Now The Mets Can Hit But Can’t Pitch

Final Score: Giants 10, Mets 7

I figured Jacob deGrom vs. Madison Bumgarner was a guaranteed 1-0 Mets loss. If I actually had a bookie, I would have been willing to bet a bunch of cheddar on that outcome. But I would have been way off. For some reason the Bad News Mets can score runs now but their pitching staff is crumbling. The D-Backs destroyed our starters and bullpen and now the Giants are joining the party.

Italian Grand Salami: All that being said, when the Italian stallion Justin Ruggiano hit a grand slam in the fourth inning off of MadBum I thought the game was over. I loved the idea that Justin freaking Ruggiano was going to have one of the biggest hits of the season for the Metsies. I figured deGrizzle would shut the struggling Giants down, and we’d have a chance to win this series with Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera back in the lineup tonight. Nope! I just got caught up in daydream fantasy land. Classic case of counting dem chickens way before they hatch. Also I’m totally assuming Ruggiano is Italian because his last name sounds like a hard Italian cheese that I grate all over my pasta.

They Got Blasted: Instead, Jacob deGrom inexplicably fell apart and gave up 8 runs on 13 hits in 5 innings. It was basically the worst start of his career during a season that has arguably been his best. He instantly coughed up the 4-0 Ruggiano grand slam lead in the bottom of the fourth inning. He surrendered an RBI single to Hunter Pence and a two RBI triple for Eduardo Nunez. And then a nice two-run blast from MadBum to make it 5-4. An embarrassing cherry on top. There always has to be an embarrassing cherry on top with this goddamn organization.

Yeesh: In the fifth inning the Giants piled on deGrom and made it 8-4. Everyone’s favorite Quadruple-A dude Ty Kelly had two hits in this game including a two RBI triple in the 6th inning that brought the Mets within two runs of the lead. Rene Rivera added an RBI groundout in that inning to make it 8-7 Giants. But that was as close as the Mets got to coming back. Old dead arm Hansel Robles pitched like crap again. He walked two guys in the 8th, and then Addison Reed gave up the big double to Buster Posey that led to both base runners scoring. 10 runs! The team built on pitching gave up 10 runs! Yeesh.

Shut Them Down: After the game the Mets announced that Steven Matz has been scratched from his start tonight. Apparently he experienced shoulder discomfort. Umm please shut him down. Shut them all down. I have a feeling once this weekend is over the Mets will start formally taking steps to shut the big arms down. Unless the Wilpons decide they want to cash in on the September Cespedes ticket sales, and they force Sandy to pretend we are in the race.

Go To Hell: I kind of thought Yankees/Mets fan rivalry BS was for children. I remember arguing with classmates as they rubbed the late 90’s Yankees success in my face. Growing up a Mets fan was sad. Being a Mets fan now is sad. But I thought the days of me getting peeved at Yankees fans and the Yankee media bias were over. Nope. Lately I can’t help but feel that the Yankee fans I know are rubbing the Mets failure in my face. I have one Yankee fan guy at work that keeps saying “how about that game last night?” whenever the Mets have a particularly painful loss. And he can’t help but crack a smile as I shake my head in disgust at the Mets play.

Meanwhile the Yankee owned media are printing story after story about how the Yankees are playing exciting ball in August. My “kind” Yankee fan friends can’t stop talking about how fun it is to watch these new young Yankees prospects. They are pumped about all the trade deadline deals the Yankees made during their “rebuild”. I love how the Yankee rebuild lasted a weekend and the Mets were rebuilding for basically all of my twenties. The Mets were rebuilding for the majority of Obama’s presidency. Well all the Yankees fans secretly enjoying the 2016 Mets crashing and burning can go to hell.

Today: Seth Lugo pitches tonight against Johnny Cueto. Sounds fun…

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