Will The Nationals Drive A Dagger Into The Mets’ Heart? Yes. Duh.

Steven Matz pitches a gem, Curtis Granderson hits a clutch pinch hit game-tying two run homer in the top of the 9th inning, and then the Mets bullpen blows the game. Oh and Yoenis Cespedes injured his leg on the final play of the game. A bullpen implosion combined with an injury to a key player is the least shocking outcome imaginable. It has been the theme of the 2017 season. The Nationals are going to bury the Mets over the next few days. The Mets haven’t done one thing this year that would lead me to believe they can compete with an actual contending team.

Sunday’s game marked the midpoint of the 2017 season. After 81 games I can say that I am suffering from the worst case of fan fatigue that I’ve dealt with in my time as a Mets fan. It became obvious early in the season that 2017 wasn’t going to be fun, but there have been a number of factors that have made this year particularly brutal.

Same Old Story: First and foremost, this season we’ve seen the exact same groundhog day bullshit that Mets fans have been dealing with forever. Ray Ramirez claims another injury victim every other day. The injuries have been both random and attributable to Wilpon-related ineptitude. Mike Barwis has these guys training like professional weight lifters in the offseason and as a result many of the players have been straining muscles. Same story, different season.

Terry Collins still can’t manage for shit. He’s killed half of the relievers. He spent a large part of the season trying to bench our only All-Star Michael Conforto. He’s garbage.

The Wilpons didn’t let Sandy Alderson spend a little extra cash to add necessary reinforcements to the bullpen and rotation in the offseason and the team has suffered as a result.

We’ve seen our mascot flip off fans, Asdrubal Cabrera demand a trade because the Mets failed to notify him about a position switch, and our top prospect Amed Rosario continues to waste away in Triple-A while horrendous Jose Reyes is still allowed to start day after day.

The list of embarrassing stories linked to the Mets’ franchise this year has been lengthy, and at this point I’m numb to it.

Success In The Bronx: The second factor that’s killing me is the instant turnaround of the Yankees organization. The Mets were great in 2006. Then they floundered for the better part of 7 years. The length of a “rebuild” can vary. I’ve seen franchises turn things around in a few years. I’ve also seen teams take closer to a decade to return to a place of respectability. Some organizations stink forever. In the Bronx it took 10 minutes.

We heard the word rebuild thrown around by Brian Cashman and Co. last year. I blinked and now the Yankees have the best player in baseball. Aaron Judge is like a player that scientists created by extracting a partial DNA sequence from Giancarlo Stanton and then filling in the gaps with Babe Ruth DNA. The Yankees are rebuilding and who shows up? Only the biggest freak in the history of professional baseball. The Yankees have instant stars in Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge and now Clint Frazier has been called up. There’s obviously a pretty good chance that the league will figure out Judge at some point, and he’ll have to adjust. But right now it looks like the freak is going to hit 50 homers. Each and every long ball he hits raises my blood pressure to unsafe levels.

Goddamn Daniel Murphy And The Nationals: The number one factor that is absolutely killing me is the success of Daniel Murphy. Oh what’s that? You think I should get over it? Screw you. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever get over the fact that the Mets made it to the World Series thanks to their young arms and the bat of Daniel Murphy and then they told their playoff hero to get lost. I will never forget that Daniel Murphy was a decent player for the Mets, went to our top division rival, and transformed into an MVP.

I don’t think Murph has hit below .330 since he’s joined the Nationals. He’s a batting champion contender once again. He’s an All-Star again. His success and the Nationals success coupled with the deterioration of the Mets young pitching staff is plaguing my nightmares. The Mets had a World Series roster, and they unnecessarily tinkered with it. They changed the damn formula. They let their star bat depart for nothing. The only way I can forgive the Mets for that sin is if this team wins a World Series in the near future.

And if Murph winds up hoisting a World Series Championship trophy in a Nationals uniform or Judge propels the Yankees to a championship in the first year of their stupid rebuild I may lose faith in baseball forever. Those two specific scenarios would wound me so deeply that it’d take years for me to fully recover.

Bottom Line: The 2017 Mets are toast. They should start trading the impending free agents immediately. That would be the smart move, but we all know the Wilpons won’t allow the team to go into a proper sell mode. They’ll half ass it, trade one guy like Jay Bruce, and then call up Tim Tebow to sell tickets in September and continue to embarrass the loyal fan base.

Obviously I’m not “giving up.” Will I keep blogging and watching? Of course. But am I optimistic? No. It kills me that this team is buried in the standings in July. But like all die hard fans I will always tune in to watch. No matter how much the Wilpons infuriate me or how hard it is to watch our rivals succeed, I’ll never quit watching this stupid team. It’s my stupid team.

On To The Garbage Teams

Live look at the National League Wild Card race.

Final Score: Nationals 1, Mets 0

The Mets lost 2 out of 3 to the Nationals. Tanner Roark shut the Mets down completely. The game was just another reminder that we are a second class team in the league this year. The Nationals and Cubs triumphed yesterday and the Mets, Cardinals, and Giants all lost. The Nationals locked the division a long time ago, but even with nothing left to play for they handled their business at home. Obviously the Mets aren’t on the level of the Braves, Twins, and Phillies. Those teams are baseball’s version of the untouchables. As bad as teams get. But the drop off from baseball royalty to second class clubs like the Mets is significant. So now the Mets move on to the garbage schedule that remains. Let’s smack all these teams up and win the stupid Wild Card.

Bruce METS Disease Update: Jay Bruce came up with the bases loaded and one out in the first inning and struck out. He’s been terrible since his arrival in New York. I still think it’s too early to diagnosis him with METS disease. Obviously he’s showing symptoms of the same strain of METS that ended Jason Bay’s career. But it’s just too early to make the official call. If the Mets want to give Michael Conforto more playing time that’s fine by me. I love Mikey. I do think it’s somewhat ridiculous that a large contingent of the fan base is calling for Conforto to start everyday over veteran slugger Jay Bruce when Conforto has done nothing all season long to show he’s  likely to produce during this pennant race. But it’s not like Bruce has shown any signs of life. So if we end up giving Conforto another shot to play everyday then so be it.

Arms And Wrists: Robert Gsellman had a nice start against the Nats going 5.2 scoreless innings. But apparently he has a torn labrum in his non-pitching shoulder, and that’s why he never swings the bat. Wilmer Flores had X-rays on his wrist, and they were negative. But the wrist is still bothering him after the weekend home plate collision. Thanks again for not pinch running Terry! You only killed one of our hottest hitters. No biggie. And thanks to MLB for keeping home plate collisions in the game despite supposedly banning them from the sport. Umm if they were banned they wouldn’t happen.

Travis Is So Bad: Rene Rivera played yesterday. He threw out two guys stealing on strike em out throw em out double plays. One of the biggest surprises in 2016 has been the horrible season we’ve seen from Travis d’Arnaud. He’s been miserable behind the plate and at the plate. I never saw this coming. He was an amazing hitter last year when he was healthy. Not anymore. He must be injured. I’m sure after the season they’ll announce he needs some major surgery due to an injury that was never reported. He’s probably going to lose his starting job whether it’s injury related or not.

Tomorrow: The stinky Twins come to town. We always beat the worst teams in the league (other than the D-Backs, Rockies, Braves, and many others) so the weekend series shouldn’t be a problem.

Shocking Win: T.J. Tops Metkiller Murph

Final Score (in 10 innings): Mets 4, Nationals 3

I’ve seen the Mets blueprint for a big game against a division rival many times before last night. The Mets give you the impression they can win, hold a late lead, squander said lead, and ultimately lose due to a huge hit by some known Metkiller. The Mets were totally on script last night including the blown lead in the 9th inning due to a huge error by Jose Reyes and some infield hits off of Jeurys Familia. They were on script until T.J. Rivera launched a 10th inning solo home run off of Mark Melancon. Then we watched the Mets flip the script as Jerry Blevins struck out Metkiller Daniel Murphy when he came up to bat in the 10th inning with the tying run on base. A shocking turn of events due to a resilient Mets team led to the big win!

From Start To Finish: T.J. Rivera randomly received a start from Terry because Terry wanted to split up lefties in the lineup or some nonsensical crap. Well Terry’s random move worked out. I wrote earlier in the season that I wish the Mets had some random luck and promoted a non-prospect from the minors that turned out to be an impact major leaguer. I really hope T.J. is that guy. He was the star last night from start to finish. He had an RBI single in the third inning and a sac fly in the fifth inning. 3 hits and 3 RBIs for Rivera.

Lucky Break: Yoenis Cespedes singled in the fifth inning and then Curtis Granderson smoked what could have been a double play ball if Ryan Zimmerman fielded it cleanly at first base. Instead it went down the line for an RBI triple to make it 3-1 Mets.

They Choked: As I said above, Familia entered for the 9th and surrendered a Murph single. Then Reyes made an ugly throwing error at third base that left Bryce Harper and Murph standing at second and third with no outs. Anthony Rendon hit an RBI single between third and short, and then Wilson Ramos hit a BS RBI single that went off of Familia’s glove to tie the game. Luckily, Familia was able to escape the inning without losing the game.

The Hero: T.J. Rivera blasted the game winning solo shot off of Mark Melancon with two strikes on him. It was his first major league homer, and it was huge.

The Vanquished Metkiller: Fernando Salas was able to retire the first two batters in the 10th before Jayson Werth hit a single. Then Jerry Blevins struck out Murph to end the game. I’m happy we finally beat Murph even if it was for only one game. But I was thinking during the game that I’m not sure I can handle a three year sentence of this new Murph. If Murph hits .290 next year then I can deal with him having good numbers against the Mets. I can deal with a few Metkilling Murph moments against us if he’s playing like regular Murph overall. But MVP Murph combined with Metkiller Murph might be too much for me to handle over the next two seasons.

Noah Cy-ndergaard: Noah Syndergaard pitched 7 innings and gave up 1 run on 4 hits. He struck out 10 Nats. Obviously he’s the choice for any Wild Card playoff if the baseball gods deem us worthy of playing in that crapshoot of a game. He’s also put together a Cy Young caliber season bone spurs and all. He’s the truth.

Today: The Mets have been lucky to avoid Max Scherzer in these last two series against the Nationals. But Tanner Roark ain’t no joke. Robert Gsellman needs to step up and win today’s game. He needs to match the success of Seth Lugo if he wants to stay in “the new young arms are great” conversation. Look how quickly Rafael Montero fell out of that talk.

Over Before He Started

Final Score: Nationals 8, Mets 1

This game against the Nationals was over the second Terry Collins decided to start Rafael Montero. The Mets never had a chance with Monty the BP pitching machine on the mound. I said after his last start he should be replaced in the rotation. Hell everyone other than Terry felt that way. Instead Terry went with him, and he had nothing. Keith Hernandez was even baffled by the decision. As he warmed up before the first pitch Keith talked about his horrendous numbers and all the walks he surrendered in his previous starts. Keith implied it could be a long night. Well it wasn’t a long night for Montero.

Get Him Out: Once Montero was handed the ball to start, Terry had many opportunities to salvage the game. Monty loaded the bases in the first inning on a Trea Turner single, Jayson Werth walk, and Daniel Murphy single. If I’m the manager, I’m already warming up my long man and pulling Montero from the game. I wouldn’t have even let him face Bryce Harper. Instead Terry left him in, and he walked in two runs. Somehow Rafael Montero managed to escape the first inning without surrendering the big game killing hit, and I thought to myself, “Thank God. At least his day is done.” Nope.

Get Him Out 2.0: In the second inning the Mets had two men on and two outs with Rafael Montero’s spot due up. Instead of pinch hitting, Terry kept Monty in the game. Mind blowing decision. He obviously struck out and then pitched like crap the following half inning.

Get Him Out (Last Chance): Montero surrendered a leadoff homer to pitcher Mat Latos in the bottom of the second inning to make it 3-1. Then he retired the next two batters before giving up a double to Murph and walking Bryce Harper intentionally. I thought at this point he was done. I thought Terry was finally ready to pull this bum from the game. Instead of taking him out, he left him in to surrender a three-run blast to Anthony Rendon. Unreal. The Nats added a couple of extra runs later in the game and the Mets never got anything going against the awful Mat Latos (before he was pulled with an injury). But this game was over because Montero took the mound.

Flushy Flushy: It’s not even fair to pretend that Gabriel Ynoa, Logan Verrett, or Sean Gilmartin give the Mets a great chance to win a ball game. They don’t. But they give the Mets SOME chance to win. And Montero gave them no chance whatsoever. It’s hard to believe Terry continues to flush meaningful games down the toilet. It’s not like we’re in a goddamn race for a playoff spot or anything!

Please Remember: Don’t forget Terry’s blunders. The team was on the path to destruction in August. Then Yoenis Cespedes came back and some other hitters became hot. And as a result of that Terry will receive credit for “not losing the team” and people will say “his guys play for him”. And you know what? He deserves some credit. If he gets the blame when the players fail to perform, then he gets credit when they turn things around. But don’t forget all the in-game blunders Terry has had this season. We’re probably going to wind up winning 84-89 games. Whether we win the Wild Card or not this season will be about the games we failed to win that Terry and Co. ultimately flushed down the toilet. Those games are the difference between a division title and a chance at the BS Wild Card sham playoff game.

Stiff Neck: Speaking of Terry’s blunders, Wilmer Flores still has an injured neck because Terry forgot to pinch run for him this weekend. Nice job TC!

Second Class Citizens: The Mets remain in the second Wild Card spot because the Cardinals lost to the Cubs. God the Mets and Cards are such second class citizens in the NL. The Cubs and Nationals are just a better class of club. Period.

Jeff Wilpon’s Boy: The Mets lost Triple-A manager Wally Backman yesterday. At first they said he was fired but later he clarified that he actually resigned. Who the hell knows? All I know is that I’ve read for years now that he’s a terrible manager who doesn’t listen to the organization and burned out a number of young arms at Triple-A including last night’s useless arm Rafael Montero. Remember when Monty was a top prospect? Rumor has it Wally killed him. There’s supposedly a long list of arms that he’s messed up. Apparently he’s stuck around with the organization because Jeff Wilpon loves him. I know many fans wanted to see him manage because he had the ’86 fire. Oh well. And now his watch has ended.

Today: Noah Syndergaard to the rescue today. Save us Thor!

Hello League! We’re Back!

Final Score: Mets 5, Nationals 1

The Mets have won 11 of 15. Clearly the team’s play has been trending upward for a couple of weeks now. But this was the series that sold me on our Wild Card chances. We finally beat Washington, and we did it without our elite well-known starting pitchers. Instead we beat Washington with new young arms and some old bats we’ve been waiting to hear from again.

Grandy Is Back: In the first inning Jose Reyes walked and Asdrubal Cabrera singled. Then with Yoenis Cespedes up the runners advanced on a wild pitch. Yo ended up striking out but Curtis Granderson came through with a sac fly to make it 1-0. In the third inning, Cespedes hit a bloop single to right field with two outs and Grandy followed that by launching a two-run homer to make it 3-1 Mets. Grandy having a big time September could be the lift this team has needed on offense.

Teuf Is Back: In the second inning Jay Bruce singled. With two outs Seth Lugo singled and Jay Bruce was thrown out trying to advance to third base. It seemed like Tim Teufel was the one who told Bruce to try and take third base. If so it confirms what we already know about Teuf. He’s had a rough season as third base coach. If Bruce made the call it was a bad decision. I have no clue what happened because ESPN didn’t talk about it, and they also didn’t show a decent replay. He kind of seemed safe on the play. But ESPN was too busy talking about other unimportant BS to focus on a key play in the game.

Bruce Is Back: Jay Bruce made up for his base running blunder in the 6th inning when he launched an opposite field two-run home run to make it 5-1 Mets. He had two hits in the game and is 8 for his last 19. He has completely started to take off since his rough start as a Met.

The Dumbass Media Is Back: Also the media is really so goddamn calculated. Today a story dropped that Bruce asked the Reds to trade him to any team other than a New York team. The Mets have the first feel good weekend in a long time and the media doesn’t even want to let them have the moment. It’s also absurd that they feel the need to push the negative stories. Have they paid attention to the Mets news cycle at all this season? Don’t they realize something terrible will happen this week that will eliminate the good vibes anyway?

Young Pitching Is Back: Seth Lugo was fantastic last night. He pitched 7 innings and gave up 1 run on 6 hits. He made one mistake to Danny Espinosa when he served up a solo homer in the second inning. Lugo’s curveball is incredible to watch. Mike Petriello from MLB.com talks about how Lugo’s curve spin rate is one of the highest recorded since they started using the Statcast system to document spin rate a year ago. So yeah it’s nasty.

It’s really exciting to see these young guys step up, and I hope it continues. Obviously Robert Gsellman, Seth Lugo, and Rafael Montero have only made a few starts and their performance could take a downward spiral at any moment. But the cushy soft schedule presents a great opportunity for all these young arms to succeed. It’s interesting that this new wave of young arms tends to pitch to contact while relying less on strikeouts yet they still have hard fastballs and sharp secondary stuff. I like a little variety.

Reed/Familia Never Left: Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia shut the Nationals down in the 8th and 9th as we’ve come to expect. They sealed the 5-1 win and the series win.

Soup Is Back: The Mets announced their next wave of 40 man roster call-ups. Matt Reynolds, Gavin Cecchini, Brandon Nimmo, T.J. Rivera, Eric Campbell, Josh Edgin and Erik Goeddel will all join the team. As long as Soup is just here to warm the bench it’s fine by me. I’m sure Terry will start using some horrific James Loney/Soup platoon at first base.

Today: The Mets open a series against the Reds in Cincinnati. Screw the scheduling people for giving the Mets the 8pm Sunday game of the week and then a 1pm Labor Day Game in Cincy. I guess I’ll give them a pass since the September schedule is actually really easy overall.

Please God Let Us Win This Series 

Final Score: Mets 3, Nationals 1

According to all the Weather Channel fanatics a storm’s a -comin’. Some Hurricane/Tropical Storm is ripping down the east coast per all my second hand news sources. If that’s the case then maybe tonight’s game will be a washout. Or even worse, maybe it’ll be one of those ESPN televised games in the rain where the Mets make a million sloppy rain induced errors and guys slip and we embarrass ourselves on national television.

But if the storm veers off course and this game is playable, I really hope we win. Please God let us win! We need to beat the Nationals. A home series win against the Nationals won’t do a damn thing to impact the NL East race. The Nats locked that up long ago. A loss tonight won’t kill us in the Wild Card race. All the Wild Card contenders stink. We’ll still be in the playoff race no matter what happens. But I’ll feel great about our chances if we beat the Nats tonight on the big national stage. At least it would represent a little bit of vengeance after Daniel Murphy and Co. have embarrassed us so much in 2016.

Long Hair Equals Success: Robert Gsellman outdueled Tanner Roark. Gsellman pitched 6 innings and gave up 1 run on 6 hits. He struggled in the first inning after giving up back to back singles to Jayson Werth and Daniel Murphy and then walked Bryce Harper to load the bases. But he limited the damage to an Anthony Rendon sac fly to make it 1-0 Nats. He wiggled out of a jam in the fourth inning and the sixth inning. He also held runners on base unlike Noah Syndergaard last night. He picked off Bryce Harper in the fifth inning. The long haired fill-in dude stepped up. I like what I’m seeing from him. Seemingly for the Mets, long hair has a Samson like effect. Long hair equals success.

Grandy and RISP: In the third inning with two outs Jose Reyes walked, Asdrubal Cabrera doubled, and Yoenis Cespedes was intentionally walked to load the bases. And of all people Curtis Granderson singled to drive in two runs. The guy has failed all season with runners in scoring position, but he came through last night to make it 2-1 Mets.

Stinko Loney: In the sixth inning with two outs, Travis d’Arnaud singled and then James Loney ripped a double down the right field line to score Travis from first base and make it 3-1 Mets. The Loney saga in 2016 has been an amazing storyline to follow on MetsTwitter and in my opinion really sums up why we struggle to compromise on important issues as a society. Here’s what happened in reality. The Mets took a flier on Loney on like June 1st. It was a no brainer move considering they were playing him over Eric Campbell. Anyway he’s essentially played everyday since. For about a month and a half he hit .285 and played dependable defense. And since early August he’s been a terrible hitter and has showed his flaws in the field as well. It’s become very obvious why he was in the Padres minor league system, and Terry probably should have benched him long ago.

The reason I say it’s been an interesting storyline on MetsTwitter is because initially some fans overreacted to Loney’s performance and said things like “he’s better than Duda” which is objectively wrong. Because of that reaction half the prominent writers were against Loney from day 1 and made it their business to point out how crappy he is and basically have rooted against him for months. And now that he’s playing poorly, we still have the same fans saying he’s better than Duda and the same beat writers rooting against him and hoping he gets released. Seemingly nobody can agree on all the objective facts I pointed out up front and would prefer to continue to argue about the same stupid issues. Ridiculous.

Big Smoke: In the 7th inning Jim Henderson retired a batter but then gave up a single to Jayson Werth. Terry brought in Josh Smoker to face Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper. Murph lined a ball to center field and Michael Conforto made a diving catch. If the ball went past him it would have been a disaster. But Mikey made the big play. Then Smoker struck out Harper on a nasty 1-2 breaking ball to end the inning.

Big Pen Doggz: Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia shut down the Nats in the 8th and 9th inning. 2016 has been a tough season, but the reliable back end of the pen has been an incredible luxury. The Mets basically have 7 inning games when they have a lead. I hope that magically continues next year. If Reed matches his 2016 numbers next year he’ll go somewhere else and close for big money. So we better enjoy him now.

Duda Comeback: The Mets said Duda is swinging a bat and may be back before the end of the season. Yeah right. The next time Duda’s ready to suit up it’ll be as Santa Claus for the annual Christmas party.

Not What MLB Had In Mind: This Wild Card race can’t be what MLB had in mind. The Pirates, Marlins, Cardinals and Mets are just constantly losing and showing new weaknesses. It’s a race to be the last mediocre team standing.

Today: Seth Lugo goes tonight in the big night game on ESPN. Please God let us win this series.

Still Can’t Beat The Nats

Final Score: Nationals 4, Mets 1

We always knew it would come down to beating Washington. If we wanted to take the NL East we needed to beat the Nationals. 2016 wasn’t going to be like 2015 where they handed us the NL East. We were going to have to take it. Well that ship sailed shortly after the All-Star Break when we decided to play like crap for 3 months. But even if the Mets want to keep pace in the Wild Card race (still 2 games out), they are going to need to show some life in this series and the one in Washington starting on September 12th. In last night’s loss Thor was great and the Mets offense did absolutely nothing. We ain’t off to a good start.

The Last Hope: Noah Syndergaard is literally the last young ace standing. He pitched great. He went 7 innings and gave up 2 runs on 3 hits. He only struck out 4 because he’s clearly revamped his first half blow em’ away style. Now with these elbow spurs he’s clearly being a bit more conservative in the velocity department. Anyway we wasted Thor’s fantastic start. Flushed it down the old toilet.

He’s So Hot And…He’s Dead: Remember when Neil Walker was the hottest hitter on the team and launching home runs and then he said his back was sore and 12 hours later he was out for the season? Well bum knee Asdrubal Cabrera is the hottest hitter on the planet. He hit his 19th homer in this game giving the Mets their only run. Pray for Cabby. We can’t afford to lose him.

Some Chances: Curtis Granderson came up with two men on and one out in the 4th inning and popped out to the third baseman. In the 7th inning Jose Reyes came up with two men on and two outs and struck out. Other than that A.J. Cole and the Nationals pen shut the Mets down.

Silly Terry: Terry used Fernando Salas (which autocorrects on my phone to Fernando Salad) in the 8th inning which worked out great. He pitched a scoreless inning. But for some reason in a 2-1 ballgame Terry didn’t go to Addison Reed or Jeurys Familia in the 9th. He’s overused both of them all season, but last night’s game didn’t feel like the right spot to him? Well in the 9th inning Jerry Blevins and Hansel Robles combined to give up 2 more insurance runs which made the game 4-1 and put it out of reach.

Forget About Playoffs: Jacob deGrom apparently went for a precautionary MRI and the results showed no structural damage but inflammation in his pitching elbow. He’s supposedly missing his next start. But in reality Jacob and Steven Matz are completely out. This idea that we are trying to win a World Series and accomplish what we failed to do last year is out the window. I still can’t believe we had a run of solid health last August/September. I wonder if that will ever happen again.

Young Guns Season 2: It’s all up to the young arms. Robert Gsellman, Seth Lugo, Rafael Montero and Gabriel Ynoa are going to get the chance to audition for next year’s team. Also as a side note I realized R.A. Dickey is a free agent at the end of the season. Imagine we go from the dream of 5 young aces to a rotation headlined by Bartolo Colon and Dickey in 2017.

Today: Robert Gsellman vs. Tanner Roark tonight. I have Roark in fantasy. I hope we score 50 runs off of him. But a complete game shutout seems more likely.

Murph vs. Walker 2016: A Visual History Of Embarrassment 

“I’m so good. I’m like Murph on steroids!” – Neil Walker’s thoughts March 2016 / “Jesus Christ, Murph is good. Is he on steroids?” -Neil Walker’s thoughts July 2016

It may only be July 30th, but the question of who wins the battle for second base supremacy in 2016 (Neil Walker or Daniel Murphy) has seemingly been answered. Murph is hitting .351 with 20 home runs and 76 RBIs. He’s on pace for 30+ homers, 100+ RBIs, a batting title, and a possible MVP award. He’s having one of the best seasons by a second baseman in baseball history. Walker on the other hand has a tenuous hold on the Mets starting second base job. He’s posting the lowest OPS of his career. He hit .307 with 9 home runs in April, and since then has hit .250 in May, .214 in June, and .236 in July.

I can’t take it anymore. Mercy! I yield! Just crown Murph the best NL second baseman of 2016. There’s time left for Walker to salvage his own season and help the Mets in the battle for an NL playoff spot. But Walker will never surpass Murph’s overall 2016 production. At this rate, Neil Walker may not even perform at a high enough level to warrant a qualifying offer. Great. So much for that plan.

Let’s just take a look at this visual history of Murph’s domination of Walker so far this season. Also, please keep in mind some of these images are symbolic representations of events this season, and some of these things actually happened (allegedly).

Murph Walker election
Murphy crushed Walker in the All-Star Game general election. Walker didn’t even carry his home state of Pennsylvania. Pathetic. Daniel Murphy: Making Mets Fans Miserable Again.
murph walker debate
No wonder Murph won the All-Star Game election in such a landslide. He destroyed Walker in all their televised matchups. Neil couldn’t stop sweating because of his embarrassing .222 batting average against the Nationals.
british surrender
Here’s Neil Walker surrendering to Murph and the Nationals after the Battle of Washington. Murph sure has made Walker, Sandy Alderson, and the Mets look bad with his .423 batting average, 7 home runs and 21 RBIs against them.
Remember when Murph was paid big money by the Nationals and the Pirates traded Neil Walker because they didn’t want to pay him? If Walker keeps up his abysmal play, he may wind up making less money than Murph and Ken Jennings (pictured center).
rocky vs drago
Daniel “The Irish Stallion” Murphy absolutely demolished Neil Walker in every head to head matchup. They haven’t even been close.
Murph vs. Frazier
Here’s one of Murphy beating up the AL in the All-Star Game (represented by the great Joe Frazier). Murph went 2 for 3, and Neil Walker didn’t even qualify to play in the game. But don’t worry, Walker stayed on the sidelines and took pictures.


Murph Walker Mr Universe
Murph has so much power in 2016. Walker has hit way more homers in his career (109 vs. Murph’s 82), but even Walker is amazed at Murph’s power this season.
murph moon
Here’s one of Daniel Murphy walking on the moon (before Spring Training started). Neil “Armstrong” Walker can be seen in the background. You can’t see his face because he’s wearing a standard space mask. Murph refused to wear one because he has no problem breathing the “crisp moon air”.
Murphless in Seattle
Remember that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan broke up with loser fiancé Neil Walker and then ran away with Murph to Washington?
murph neil plug pull
And finally, here’s where Daniel “Costanza” Murphy pulled the plug on his nemesis Neil. Neil will eventually walk at the end of the season. Probably to some new team.

The Mets Are Not Beating The Nationals And That’s Bad

Final Score: Nationals 3, Mets 2

The Mets got Murph’d and No-Yo’d again. They dropped 3 out of 4 at home against the Nationals. Absolutely pathetic. They need Yoenis Cespedes in the middle of the lineup. When your offense is dependent on one guy, it’s undoubtedly a weakness. But it’s the reality for the New York Mets. It is what it is. The Mets need Yo. Period. Steven Matz had a strong start to close out the pre-All Star break schedule. He went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits. He only struck out 5 and walked 4 which wasn’t ideal. But he was throwing his slider. He’s pitching through the elbow bone chips, and he’s found a way to remain effective.

Walk Werth and Screw Murph: Matz made a mistake in this game. He walked Jayson Werth and gave up a two run shot to Daniel Murphy. Murph made it 2-0. The Mets walked Jayson Werth twice in this game. We love walking Werth. We should probably stop doing that. It makes no sense. Werth isn’t that good and Murph is a force in the Nationals lineup. Let’s stop giving Murph opportunities to burn us. And as far as Murph goes I ranted about it yesterday. He’s public enemy number one. He’s our arch enemy now. His 21 RBIs against the Mets are the most in a single season since Ryan Howard. It’s a joke at this point. He’s destroying us. Go to hell Murph.

Jose Did Stuff: Jose Reyes hit two solo homers batting right-handed. Amazing. He’s seemingly the only hitter who decided to show up. Good for him. Obviously two runs wasn’t enough.

Gio Doesn’t Stink: Gio Gonzalez has had a bad season. But he dominates at Citi Field in his career. So he shut down everyone other than Reyes over 5.2 innings. Duh.

Our Boy: Alejandro De Aza made the final out of the game. He went 0 for 3 and he’s awful. He cracked a foul ball earlier in the game off his knee/inner thigh. I thought for sure he had shattered the bone and would leave the game. But of course he was completely fine because he’s not an important player and the baseball gods decided to spare him. The baseball gods are just watching us suffer and twisting the knife. At least Michael Conforto is killing it in Vegas right now. I’m guessing he’ll be back in the MLB lineup very soon.

To Hell With Fantasy: Wilson Ramos hit an RBI single in this game to make it 3-1 Nationals and starter Tanner Roark came in to pitch 2.1 innings of scoreless relief. I have them on my fantasy team. I hate them.

The Needs: The Mets could really use another bat, a starting pitcher, and a setup man. That’s an offseason wish list not a trading deadline agenda. But Sandy is going to have to figure out how to patch this lineup up. We are 47-41 and tied with the Marlins for the last Wild Card spot. If we aren’t going to compete for the damn division, we still need reinforcements to stay in this Wild Card race.

This Week: The All-Star Break is here. The Mets need a breather. Cespedes reminded everyone after the game that there’s a “lot of baseball left”. Thanks for putting it all in perspective Yo. It’s a long season. Let’s take a break this week, nurse our wounds, and come out of the gate strong.

Murph Joins The Men Of Mount MetKillmore

murph rushmore

As we head into the All-Star Break, the Mets have dropped 2 out of the first 3 games at Citi Field to the Nationals. Now we look to Steven Matz to help us salvage a split of this home series. The Mets dropped last night’s game 6-1. They couldn’t muster any offense against Mad Eye Max Scherzer. They managed 4 hits total against the Nats and a sac fly. Yoenis Cespedes wasn’t in the lineup therefore we didn’t score. That’s the least surprising thing of all time. The Yo-less lineup aka the No-Yo Remnant isn’t really equipped to do a whole lot. Logan Verrett gave up 5 runs over 6.2 innings. That’s bad. Antonio Bastardo gave up a 2 run homer to Daniel Murphy. That’s worse.

This game was totally the Daniel Murphy show. Every single game against the Nats this year has been the Daniel Murphy show. He had an RBI single in the third inning, an RBI double in the fifth inning, and a two run homer in the seventh inning. The Mets planted a destructive seed within their own division by letting Murph go to Washington. Well the plant has grown, and it is royally screwing us. Murph the Met slayer is now an official face on Mount MetKillmore.

Daniel Murphy joins Chipper Jones, Chase Utley, and Pat Burrell as the most hated Mets killers from my lifetime. I’ll never forget feeling like we could compete with the Braves in the late 90s and early 2000s. Sometimes the Mets would tease me and make me think we actually had a chance to beat the Braves. And then Chipper Jones would launch one of his many homers at Shea Stadium and destroy my false hope. Pat Burrell put up 42 of his 292 career home runs against the Mets. It certainly felt like all of his career homers came against us. Chase Utley murdered the Mets for over a decade with Philly. He killed Ruben Tejada last year. He has truly cemented his face on Mount MetKillmore.

You might be wondering where Jimmy Rollins is on the mountain. Well Murph replaced him temporarily (Murph has a large amount of slaying to do to stay on the mountain forever). But Rollins doesn’t need to be on Mount MetKillmore. He’s already one of the top all time Met killers and the face of the Jimmy Rollins Met Killer Memorial Site.

rollins memorial

The re-occurring Murph embarrassment is not something I was prepared for in 2016. I have to be honest. I expected him to perform at a high level once he signed with Washington. I knew he would have a big season and have some big moments against us. But then I decided to lie to myself. I focused on the Murph ball. I imagined him booting grounders against us or making horrendous throws from second base and costing the Nationals games. I refused to start preemptively hating Murph for no reason. Well in 2016 he’s given us a reason to hate him. We haven’t seen Murph ball in the field against the Mets. And his .438/.462/.875 batting line with 6 home runs and 19 RBIs is a pretty solid reason to despise him.

So in my mind he’s now our top nemesis. I’ve heard people say they are excited to see him excelling and blah blah blah. No way. You certainly can be mad at the Wilpons and Sandy for letting him go if you want. But you can’t enjoy Murph crushing the Mets while simultaneously rooting for the Mets. That’s impossible. So let the hate boil. As the Evil Emperor in Star Wars once said, “Let the hate flow through you.” It’s time for us to embrace Murph as public enemy number one.