Go Yo Go

Final Score: Mets 9, Giants 5

Yoenis Cespedes won the Mets a baseball game yesterday. Shock of the century. I hope Yo hits 15 homers between now and the end of the year and gets paid the millions of dollars he deserves. The media couldn’t help but continue to stir the fabricated GolfGate storyline yesterday. Cespedes with his “defiant answer to golf game queries.” Ummm Yo literally said, “I just want to make it really clear that I don’t believe golf affected me, and it’s just not that I believe that: The doctor actually said golf did not affect me.”

So he just wanted to reiterate that everything the media printed was a complete lie smear campaign. Thanks for speaking up again Yo. Don’t let these bums say whatever the hell they want and get away with it. Now go to the driving range and smoke your cigarettes and do YOU.

Yo Recap: Cespedes hit a first inning double that scored Jose Reyes, and he hit solo homers in the third and the seventh inning. Alejandro De Aza hit a sixth inning three-run blast. The Italian stallion Justin Ruggiano had two hits and an RBI. Asdrubal Cabrera had two hits and an RBI. The Mets smacked around Matt Moore and Jake Peavy for 8 runs total. Wilmer Flores added a 9th inning RBI single. I can’t believe our offense is finally showing signs of life and our rotation and pen are now struggling.

Team Sexy: Bartolo Colon did hit robotic pitch machine routine. He gave up 9 hits over 6.1 innings but only 2 runs. He won his 11th game. We need to re-sign him.

Poor Robles: Hansel Robles came in and walked people. Addison Reed gave up a double and the Robles inherited runners scored. Hansel’s arm seems dead. Speaking of dead arms Jim Henderson is back on the roster. Remember when Terry blew his arm out in April?

Today: It would be really nice if Noah Syndergaard dominated on Sunday Night Baseball and the Mets split in San Fran. Also let me preface this by saying Neil Walker should undoubtedly be with his wife and baby girl when she is born this week. But he’s supposedly going to miss the entire series against the Cardinals. I do think it’s classic Mets luck that Neila Walkyear is arriving during what amounts to the most important series of the regular season. Also Neil should name her Danielle Murphy Walker and then watch #MetsTwitter break.

One thought on “Go Yo Go

  1. JohnE

    So if Yo can keep active by golfing, and his doc says it’s okay, what’s the problem? Oh yeah, newspapers gotta push clicks.
    Sadly, I think Yo will depart the Mets this winter to sign with an AL team where he can hit and play golf and not have to worry about fielding or the New York media.
    I’m sure the Mets will find an adequate replacement. Perhaps Dave Kingman can be lured out of retirement.

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