The Tebow Publicity Stunt Is A Wilpon-Driven Embarrassment 

Wednesday’s game was the first of what will likely be two spring training days fully devoted to the pathetic embarrassing Wilpon-driven publicity stunt that is Tim Tebow’s “professional baseball career.”

As expected, Tim Tebow went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts and was hit by pitch. The only at-bat I witnessed was the pathetic strikeout where Tebow had the balls to turn back to the umpire and question his strike zone. Rick Porcello should have drilled him in the teeth during his next at-bat for questioning a strike call for even one second. Hell the umpire should have field-goaled Tim in the nuts for questioning his expertise.

The whole thing is an embarrassing joke, and a reminder that Jeff Wilpon’s shadow will always hang over this organization. Sure Sandy Alderson makes the majority of roster decisions nowadays. His wise decision making is the primary reason the Mets have a chance to win a World Series in 2017. But we must never forget that Jeff could reassert his control at any time and send the whole franchise spiraling out of control.

When Tebow worked out for MLB teams, scouts agreed he lacked the skills to achieve anything at the major league level. Keith Law said (paraphrasing) Tebow was the most pathetic piece of crap to ever grace the Arizona Fall League.

Where were the Wilpons when all these talent evaluators were ripping Tebow apart? They were busy drawing up merchandising agreements with Tebow and his people to cash in on all the Tebow Mets jerseys in perpetuity.

I hate this Tebow crap so much because it’s a total loser franchise move. It’s the type of BS move that the Jets or Knicks would make. It’s certainly not the type of move that a World Series contender makes. The Mets have been trending away from this type of foolishness in recent years. It pains me to see the team return to that type of decision making even if the move is considered by many to be a harmless publicity stunt.

I’ve got news for you people. It’s not harmless. This Tebow stunt isn’t about raising money for charity like when Garth Brooks was invited to camp years ago. This isn’t like letting some celebrity take batting practice hacks during the spring for fun. It’s not about Tebow’s stupid leadership skills. That’s just the lie the Wilpons spread. If you believe that you’re a fool.

Oh you’re a fan of Tebow? Then go watch his college football highlights on Youtube. It’s fun for you to see him play? This was never about fun. The whole stunt is solely about #Cash4Wilpons. His presence doesn’t hurt anybody? Yes it does. It hurts young developing players that deserve to play and instead are forced to take grounders in the minor league complex while Tebow does a stupid ass photo shoot on MLB Network.

If the league actually wanted to make the game more fun, they wouldn’t promote this Tebow crap. They’d find a way to ensure the most talented international players make it to the states. While Tebow seamlessly jumps from football/broadcasting to professional baseball without any real qualifications other than being marketable, we still have Cuban players taking perilous journeys just for the chance to play in the big leagues. Now admittedly that’s more of a stupid United States problem than a Tebow problem. But what about the best player in Japan?

Shohei Ohtani is supposed to be the next Babe Ruth. The guy is 22 years old, mashes home runs, and throws 100 MPH on the mound. And we have to wait another full season for him to come to the states thanks to baseball’s stupid posting rules and bureaucracy? What a joke. But at least we have Tebow to watch while we wait right?!?

Okay, insane rant over. Tebow starts for the Mets in the outfield on Friday. Lock of the century that he somehow finds a way to collide with Yoenis Cespedes in the outfield and send him to the DL right? Or maybe he’ll just lose his grip on his bat and send it flying into Yo’s quad in the dugout.

You laugh but I’m only half kidding. The guy isn’t qualified to play Major League Baseball. He’s a goddamn liability and a potential danger to the real professionals on the field. The Wilpons already know this and trust me, they couldn’t care less.

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