Mets Beat Braves; Cespedes Re-tweaks Leg

Final Score: Mets 6, Braves 3

We’re above .500! Hooray! But let’s start with what really matters. Pray for Cespedes. In the 7th, David Wright doubled and then with 2 outs Yoenis Cespedes drove him in with a double that appeared to be a home run off the bat. That gave us our 6th and final run. When Cespedes slid into second base he supposedly re-aggravated the leg injury he got when he dove into the stands at home against the Marlins. Pray that a day or two will save him. Cespedes really comes to play man. I always thought that his limpy style of walking was just his swag strut. But now I’m pretty sure he’s just one of those super tough athletes that always plays with a nagging injury. I’m so happy we have him. Please get well soon Yo. 

Anyway, the game was a long ball show again. Curtis Granderson hit a Grand Slam in the 2nd inning, but the Mets were lucky to be in that spot. The Braves walked Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis d’Arnaud with 1 out. Then Matt Harvey attempted to sacrifice them over and pitcher Bud Norris had an easy opportunity at a double play. He blew the throw to third base and everybody was safe. After that blunder, Grandy laced one out of the park. Grandy also added a second home run with a two out solo shot in the 4th inning. He was a one man wrecking crew tonight.

I was really looking for a quality start from Matt Harvey to give us some confidence as we approach the end of April. Unfortunately, he was just mediocre again. He battled to get through five innings. In the second, Kelly Johnson had an RBI single and Mallex Smith had an RBI double. Cespedes saved Harvey from getting chased from the game in the bottom of the 5th. Harvey walked the leadoff man, but then retired the next two batters. Then he gave up two straight singles to Adonis Garcia and A.J. Pierzynski. On Pierzynski’s single, Nick Markakis tried to score and Cespedes nailed him at home with a laser throw.

Antonio Bastardo, Jim Henderson, Jerry Blevins, and Jeurys Familia were able to finish the game despite a little trouble in the 7th.

Benchcicle Prophecy: I wrote in the series preview that this might be a good weekend to get Juan Lagares a start considering he’s becoming a benchcicle, and we are playing a crummy team. Well with the Cespedes injury, to quote Dr. Ian Malcolm, “Life uh, finds a way”. Travis d’Arnaud had another 0-fer last night bringing his average down to .158. I’m sure Kevin Plawecki will get the day game on Sunday, but Travis is really struggling. Also, Asdrubal Cabrera looked like he hurt his wrist or finger sliding into second base in the top of the 8th inning. He stayed in the game, and I haven’t heard anything about it. Then in the bottom of the 8th, Cabrera made his first error. Maybe Wilmer Flores will score a start this weekend too. Although we’d be better off defensively with a one-handed Cabrera.

Terry Cab Accident: Terry got in a cab accident before the game. Thank the gods he’s ok. It makes you think of when that cab took Duaner Sanchez from us back in 2006. During the game, Terry threw reliever Antonio Bastardo out there for a second inning of relief after a dominant 6th inning. In that 7th inning, things fell apart quickly for the Bastard of Citi. Maybe Terry can actively try and not kill these relievers on the field? Is that possible?

Rain Delay PTSD: Before the 8th inning started last night there was a rain delay. It was probably only an hour, but it brought back memories of that pre-trade deadline July game against San Diego last year. I still tremble thinking about Familia blowing that post rain delay 9th inning.

Today: Steven Matz goes for the Mets. Let’s win the series today. There’s nothing I want more this Sunday then to watch the Mets sweep the Braves and then watch the premiere of Game of Thrones.

Series Preview: Last Season At Turner Before They Burn Her

The Braves are 4-11. They started the season by losing 9 in a row to the Nationals and Cardinals. Since then, they swept the Marlins in Miami and then lost 2 out of 3 at home to the Dodgers. From the Mets perspective, this should be the same story as Philadelphia. The Braves are rebuilding and have already conceded this season. The Mets must beat up on them no matter where the games are held.

Last Season At Turner: In 2015, the Mets went 11-8 against the Braves and 5-5 at Turner Field. If we are looking to improve upon our 90 win 2015 season, a good place to start would be against Atlanta at this cursed field. Speaking of Turner Field, it’s the last year the Braves play here before they move to their new stadium. Supposedly the organization has stopped taking care of the damn place and the infield grass is an uneven mess. Our infield defense has been solid so far this season, but I’m sure Turner Field will find a way to screw that up for us. Maybe when the Braves leave behind Turner, they can also dump the tomahawk chop? Maybe they can try something a little less obnoxious and offensive? If the U.S. is going to take Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson off the front of the 20 dollar bill, maybe Manfred will encourage Atlanta to come up with some clap-based cheer that has nothing to do with Native American war cries. But that’s doubtful considering the Washington Redskins are still hanging around the NFL.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Matt Harvey vs. Bud Norris

Panic City is at an Amber Threat Level regarding the status of Matt Harvey. The conversation last year was “Shutdown Harvey?!? No way!” Now the Panic City Council is saying “How did we not shutdown Harvey?!?” Dan Warthen said Harvey had a great bullpen session this week, and he fixed his “mechanical issue”. The bottom line is we need to see something positive from Harvey. It doesn’t even need to be a strikeout filled complete game. Let’s see him get through 6 innings without tiring and collapsing late. That would be a refreshing change.

Last year, Harvey took a big fat loss at Turner Field. He went 6.2 innings and only gave up a run. Guess what month it was? June. It goes without saying that the entire 2015 season must be viewed through the B.C. (Before Cespedes) and A.C. (After Cespedes) lens. Since this was a B.C. loss it means nothing to me.

Bud Norris is off to a 1-2 start with a shining 6.23 ERA. He was a scrap heap pickup by the rebuilding Braves to round out their rotation. He gives up some long balls. He’s given up 20+ home runs 3 times in his career, and he’s already given up 3 on the season. Last time out against Miami he gave up two of those home runs and didn’t get out of the 6th inning. The Mets faced him at home in May of last season when he was on Baltimore. He went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs.

Neil Walker is 9 for 23 against him with a home run. That’s a .391 clip. Yoenis Cespedes is 3 for 10 with a home run. Uh oh.

Game 2: Steven Matz vs. Jhoulys Chacin

Chacin is only 28 and his career got off to a promising start despite playing in hitter friendly Colorado. But he has battled shoulder issues and other injuries which ultimately led to his release in Colorado. And if Colorado is letting a pitcher go, you know there’s real issues. Atlanta brought him in to fill out their rotation as they wait for young pitchers to emerge from their system. He shutout Washington in his first start over 6 innings and struck out 8. He wasn’t quite as impressive last time out against Miami where he went 5.1 innings and gave up 3 runs. He’s a groundball pitcher so that may limit our ability to punish him with long balls. That being said, Neil Walker is 3 for 9 against him, David Wright is 2 for 9 and Juan Lagares is 2 for 6.

Steven Matz got rocked in his first start and dominated last time out. Let’s hope this start goes well and he can get in a consistent groove.

Game 3: Jacob deGrom vs. ? (Aaron Blair? Mike Foltynewicz?)

The Braves haven’t announced their Sunday starter yet. It could be young pitcher Mike Foltynewicz who went 4-6 with a 5.71 ERA in 18 appearances (15 starts) for the Braves last season. The alternative would be highly touted prospect Aaron Blair making his major league debut. The Braves snagged the former 2013 first round pick Blair as part of the haul they received from Arizona for Shelby Miller in the offseason. Blair is 3-0 with a 1.42 ERA and 0.79 WHIP at Triple-A so far this season. He also has 22 strikeouts in 19 innings. He throws a 91-95 MPH fastball that induces ground balls. He also throws a curve and change-up.

The Mets will finally get Jacob deGrom back. His baby boy Jaxon is healthy and supposedly Jacob’s lat has healed as well. It’s good to have him back although we certainly didn’t lose anything with Logan Verrett on the mound. Jacob deGrom went 0-1 in 2 starts against Atlanta last season. The loss came at Turner Field. Of course he went 7+ innings in both starts, struck out 12 overall, gave up 9 total hits and 3 total runs. In his defeat at Turner Field he only gave up 2 runs. As you would expect, both starts were in June (B.C.).

Things To Look For:

Braves Pitching: Braves have a team ERA of 4.67 and are in the bottom third of the league. They are considering bringing up top pitching prospect Aaron Blair in large part because of how incompetent their starters have been so far. Let’s hit them early and often.

Big Ball Only: We really need to get some key situational hits this weekend. At a minimum, we need to convert more often with runners in scoring position. I know chicks dig the long ball. Frankly, so do the overweight men who watch on their couch. But at some point they will lose their luster if we keep dropping games because we can’t get a clutch single or a sac fly.

Kevin Playwecki?: Travis d’Arnaud hit a few balls hard in the series finale against Philly, but he’s still batting below .200. Kevin Plawecki should get a start this weekend during the day game on Sunday. I’m hoping for a healthy All-Star season from d’Arnaud. But I won’t be upset if Terry gives Kevin an extra game here and there to keep Travis fresh.

Get ’em While They’re Cold: Freddie Freeman and Kelly Johnson have both started the season hitting around .150. It will be nice to see Kelly Johnson again. It would be nice if he was in a Mets uniform instead of Eric Campbell.

Benchcicles: The guys on our bench never play. I completely understand why. It’s simply because the starters are much better. Duh. They are real MLB starters. All these years we sat here debating if Ruben Tejada should start or Omar Quintanilla. We dissected whether to sign Chris Young, John Mayberry Jr., and many other players. And the one unifying theme was that they were all garbage. The starters that we have now are the opposite of garbage. They are established, consistent veterans or young budding stars. My point is that Wilmer Flores and Juan Lagares have taken a backseat because we have superior options. That being said, we should look to get these two guys some playing time against a crummy team like the Braves if the series goes well. It’ll help keep them from becoming ice cold on the bench, and it’ll help preserve our starters over the long season.

Mets Squander Sweep Opportunity; Schmuck Philly Fan Interferes

Final Score: Phillies 5, Mets 4

Let’s get this out of the way right now. Screw Philly and screw Jeffrey Maier. In the top of the 2nd inning, a now scorching hot Lucas Duda doubled, Neil Walker singled, and then Asdrubal Cabrera hit a home run. The ball bounced off the top of the stupid wall at stupid Citizens Bank Park, and it looked gone to me. But of course a moron Philly fan stuck his glove out and interfered making it a ground rule double. We ended up scoring two runs instead of the three that the home run would have given us. And that was a huge difference in the final score. We would have had the lead late and a chance to close the game out. I hate people who stick their damn gloves out on foul lines, at the wall, and anywhere for that matter. If you go to the game and you sit along the foul lines or at the wall, sit in your freaking seat and wait for the ball boy to flip you a damn ball. And for old times sake, screw Jeffrey Maier for saving Derek Jeter in ’96.

That being said, the Mets offensive weaknesses were glaring in this game. I think they left 12 men on base. They were 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position. They had tons of opportunities and failed to capitalize. Our homer or strikeout offense was in full effect. We had 17 Ks. Due to his refusal to die, tonight’s plan to scatter David Wright‘s ashes at Citizens Bank Park was cancelled. But he did put up a nice golden sombrero.

Bartolo Colon pitched like his regular sexy robotic quality start self. He gave up a Freddy Galvis two run homer in the bottom of the 2nd. He also gave up a David Lough sac fly in the 4th.

The Phillies tied the game at 4 in the bottom of the 7th.  Jerry Blevins started the inning and gave up a one out double to David Lough. Addison Reed was called on with one out and managed to get a big strikeout of Darin Ruf. But then he surrendered the game tying single to Peter Bourjos.

The Mets kept leaving men on base in extra innings. In the 10th, d’Arnaud doubled with 2 outs and was left on base. And in the 11th, Curtis Granderson got a leadoff walk but was left on.

In the bottom of the 11th, the Phillies beat Hansel Robles. Freddy Galvis doubled with one out. The Mets intentionally walked Lough. Then Robles threw a wild pitch. Then the Mets threw 2 straight intentional balls to Emmanuel Burriss before d’Arnaud realized the signs were wrong, and it wasn’t meant to be an intentional walk. That was a brutal mixup, and I’ve never seen it happen before. Peter Bourjos ended up hitting a ball with 2 outs to third base and the winning run scored when Wright couldn’t make what was a tough infield play.

Blame Ball: The blame ball goes to our entire lineup for leaving the world on base. We need to start situational hitting and hitting with runners in scoring position because right now, Dr. Dre would say our Offense Ain’t Shit But Bombs and Ks.

Neil Walkyear: Neil Walker had 4 hits. Daniel Murphy may be motivated by a desire for vengeance, but nothing beats the contract year incentive.

Mr. Glass Starting To Hit: Travis d’Arnaud had 2 hits and three hard hit balls tonight. Keep it up.

Tomorrow: Day off tomorrow before we head to Atlanta. We won this series which is nice, but you never want to squander opportunities to win. Shake it off and let’s demolish Atlanta before they demolish Turner Field.

Mets Call In “The Bomb Squad” Again; Take Series In Philly

Final Score: Mets 11, Phillies 1

Ding, ding, ding. The New York Mets Bomb Squad makes another appearance tonight. All eleven of our runs came from home runs. In the first inning, David Wright doubled and Michael Conforto muscled a two run homer out of Citizens Bank Park.

In the top of the 3rd, Logan Verrett reached base on an error. Then with two outs, Conforto singled and Yoenis Cespedes hit a three run blast to make it 5-0.

In the top of the 6th, Neil Walker hit a right-handed home run to make it 6-0.

In the 7th, Cespedes walked and Lucas Duda hit his second bomb of the season after hitting his first yesterday. He’s finally going streaking! Neil Walker followed Duda’s bomb with his second home run of the game to make it 9-0. This was the second day in a row the Mets had back to back home runs. I’m sure somebody will look up the last time that happened, but it’s definitely been a while. To cap off the inning, somebody woke Eric Campbell up from his evening nap on the bench, and he got a pinch hit single. Then Curtis Granderson hit a two run homer to make it 11-0 and give us a 5 run inning.

Verrett The Intern: Logan Verrett was absolutely fantastic tonight with six scoreless innings. And he’s been great in both of his fill-in starts for Jacob deGrom. It’s pretty obvious this guy knows how to pitch (at least against bad teams like the Phillies). Honestly, as soon as we booted Dillon Gee out of town, it was pretty clear that Verrett was just the young upstart intern that could do the exact same job as old man Gee for half the price. Dillon was like “This is crap. I don’t want to work out of the bullpen! I earned this job. I’ve been here for years!” And the Mets just kicked him to the curb in favor of the cheap labor. They showed absolutely no loyalty for all the years old man Gee gave us because they knew what Verrett could do. You gotta love capitalism.

Live By The Dinger, Die By The Dinger: So far this season, the Mets offensive output has been via the home run. We are bottom five in team average with runners in scoring position. We have not been some contact oriented team. We have not been a station to station team. We have been high risk, high reward. It’s been dingers or strikeouts. Now, that may not be the way things are all season long. Again this is a small sample size. That being said, we are a team full of guys who historically have hit 15-25 home runs, strikeout a bunch, and bat .260. And I am including Yoenis Cespedes in that group because that’s the kind of player he has been since he came over from Cuba. I am totally cool being a live by the dinger die by the dinger team with the pitching we have at our disposal. We just better hope the home runs are coming when we play the big games down the stretch this season. I’ve seen plenty of recent Yankee teams fizzle out because of the home run dependent strategy.

Kevin Long Did It: Speaking of home runs, Kevin Long did it. Neil Walker has hit three home runs from the right side of the plate because Kevin Long apparently fixed some timing mechanical thing with his swing. Curtis Granderson and Lucas Duda look like they’re coming around after their home runs today. I tried to reach Long for comment, but he was in the middle of his evening confidence massage where Cespedes rubs his shoulders and tells him he’s the hitting coach spark we’ve been waiting for all these years.

Relax It’s Philly: We are playing the Phillies. Let’s not forget that we are supposed to beat them up. The home opening series was an embarrassing setback. Now we are back on track. And by the way, we can’t just attribute all these home runs to Citizens Bank Park. For the most part they’ve been no doubters. Conforto’s first inning home run and Walker’s second homer of the game may have been park aided. But the rest were absolutely crushed.

Montero Mop Up: Rafael Montero came in for mop up duty and looked awful. I’m assuming he’s an overhyped bust of a prospect until I see some results. But his crummy pitching performance did give us the chance to see Juan Lagares take away a three run homer from Maikel Franco. Frankly I forgot Juan was on the team. As the season rolls on, Terry is going to have to find a way to get him some action to keep him fresh.

Tomorrow: His Sexiness Bartolo Colon is on the mound. Let’s sweep them. NL Least!!

Mets Beat Philly; Wright Is CEO Of Citizens Bank

Final Score: Mets 5, Phillies 2

I talked about how David Wright loves hitting in Philly in the series preview. Well the CEO of Citizens Bank Park hit a first inning solo home run to give us the 1-0 lead, and he added a second solo dinger in the top of the 9th for our fifth run. He now has 22 career long balls at Citizens Bank.

I talked in the series preview about how Lucas Duda has been his typical streaky self so far this season. So far he’s been streaking in the bad direction. That was until he broke out tonight. He had an opposite field double in the 6th inning to drive in Yoenis Cespedes making it 2-1. Then in the 8th inning, he launched his first home run. The exit velocity was 112 MPH. It was an absolute laser bomb. And Neil Walker went back to back with an opposite field solo shot to make it 4-1. Walker leads the team with 4 home runs. We already knew that Neil Walker had a hell of an MLB resume. But he’s come out of the gate strong in New York and had real positive results. That’s huge and not every player who comes here can say that.

The offense was great to see tonight considering we didn’t support Noah Syndergaard in his last dominant performance. Tonight he went 7 innings, gave up a run, and struck out 8. Thor is really on another level in 2016. He was dominating all spring, and he’s kept that going into the season. He’s striking out everyone. Right now, we are lucky to be witnessing his dominance. I hope this is the start to a special season for him, and ultimately a special career.

Philly Can Pitch: Jerad Eickhoff was not too shabby tonight in his matchup against Syndergaard. He almost matched him frame for frame going 7 innings, giving up 2 runs and striking out 9. His hammer rivaled that of Thor. Between his three quality starts against us in 2015 and his two solid outings this season, he’s showing the Mets that the Phillies starting rotation needs to be taken seriously.

Cappy Keeps Raking, Grandy Keeps Mopping: Asdrubal Cabrera had 3 hits tonight. He’s batting .349. Curtis Granderson went 0-4 with 2 Ks. He’s hitting .143. The law of averages is such a real thing. The Grandy/Cappy roller coaster ride to .260 should be fun. 

Natural Born Reliever: Antonio Bastardo aka Anthony Sand struck out the side in the 8th inning. His velocity looked good as he was hitting 93 MPH. His three pitch strikeout of Maikel Franco was straight up nasty.

Tomorrow: Vincent Velasquez will be tough tomorrow. With Eickhoff and Velasquez, the Phillies have starters that strike people out, and we have some hitters that are susceptible to the K. Hopefully Logan Verrett keeps us in this game like he did in his last spot start and our offense continues to display the power.

Series Preview: Mets Head To Philly, Home Of Wawa


After a big road series win in Cleveland, the Mets head to Philly where they will try to keep the momentum going. Our offense is finally heating up. Philly just lost 2 out of 3 to the scorching hot Nationals, but they took the series finale in an extra inning walk off win. They beat their former closer Jonathan Papelbon. The Phillies are a young team, but so far this season they’ve shown they aren’t going to just accept the “we’re rebuilding” narrative. They won’t just roll over, so we need to force the issue and take it to them. We need to get some payback after that embarrassing home opening series.

On a related note, I was making my way through New Jersey this weekend, and I stopped off at Wawa for breakfast. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a hoagie, and it was delicious. I’ve always wondered why Wawa never made it’s way into New York City. According to Wikipedia, in the 1990s the decision was made to abandon the franchised stores in New York as it was “too competitive”. I think Wawa’s approach to expansion really sums up the New York/Philadelphia sports rivalry quite well.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Noah Syndergaard vs. Jerad Eickhoff. Eickhoff was good through five innings against us at Citi Field during the home opener. But we got to him in the 6th and chased him from the game after scoring a few runs. Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson both hit home runs off of Eickhoff in 2015, and Conforto is actually 5 for 10 overall. He had a big RBI hit against him during the home opener. Unfortunately, the rest of the Mets have not fared so well against Eickhoff in his young career. After that dominant no-decision Thor got against Miami, it would be so nice if we could score him some damn runs.

Game 2: Logan Verrett vs. Vincent Velasquez. Velasquez has been dominant for the Phillies thus far. He’s a 23 year old pitcher the Phillies acquired in the offseason trade of their former closer Ken Giles. So far that trade has looked real good for them. He’s been throwing his fastball extra hard. Mid to upper 90s. He shut us out over 6 innings last week and had 9 strikeouts. He also recently struck out 16 Padres in a complete game shutout. But Logan Verrett was impressive in his first fill in start for deGrom against Miami. And we saw Velasquez once, so hopefully that will help us in this second go round.

Game 3: Bartolo Colon vs. Jeremy Hellickson. Bartolo may have lost to Velasquez last series against Philly, but he dominated in that game. One run over 6 innings with 7 strikeouts. That’s some sexiness right there. Last year Bartolo was 1-1 at Citizens Bank. Hellickson barely went 5 innings in his first outing against the Mets. Yoenis Cespedes and Neil Walker have had some success against Hellickson in their careers. He took his first loss of the season last time out against the Nationals. They rocked him, scoring 6 runs in three innings. Let’s hope we have similar success.

Things To Look For:

David Loves Philly: David Wright has the most home runs by a visiting player in the history of Citizens Bank Park. It would be tough for him to pull a Chipper Jones and name his first born child Citizens Bank. If it’s a boy, maybe he can go with Anthony Thomas Michael Wright and call him ATM for short.

We’re Going Streaking: Lucas Duda had a big two RBI hit in Sunday’s finale against Cleveland, but he’s off to a slow start. He’s hitting .205 with 1 double and no home runs. I can’t wait for Lucas to finally show up in May and hit .875 with 15 home runs. Then he’ll disappear for two months like Keyser Söze, only to reappear for a two week stretch at the end of the season to hit his other 15 home runs. He’s really Mr. Streak.

Fear the Reaper: Yoenis Cespedes is still a little sore after jumping into the stands during the series against the Marlins at home. He DH’d all weekend, but despite his soreness he had a lot of success at the plate going 4 for 12. Travis d’Arnaud got plunked on the elbow on Saturday, and it’s still bugging him. He’s expected back at some point during the Philly series this week. Despite those minor injuries and the Jacob deGrom lat issue, we have been running our full lineup out there to start the season. The gods have blessed us so far with good health, but not really good fortune as far as wins and losses. We need to stockpile the wins now while we have our health for as we all know Valar Morghulis.

Cleveland Rocked: Matz Takes Rubber Game Against Indians

Final Score: Mets 6, Indians 0

This was hands down the biggest win of the season. We needed to take this series after what the Indians did to Matt Harvey yesterday. We needed to win a series period. Well the Mets offense broke out again, and Steven Matz was able to silence the Indian bats. We managed to beat one of Cleveland’s aces Corey Kluber. Unbelievable. Hopefully this win will give us some momentum as we head to Philly.

We all knew the bats were eventually going to break out, but we can’t deny that the offensive surge has coincided with Michael Conforto moving to the 3 hole. He’s crushing it. Curtis Granderson walked and Asdrubal Cabrera singled to start the game. And Conforto smacked a double to drive in Grandy right away. Then Lucas Duda drove in two more with a two out single. We got off to a hot start right away, and Conforto was in the middle of it.

In the second inning, the Lord of Light cast the sun upon the Indians. Grandy got a two out triple when center fielder Rajai Davis lost the ball in the sun. Then Asdrubal drove him in with a bunt to make it 4-0. The bunt was a genius move with two outs. He caught Kluber completely off guard. So much so that Kluber threw the ball away trying to make the play at first which allowed Cabrera to get to second base. Conforto proceeded to drive Cabrera in with a double. After the Conforto RBI, the inning seemed like it was about to end when Yoenis Cespedes drove a routine fly to center field. But once again Rajai Davis just never saw the ball, and it dropped which allowed Conforto to score making it 6-0.

Matz did the rest today pitching 7 shutout innings and striking out 9 Indians. It was without a doubt the biggest start of the season from any of our young aces. What an amazing way to rebound after his opening stinker.

Hansel So Hot Right Now: Hansel Robles blew away the Indians in the 8th inning with two strikeouts. He’s been dominant so far this season which is very promising.

Catch The Fever: Travis d’Arnaud got nailed on the elbow yesterday by a pitch. X-Rays were negative, but he’s supposedly in a lot of pain. He definitely won’t play tomorrow, but hopefully Mr. Glass will be back by mid-week. Today Kevin Plawecki got the start and went 2 for 4. He’s batting .333 for the season. Remember when people said he should start in Triple-A for a little more seasoning? What a joke that was. Johnny Monell would be batting .000 if he was our backup catcher. God I hope d’Arnaud is okay because I don’t want to see the terrible Triple-A catching corps at any point this season.

Tomorrow: Now it’s on to Philly with Noah Syndergaard on the mound. Let’s keep this momentum going and have a big week against the Phillies and Braves.

Mets Lose; What’s The Deal With Harvey?

Final Score: Indians 7, Mets 5

On Saturday, Curtis Granderson led the game off with a home run. In the top of the 8th, Yoenis Cespedes hit a three run bomb. Neil Walker also hit a solo shot in that inning. The home run parade from Friday continued against the Indians on Saturday. With our ace Matt Harvey on the mound, five runs should be plenty to win that game and the series. But it wasn’t because Harvey got smacked up yet again. He’s been following an eerily similar in-game blueprint. He starts strong and tires midway through the game. Harvey was no hitting them into the 5th inning, and then the wheels fell off. The Indians got a couple of runs against Harvey in the 5th and then a few more in the 6th before he was yanked for Rafael Montero. If your starter is giving up five runs, it’s generally loser ball every time. And it certainly isn’t what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with Harvey on the mound. Also Rafael Montero looked bad in his season debut. He’s gone from top prospect to toilet mop up man.

What’s The Deal With Harvey?: So Harvey’s start to the season is a big problem. Dan Warthen, Terry Collins, and Harvey are all super concerned. Supposedly it’s a mechanical issue from the stretch and Warthen said “Basically, he’s trying to throw hard.” Matt Harvey refuted the notion that he’s suffering from playoff related fatigue. Quite frankly, I don’t buy that. I think Harvey and deGrom have both battled issues that have affected their mechanics, velocity, and performance. And I just refuse to believe that an all time high workload in 2015 has nothing to do with it.

Whatever it is, please keep lighting all your damn candles. Jacob deGrom has the troublesome lat, Zack Wheeler had a “minor” surgery to get some Tommy John stitches removed, and Matt Harvey now has these mechanical “issues”. Meanwhile, Noah Syndergaard is somehow sustaining his 100 MPH fastball and throwing harder than anyone on the planet. We need this rotation intact. We need the Mets pitching universe to remain in a perfect state of equilibrium. Ideally, we could just use stem cells to clone Bartolo Colon and have five 300 pound starters invulnerable to injury. Maybe before he retires, Tolo can put us in touch with one of his friends at the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic and make that happen. But for now, we need our young studs to stay healthy naturally and remain effective. Fingers crossed.

Today: We need to beat their ace Corey Kluber in the rubber game today. It’s as simple as that. We are five games behind the Nationals already in the standings. Sigh.

Pray For What Matters: By the way, take everything I wrote above and toss it in the trash. Jacob deGrom is still in Florida but not because of his lat injury. He’s there because his newborn infant is having medical complications. The team said today that the infant is doing much better, but please pray for Jacob, his wife Stacey and their newborn baby Jaxon.

Uribe vs. Tolo: Mets Win Battle Of The Sexes

Final Score: Mets 6, Indians 5

Jesus Christ we barely pulled that game out in the end. But Big Sexy Bartolo Colon and the Mets take game 1 of this series against Dark Sexy Juan Uribe and the Indians. The offense finally broke out of its early funk. What did I say this week? I said the offense has been unlucky. I said we need to hit more home runs because that’s one of our offensive strengths (genius right?). I said on Wednesday that it looked like the offense was getting quality at bats, and it seemed like we were a couple of big hits away from turning things around. Well tonight the big flies came, and they came in bulk. Terry moved Michael Conforto to the 3 hole in the lineup, and he hit a dinger immediately in the top of the 1st. Boom. Lock him up in that spot forever. In the top of the 5th, Alejandro De Aza hit a home run. He went 3 for 4 in the game. He was a triple shy of the cycle. Boom. Then in the same inning, Conforto singled with two outs and Yoenis Cespedes followed that up with a two run jack. Lucas Duda followed that with a single, and the Indians brought in lefthander Ross Detwiler to pitch. Then Neil Walker, batting righthanded, hit a two run home run to make it 6-1. Ding Dongs all day.

Big Sexy wasn’t at his sexiest but he was sexy enough. He got chased in the 6th inning. His effort wasn’t enough for a quality start, but he got the win. After Antonio Bastardo and Hansel Robles bailed out Sexy, I was all excited to praise the bullpen in my postgame recap. Unfortunately, Addison Reed gave up a two run bomb to Carlos Santana in the 9th inning, and Terry had to summon Jeurys Familia to bail him out. And Familia barely closed the game out. He gave up a 2 out single to Yan Gomes, threw a wild pitch, then a single to Marlon Byrd, and then walked Juan Uribe. But he managed to get Jose Ramirez to fly out. We got the win. Phew.

Terry Puts A Hit On La Familia: Terry should be arrested for attempted murder. He’s trying to kill our arms left and right. He straight up publicly attacked Jim Henderson by bringing him in against the Marlins on Wednesday. And he’s killing Familia. The Mets tweeted out today that since the start of the 2015 season, Familia has four saves of five or more outs. That’s the most in baseball. Umm these pitchers are like cars. They have limited mileage. They are easily burnt out. They have limits. Familia is arguably our most essential and irreplaceable pitcher. Protect him Terry. Actually I’m just going to ask Sandy to force Terry to protect him because that’s our only hope.

Nationals En Fuego: The Nationals are 8-1. They are crushing the NL Least. I thought that was our plan. They aren’t going to stumble this season. We need to start winning to keep up. Two in a row is a good start.

Tomorrow: We need to win this series tomorrow with Matt Harvey on the mound and avoid a rubber game against Kluber on Sunday. Step up Dark Knight. Do it.

Series Preview: From Panic City to Cleveland

After a disgraceful home stand against Philly and Miami where the Mets dropped 4 of 6, we are off to Cleveland for a little interleague action. The Indians are off to a 4-3 start unlike the floundering Mets. But both teams rank in the bottom five for runs scored. The entire weekend might wind up being a scoreless snoozefest. It’ll just blur into one long excruciating game. On offense Cleveland has a bit of an excuse because Michael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall, two of their starting outfielders, have started the season on the DL. And as far as I can tell, they aren’t due back on the big club for this series against the Mets. The problem with Cleveland is they haven’t pitched well so far either. They have a team ERA well over 4 and rank in the bottom 10. Yuck. But pitching is their strength so it’s really just a few bad games and not indicative of their overall talent.

Pitching Matchups:

We’ve lucked out on this trip to Cleveland since we miss Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar, two of their top 3 young studs.

Game 1: Bartolo Colon vs. Cody Anderson

Cody Anderson is one of Cleveland’s young starters, but a slightly less heralded one. He debuted in 2015 and made 15 starts. He went 7-3 with a 3.05 ERA. He throws a low 90s fastball with a slider and a change-up. He’s not a strikeout pitcher. He’s been a very effective middle of the rotation starter for the Indians in his young career. He’s never faced the Mets.

Bartolo is so sexy. But as a warning, Marlon Byrd is 6 for 14 with 2 bombs against him and Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis are 3 for 11. So not only does Cleveland have guys who have faced Sexy, but they have had some success against him. But again, he’s so sexy.

Game 2: Matt Harvey vs. Josh Tomlin

Tomlin was 7-2 with a 3.02 ERA in 10 starts for the Indians in 2015. Very few Mets have faced him. Curtis Granderson is 2 for 7 against him and Alejandro De Aza is 3 for 11 with a home run.

The Mets desperately need a big start from Matt Harvey. He’s kept the team in his two starts thus far, but he’s been nowhere near dominant. It would be nice if he had a big day against an Indians lineup that has struggled.

Game 3: Steven Matz vs. Corey Kluber

Steven Matz draws 2014 Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. He’s the big dog. He’s a popular preseason Cy Young pick in the AL. Over 450 innings pitched in the last two years. He’s 0-2 on the season. On Opening Day he got hit a little bit by the Red Sox, tired in the 6th, and got chased from the game. He gave up 4 earned runs over 5.1 innings pitched and took the loss to David Price. He went much deeper against Tampa Bay in his second start, but in the 8th inning with 2 outs he gave up a two run home run to Logan Forsythe and that was the difference in the game. A number of Mets have faced him. Yoenis Cespedes is 4 for 12 with a home run against him. Asdrubal Cabrera is 1 for 5 and Curtis Granderson is 1 for 3. Alejandro De Aza has seen him a lot but he’s 3 for 23. Yikes.

Steven Matz can’t pitch much worse than he did in his first start of the season. Matz has the composure of a veteran. I’m optimistic he’ll get back out there and give us a quality outing.

Things To Look For:

Baseball’s Sexiest Matchup: Bartolo Colon vs. Juan Uribe may be the sexiest matchup in the game today. Juan Uribe is 4 for 14 in his career against Bartolo. When Tolo delivers his first pitch to the Hog Show it is going to be electric.

Panic City’s Newest Resident: Terry Collins managed the final game of the Marlins series like it was the World Series. He threw Jeurys Familia out there for a 5 out save. That’s bananas in the second week of the season. He said it was a “huge win” and a game “we had to have”. He said he wanted to change the perception that “there’s no energy here”. Well for starters, it’s obvious Terry reads the New York Post and all the other media outlets that pump up the hysteria. He’s such an old man. Just watching Fox News and bugging out on his couch. Screaming to his wife about anything and everything, “I told you!! Didn’t I tell ya?” I can’t believe Terry officially moved to Panic City and the season is eight games old. It’ll be interesting to see if Terry operates in a similar fashion going forward. Clearly he’s already feeling the pressure of great expectations.

Road Dogs (Hopefully): Well we really sucked at home. We sucked big time. Now we embark on a 9 game road trip to Cleveland, Philadelphia and then to play the awful Braves in Atlanta. Cespedes crushed it on the road in 2015 to the tune of a .320 average. Curtis Granderson and Travis d’Arnaud also hit much better on the road. Let’s hope a little vacation sparks the bats and maybe some of these batted balls with men on base will start finding holes. Hopefully.

Fingers Crossed for deGrom: Jacob deGrom is supposedly throwing a bullpen session tomorrow. If he feels okay he will probably make his next start. If not he’s going on the DL. Light your candles for the big man. We need him.