Go Yo Go

Final Score: Mets 9, Giants 5

Yoenis Cespedes won the Mets a baseball game yesterday. Shock of the century. I hope Yo hits 15 homers between now and the end of the year and gets paid the millions of dollars he deserves. The media couldn’t help but continue to stir the fabricated GolfGate storyline yesterday. Cespedes with his “defiant answer to golf game queries.” Ummm Yo literally said, “I just want to make it really clear that I don’t believe golf affected me, and it’s just not that I believe that: The doctor actually said golf did not affect me.”

So he just wanted to reiterate that everything the media printed was a complete lie smear campaign. Thanks for speaking up again Yo. Don’t let these bums say whatever the hell they want and get away with it. Now go to the driving range and smoke your cigarettes and do YOU.

Yo Recap: Cespedes hit a first inning double that scored Jose Reyes, and he hit solo homers in the third and the seventh inning. Alejandro De Aza hit a sixth inning three-run blast. The Italian stallion Justin Ruggiano had two hits and an RBI. Asdrubal Cabrera had two hits and an RBI. The Mets smacked around Matt Moore and Jake Peavy for 8 runs total. Wilmer Flores added a 9th inning RBI single. I can’t believe our offense is finally showing signs of life and our rotation and pen are now struggling.

Team Sexy: Bartolo Colon did hit robotic pitch machine routine. He gave up 9 hits over 6.1 innings but only 2 runs. He won his 11th game. We need to re-sign him.

Poor Robles: Hansel Robles came in and walked people. Addison Reed gave up a double and the Robles inherited runners scored. Hansel’s arm seems dead. Speaking of dead arms Jim Henderson is back on the roster. Remember when Terry blew his arm out in April?

Today: It would be really nice if Noah Syndergaard dominated on Sunday Night Baseball and the Mets split in San Fran. Also let me preface this by saying Neil Walker should undoubtedly be with his wife and baby girl when she is born this week. But he’s supposedly going to miss the entire series against the Cardinals. I do think it’s classic Mets luck that Neila Walkyear is arriving during what amounts to the most important series of the regular season. Also Neil should name her Danielle Murphy Walker and then watch #MetsTwitter break.

It’s Time To Add Terry To The Hall Of Managerial Faces

terry hall of faces

Final Score: Giants 8, Mets 1

Here is the bottom line. The Mets players deserve blame for this train wreck of a season. Sandy Alderson deserves blame for this train wreck of a season. Terry Collins is a crappy in-game manager and deserves blame for this train wreck of a season. When your team enters a season surrounded by high expectations and the squad underachieves all year, the manager gets the blame first. That’s all there is to it. It’s simple. This team hasn’t shown any signs of life in months, and Terry should be canned. It’s time. Everyone keeps saying he’ll make it to the end of the season. Why? Why should he? Are we giving him an extra month because he went to the World Series last year? Are we worried he’ll sue the Wilpons over some ageism lawsuit? I honestly don’t get it. Dump this guy and let’s move on. The Mets are 5.5 out in the Wild Card standing. They are 2 games under .500. The season has long been over, and quite frankly it’s embarrassing that Terry and his staff are still here.

Lugo Proved Me Wrong: I was obviously pessimistic about the Mets chances before the game with Seth Lugo facing Johnny Cueto. But Seth proved me wrong. He went 6.2 innings and gave up 3 runs on 7 hits. He was extremely efficient. Definitely a bright spot in another horrendous game. Terry yanked him in the 7th with two outs after an Eduardo Nunez double and a Joe Panik intentional walk. Jerry Blevins promptly gave up back to back RBI singles to make it 3-1 Giants and the game was over.

Blunder: Seth Lugo and Jose Reyes were on first and second in the fifth inning with two outs. Kelly Johnson came up and hit a single directly at the right fielder. For some reason, Seth Lugo strolled right through Tim Teufel’s stop sign and headed home. This led to an embarrassing run down, and he was eventually tagged out at home. At the time the game was tied at 1. So this blunder definitely eliminated a big opportunity for the Mets with Jay Bruce coming up. Oh well.

How Many Hits?: The Mets had their lineup essentially back at full strength (minus Neil Walker) with the return of Yoenis Cespedes. But it seems people conveniently forgot all those months where we had Yo in the lineup and this team still underachieved. It’s nice to have him back, but it won’t matter. 11 hits last night and one run to show for it. Nothing but a Curtis Granderson solo shot on the Mets scoreboard. Plenty of opportunities.

Blunder 2.0: In the 8th inning the Giants piled runs on thanks to a bunch of hits off of Josh Smoker, Jeurys Familia and a big homer off of Erik Goeddel. Asdrubal Cabrera also made a horrendous throwing error. It went from 3-1 to 8-1 in a finger snap.

Let’s Talk About Bruce: The real reason the Mets didn’t score last night is because Jay Bruce and Yo basically didn’t do anything. They combined to go 1 for 8. I’m sure that will change in the coming weeks, and all of a sudden nobody else will hit. But regarding Bruce, I’m actually kind of embarrassed as a fan. I realize he’s undoubtedly going to catch METS disease and become terrible, and we’re all feeling pessimistic etc. But I’m already seeing fans and beat writers comparing him to Jason Bay. Are you kidding me? The guy came here 3 weeks ago. It’s almost disrespectful to Jason Bay to compare Bruce’s brief Mets career to Bay’s Mets career. Jason Bay is basically the number one example of a METS disease victim that we have on record. He epitomizes everything that METS disease is. He inexplicably lost all of his skills at 30 years old the second he put on a Mets uniform, and then went on to have three awful seasons. He just became worse and worse. And fans have the balls to already compare Jay Bruce to Bay after three weeks? Bruce has to earn his METS disease crown. This could just be a rough stretch. How dare y’all compare him to a METS disease legend. Let’s give him at least another month before we start crowning him.

Today: The Mets aren’t in the Wild Card race anymore. 5.5 games isn’t actually close. The Giants are burying us, and then St. Louis will finish us. Bartolo Colon pitches today. I wonder if he’ll be here next season. He’s the only arm in our rotation that I trust to give us 200 innings.

Manfred Wants To Change Baseball For The Children

It appears King Manfred has decided that baseball is too boring to be played the way it’s been played for over a century. He issued a royal decree for all the land to hear. He addressed all the lords of the league aka the owners about potential changes to the game for consideration in the offseason. Apparently Commissioner Manfred feels the quality of play is down in 2016, and he wants to make changes to attract a younger generation of viewers. In other words Rob is begging us to think of the children. Won’t somebody please think of the children!

Here’s what clown Manfred wants to do:

Limit Pitching Changes: Apparently Manfred is tired of waiting for managers to make all their situational pitching changes. So he wants to limit the number of permissible pitching substitutions. I’m sure the player’s union will love the idea of the owners eliminating available MLB pitching jobs. I’m sure the agents and all the executives that handle these arms with the utmost care will love the idea that managers might feel compelled to leave pitchers in a game longer because they aren’t allowed to freely substitute someone else into the contest. This idea is terrible and won’t happen. Flush it down the toilet. Next.

Stop Shifting: Let me get this straight. Team executives used advanced analytics and spray charts to identify where players typically hit balls and made an effort to position their fielders in ways that minimize balls put in play. As a result we’ve supposedly seen batting averages drop. In most sports when a team utilizes a strategy to take advantage of something, other teams are expected to modify their play to adjust to the strategy. In baseball, the teams and players are so dead set on keeping things the way they’ve always been that they are considering banning the strategy rather than adapting to it. You know what will stop shifting? Hit the ball the other way! Bunt when the team abandons half the field. And don’t give me the “That’s easier said than done” BS. The old time baseball morons are just pissed that all the front office nerds are exploiting something in the game, and they don’t want to tell their top hitters to bunt because they’re too damn proud to make the adjustment. Just do it and force the opposition to abandon the shift.

20 Second Pitch Clock: All the other sports are about time and clocks. But not baseball. That’s what makes baseball unique. I totally agree that hitters spend too much time screwing around in the batter’s box, and pitchers spend too much time walking around the mound. But we need a freaking clock to stop that culture? Get out of my face with that crap. I thought baseball loved unwritten rules and mandates? If we want to stop the dillydallying, then tell the umpires to throw people out of the game if they take too long. Tell the umps to do their job and keep the games moving. Manfred even said, “And, quite frankly, the data shows that people don’t violate the 20-seconds. With or without a clock. It’s a reminder that moves things along.” So he’s admitting the clock does nothing and players just need an occasional reminder to keep playing.

Here are some of my thoughts:

Before Manfred starts making all these moronic “outside the box” changes that he probably got from some baseball consulting firm, why don’t we make a few obvious changes that will improve the game and their precious pace of play.

Fix Replay: Umm the replay review process is pretty pathetic. 90% of the time I watch the replay on my couch, make the correct call, and then I wait 5 minutes for the umpire to make the correct call. How can it possibly take so long for a central team in New York to relay the correct calls to the umpiring crew in each game? It’s absurd. If you want to implement a 20 second pitch clock, how about you implement a clock for these freaking umpires. Get the damn calls right and get them right immediately! It takes 10 seconds.

7-Day DL: The Mets literally spend half of their season playing shorthanded and debating whether players should be placed on the 15-Day DL. Now the Mets are an incompetent organization. There’s no denying that. But the truth is a minimum 15-Day DL rule is absurd. The minor leagues have a 7-Day DL. MLB needs that same rule. The Mets would still find a way to mishandle injuries with a 7-Day DL but at least the rest of the league would benefit.

Keep Juicing The Balls Up: Manfred says baseball is slow and boring, but home runs are way up in 2016. In July, the league was on pace to hit the most home runs since 2000. Home run totals rivaling the steroid era? What’s happening? Well it’s simple. They juiced the balls. They won’t admit it, but that’s what they did. And you know what? That’s genius. Fans love dingers. Kids love dingers. I would much rather MLB publicly announce they are juicing the balls to increase home run totals. That makes the game more fun and then the players aren’t sticking needles in their asses to entertain the fans.

Expand The Rosters Damnit: Don’t limit reliever substitutions. Expand the rosters. Let teams carry 30-35 guys. 162 games is an insane number. If they aren’t going to shorten the season then the teams need more troops to make it to the finish line. Sure this probably waters down the quality of the average roster. But who cares? The stars will get the rest they need and more players get the opportunity to play on the big stage.

Give Us The DH: I’ve written about this before. I love watching Noah Syndergaard and Bartolo Colon crush bombs, but it makes no sense for the AL and NL to have different rules. If the Mets had the DH, Yoenis Cespedes would have been able to rest his quad injury and contribute with his bat. If the Mets had the DH then the Jay Bruce/Cespedes/Curtis Granderson/Michael Conforto “logjam” would be resolved in two seconds. Juan Lagares would be able to play center field and bat 9th. I realize this opinion is unpopular among NL fans, but I’m ready to adopt the DH. The Mets are built on pitching, and I wan’t to protect the arms. And honestly the Mets would probably wind up DH-ing their pitcher half the time anyway.

Decide On The Damn Rules: The league spent half the season inconsistently enforcing the takeout slide rules at second base. Thor was instantly tossed for throwing a retaliation pitch at Utley earlier this year, and then at other times teams were simply warned for the exact same behavior. Maybe Rob Manfred should work on consistently enforcing the existing damn rules before implementing new ones.

All-Star Game: Get rid of the World Series home field advantage thing in the All-Star Game. It’s completely ridiculous. The team with the best regular season record should receive home field in the Fall Classic. Period.

Cut Spring Training: Spring Training is way too long. Cut it in half.

T-Shirt Cannon With Money: Many teams shoot T-shirts out of a cannon during games. Well how about they stuff money in one of the T-shirts during a few games a year? I’m talking big money. 10 grand. Something insane. You want to draw more people to the ballpark? Then randomly launch cash prizes into the stands. And also hire extra security so fans don’t attack each other for the prizes. Actually a cash T-shirt battle royale in the stands sounds a little dangerous. Maybe they should just award the cash randomly based on your seat number? All I know is I want the Mets to pay me 10 grand to come watch their games. Make the check out to The Metssiah.

Loosen Up On Content Sharing You Jerks: If MLB wants to attract a younger audience they should probably stop protecting their precious content so much. If you share a freaking video or a home run clip without the expressed written consent of the stupid league they have MLB secret agents busting down your door. I’ve been an MLB.TV subscriber for like 10 years. This season my account was accessed on two devices at the same time in different states. As a result of that they temporarily shut down my account, accused me of password sharing, and threatened to ban me from using the service. Do you realize how insane that is? I’m scared to even share this story on the internet. I’m worried Manfred and his goons are going to break my knee caps as I leave my house to go to work one day. Let people share content and share MLB.TV passwords. You want more people to watch right? Then don’t threaten people for sharing a video of a home run.

That’s All I’ve Got: I like baseball. I don’t want to change it. And quite frankly they don’t have to make any changes to reclaim market share. Baseball is going to win the war of attrition against football. It won’t be long before the NFL is shutdown by the courts because of all the concussion and health related litigation. Once that happens, the children will come crawling back to boring old baseball.

Now The Mets Can Hit But Can’t Pitch

Final Score: Giants 10, Mets 7

I figured Jacob deGrom vs. Madison Bumgarner was a guaranteed 1-0 Mets loss. If I actually had a bookie, I would have been willing to bet a bunch of cheddar on that outcome. But I would have been way off. For some reason the Bad News Mets can score runs now but their pitching staff is crumbling. The D-Backs destroyed our starters and bullpen and now the Giants are joining the party.

Italian Grand Salami: All that being said, when the Italian stallion Justin Ruggiano hit a grand slam in the fourth inning off of MadBum I thought the game was over. I loved the idea that Justin freaking Ruggiano was going to have one of the biggest hits of the season for the Metsies. I figured deGrizzle would shut the struggling Giants down, and we’d have a chance to win this series with Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera back in the lineup tonight. Nope! I just got caught up in daydream fantasy land. Classic case of counting dem chickens way before they hatch. Also I’m totally assuming Ruggiano is Italian because his last name sounds like a hard Italian cheese that I grate all over my pasta.

They Got Blasted: Instead, Jacob deGrom inexplicably fell apart and gave up 8 runs on 13 hits in 5 innings. It was basically the worst start of his career during a season that has arguably been his best. He instantly coughed up the 4-0 Ruggiano grand slam lead in the bottom of the fourth inning. He surrendered an RBI single to Hunter Pence and a two RBI triple for Eduardo Nunez. And then a nice two-run blast from MadBum to make it 5-4. An embarrassing cherry on top. There always has to be an embarrassing cherry on top with this goddamn organization.

Yeesh: In the fifth inning the Giants piled on deGrom and made it 8-4. Everyone’s favorite Quadruple-A dude Ty Kelly had two hits in this game including a two RBI triple in the 6th inning that brought the Mets within two runs of the lead. Rene Rivera added an RBI groundout in that inning to make it 8-7 Giants. But that was as close as the Mets got to coming back. Old dead arm Hansel Robles pitched like crap again. He walked two guys in the 8th, and then Addison Reed gave up the big double to Buster Posey that led to both base runners scoring. 10 runs! The team built on pitching gave up 10 runs! Yeesh.

Shut Them Down: After the game the Mets announced that Steven Matz has been scratched from his start tonight. Apparently he experienced shoulder discomfort. Umm please shut him down. Shut them all down. I have a feeling once this weekend is over the Mets will start formally taking steps to shut the big arms down. Unless the Wilpons decide they want to cash in on the September Cespedes ticket sales, and they force Sandy to pretend we are in the race.

Go To Hell: I kind of thought Yankees/Mets fan rivalry BS was for children. I remember arguing with classmates as they rubbed the late 90’s Yankees success in my face. Growing up a Mets fan was sad. Being a Mets fan now is sad. But I thought the days of me getting peeved at Yankees fans and the Yankee media bias were over. Nope. Lately I can’t help but feel that the Yankee fans I know are rubbing the Mets failure in my face. I have one Yankee fan guy at work that keeps saying “how about that game last night?” whenever the Mets have a particularly painful loss. And he can’t help but crack a smile as I shake my head in disgust at the Mets play.

Meanwhile the Yankee owned media are printing story after story about how the Yankees are playing exciting ball in August. My “kind” Yankee fan friends can’t stop talking about how fun it is to watch these new young Yankees prospects. They are pumped about all the trade deadline deals the Yankees made during their “rebuild”. I love how the Yankee rebuild lasted a weekend and the Mets were rebuilding for basically all of my twenties. The Mets were rebuilding for the majority of Obama’s presidency. Well all the Yankees fans secretly enjoying the 2016 Mets crashing and burning can go to hell.

Today: Seth Lugo pitches tonight against Johnny Cueto. Sounds fun…

Let’s Keep Pretending The Mets Have A Chance

“I better reserve my Corporate box at Citi Field for the 2016 playoffs before the Mets sellout!”


Wow what a game last night! Matt Harvey almost pitched a perfect game, but he lost it in the 8th inning on an infield hit. But a complete game one-hitter is still very impressive. Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes each hit two-run homers and Lucas Duda added a solo shot. David Wright went 3 for 4. What a game! The Mets opened up a 10 game lead over the Nationals in the NL East. 2016 is the best season ever!

The Crushing Reality: That was fun. I’d rather just be delusional and pretend this team is good. There’s no point in paying attention to the actual games any more. It’s all over. The garbage D-Backs absolutely destroyed the real 2016 Mets last night. If it wasn’t for a 9th inning garbage time solo dinger from Curtis Granderson and a two-run shot from Rene Rivera, the Mets lose this game 13-2. But a 13-5 loss is just as embarrassing. Jon Niese didn’t make it through 5 innings and gave up homers to Rickie Weeks Jr. and Yasmany Tomas in the fourth inning. No surprise there. Mr. Mistake pitch strikes again. The Mets brought in an overworked Commissioner Erik Goeddel, and he promptly surrendered a long ball. Then our mop up crew of Gabriel Ynoa and Josh Edgin were crushed by the D-Backs.

Let’s Pretend Jose Can Stay Healthy: Jose Reyes has been on a tear since he returned from the DL. I almost picked him up in my fantasy league last night, and then I remembered he’ll probably swing tomorrow and simultaneously snap his ribs while dislocating his hip.

Let’s Pretend Johnson Is Here To Stay: Kelly Johnson had 3 hits in last night’s game. He’s been fantastic since coming over from the Braves for the second year in a row. Let’s pretend the Mets will be smart enough to keep him on a one-year deal this offseason. Fat chance.

Let’s Pretend Bruce Won’t Catch METS Disease: Jay Bruce is off to a poor start as a Met, but he did hit an RBI double last night. I’m sure he’ll excel for the rest of the season with Yoenis Cespedes in the lineup, and then once the Mets let Yo go Bruce’s performance will suffer and everyone will pretend it’s happening for a different reason.

Let’s Pretend Loney Is Better Than Duda: James Loney has been a decent fill-in for Lucas Duda. But he went 0 for 5 last night and over his last 15 games he’s been horrendous (.193/.207/.211). Let’s pretend he’s a gold glove first basemen that hits .300.

Let’s Pretend Rivera Is The New Wright: T.J. Rivera is hitting .346 since his promotion from Vegas. I’m sure he’s the long term answer at third base and not some 27 year old fringe prospect.

Let’s Pretend Vegas Isn’t The Moon: Michael Conforto is batting like .900 since being demoted to Vegas like a week ago. Now everyone wants him to be called up again. Let’s just pretend Vegas numbers mean something.

Let’s Pretend We Have Pitching Depth: Jon Niese and our bullpen was rocked last night. Where are all these reserve arms we heard so much about? We traded them all away for Kelly Johnson didn’t we? Let’s pretend we didn’t.

Let’s Pretend Terry Is A Great Manager: I guess the Mets are going to let Terry stick around until the end of the season? I mean we’ll know the answer this weekend. If the Mets are swept by the Giants in San Francisco and Terry is here on Monday, then he’s here to stay for 2016. How is that possible?

Let’s Pretend Yo and Co. Will Boost The Mets: Cespedes is back on Friday. Asdrubal Cabrera will be back too. It’ll be interesting to see if the Mets continue to play .400 baseball or if they propel the team to a slightly better level. We kind of need to play .700 now. Is that possible? Can that happen? The Cardinals are actually taking off in the second Wild Card spot now. It was only a matter of time before that happened. Well it’s happening. Let’s pretend it isn’t.

Let’s Pretend A Two Year Tommy John Recovery Is Normal:  Zack Wheeler received “good” news from the doctor. He didn’t blow out his elbow again! Hooray! Apparently it’s just a flexor strain. He’ll be shutdown for 2 weeks and miss the rest of the season. I can’t believe he missed two full seasons due to Tommy John and other arm issues. They obviously misdiagnosed the METS disease in his arm. That explains why the flesh is melting off. Whatever. Two years of Wheeler’s prime down the toilet. No biggie.

Let’s Pretend Matz and Thor Are Healthy: It won’t be long now. Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz are going to be shutdown and get their San Antonio elbow Spurs fixed. The day we officially waive the white flag in 2016 is going to be very sad. In 2015 the team had luck and the players had a temporary reprieve from METS disease. 2016 was back to business as usual for the old Mets.

Today: We play the Giants later at 10:15 (EST). I’ll be asleep by 11:45 (EST) dreaming of next season.

So Easy To Score, A Norse God Can Do It

Final Score: Mets 7, D-Backs 5

The Mets finally won a game against Arizona, and it’s league worst pitching staff. Apparently it’s so easy to score runs against the D-Backs even Thor can do it. Noah Syndergaard launched a fifth inning two-run homer and those two runs ultimately proved to be crucial.

Cubano: In the fourth inning, Yasmany Tomas launched a solo homer off of Thor to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. Obviously the international scouting game isn’t an exact science, but I’ve been pretty good at picking the successful Cubanos from my couch. It only took Tomas one season to breakout in the power department. We should have signed the 25 year old stud.

The Inning With The Thor Bomb: In the fifth inning, the Mets broke out against starter Braden Shipley. It was really a straight up hit parade. T.J. Rivera singled and Alejandro De Aza doubled to start the inning. Then Rene Rivera tied the game with a sac fly, and Thor gave the Mets a 3-1 lead with his two-run blast. Then Jose Reyes tripled and scored on a Curtis Granderson sac fly to make it 4-1. Reyes also seemingly winced when he scored and limped back to the dugout. He stayed in the game and was supposedly fine, but man he is so goddamn brittle.

The Other Big Inning: In the sixth inning, Kelly Johnson hit a solo homer to make it 6-1. Kelly was starting because Neil Walker had pregame back spasms which has become the classic Mets injury at this point. Then it was a repeat of the 5th inning. T.J. Rivera singled and thanks to a fielding error by Michael Bourn in center field, he was able to advance to second base. Then De Aza doubled and Rivera scored making it 6-1 Mets. And once again an error by an outfielder (Tomas) let De Aza head to third base. Then with two outs, Jose Reyes singled to drive in De Aza and make it 7-1 Mets.

Thor Bailout: Noah really had another classic bone spur Syndergaard outing. He had a high pitch count, and he only managed to pitch 5.2 innings. He gave up 4 runs (2 ER) on 7 hits and 2 walks. He did manage to strike out 8. He worked out of a jam with men on base in the first, third, and fifth inning. He also let up another 4 stolen bases (which continues to be an absurd flaw that he hasn’t eliminated in any way). In the 6th inning things fell apart for Thor in large part due to T.J. Rivera’s fielding problems.

T.J. Giveth and Taketh: Rivera had 4 hits in last night’s game so he’s going to remain in the lineup. But he made two errors in the 6th. Jake Lamb reached on a throwing error to start the inning and advanced to second on a wild pitch. Then with one out Welington Castillo singled and Mitch Haniger hit a bases clearing triple that made it 7-3 Mets. Then with two outs, pinch hitter Philip Gosselin reached on a throwing error by Rivera and another run scored to make it 7-4. Sloppy ass defensive work by Rivera, but that’s nothing new for this ball club. In the 7th inning, the D-Backs added a 5th run off of Hansel Robles who had to be bailed out by Addison Reed. But other than that the Mets pen held the lead.

Let’s Leave The Moon: Last night Michael Conforto had 4 hits in Vegas and Brandon Nimmo hit a homer. The Mets are supposedly looking at moving the Triple-A team to Rochester in the offseason if it’s possible. We really need to leave Vegas. The numbers posted there are so meaningless.

Today: Jon Niese pitches tonight. Remember earlier this year when Niese dominated on the mound for the Pirates against the Mets? You think he’s going to pitch like that tonight? Nope. But I’m still hoping for two in a row, which is as close to tic-tac-toe as the Mets can get.

The Mets Aren’t Even Good Every Other Olympics

Final Score: D-Backs 10, Mets 6

The Mets lost to Arizona again last night. The Mets are now 0-4 against them on the season. The cellar dwelling D-Backs have had so much recent success agains the Mets that they are about to leapfrog the San Diego Padres in the NL West. It’s honestly hard to process how poorly we’ve played against the D-Backs and other horrendous teams. Gary Cohen talked during the game about the D-Backs terrible home record and their horrible pitching staff. And then the Mets pitching staff comes out and takes a dump on the field. As the Mets drift further behind in the Wild Card race (3 games back), the Yankees creep closer and closer to the lead (4.5 games back).

Compete Every 12 Years: I have almost no interest whatsoever in watching the Summer Olympics. I’ve never been a fan. Watching Track and Field triggers my high school athletics PTSD, and if I wanted to watch a bunch of mooks dive into a green-colored piss filled pool I’d hit up one of the many public pools in Brooklyn. But I was looking at the past Olympic games, and it became clear to me that the Mets haven’t even been competitive every eight years in my lifetime let alone every four years. During the 1988 Olympic Games the Mets were amazing. But during the 1992 and 1996 games they were Stinko. In 2000, the Mets reached the World Series and then were embarrassed by the Yankees. In 2004 and 2012 they Mets were terrible and in 2008 the fans were all pretending the Mets still had the talented team from 2006. And now here we are during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the Mets stink again. Meanwhile during that time the Yankees championships to Olympic Games ratio is 5:7.

Loser Tournaments: During the game last night I briefly imagined what it would be like if MLB copied College Basketball and had an NIT style tournament for all the bad teams. Then I remembered that the Mets would probably be first round knockout favorites considering the Braves, D-Backs, and Rockies have been crapping on us all season long.

Tolo Didn’t Have It: The Mets were trailing the entire game last night, and Bartolo Colon was getting rocked right out of the gate. It was a definitive off night for Big Sexy. The Mets pushed him through 4 innings because they had already used long man Gabriel Ynoa multiple days in a row. Nice managing Terry! Colon gave up 9 hits and 5 runs over those 4 innings. Only 2 of the runs were earned because T.J. Rivera made an error that helped lead to a three run first inning. Colon wasn’t able to limit the damage. He gave up another run in the 4th and in the 5th inning.

Every Single Reliever Didn’t Have It: The story of this game was the Mets pitching staff getting smacked. Erik Goeddel gave up a pair of RBI doubles to Brandon Drury and Jean Segura in the fifth inning to make it 7-2 Arizona. Seth Lugo gave up an RBI single in the 6th inning. Hansel Robles gave up a two-run blast to Yasmany Tomas in the 8th inning to make it 10-5 D-Backs. Robles has had a roller coaster season. Dominant for stretches and then horrendous for others.

Bright Spots: The Mets squandered a number of opportunities to score with runners in scoring position, but they aren’t worth recapping. I’m not going to sit here and try to rationalize why a team that gave up 10 runs should have won a baseball game. Jose Reyes hit RBI singles in the 3rd and 4th inning. Neil Walker had 3 hits including a solo shot in the 9th to stay hot. He’s about to leave the team to be with his pregnant wife who’s due to have Neil (or Neila) Walkyear Jr. any day now. He should probably stay with his family the rest of the season. He won’t miss much. Wilmer Flores had 2 hits and continues to crush lefties. He almost hit an opposite field homer early in the game, but it just went foul. Travis d’Arnaud had 3 hits. The D-Backs still stole 2 bases off of d’Arnaud and the Mets staff. What else is new?

Grandy: Curtis Granderson continued to struggle last night. He went 1 for 5 and failed to do anything with two men on base in the third and fourth inning. Terry talked postgame about how Curtis was the 2015 team MVP. Unfortunately, he’s reverted back to 2014 Grandy this season. Remember how much promise our outfield had preseason? Well Grandy’s production fell off and Michael Conforto has reminded us he was in college like two years ago. Without a doubt we have seen the worst case scenario unfold for Conforto and Grandy. Oh well.

Stop The Madness: Can somebody please tell Terry he’s not allowed to start Ty Kelly anymore? Please? He went 0 for 3 and he’s hitting .186. He’s not a major leaguer. I would rather watch Brandon Nimmo or Michael Conforto take ABs against right-handed pitchers than watch Ty Kelly do anything. Hurry Yo!

Incompetent Doctors?: Apparently Logan Verrett feels he has a neck injury that Mets doctors failed to diagnose. He’s flying out west for a second (real) opinion. Meanwhile Ray Ramirez continues to ask Zack Wheeler for a tissue sample from his elbow so he can “plant the arm seeds and grow a new ace.”

Today: Another 9:40 PM (EST) game tonight. At least Noah Syndergaard pitches this evening.

Matzy Near No-No And Two In A Row

Final Score: Mets 5, Padres 1

Steven Matz gave the Mets a masterful 7.1 scoreless inning 1 hit 8 strikeout performance, and the Mets finally won two games in a row for the first time since July 6th/7th.

I Was Relieved: Alexei Ramirez broke up the no-hit bid in the 8th with a one out opposite field single over the first base bag. Honestly I was relieved when Matz gave up the hit. The last thing I wanted was Matz throwing a 135 pitch no hitter. I realize a high pitch count doesn’t necessarily mean a pitcher is going to injure his arm. I realize Johan Santana and Steven Matz are different people and Matz is young and Johan was older when he threw his no-no. All I know is Gary Cohen was talking about the Johan Santana “myth” and basically refuting that Johan’s career went in the toilet shortly after he threw his no hitter. Ummmm that ain’t a myth folks. Johan threw that no hitter, and he was never the same. The no hitter was a factor in his demise. Obviously the mileage on his arm and the fact that he already had shoulder surgery were both signs that he was nearing the end of his major league road. But it’s absurd to reject the notion that the no hitter had a negative impact on his arm. All that being said, it’s impressive that Matz has been pitching effectively with these elbow spurs. He’s been resilient and it’s impressive.

A Couple Of Blasts: Wilmer Flores (2nd inning) and Neil Walker (4th inning) each had solo homers off of lefty starter Clayton Richard. Wilmer really crushes lefties. He’s hitting .346 against them. And Neil just continues to be scorching hot.

Reyes Insurance Company: In the 8th inning Jose Reyes singled, stole second base, and advanced to third when catcher Derek Norris airmailed his throw into the outfield. Then Jose scored on a wild pitch to make it 3-0 Mets. It was a classic Reyes speed-based insurance run. Then the Mets piled on more runs (not a misprint). Ty Kelly and Jay Bruce both reached on walks and with two outs T.J. Rivera launched a two run double to make it 5-0. This Rivera guy has looked good so far. He had two hits in this game. Hopefully Asdrubal Cabrera returns at the end of this week as expected but it’s nice to see somebody step up while filling in for one of our many injured players.

Hurry Yo: The Mets need Yoenis Cespedes back so bad. Reyes, Yo, Bruce and a hot Neil Walker in the same lineup might actually have a chance to score some runs on a regular basis. Pray for Yo and his quad.

Is Silence Bad?: No word on Zack Wheeler and the condition of his surgically repaired elbow. Is silence good? It can’t be good. Pray more.

Tomorrow: The Mets head to Arizona and then San Francisco. West Coast trips are always brutal. Winning two in a row at home is a legitimate summer accomplishment for the 2016 Mets. Let’s see if they can make it three in a row on the road.

A Walk-off Win Is A Walk-off Win

Final Score (in 11 innings): Mets 3, Padres 2

It wasn’t a pretty victory. In fact it felt like it was going to be another painful loss. But the Padres basically handed the Mets a run in the 11th inning which gave them the walk-off win.

Thanks Padres 1.0: In the first inning, Jose Reyes walked and then advanced to third when Jarred Cosart threw a wild pitch and catcher Christian Bethancourt threw the ball into center field. Then Neil Walker singled and Reyes scored making it 1-0. It was a gift run.

One Mistake: Jacob deGrom pitched 7 innings, gave up 3 hits and struck out 9. The one hit was a 7th inning solo homer to Yangervis Solarte. And obviously that one mistake prevented him from getting a win.

Another Mistake: The Mets took the lead in this game on a 7th inning Kelly Johnson sac fly. Addison Reed did his job in the 8th inning and then Jeurys Familia blew another game. He gave up a two out solo homer to Wil Myers. I’m still shocked every time Familia makes a mistake. At least this one didn’t cost the Mets another game.

Thanks Padres 2.0: In the 11th inning, red hot Neil Walker led off with a single and James Loney added a one out bloop single that allowed Neil to advance to third base. Then Wilmer Flores hit what appeared to be a double play ball but second baseman Ryan Schimpf went home with the throw and it was way off target. Neil Walker scored to give the Mets the 3-2 victory. The “hero” Wilmer Flores had 3 hits in the game. I don’t care that it was gift wrapped. A win is a win.

Today: Giancarlo Stanton is supposedly going on the DL. The Mets are still 2.5 games out of a Wild Card spot. The NL really stinks. Can the Mets win two in a row at home (or anywhere for that matter)? We shall see.

Setbacks, Demotions, and Despair

Final Score: Padres 8, Mets 6

I wrote yesterday that I’m afraid to watch the rest of the Mets games because we haven’t seen “Mets rock bottom” yet. Well yesterday the Mets announced they’re shutting down Zack Wheeler and sending him to see Dr. James Andrews! A double elbow injury and potential second TJ surgery setback is precisely the kind of rock bottom I was talking about. Fantastic! Honestly the Mets should shut everyone down. We lost again last night and dropped below .500.

The funny thing about Wheeler getting injured again is it directly ties into last night’s game. Remember when all we heard about was the organizational pitching depth? Well we don’t actually have that anymore. It doesn’t exist. You know how I know? Because Logan Verrett has been terrible since taking over for Matt Harvey. Yet the Mets keep running him out there. He gave up 8 runs over 2.2 innings last night. Unwatchable baseball. But don’t worry, the Mets finally decided to replace him in the rotation after the game last night. Hot new prospect Jon Niese will take his spot. Niese has been terrible since reuniting with the Mets, but the minor league options obviously aren’t what they used to be.

The Upside: Travis d’Arnaud had 3 hits and a two-run homer in the game. The Mets came back late. They scored a run in the fifth inning and 3 in the sixth. But again who cares? They lost. I’m not looking forward to interim manager Dick Scott.

The Downside: The Mets demoted Michael Conforto before the game. The truth is he deserves the demotion. He’s done nothing to show he belongs in the starting lineup. I know the argument has been made that he should just play everyday at the major league level for the experience. I’m sure that will happen in September once the organization officially waves the white flag. Conforto’s sophomore slump should have a big impact on the 2017 plan. The impact being he doesn’t deserve a starting spot. In my mind he’s penciled in at Triple-A unless he takes some big strides in September.

Collect The Rejects: I joked yesterday that the Mets should find a way to get Jonathan Papelbon so he can choke Yoenis Cespedes and we can officially hit the 2015 Nationals kind of rock bottom. Well the Nats are looking to release him according to reports today. Watch the Mets bring him in. That would be hilarious. We also apparently want Carlos Gomez. If we land Gomez, we’ve essentially re-created Omar Minaya’s team and also the Minaya level clubhouse morale. Everyone is depressed and feels like we have no shot.

Today: Padres again. At least we get to watch Jacob deGrom. Maybe it’s Terry’s second to last day?