It’s Time To Step Up Or Watch The Season Burn

Recap: The Mets lost last night 5-0 to the Nationals. Matt Harvey started the game and gave up a run in 3.2 innings before an 85 minute rain delay ended his start. The one run was too much. The Mets don’t score runs. There’s nothing to recap other than the Mets loaded the bases with one out in the 6th inning when it was 3-0 Nationals. Oliver Perez managed to strike out James Loney and got Wilmer Flores to fly out. Yeah it’s funny that former Met Oliver Perez got big outs. Ha ha freaking ha. You can literally insert any pitcher in that scenario, and he’ll retire Loney and Flores. That’s just 2016 Mets baseball. The other notable news was Curtis Granderson was pulled from the game with calf soreness and Hansel Robles took a comebacker off of his calf. Two more injuries. Toss them in the goddamn body pile. It sure feels like Logan Verrett and the Mets are going to get swept today by Max Scherzer and the Nationals. The season was spiraling out of control long before this series. The Mets are 5 games out of the division. Now they are officially .5 games out in the Wild Card race.

I really don’t have any coherent points to make. So this post will just be me complaining about a bunch of stuff.

Rain Men: Screw the Nationals for starting that game last night knowing rain was inevitable. Screw the umpires for stopping it, and then re-starting it. Everyone responsible for the decision making that went into that horrendous 5 hour stretch of start and stop baseball should burn in hell.

Big Injuries: In 2016, the Mets have dealt with the annual injury plague on our house. The 2016 injuries have somehow been worse than the 2015 plague, and that’s saying a lot. David Wright is out forever. Claimed by METS disease too soon. Lucas Duda is supposed to return in roughly a month from his cracked back. Yeah right.

Death Count: The following players are on the disabled list, have missed time due to injury or are struggling due to injury: David Wright (DL- back, neck), Juan Lagares (DL- torn thumb), Zack Wheeler (DL- elbow), Lucas Duda (DL-cracked back), Jim Henderson (DL-shoulder), Travis d’Arnaud (spent most of the year on the DL because of his brittle bones), Steven Matz/Noah Syndergaard (Elbow bone spurs. They need their elbows no?), Michael Conforto (wrist), Jacob deGrom (lat), Matt Harvey (pee problems), Wilmer Flores (I don’t even remember. Hamstring I think.), Hansel Robles (ankle, comebacker off the calf), Neil Walker (back spasms), Asdrubal Cabrera (back spasms), Yoenis Cespedes (hip, ankles, everything). I could be missing people. They’re all hurt. Every last one of them.

Repent and Pray: The only people that have escaped the plague are Jerry Blevins (who broke his arm twice in the same place in 2015) and Bartolo Colon who just took a comebacker off his thumb like a week ago and is a 43 year old HGH fueled monster. All we can do to stop these injuries is repent for our sins and pray for mercy. What other options do we have? Animal sacrifice? Hunger strike? I really have no answers.

Players That Must Step Up:

Travis d’Arnaud: He’s missed almost this entire season due to his pathetic glass bones. He’s hitting .206 with a .520 OPS. He can’t throw out anyone on the base-paths. His absence from the lineup due to injury as well as his lack of production when he’s in the lineup has been a major factor in the demise of our offense. Wake the hell up Travis or get the hell out of town.

Wilmer Flores: I am so sick of the Wilmer apologists. He was useless and hurt in April and May. Then when Wright went down, he briefly got hot to start June. Now he’s stumbling in the second half of the month. So many people saying “Oooh Wilmer is holding his own at third base.” Give me a break. Wilmer’s been so great that the Mets just signed Jose Reyes and crowned him the new utilityman knowing he has no major league experience at any position other than shortstop and 43 games at second base in 2004. Sign the Cuban third basemen Yulieski Gourriel. David Wright with half a neck and a mangled spine was twice the player Wilmer Flores is.

Michael Conforto: He’s young, but after April he evaporated at the plate in his sophomore campaign. The Mets shouldn’t have counted on him in 2016, but they did. Now he needs to get his act together in Vegas. Not in two months. Not in one month. He needs to get it together in like two weeks. He needs to be back in the lineup and producing as soon as the All-Star break is over. Otherwise the season is over.

Curtis Granderson: We all knew Curtis was going to regress from his 2015 form. After a horrendous May he’s turned his season back around in June. But the Mets need even more from him. No more months like May with a .190 average and a million strikeouts. We need him to produce all summer and in big spots. Somebody in this lineup other than Cespedes has to produce for Christ’s sake.

Alejandro De Aza: Ohhh the poor baby De Aza doesn’t get enough ABs so he’s sad and rusty at the plate??? I honestly think we should give him 20 more ABs, and then we should cut him. .165 average and a.458 OPS? Is this real life? Get him off the team. Completely turn it around now or get the hell off my team.

Antonio Bastardo: Let’s be clear on this. Antonio Bastardo the 8 year veteran major league reliever does not suck. Antonio Bastardo the 2016 Mets reliever does suck. He’s having the worst year of his major league career. He’s horrendous. Another clear case of METS disease. We paid him to be one of our setup men. He has a 5.28 ERA. His strikeouts per 9 are down from his career number and his walks per 9 are way up. He stinks. He better turn it around now or he’ll be mopping up out of the pen for the next year and a half. Kill him Terry! Pitch him into the ground. Make him throw 100 bullpen sessions as punishment for his horrendous performance.

Matt Harvey: Matt Harvey had an atrocious April and May. Sure he has a 2.83 ERA in June, but he’s still 0-3 for the month. He needs to replicate his June success the rest of the way. No more setbacks. No more down months. The Mets can’t afford any more performance dips, especially considering the elbow issues Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard are now dealing with. The Dark Knight has to lead the rotation. He needs to give the Mets regular quality starts. I swear if he gives consistent quality outings, I won’t mind when he takes the L because the Mets failed to score him a single run. If he’s destined to lose 15-20 games in 2016 that’s fine by me as long as he gives the team a chance to win each time out.

Neil Walker: I don’t care what Neil did in April. What’s with this .596 OPS in June? How about a little consistency man. And the more inconsistent Neil is, the more I have to hear about Daniel freaking Murphy. I’m so sick of hearing how we never should have dumped Daniel Murphy and how he was the heart and soul of the team and blah blah blah. Murph would be hitting .275 if he was here and making errors every other day. He wouldn’t be an MVP candidate for the Mets. Frankly he’d probably be on the DL. The Mets problems in 2016 are a little more complex then “we got rid of Murph and now we lack passion”. Yeah people actually say that.

No Magic: Let’s be clear. The Yoenis Cespedes 2015 magic run is not happening this year. I’ve been saying this for weeks now. Last year we lacked depth, and we lacked the big time bat in the middle of our lineup. When the team collectively recovered from the injuries and added Cespedes it cured all our ills. This year is different. We have a bunch of legitimate major leaguers in our lineup right now. Neil Walker, Travis d’Arnaud, Asdrubal Cabrera, Curtis Granderson, Yoenis Cespedes. These guys are all here and playing daily. The mix hasn’t been working. This crew has to get it done. If the guys we have don’t step up (and soon) then we’ll be writing off the season in August.

Long Season: I’m really sick of hearing about how long the season is like I don’t understand the law of averages. Yeah it’s a long season. I get it. People are saying that like the Mets are destined to play .650 baseball in August and September like they did last year. Umm what in God’s name would give anyone the impression that this team is destined to start winning and winning consistently? If the Mets turn the season around, I’m sure Team Long Season will throw “I told you so” in the face of every resident of Panic City. It won’t change that for May and June this team has been unwatchable.

Today: Salvage a game against the Nationals. Please beat Mad Eye Max Scherzer. Then we have the Cubs for four games? Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Step Up Or Watch The Season Burn

  1. JohnE

    Here’s a somber point to consider: the Mets, as a team, have scored fewer runs than each of the last place teams in every division—NL and AL—other than their own (thanks, Braves!)
    That includes powerhouses like the San Diego Padres and the Cincinnati Reds.

    “You could look it up” — Casey Stengel, former Mets manager.

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