real life?

I actually feel semi-responsible for the injuries to Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that before the season started I drafted a blog post saying that Thor and Cespedes had a chance to post the highest combined WAR for a Mets position player and pitcher in team history. I actually did research and created a spreadsheet outlining the all-time Mets position player/pitcher WAR leaders and projected potential 2017 results for our two studs. I actually thought Thor could win the Cy Young and Cespedes could win the NL MVP.

In the end I never posted the article. Why? I was afraid the blog post would jinx the two of them, and they’d have major season ending injuries. Well it turns out that just thinking about it destroyed their respective seasons. The baseball gods heard my thoughts and decided to crush my hopes and dreams in the most horrible way possible. They tore Syndergaard’s lat muscle and Yo’s hammy to shreds. And now Familia is next on their damn list. Pray for Jeurys. Circulatory issues and blood clots are serious problems.

At least we signed plenty of bullpen depth in the offseason. Greg Holland can just step right up and fill in as the closer. Oh wait we never signed anyone? Right. I forgot. Well now we can watch Terry destroy Addison Reed night after night. Pray for Reed too.

2 thoughts on “Familia Possibly Out For Season Because Of Course 

  1. JohnE

    Pray for Reed, too. He’ll need it.
    BTW, I have tickets for the Wednesday afternoon game at what I like to call “Shea’s Field.” Harvey is scheduled to pitch. We’ll see.
    My seats are on the Club Level on the first base (Mets) side. Look for the old guy wearing orange and blue sunglasses.
    Temps are supposed to be in the mid-80s, but the roof will probably be closed anyway.

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