Stop Counting Dem Chickens!

Final Score: Braves 7, Mets 3

My takeaway from yesterday is that Mets fans are counting their Wild Card game chickens way before they’ve hatched. 12 games to play and people are talking about the Wild Card game starting pitcher and how the rotation could look if we win the Wild Card game at home. I’ve even seen members of team positive talking about how this September run has made this season a success, and it should stop Mets fans from having the woe is me, God hates us, same ol’ Mets mindset. And that opinion is a complete joke. If you feel one hot month in September should erase the memories of the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years then you’re delusional.

I’m enjoying these games. Let’s all enjoy them and let’s hope the Mets finish strong. But for the love of God stop making plans for October. Focus on qualifying for the stupid Wild Card game first.

Thor Struggled: Noah Syndergaard had an awful start. He went 3.2 innings and gave up 5 runs on 8 hits. He walked 3 and had no command whatsoever from the beginning. Terry left him in and let the game get out of hand because of course he did. In the second inning Thor walked two guys, and then let up a couple of RBI singles.

Met Killer: Met Killer Freddie Freeman went 4 for 5 with a third inning solo homer to make it 3-0 Braves. Then in the fourth inning with two men on and two outs Terry left Thor in to give up a 2-RBI double to Freeman to make it 5-0 Braves. Every Mets fan saw that hit coming. I would have pulled Thor for Sean Gilmartin in that spot. Noah didn’t have any command at all. Whatever. The Mets couldn’t muster any offense last night anyway.

Wild Thor: Thor has had a fantastic season overall. His numbers are Cy Young caliber. But when I think about his season I just can’t shake the image of the rare night like last night. Every so often he has no command and the opposing team runs wild on him. If the Mets somehow win the Wild Card, I hope Thor has it all going for him in the big spot.

We Lost To A Mook: The Mets couldn’t hit Aaron Blair who despite being a good prospect hadn’t won a major league start in 12 chances and had an insanely high ERA. But he held the Mets hitless for 3.2 innings until Curtis Granderson hit a single, and then T.J. Rivera hit a two-run homer. As I wrote yesterday, it’ll be pretty prettay good if T.J. Rivera turns out to be a stud.

Everyone’s Favorite Damn Lineup: Terry made most Mets fans happy by starting Michael Conforto over Jay Bruce yesterday. The only player that most fans are still begging to see is cracked back Lucas Duda. Well Conforto had a hit and was robbed of another by a Matt Kemp diving catch. James Loney started over rusty Duda, and he had 3 hits including a garbage time RBI double in the 9th inning.

Just Missed: The Mets ultimately just missed delivering in many spots last night. They just missed having a flawless night from the bullpen. But Josh Edgin/Hansel Robles struggled in the 7th inning. Robles gave up a 2-RBI double to Dansby Swanson that led to the runners inherited from Edgin scoring. Terry never should have asked Edgin to pitch two innings. Matt Kemp made two diving catches in the seventh inning to rob Michael Conforto and Alejandro De Aza of singles. In the 8th inning, Asdrubal Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes just missed hitting home runs. They had pitches to crush, and they just missed sending them out.

Today: The Cardinals won and the Giants lost. The Giants bullpen is awful. It brings back memories of 2008 when the Mets had Luis Ayala, and we blew games every night. Also, fear the Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton hit a bomb last night. They play the Mets next week. This race is far from over. Let’s hope greasy hair Robert Gsellman can outduel Julio Teheran tonight.

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