The Dark Knight’s METS Disease Fever Rises

Final Score: Nationals 7, Mets 4

Harvey’s METS Disease Fever Rises: Well in super predictable fashion, Harvey’s skills and abilities did not magically reappear five days after he was blown out at Citi Field. METS disease isn’t one of those things where all of a sudden your skills come back as quickly as they evaporated. Look at Jason Bay, Ike Davis, and even Michael Cuddyer. They lost their skills, and they never came back again. Michael Cuddyer had one of the fastest acting cases of METS ever recorded. He was acquired and within 12 months it was all over for poor Michael. Now it’s up to Harvey to take a break from the game and search for the cure as so many Mets players have attempted to do before him.

HarveyDay Game Recap: Last night’s game wasn’t pretty. Matt Harvey ran into trouble in the second inning when he gave up a single to Ryan Zimmerman and walked Anthony Rendon. But he managed to retire Wilson Ramos and Danny Espinosa to escape the inning. It was clear in the second inning though that his stuff was flat. It’s not even about a lack of velocity. He’s just not fooling anybody, and he was leaving everything up. The wheels started to shake in the 4th when he gave up back to back solo home runs to Ryan Zimmerman and Anthony Rendon. They both crushed two flat ass 86 MPH changeups. Garbage pitches. The fifth inning was Harvey’s last inning and for good reason. Ben Revere smacked a leadoff double and Jayson Werth singled. Then Bryce Harper crushed a ball to center for a sac fly to make it 3-1. He just missed getting all of the ball. But Daniel Murphy managed to do just that right after Harper’s sac fly. He hit a two run blast to make it 5-1. Harvey managed to get out of the inning. But that was his day. The Nats added solo dingers by Ben Revere (in the 7th) and Wilson Ramos (in the 8th) off of Antonio Bastardo and Jim Henderson respectively, but it was just them piling on late in the game.

Harvey Game 5 9th Inning’d Mets Again: So I’m not sure how anyone didn’t see this coming. I said last week that the guy needed a stint of rest and rehab to work on his problems. I can’t believe Harvey Game 5 9th inning’d the Mets AGAIN. At least the World Series decision made some sense. Harvey had been dominant in that game and deserved to face at least one more Royal. But now?? How in the world did he convince Terry AND Sandy? His stuff is flat, and he needs a vacation. Get him outta here. Get him fixed. His shoes will be there waiting to be filled by Zack Wheeler in July. No pressure Zack.

Harvey Flips Off Media: Today’s top story in the media isn’t Matt Harvey’s performance by the way. The top story is that he left the game last night without speaking to the press. The mainstream media has been lashing Harvey in print forever because he comes off as a pompous super competitive prick from New England. So it’s no suprise that they chose the lowest moment of his professional career and possibly his life to crucify him in the papers. Go to hell mainstream news. Why don’t you get the hell out of my face with your BS Harvey stories and go make up some more racist “Yoenis Cespedes is a clubhouse cancer” headlines. The mook beat writers would rather have Harvey show up at his locker and give them the old Marshawn Lynch treatment. Unbelievable.

Cabrera: Asdrubal Cabrera hit a solo blast in the fourth inning. Where would we be without this guy? Signing a real shortstop instead of continuing to voluntarily have bad ones on the roster was a brilliant strategy.

Thanks For Everything Soup: Soup was almost our entire offense last night. That’s a problem. The Mets added a run on an Eric Campbell ground out in the 7th inning. Campbell only had a chance to have a productive out because Cespedes led off the inning with a double. I was so angry about this game, that I nearly missed Eric Campbell’s garbage time two run blast in the 9th inning. Neil Walker walked and Campbell lined one over the fence in left field. Hot Soup!

Cotton Candy Soft Lineup: Speaking of Eric Campbell, we got a glimpse of our lineup without Lucas Duda and David Wright last night. The star studded squad included Ty Kelly, Kevin Plawecki, AND Eric Campbell. That pillow soft ass lineup cannot be out there much longer. It’s unacceptable. Sandy knows the new lineup is El Stinko. Make a move now please.

Plawecki Needs Seasoning: If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, I’m pretty sure his 0 for 3 performance last night combined with his .186 average has convinced me that Plawecki needs more time in the minor leagues. The sad part is there’s no chance that happens without a trade. As I said in the spring, Kevin Plawecki is the second best catcher in the organization and the only option behind Travis d’Arnaud. Without d’Arnaud, Plawecki and his .186 average is still the best option. I mean for God’s sake, Rene Rivera is hitting .105. I don’t care how many baserunners he throws out trying to steal, the guy can’t hit and isn’t a real option. I hate to end this section with the same refrain but, make a move now please.

Loney’s Out At First?: So the great first basemen search kicked off yesterday and apparently the reps for James Loney reached out to the Mets because he can opt out of his minor league deal in San Diego. Mets fans were complaining about this option right away as if we will have once chance to get this right. Umm it’s called taking a flier people. We can change our mind in 10 hours or in 45 days. In short, I think Loney is a fine idea if Sandy agrees. That being said, it may not matter because San Diego first basemen Wil Myers missed last night’s game with forearm pain. Good thing the dog doo San Diego Padres have depth at first base otherwise they might have been in trouble. Scratch one name off our search list.

Panic City’s Positive Police: There is a small but vocal contingent of positive Mets fans. They are probably just positive people in general. The members of team positivity spent yesterday ranting about how the Mets are fewer than 5 games behind the Cubs for the best record in baseball. Sure yeah everything is fine. We hit lots of dingers, our pen is the best in the league, and Thor is a golden god. Let’s just ignore that our other ace Matt Harvey has METS disease, David Wright is living with METS disease and one setback away from the DL, Lucas Duda is out forever, Travis d’Arnaud spends his days getting rehab rub downs, Wilmer Flores is rehabbing his injury in Double-A/trying to learn how to hit again, and Eric Campbell plays every day now. The positive folk sit in their gorgeous mansions in the best neighborhood of Panic City. Meanwhile I’m hustling over here in the PC tenements trying to make a damn living and keep my heart rate at a normal level every time Yoenis Cespedes slides into second base or avoids a pitch up and in.

Today: Okay on a positive note, we should win this road series. We have Steven Matz going in today’s game, and he’s been arguably the top member of the MLB rookie stud team. A split against Washington in our first six games would be fantastic. Losing 4 out of 6 would not be. Pray for Harvey.

Mets Win With Big Sexy Rebound Start

Final Score: Mets 7, Nationals 1

Much Needed Live Sex Show: After two straight crappy outings, Bartolo Colon badly needed a Big Sexy rebound start. Well he managed to pull that off tonight in a big road game against the Nationals. In the first inning, Jayson Werth singled with one out. Bartolo Colon then retired Bryce Harper. But with two outs, Daniel Murphy hit a little BS seeing eye single up the middle. Then Ryan Zimmerman singled to drive in Werth and give the Nats a 1-0 lead. Other than that first inning blip, Sexy sailed through 7 innings and handed the ball off to Jerry Blevins/Logan Verrett who closed out the victory.

Rallies and Dingers?: In the third inning, Curtis Granderson got hit by a pitch on the hand with one out. Pray for him. He stayed in and seemed fine. Then Juan Lagares lined a single, and El Capitan David Wright followed that with a three run blast. Wow. David totally “spoiling” a perfectly good rally opportunity with an enormous bomb. But don’t worry, Yoenis Cespedes, Neil Walker, and Asdrubal Cabrera followed the homer with three straight singles. Cabrera’s single scored Cespedes and earned him an RBI making it 4-1. Eric Campbell then added a sac fly to make it 5-1. What an inning. Rallies and dingers? Based on the Mets home run driven offense, it’s shocking to see the team score in other ways. And it’s amazing seeing David show some signs of life in the last two games. Thank goodness. We’re going to need him in this Duda-less and d’Arnaud-less lineup.

Also in the top of the 5th inning, Yoenis Cespedes and Neil Walker hit back to back solo blasts to make it 7-1. The Mets just can’t help but pile on the long ball. It was the seventh time the Mets went back to back this season.

Duda Update: So I wrote a post earlier today about Lucas Duda, his back injury, and the Mets options at first base. It focused on the internal options because the Mets were talking about all the internal options they planned to explore. I wrote it before I boarded the subway for my commute home. By the time I got home 40 minutes later, the Mets had concluded their “extensive” internal search, and they decided they need to find the solution outside the organization. Baaaahahahaha. We got nothing in house!! Depthless. The name Kelly Johnson is already being thrown around. I kid you not. Whoops!

Speaking of back issues, Bartolo told the Nats to throw the ball down the middle to him tonight because he had a bad back and wouldn’t be swinging at all. And that’s exactly what happened. He struck out all three times at the dish. Duda’s got a bad back, and he’s on the DL forever. 43 year old Bartolo has a bad back, and he’s tossing quality starts and taking it easy at the plate. Unbelievable.

Tomorrow: Well we are looking at another uncertain HarveyDay in Metsland tomorrow. Let’s see if Matt Harvey can get his act together. Ehhhhhhh.

Duda’s Discs Are Popping Out; Mets In Trouble

Rafiki from the Lion King once said, “You can’t change the past. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Well no offense to Rafiki, but when it comes to this Lucas Duda injury, I choose to dwell on the past. I said all spring that the Mets had no contingency plan at first base. I said in my season preview that arguably the biggest risk in the makeup of our roster was the non-existent depth at first base. I’ve been ranting and raving all season about how Wilmer Flores has never played first base, and we’re screwed if Lucas goes down. Well one of the worst possible scenarios for our lineup has officially unfolded. I guess Wright’s back problems are officially airborne because Lucas needs a backiotomy. The official diagnosis is back stress fractures, and they will keep him inactive for 4-6 weeks minimum. Instead of being well prepared and having a known first base succession plan, the Mets are scrambling. The following options have been thrown around:

1) Conforto To First Base: So the Mets first proposal is to take a 23 year old that they’ve already thrust into the three hole in the batting order and asked to be their franchise hitter, and now they want him to play a position he’s never played before. “Hey Mike, we know you’ve never played first base before and aren’t even a great outfielder, but grab a glove big guy.” Terry already said Mike’s going to take grounders at first. I think this suggestion is so stupid. I think you put Michael Conforto at risk for an injury at first base. How is it going to look if he breaks his wrist trying to slap a tag on somebody or gets caught out of position and gets run over by a base runner? And you create a situation where his lack of confidence in the field could affect him at the plate. Umm hey Mets, remember when we did this to Lucas Duda in the outfield you morons?? The very player we are looking to replace. Let’s do it to Conforto now. Brilliant.

2) Wright to First Base: No offense to David Wright, but he’s liable to throw his back out walking up to the booth to have a ten minute conversation with Keith about playing the position. Pass.

3) Walker To First Base and Herrera to Second Base: Honestly, this scenario appeals to me most of all. We want to see what the young Dilson Herrera brings to the table. The Mets are never going to pay Neil Walker to stay on this team long term. Hell we wouldn’t even extend a modest 3 year 37 million dollar offer to the league’s leading hitter Daniel Murphy (who was our previous contingency plan at first base and literally played there every single season), so there’s no way we’re paying Neil to stay. Walker has no experience at first base either, but he’s a strong athlete. The Mets have all but dismissed this scenario entirely. Better to shove a franchise cornerstone like Conforto out there temporarily than use a one year mercenary who would probably love to increase his free agency value by showing some versatility.

4) Wilmer Everyday: Right now it sounds like the Mets are going to wait until Wilmer Flores finishes his rehab assignment (by week’s end I think), and then install him as the everyday first basemen. Obviously this involves Eric Campbell being promoted to the super-sub/Wright’s full time backup. Any scenario that involves Soup getting a bunch of at-bats and Wilmer’s glove being used in the field (at a new position no less) is definitely the worst possible option. But this seems like the route the Mets will go. Genius!! In Wilmer’s defense, he was a real viable hitter last year, and I think he would benefit from the extra at-bats. But those stone hands are a real net negative.

5) Morse/Loney/Anyone That’s Available: So James Loney is currently playing for the Padres Triple-A affiliate and Michael Morse is currently sitting on his couch in Florida watching Days Of Our Lives and The Price is Right all day. We should be exploring the possibility of adding one of these guys to our active roster. Remember when Juan Uribe was released by the Dodgers last season and instead of signing him at that time we waited for him to rebuild his value in Atlanta and then we gave up prospects for him? Remember? It’s called taking a flier on a guy. We should do it. A flier is better than Soup. I guarantee that anything is better than Soup and Ty Kelly and Josh Satin and Nick Evans and Vinny Rottino and Valentino Pascucci and every other Quadraple-A dude we’ve employed over the last 5 years.

In conclusion, I have no idea how this first base situation will play out, but my meltdown has temporarily concluded. I’m sorry, but this injury news combined with the possible rainout in Washington tonight, and the fact that it’s Monday. It’s just all too much.

P.S.- Yoenis Cespedes needs to be under guard at all times from now on, and when he hits he needs to wear a protective exoskeleton suit similar to the one worn by the aliens in Independence Day. And will somebody please order him some custom chainmail batting gloves. Without Yo it’s all over.

Series Preview: Mr. Met Goes To Washington / Murph Reunion Bowl Take 2

mr met washington

This Could Be Fun (But Usually It Isn’t): The Mets are 35-37 at Nationals Park all-time. But between 2012-2014 they were 10-17. During that stretch, it was awful facing the Nationals. It just felt like they consistently smacked us around. That’s why the success we had against them last season was so big. We went 6-3 in Washington. The success against the Nats and particularly the success in Washington was one of the big differences for the 2015 Mets. That success started with our pitching, but it really all came together with the addition of Yoenis Cespedes. Once again, we will need him to lead our offense if we are going to come away from this Washington series with Ws.

Yo Loves The Capitol: Yoenis Cespedes was 6 for 14 with 3 doubles and 2 dingers at Nationals Park last season. It may take forever for the politicians on Capitol Hill to re-establish relations with Cuba, but Yo will be leaving his Cuban mark on Washington before this series is over, that I assure you.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Bartolo Colon vs. Gio Gonzalez

Gio has been lights out this year with a 1.86 ERA. He’s 10-4 lifetime against the Mets with a 2.59 ERA in 18 games. He beat the Mets last week at Citi Field going 6.1 innings and giving up a run. The Mets have been bad against lefties this year. But this guy isn’t going anywhere. So we need to figure out a way to beat him. Paging David Wright. Notable Numbers: Juan Lagares is 11 for 29 with a home run against Gio, and David Wright is 6 for 24 with a home run.

Bart’s recent outing against the Dodgers was ugly. His outing last week against the Nats at Citi was gross (4.2 innings pitched, 3 runs, 5 hits, 5 walks). He only had one start against the Nats last year, and it came right out the gate in April. He went 6 innings, gave up 1 run and struck out 8. He needs a Big Sexy rebound start in a big way otherwise we officially have two struggling starters in our rotation.

Game 2: Matt Harvey vs. Stephen Strasburg

The Nationals have won 13 straight Strasburg starts. He smacked the Mets around last week at Citi going 6 innings, giving up 1 run and striking out 10. Notable Numbers: Yoenis Cespedes is 2 for 5, David Wright is 7 for 25 and Neil Walker is 5 for 14 against Strasburg.

I thought last week’s Harvey start against the Nats where he gave up 9 runs (6 ER) in 2.2 innings was rock bottom. I thought for sure the Mets would skip his next start. Nope. He’s going right back out there and this time in the lion’s den. The Mets watched him throw a bullpen session this weekend, and apparently he looked good. Harvey officially has the Mets stamp of approval so it looks like we can put this Harvey debate to bed right? We’re all confident that he’s figured things out right?!? On a related note, is there a word that means “lower than rock-bottom”?

Game 3: Steven Matz vs. Tanner Roark

Tanner Roark was the odd man out of the rotation for the Nats during much of last season. He made 12 starts in 2015 and was swinging back and forth between the pen and the rotation. This year he’s rejoined the rotation full time, and he’s been very good. He’s 3-3 with a 2.89 ERA. He made one start against the Mets last year in October. He went 6 scoreless innings. He made 4 relief appearances against the Mets last year and for the most part was effective. The only time he surrendered any runs came on July 21st where he got rocked in Washington and gave up 4 runs in a third of an inning. Notable Numbers: Curtis Granderson is 6 for 16, Neil Walker is 2 for 5, and Rene Rivera is 3 for 8.

Steven Matz didn’t face the Nats last year. He missed those big series late in the season recovering from that abdominal injury. But he’s been a rookie of the year stud this year. I hope he’s in a position to help the Mets win the series or even sweep. He dominated Milwaukee this past Friday going 7 innings, and giving up 2 runs with 8 strikeouts.

Things To Look For:

Hot Nats 2.0: So nothing has really changed since last week. Daniel Murphy is still leading the league in hitting and destroying every pitcher he faces thanks to whatever remains of his Kevin Long pixie dust supply. Anthony Rendon is hitting .458 in his last 7 games. After his cold start to the season it appears he is rounding into form. Jayson Werth is hitting .333 in his last 7 games, but he did hit into a horrendous 9th inning bases loaded double play this weekend against the Marlins.

Penmanship: So the Mets have the best pen ERA in the league. But the Nationals pen has been fantastic as well. The Nats and Mets have the same strengths. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching.

Conforto Feeling The Heat: Michael Conforto has 3 dingers and is hitting .300 in his last 7 games. Some of Noah Syndergaard‘s scorching fastball heat must be warming Conforto up. Thor throws fire, loves Game of Thrones, and is clearly casting his light upon Conforto. I wouldn’t want to step foot near Harvey’s East Village apartment. That place must be colder than the ice cells at Castle Black.

Duda Dunzo 2.0: Lucas Duda spent Monday morning at the Hospital For Special Surgery being probed by Ray Ramirez. Ray is probably in the hospital men’s room right now grabbing Kleenex for the Duda “tissue sample”. Lucas going on the DL is a lock. Obviously I’m upset about Duda’s back injury considering we have no real alternative, but in truth he’s been MIA at the plate lately. If he had been on one of his burning hot streaks, I’d be devastated. That doesn’t mean his absence in the lineup won’t have a negative impact, but I suppose it makes the injury sting slightly less. Pray for Duda.

Playing Short Is Dumb: Speaking of the Duda injury, I wrote about it in my last Nationals series preview a week ago. We’ve played shorthanded now for six straight games. Playing with a short bench is the Mets favorite strategy. I still can’t believe the Mets twiddle their thumbs for as long as they do when it comes to injuries. Also, on the subject of short, how great has Asdrubal Cabrera been? Other than Cespedes and Conforto, he’s been the only real constant on offense. At some point, this guy is going to hit a rough patch and lose himself at the plate. It happens to everyone at one point or another over the course of the season. Let’s just hope by then someone else in the lineup wakes up and picks up the slack. Yeah, I’m looking at you Neil Walker. The guy has been spiraling into oblivion since he started on pace for 70 home runs. He’s .188 in his last 15 games and .167 in his last 7 games. Yuck.

Lil’ Late For New Gloves: Alejandro De Aza recently grabbed a first basemen glove to try and increase his versatility. People are calling for Neil Walker to grab a first basemen glove. I’ve even seen fans say Travis d’Arnaud should take a break from downing platelet-rich plasma smoothies in Cali to take some reps at first base. Umm I said this in February, but what the hell were the Mets thinking this spring? We never had a backup first basemen other than Eric Campbell. We claimed Wilmer Flores was the backup first basemen, but he played like two spring games at the position. How the hell did we not have d’Arnaud, Wilmer, and Kevin Plawecki out there taking grounders every single day? Duda spent time on the DL last season. This injury was a lock. This was a predictable scenario, and the Mets really blew their chance to get ahead of it.

The Blood Of The First Men: The Mets are likely to promote someone from Triple-A Vegas for the Nationals series once Lucas Duda is placed on the DL. Rumor has it Ty Kelly has arrived in Washington. Ty is a 27 year old journeyman utility infielder/outfielder and look at this guy:

Ty Kelly looks like he was out foraging for fruits and nuts when a time traveler showed up and brought him to the future to test his baseball skills. The blood of the Neanderthal flows through his veins. Considering he’s a minor league journeyman, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find out he spends his offseason filming History Channel “Early Man” specials. But in all seriousness, he’s hitting nearly .400 in Vegas. Now we all know offensive numbers in Vegas are super inflated due to the thin air. But no matter where you are playing, if you lead the league in hitting, you deserve some praise. If he does get promoted, let’s just hope Ty doesn’t crack open a teammates skull with his bat and drag him back to his cave (which I’m assuming will be on the basement level of the Washington Marriott Hotel).

Today: Let’s ride the Brewers series victory wave and take the good vibes on the road tonight. Let’s go Big Sexy.

Mets Sweep Milwaukee Braves

Final Score: Mets 3, Brewers 1

So the Brewers are the Braves of the NL Central huh? They are horrendous. But who the hell cares. We swept the crap out of them and boy did we need a sweep after losing two out of three to the Nats. The Mets pitching staff continued to come up big today despite the team’s continuing offensive woes this month.

Thor Stepped Up: Noah Syndergaard surrendered an RBI single in the first inning to Jonathan Lucroy, and that was really all the Brewers could do against him all game. Thor wasn’t incredibly efficient as he topped 100 pitches by the end of his outing. But he still got through 7 innings, gave up only 6 hits, 0 walks (again), and he struck out 11 Brewers. The guy is on fire and in the Cy Young conversation. He’s an All-Star right now for sure, and I have no doubt Terry will bring him along for the game.

Cold Turkey: So the Mets have really given up offense cold turkey in May. We’ve just stopped scoring for anybody and especially for Thor. Michael Conforto launched a first inning solo blast to tie the game at one. I’m sure he was looking forward to getting back to his apartment with Thor to watch Game of Thrones before they head to Washington for the Nats series. In the bottom of the 4th, Conforto walked and Yoenis Cespedes doubled him to third base. Then with one out, Asdrubal Cabrera singled to score both of them making it 3-1.

El Stinko Brewers: Once Asdrubal reached base on his 4th inning hit, he advanced on a wild pitch (stinko). The Brewers attempted a pickoff of Asdrubal at second base, and they had him dead to rights. He flopped back towards second base, and he landed on his stomach a foot from the bag. After missing the bag on his first dive back, he made a last ditch effort to lunge towards the bag again and somehow the Brewers failed to clearly tag him on the replay. They challenged but it was too hard to tell. Brewers had all day to apply the tag. Yeesh.

The Untouchables: The Mets pen has been untouchable. Yesterday Jacob deGrom only went five innings so the pen got a ton of work. Today, Thor gave the group a break by going 7 innings. But Jim Henderson and Jeurys Familia cruised through the 8th and 9th inning. The Mets pen has the top ERA in the league. Props to Sandy for signing Antonio Bastardo and for finding Jim Henderson on the scrap heap. Credit to Hansel Robles for putting in a ton of work this offseason and coming out the gate firing flameballs. It’s a long season, but this group is off to a promising start.

Golden Rivera: Rene Rivera may be a light hitting catcher, but the guy has a cannon behind the plate. He threw out Alex Presley trying to advance on a pitch in the dirt in the 7th inning. It’s so great watching a sure handed defender. When Yo steps to the plate I’m always confident he’s going to do damage. And I get that same feeling with guys like Rivera and Juan Lagares when they field a ball. It’s sweet.

RIP Duda: Lucas Duda is actually going to be out for a while. The Mets doctors are still studying his MRI, but I’m guessing he’s DL’d tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll spend the next month in California in the cortisone hot tub with Travis d’Arnaud. Goodbye Lucas! See you next year. Soup’s on the menu forever. I wonder if we are going to send Robert Gsellman or Gabriel Ynoa to the Braves for Kelly Johnson next month? The Indians will probably only want one prospect for Juan Uribe. We have plenty because prospects grow on trees.

Tomorrow: Now we head off to Washington with our fingers crossed hoping that our offense will magically return, Bartolo Colon will be Sexy once more, and that Matt Harvey will rise from the dead. Such modest expectations.

Wright Walk-Off Win; Brewers Are A Godsend

Final Score: Mets 5, Brewers 4

Wright Walk Off: David Wright with a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th inning is about as feel-good a victory as there can be. Unbelievable. Watching Yoenis Cespedes nearly tackle Wright and uncontrollably smile as the entire team celebrates on the field is truly special. We really needed a win like this.

Brewers Are A Godsend: Umm the Brewers are absolutely terrible. The Mets needed a matchup against a garbage team so badly. I mean let’s start with the 9th inning. They issued a leadoff single to Eric Campbell. Baaahahaha. Then they walked Kevin Plawecki who spent half the AB trying to bunt and failing. Matt Reynolds came up next and effectively executed the sacrifice bunt. Grandy was walked intentionally to load the bases, and then David roped his single on a 3-0 pitch to get the 5-4 victory. The Brewers nearly walked in the winning run anyway. They walked six Mets over the game.

Grandy Mendoza: In the first inning, Curtis Granderson hit a leadoff home run. He absolutely loves doing that. Too bad he’s hitting .197 on the season. The Mendoza line is a Mets favorite. Grandy is under it (.197), Wright is approaching it (.223), Kevin Plawecki is at it (.203), and Alejandro De Aza is too (.205).

DeGranted: I really take Jacob deGrom for granted. I just assume he’s going to jump on the mound and mow every team down. But he really didn’t have it yesterday. He struggled to get through 5 innings, he gave up 5 hits, issued 3 walks, and gave up 4 runs. His 7 Ks combined with the walks really drove up his pitch count. In the top of the second inning he walked Aaron Hill and with two outs gave up a two run home run to Ramon Flores to make it 2-1 Brewers. In the top of the 4th inning, deGrom walked the leadoff man and then surrendered a single. With first and third and nobody out, Ramon Flores hit a sac fly making it 3-1. Then pitcher Zach Davies executed a sac bunt (which the Mets staff still can’t do), and Jonathan Villar followed that with an RBI single to make it 4-1 Brewers.

Cespedes Saved Us Per Usual: In the fourth inning, Yoenis Cespedes singled with one out and advanced to second base on a Brewers wild pitch (they stink). Then Neil Walker struck out and with two outs, Asdrubal Cabrera drove in Cespedes with an RBI single. Then in the bottom of the 6th, the Brewers walked Michael Conforto with one out and Yo followed that with a two run shot. He’s just an unstoppable force. He should probably be walked every single time he steps to the plate. He’s quietly on pace to hit like 54 home runs which would be completely insane.

Electric Pen: Hansel Robles, Addison Reed, and Jeurys Familia combined for 4 scoreless innings of relief and 6 Ks. The pen has been electric. There’s no doubt about it. Pray that their arms don’t fall off.

Duda Dead: Lucas Duda was scratched with back pain again. He got an MRI and they think it’s a disc issue. He’s not playing in the series finale either. The DL is an absolute lock. Well so much for our plan to not have a contingency plan at first plan. Hooray! We have literally no option. It’s Soup. That’s it. We may need to consider calling up Dilson Herrera for second base and moving Neil Walker to first base even though he’s never played there before. Slowly the injuries are piling up. Pray.

Harvey Time: They said Matt Harvey had a great weekend bullpen session and is going to start in Washington on Tuesday. I suppose if Wright’s corpse can get a game winning hit then Harvey can have a rebound start.

Today: Man we really lucked out with Ryan Braun missing the first two games of the series due to injuries. Noah Syndergaard on the mound for the sweep? Yeah I like those odds.

Matzy Poo Shuts Down the Brew Crew

Final Score: Mets 3, Brewers 2

Matz Fantastic: Steven Matz obviously gets the game ball. The early rookie of the year candidate pitched 7 dominant innings gave up 2 runs, and struck out 8 Brewers. Ryan Braun didn’t start this game due to injury or something but whatever Matz basically carved up everyone else. Other than a first inning two run homer surrendered to slugger Chris Carter, Matz was efficient and untouchable. The home run ball is great, but this is what I love to see most of all. The dominant starting pitching is the main attraction for our club. Matz was incredible. He had his velocity cranking up to 95 MPH, and he was flawlessly locating his breaking ball. Also, not to continue to dwell on the Dark Knight, but Matz is another positive sign for our boy Matt Harvey. Matzy-poo had TJ surgery back in 2010. Last season was when Matz finally got his velocity and command back. Look at him now. The guy can do it all. The point is Harvey’s post TJ struggles are to be expected and he will overcome.

Daily Soup Reminder: Let me get this out of the way because the Soup apologists came out in force last night. Eric Campbell drew a walk in the bottom of the 6th inning off of the dead tired starter Wily Peralta who was then immediately pulled from the game. Congratulations! He made a stellar play at third base to get the second out in the 9th inning. Diving stop and throw to first base. Hooray! You know what else he did? He struck out twice. In the bottom of the second inning, Neil Walker drew a leadoff walk and Lucas Duda singled. With runners on first and third and nobody out Eric Campbell struck out in pathetic fashion. Luckily Rene Rivera crushed a fantastic RBI groundout to at least give us something to show for the inning. My point? Stop giving our black hole in the lineup pats on the back.

Spoiler Alert, We Scored On A Home Run: In the bottom of the 6th, Michael Conforto launched an opposite field two run homer after an Asdrubal Cabrera leadoff single. We really only score on the home run. It’s not an exaggeration at all. We left men on base in the second, sixth, seventh, and eighth inning. A lot of Mets fans are genuinely worried about the fact that we only score on the home run. An equal number of sarcastic Mets fans mock the “chicken little” fans when the team hits a home run by saying things like “we should have went for a single there” and stupid crap like that. Ummm the Mets are 24th in baseball in runs scored. Who cares how many home runs we hit when we are objectively scoring a small number of runs relative to the rest of the league? Our inability to score consistently without hitting the long ball is a real issue. That’s the bottom line.

Summer Is For Hitting: So maybe the offense will pick up when the weather gets nicer? Offense in general picks up during the summer. But let’s be real here, the offense picked up last year in August when we dumped our black holes on the roster and started playing with a real 25 man group. Everyone talks about Yoenis Cespedes in 2015, and he deserves the praise. He crushed it. But remember in the offseason before we re-signed him, all we heard about was how big of a boost Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson were for the bench down the stretch. The Mets preached depth as the key to winning and consistency on offense. Well Soup and Rivera are not depth. The rest of the lineup is struggling too so we can’t blame Soup all day. That’s just unfair. But it’s worth talking about because eventually Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera are going to need a damn breather. Look at David Wright. He’s dying after a quarter of the season.

Here’s Why Soup Is Here: So I’m going to put financial reasons aside. It’s possible the Mets didn’t want to invest more in the bench because of penny pinching but the Cespedes signing sort of put that idea to bed temporarily. Soup is here because Sandy wants to be able to observe the roster for half the season and then make an assessment of our true needs. He wants to decide on July 10th whether he needs to trade for a reliever, bench bat or perhaps a starting pitcher/starting position player due to unexpected injury. I get the strategy, but I just hope we have the depth needed to stay competitive now. It worked last year so I can see why Sandy and his team are doubling down.

Today: As I said in the series preview, we have three of our aces going. Jacob deGrom toes the rubber today. The Brewers have poop pitching. Let’s win all these games. We really need a big rebound after our recent horrendous slump.

Series Preview: Brewers In Town To Kick Us While We’re Down

The Brewers stink right? They are 18-23 and 5-5 in their last 10 games. They are tanking this season, and so they must be awful. Wait what’s that? They’ve scored more runs then the Mets this season? Really? They rank 15th in runs scored and the Mets are 24th despite all of our home runs. OPS? Both the Mets and Brewers have a .731 team OPS and sit behind 12 other teams in those rankings. The Brewers just took 2 out of 3 from the Cubs. Not too shabby.

Luckily, it’s the pitching staff that defines the Mets and is the big differentiator between the two teams. The Mets team ERA still ranks third in baseball while the Brewers sit at 27th with a 4.87 ERA. The Mets pen ERA is tops in all the land. The recent beatdowns of Matt Harvey and Bartolo Colon has dropped our starting staff ERA out of the top 5.

I would like to think that this is a good time for the Mets to have a big home series against a “bad” team. But the Mets are playing like crap right now. We’ve lost 7 of our last 10. As a pessimistic Mets fan, this feels like a series where a dog doo team will come to town and field goal kick us right in the face. I could easily see the Brewers snagging 2 out of 3 at Citi Field and leaving us beaten and bloodied for our trip to Washington. But we have one big thing going for us:

Three Aces: Sure the Matt Harvey reality has Mets fans down in the dumps. But the good news is we have our three ace strategy in play this weekend. Matz/deGrom/Thor go against this Brewer squad. We need to win. Let’s sweep. We have a rotation full of stoppers and that’s exactly what we need from them. Stop this bleeding.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Steven Matz vs. Wily Peralta

Since his 17 win 2014 season, Wily Peralta has been nothing short of El Stinko. He’s rocking a 7.30 ERA this season. He’s been spanked in nearly all of his 2016 starts. The Mets crushed him last May in New York. He went 5 innings and gave up 5 runs on 9 hits. Notable Matchups: Lucas Duda is 3 for 9 against him. Maybe this matchup will help Duda get out of his funk. Curtis Granderson is 5 for 8 with two home runs. Ditto on Grandy and funks. Neil Walker is 4 for 14 with a home run, Eric Campbell is 2 for 3 and Juan Lagares is 2 for 3. David Wright is 0 for 8.

Other than his horrendous opening start of the season, Steven Matz has been exceptional. This is his first start back after the first ElbowGate of the season. The doctors say he is fine. He felt fine after his bullpen sessions and whatnot. The Mets may be careful with his pitch count, but let’s hope his issues are behind him for now and he can contribute again. We need his studliness now more than ever with Matt Harvey struggling. The Brewers aren’t a particularly good lefty hitting team coming in at 18th in OPS against lefties. But Ryan Braun (.336 career average) and Jonathan Lucroy (.297 career average) historically crush lefties. Although Lucroy has been bad against lefties this season (6 for 40).

Game 2: Jacob deGrom vs. Zach Davies

Zach Davies is a 23 year old young righty that the Mets haven’t faced. He’s 1-3 with a 5.58 ERA on the season. He’s not a hard thrower. He’s the pitcher the Brewers acquired from the Orioles when they sent them Gerardo Parra at last year’s trade deadline. His first three starts of the season were poor. However, two of his last three appearances have been quality starts, and he hasn’t surrendered more than 2 runs in his last three outings.

As much as people have tried to make a big deal about deGrom’s 2016 diminished velocity, he’s been very good in all 6 starts this season but short of dominant. He’s 3-1 with a 2.50 ERA. He’s gone 5+ innings in all 6 starts and hasn’t surrendered more than 3 runs. He can be better. We all know that because we’ve seen him at his best. He dominated the Brew Crew last season (2-0). He went 6 innings and gave up a run at Citi Field last May. In Milwaukee in June he pitched 8 scoreless with 7 Ks. This home start is a great opportunity for Jake to really put together his first super dominant outing of the season.

Game 3: Noah Syndergaard vs. Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson is a back end starter type, and the Brewers acquired him from the Diamondbacks in the January Jean Segura trade. He’s 2-5 with a 5.32 ERA. He’s been bad. Last season he faced the Mets twice and went 0-1. He went 5.2 innings and gave up one run in Milwaukee last June. In July, the Mets chased him from the Citi Field game after 4.1 innings, 8 hits and 4 runs. That being said, he dominated the Cubs in his last start going 8.2 innings and surrendering two runs. Yeah that’s not a typo. This guy shut down the Cubs. Good luck to the Mets. Notable Matchups: Juan Lagares is 3 for 5 with a home run and Lucas Duda is 1 for 5 with a home run.

Noah Syndergaard has been nothing short of Cy Young caliber in 2016. That last start against the Nationals on Tuesday was uplifting. It’s been the bright spot in this recent Mets slump-a-dump. Last year he faced the Brewers at Citi. He got the win going 6 innings, surrendering 1 run and striking out 5 Brewers. I fully expect him to dominate because he’s done nothing but that all season. You raise the expectation bar and the fans expect perfection. Thor will deliver.

Things To Look For:

What’s Hitting?: We can dominate on the mound all we want this weekend, but the team won’t win if the offense continues to be MIA. Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Michael Conforto, Lucas Duda, and Kevin Plawecki have all been horrendous lately. Even Neil Walker and Asdrubal have cooled. I don’t have answers. Just prayers and uncontrollable pessimism.

Hot Crew: The usual suspects top the Brewers hot hitter list. Ryan Braun is hitting .364 with 7 home runs. Jonathan Lucroy is hitting .304 with 6 home runs. Jonathan Villar is hitting .284 and has 13 stolen bases. He’s been a solid fantasy league starter. Aaron Hill had a crummy past couple of years in Arizona, but he’s hitting .250 with 4 bombs on the season. He’s hitting .340 in his last 15 games. First basemen Chris Carter is doing his boom or bust thing with 12 home runs and a .245 average. His 12 bombs are super impressive, but he’s hitting .179 in his last 15 games.

Kirky 3 Bombs: Captain Kirk Nieuwenhius moved out to Milwaukee, and he’s having the best couple months of his career. He’s hitting .278 with an .849 OPS. He hit the game winning two run home run against the Cubs yesterday. Baaahahaha. Kirky 3 Bombs! He’s been platooning in centerfield, and is doing everything we hoped he would one day do for the Mets. Meanwhile Alejandro De Aza took up the Kirk mantle and hits under .200 while striking out whenever he pinch hits. Sheesh. The Brewers just called up centerfielder Keon Broxton, so we will see if that impacts their regular lineup.

Future Mets: Jonathan Lucroy is dying to get out of Milwaukee. He was begging off the team in spring training. I wrote about this a while back, but if Mr. Brittlesworth Travis d’Arnaud insists on staying in California and getting rehab massages all day, then we may need to explore a trade for Lucroy.

Vindicated: Ryan Braun is such a schmuck. He’s back to killing it. Juice? Magic? Skill? Who cares. I’ll never forget how he laughed in our faces. How he insisted he was innocent of steroid use and told us all off when he got off on a technicality. He ruined that poor lab technicians life because the guy mailed his steroid filled urine sample a day late. Go to hell Braun. Definitely don’t go to the Nationals when they come around shopping for an outfield upgrade. Don’t do that.

Pentastic: The few optimistic Mets fans pointed out during Harvey’s meltdown game against the Nats, that the pen pitched 6.1 scoreless innings. Oooh great I’m so happy the pen was able to preserve that humiliating 9-1 defeat for us. But in all seriousness the pen has been tops in the league. Fantastic. Keep firing away those scoreless innings. I’m sure the pen will be full of overused blue eyed corpses by the time Harvey and the rotation hits it’s stride in the summer.

Reinforcements: Speaking of the pen, Erik Goeddel and Sean Gilmartin are in town. Rumor has it Goeddel will be activated (Soup demotion?!? No way!) if Harvey stays on the roster, and if Harvey goes on the DL then Gilmartin will join the roster.

Do People Not Boo?: So I’ve been reading non-stop that people are ashamed that Mets fans booed Harvey as he exited the field after his horrendous start against the Nationals. Now I was at this game. I heard all the booing. Are people really shocked by booing? Is this a real thing? Harvey gave up 9 runs in 2.2 innings. Is there a single park or fan base in the league that doesn’t boo their starter if he gets lit up for 9 runs in 2 innings? No way in hell. People boo. Everyone boos. People complain when they aren’t satisfied with a product or service. That’s how life works. Fans go to the game and want to see an exceptional product. Booing is the way sports fans express dissatisfaction with said product. I’m not trying to lump Matt Harvey in with Time Warner Cable or your run of the mill dog crap service provider. But whenever my internet goes out I boo my cable box. And by boo I mean smash my hand on top of it until it resets. That doesn’t mean I don’t love TV. You can be mad at Time Warner or a specific clueless cable representative when they blow it. It’s allowed. My grandmother said people used to toss tomatoes at performers at legitimate theater events. Fans and audience and members always express their problems with performers and always will. That being said, I didn’t boo at yesterday’s game because I’m better than everyone else.

Harvey Officially Has Curable Stage 1 METS Disease

Final Score: Nationals 9, Mets 1

Stage 1 METS: It’s so sad when you see a young guy like Matt Harvey dealing with the mystery ailment that’s plagued Mets players for generations. It’s inexplicably taken so many Mets from us before their time. Ike Davis was officially diagnosed in 2013, and the disease took him in 2014. It moved so fast. Jason Bay was diagnosed shortly after he signed with the Mets in 2010, and the disease took him by 2012. He was so weak and pathetic towards the end. He was zapped of all the skills that made him a pro ball player. Hall of famer Roberto Alomar is another example. Traded to the Mets in 2002 at the age of 34 coming off a 2001 season that was arguably the best in his storied career. He instantly contracted METS disease and retired by 2004 with nothing left to give to the game. And now Matt Harvey has it. He comes back after his Tommy John surgery and puts together a brilliant comeback 2015 season. And now in 2016 poof. All the things that made him a studly ace have disappeared. His command is gone. His velocity is gone. His mental toughness and confidence on the mound have magically evaporated.

The Ugly Recap: Tonight, Matt Harvey was getting rocked from the get-go. He walked Jayson Werth with one out in the first inning, and then gave up a two run jack to Daniel Murphy. Murph crushed a terrible cookie of a pitch from Harvey. Everything fell apart in the third inning for Matt. He gave up a leadoff single to Ben Revere, a one out single to Bryce Harper to make it first and third for Murph. Then the Mets intentionally walked Murph (he’s batting .400 duh) to load the bases. Ryan Zimmerman hit a routine double play ball to Asdrubal Cabrera, and he booted it. He’s been so sure handed all season, and he blew a HUGE play. Revere scored on that play making it 3-1 Nats. Anthony Rendon then hit a double scoring two more. The ball he hit was roped to left field, and Michael Conforto absolutely could have caught it. But it bounced off his glove and the runs scored. Then Wilson Ramos hit a single scoring two more. Revere capped off the inning with a triple that scored the final two runs making it 9-1. Revere’s ball was also kind of misplayed by Yoenis Cespedes. The Asdrubal play was the real killer, but it wouldn’t have mattered. The wheels would have fallen off for Harvey in the next inning. He was throwing meatballs down the middle, and they were getting tattooed.

The Good News: As I said Harvey has stage 1 METS. The mysterious disappearance of pre-existing skills is the hallmark symptom of METS. But don’t worry folks. It can be cured. Sure the disease has claimed many a Mets career. But Curtis Granderson had it two years ago. He hit like .220 in his first year as a Mets. But last season it went into remission, and he had a huge season.

Shut Him Down: To me, Matt Harvey needs a freaking breather. Maybe skip a turn or two in the rotation? I wrote about this a few weeks back. I genuinely don’t believe Matt when he says he feels fine physically. No freaking way. He’s fatigued from his enormous post TJ and playoff workload from 2015. It’s obvious. That doesn’t mean his UCL is re-shredded. It doesn’t mean his arm is shot. But the Mets need to get Matty boom in a better place because right now he’s completely and utterly dunzo the second he steps on the mound. By the way, I’m not saying the workload from last season was a mistake. No waaaayyyyy. You never shut him down. We got to the World Series. He will rebound and be fine. But METS disease is a dangerous thing. You need to treat it delicately.

Serenity Now: I hope Harvey doesn’t punch anything in the clubhouse. I feel like he’s a clubhouse puncher.

De Bum: Speaking of METS disease, it feels like every fifth outfielder we bring on board gets METS disease immediately. Former Met Chris Young is like a real major league fifth outfielder with an actual skillset. He was a contributor on the A’s and Yankees. He plays for the Red Sox now and is okay. He was an auto-out for us. He hit like .100. John Mayberry Jr. wasn’t quite that level of player, but he was supposed to be able to hit lefties at least a little. He did nothing. And now Alejandro De Aza seems to be on the same track. He had a hit today, but he’s batting like .170. Brutal.

Murph The Gamer: In the second inning, Yo led off with a single and with one out Neil Walker lined a single over Murph. Murph pretended to catch the liner and did a faux throw to first to “double up” Cespedes. Yo motioned to head back to first but caught on to the deke and scurried to second base. He almost fell for it. Murph is such a damn gamer. I’m sure he’s going to crush Neil Walker or Asdrubal Cabrera at some point this year on a takeout slide. Bastard.

Plawecki Can’t Fly: Still in the second inning, Kevin Plawecki came up with runners on first and third and one out. Plawecki couldn’t get a damn sac fly with Harvey on deck. It didn’t really matter since the game was a freaking blowout, but can we please get some key situational hits or a damn sac fly?!?

Duda Stinky: So I think we can officially say that Lucas Duda is having a bleh season at the dish. He was 0 for 4 tonight. The guy has a .300 OBP. He’s batting like .220. Him and Grandy are essentially batting .400 combined. Together they hit like Murph. Hooray!!!

Strasburg So Back: I mean it’s old news at this point, but Stephen Strasburg has been absolutely nasty this season. I was at the game tonight, and he looked fantastic. His velocity was there all game, and his breaking stuff was working. He’s a perfect example of why we need to be patient and be careful with Harvey. TJ surgery ain’t no joke. Strasburg took a while to get back to the pitcher he was capable of being. As I said in my series preview, Strasburg was bleh in the first half of 2015 and then surged. A dude on Twitter said this:

We have to hope that Matt Harvey can have a similar kind of turnaround if we choose to handle him with care.

Tomorrow: Speaking of handle with care, Steven Matz gets back on the mound tomorrow night as the stanky Brewers come to town. I realize the west coast sluggishness was a fun excuse, but it’s clear at this point the Mets are in a slump. The Mets are 3-7 in their last 10 and in third place in the NL East. After this joke of a home series, the Mets are 2.5 games behind the Nats. It’s time to turn it around. Also, what are the odds Kirk Nieuwenhuis hits four home runs in a game this weekend? Cap’n 3 dingers is coming back to the Big Apple!

Mets Walk The Park And Lose To Nats


Final Score: Nationals 7, Mets 1

Walk This Way: Well it’s time to drop Bartolo Colon in your fantasy league. Bartolo was awful last night along with the rest of the Mets pitching staff. As good as Noah Syndergaard was on Tuesday, was as bad as Tolo was in this game. The Mets and Bartolo did something they never do. They walked everybody. Eleven walks in total. Bartolo pitched 4.2 innings and surrendered three runs, but he walked five Nationals. He was in trouble every inning. He walked Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper back to back in the first inning, but escaped unscathed. With two outs in the third inning, he walked Werth and Harper back to back again. Then Daniel Murphy drove in Werth with an infield hit. The wheels completely came off for Bartolo in the 5th inning when Werth and Harper reached base to start the inning. AGAIN. Anthony Rendon drove them both in with a two out single. Tolo got pulled before the inning was even over. The Mets pen had a terrible night as well. Antonio Bastardo gave up a couple runs in the 7th inning and hit a guy. Logan Verrett and Jerry Blevins walked two apiece when they eventually entered the game. In the 9th inning, Jim Henderson gave up a couple runs. It was an awful game from our pitching staff, but let’s be real here. Our pitching staff has been incredible all season, and they never walk anyone. The entire staff had a collective bad day. In the end, the walks and runs didn’t matter because we couldn’t score at all. We only managed to create one real opportunity all game to score against Gio Gonzalez, and it came in the 7th inning. And the Nats pulled Gio before we even had a chance to beat him. Kevin Plawecki faced Felipe Rivero with men on, and he couldn’t get the big hit. We got shut the hell down.

No Support For Bartolo: Speaking of no support, the “big” story yesterday before the game was that Bartolo Colon has two illegitimate children with a random woman, and apparently he hasn’t been paying his child support. First of all, I’m almost certain I already knew about his natural born children and his second lover. I couldn’t find a story to evidence how I knew, but I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge. Second of all, we don’t know all the facts. Maybe he pays a certain amount of support and his extra lover is demanding more. But the bottom line is he should pay for his kids, hopefully he will, and this story has been told about a million athletes a billion times. I can’t believe people are questioning Tolo’s character now. He’s a known steroid cheat. We already know he has no integrity. Also as an FYI, I made that picture of the Bartolo-headed baby months ago. I just randomly made it because baby headed Bartolo is hilarious. Who knew it would become so topical in May.

Wright’s Spine: David Wright struck out three times and was 0 for 4. He looked terrible. His average is down to .221. The “David Wright is dead” truthers came out in force post game “But he’s getting on base!” they all shouted in unison. Pray for David and his pretzel rod of a spine.

Duda Back?: Duda apparently shrugged when he was asked if he would be available to pinch hit in last night’s game. At least the muscles in his upper back work. Man I hope he is in the lineup for tonight’s game because we have no alternative. I’d rather watch a pine cone take ABs then Eric Campbell.

Can We Get A Righty?: Speaking of my favorite scapegoat Soup, can we get a freaking right handed bench bat? We can’t hit lefthanded pitching at all. Gio is a stellar pitcher so I’m not trying to take anything away from him, but this has been one of our big weaknesses all season. Is anyone available? Michael Morse? Someone on our Vegas Triple-A team? Anyone? Help!!!!!

Yo Duh: Yoenis Cespedes drove in our only run with a laser solo shot. Duh!

Juanny Mays: Daniel Murphy had a hit with 2 RBIs. One of those RBIs came on a 7th inning sac fly, but it would have been a double if it wasn’t for Juan Lagares doing an over the shoulder catch Willie Mays impression.

Yea We Lost But: I don’t really like this Nationals team. I’m not talking about the personalities. I’m talking about the lineup and the bullpen. I can’t believe one of their prized offseason pen acquisitions was our boy Oliver Perez. And their lineup just doesn’t scare me. It’s going to suck when they call up Trea Turner to play shortstop and trade for another big bat.

Today: I’ll be at the game tonight, so I’ll make sure to fix Matt Harvey‘s mechanics before first pitch #MakeHarveyGreatAgain.