Blame The Bullpen, Terry, Sandy, EVERYBODY

I can’t decide what is more embarrassing: 1) The overall level of talent in the Mets bullpen. 2) Terry Collins’ inability to manage a bullpen. 3) Sandy Alderson’s belief that this team had an acceptable amount of pitching depth.

All three of those things are partially responsible for last night’s pathetic loss to the San Diego Padres (the worst team in the league other than us I guess).

The Calm Before The Storm: The Mets had a 5-1 lead after 4 innings. The lead was partially due to the fact that Padres starter Jarred Cosart was hit by a comebacker, fell apart physically, and then walked the ball park before departing in the third inning. But the Mets still capitalized with RBI hits from Wilmer Flores and Curtis Granderson in the third inning. Michael Conforto also added an RBI hit in the 4th inning. Even Robert Gsellman had a nice game. I joked in yesterday’s post that he never gives us a quality start, and then he spit my face. He went 6 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits. But once Gsellman was yanked from the game everything crumbled.

Terrible Bullpen: It’s so pathetic that our front office had the balls to say they were “all in” prior to the start of the season, and then they continue to rely on scrap heap players like Neil Ramirez and Tommy Milone. Fernando Salas came in the game for Gsellman and pitched like crap. He retired the first two hitters, but then gave up a single and walked two straight hitters. Then new scrub Ramirez came in to face arguably the Padres best hitter Wil Myers, and he nearly lit him up for a grand slam. He hit a ball off the top of the wall and two runs scored to tie the game at 5-5. Then Josh Smoker came in to pitch the 8th inning and gave up a moonshot home run to make it 6-5. That was the final. Also it’s worth noting that Josh Smoker (who has an ERA of 8.00 out of the bullpen and has a surgically repaired arm) is currently being stretched out as a starter so the Mets have someone to replace Tommy Milone this weekend.

Terrible Manager: Terry Collins is an absolutely horrendous manager. The fans have been clamoring for his head for many years now. Fire him. Terry used Jerry Blevins, Paul Sewald, and Fernando Salas in a blowout game on Tuesday and when he needed them last night they were either unavailable (Blevins, Sewald) or ineffective (Salas). He pulled Gsellman when he had under 90 pitches because he wanted him to leave “feeling good.” Are you kidding me? And I really don’t care how tired the other relievers were, there is no way you bring in Neil Ramirez to face Wil Myers. No way. Terry is the absolute worst.

Terrible GM: Sandy Alderson never blames the Wilpons. In fact he claims he has all the resources in the world. If that’s the case then Sandy is a moron. The lack of bullpen depth was known, and it was obvious. The starting pitching depth was always questionable. Sandy didn’t add any arms in the offseason, and now we are relying on scrubs. That is entirely Alderson’s fault.

Bases Juiced: Despite the pathetic bullpen display the Mets still had an incredible chance to win this game against the lowly Padres. They loaded the goddamn bases in the 9th with NOBODY OUT, and they STILL FAILED. Grandy, Rene Rivera and Juan Lagares all were retired in truly pathetic fashion. So Mets.

Today: If we don’t find a way to take 2 out of 3 from the worst team in the league, at home, with our ace on the mound today, then we should officially be crowned the worst team in the league. Can you believe we are still doing the crown celebration thing? Instead of placing a crown on the best player’s head after every win, somebody should dump a bucket of horse crap on all of the relievers after every loss.

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