Murph vs. Walker 2016: A Visual History Of Embarrassment 

“I’m so good. I’m like Murph on steroids!” – Neil Walker’s thoughts March 2016 / “Jesus Christ, Murph is good. Is he on steroids?” -Neil Walker’s thoughts July 2016

It may only be July 30th, but the question of who wins the battle for second base supremacy in 2016 (Neil Walker or Daniel Murphy) has seemingly been answered. Murph is hitting .351 with 20 home runs and 76 RBIs. He’s on pace for 30+ homers, 100+ RBIs, a batting title, and a possible MVP award. He’s having one of the best seasons by a second baseman in baseball history. Walker on the other hand has a tenuous hold on the Mets starting second base job. He’s posting the lowest OPS of his career. He hit .307 with 9 home runs in April, and since then has hit .250 in May, .214 in June, and .236 in July.

I can’t take it anymore. Mercy! I yield! Just crown Murph the best NL second baseman of 2016. There’s time left for Walker to salvage his own season and help the Mets in the battle for an NL playoff spot. But Walker will never surpass Murph’s overall 2016 production. At this rate, Neil Walker may not even perform at a high enough level to warrant a qualifying offer. Great. So much for that plan.

Let’s just take a look at this visual history of Murph’s domination of Walker so far this season. Also, please keep in mind some of these images are symbolic representations of events this season, and some of these things actually happened (allegedly).

Murph Walker election
Murphy crushed Walker in the All-Star Game general election. Walker didn’t even carry his home state of Pennsylvania. Pathetic. Daniel Murphy: Making Mets Fans Miserable Again.
murph walker debate
No wonder Murph won the All-Star Game election in such a landslide. He destroyed Walker in all their televised matchups. Neil couldn’t stop sweating because of his embarrassing .222 batting average against the Nationals.
british surrender
Here’s Neil Walker surrendering to Murph and the Nationals after the Battle of Washington. Murph sure has made Walker, Sandy Alderson, and the Mets look bad with his .423 batting average, 7 home runs and 21 RBIs against them.
Remember when Murph was paid big money by the Nationals and the Pirates traded Neil Walker because they didn’t want to pay him? If Walker keeps up his abysmal play, he may wind up making less money than Murph and Ken Jennings (pictured center).
rocky vs drago
Daniel “The Irish Stallion” Murphy absolutely demolished Neil Walker in every head to head matchup. They haven’t even been close.
Murph vs. Frazier
Here’s one of Murphy beating up the AL in the All-Star Game (represented by the great Joe Frazier). Murph went 2 for 3, and Neil Walker didn’t even qualify to play in the game. But don’t worry, Walker stayed on the sidelines and took pictures.


Murph Walker Mr Universe
Murph has so much power in 2016. Walker has hit way more homers in his career (109 vs. Murph’s 82), but even Walker is amazed at Murph’s power this season.
murph moon
Here’s one of Daniel Murphy walking on the moon (before Spring Training started). Neil “Armstrong” Walker can be seen in the background. You can’t see his face because he’s wearing a standard space mask. Murph refused to wear one because he has no problem breathing the “crisp moon air”.
Murphless in Seattle
Remember that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan broke up with loser fiancé Neil Walker and then ran away with Murph to Washington?
murph neil plug pull
And finally, here’s where Daniel “Costanza” Murphy pulled the plug on his nemesis Neil. Neil will eventually walk at the end of the season. Probably to some new team.

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