Mets Call In “The Bomb Squad” Again; Take Series In Philly

Final Score: Mets 11, Phillies 1

Ding, ding, ding. The New York Mets Bomb Squad makes another appearance tonight. All eleven of our runs came from home runs. In the first inning, David Wright doubled and Michael Conforto muscled a two run homer out of Citizens Bank Park.

In the top of the 3rd, Logan Verrett reached base on an error. Then with two outs, Conforto singled and Yoenis Cespedes hit a three run blast to make it 5-0.

In the top of the 6th, Neil Walker hit a right-handed home run to make it 6-0.

In the 7th, Cespedes walked and Lucas Duda hit his second bomb of the season after hitting his first yesterday. He’s finally going streaking! Neil Walker followed Duda’s bomb with his second home run of the game to make it 9-0. This was the second day in a row the Mets had back to back home runs. I’m sure somebody will look up the last time that happened, but it’s definitely been a while. To cap off the inning, somebody woke Eric Campbell up from his evening nap on the bench, and he got a pinch hit single. Then Curtis Granderson hit a two run homer to make it 11-0 and give us a 5 run inning.

Verrett The Intern: Logan Verrett was absolutely fantastic tonight with six scoreless innings. And he’s been great in both of his fill-in starts for Jacob deGrom. It’s pretty obvious this guy knows how to pitch (at least against bad teams like the Phillies). Honestly, as soon as we booted Dillon Gee out of town, it was pretty clear that Verrett was just the young upstart intern that could do the exact same job as old man Gee for half the price. Dillon was like “This is crap. I don’t want to work out of the bullpen! I earned this job. I’ve been here for years!” And the Mets just kicked him to the curb in favor of the cheap labor. They showed absolutely no loyalty for all the years old man Gee gave us because they knew what Verrett could do. You gotta love capitalism.

Live By The Dinger, Die By The Dinger: So far this season, the Mets offensive output has been via the home run. We are bottom five in team average with runners in scoring position. We have not been some contact oriented team. We have not been a station to station team. We have been high risk, high reward. It’s been dingers or strikeouts. Now, that may not be the way things are all season long. Again this is a small sample size. That being said, we are a team full of guys who historically have hit 15-25 home runs, strikeout a bunch, and bat .260. And I am including Yoenis Cespedes in that group because that’s the kind of player he has been since he came over from Cuba. I am totally cool being a live by the dinger die by the dinger team with the pitching we have at our disposal. We just better hope the home runs are coming when we play the big games down the stretch this season. I’ve seen plenty of recent Yankee teams fizzle out because of the home run dependent strategy.

Kevin Long Did It: Speaking of home runs, Kevin Long did it. Neil Walker has hit three home runs from the right side of the plate because Kevin Long apparently fixed some timing mechanical thing with his swing. Curtis Granderson and Lucas Duda look like they’re coming around after their home runs today. I tried to reach Long for comment, but he was in the middle of his evening confidence massage where Cespedes rubs his shoulders and tells him he’s the hitting coach spark we’ve been waiting for all these years.

Relax It’s Philly: We are playing the Phillies. Let’s not forget that we are supposed to beat them up. The home opening series was an embarrassing setback. Now we are back on track. And by the way, we can’t just attribute all these home runs to Citizens Bank Park. For the most part they’ve been no doubters. Conforto’s first inning home run and Walker’s second homer of the game may have been park aided. But the rest were absolutely crushed.

Montero Mop Up: Rafael Montero came in for mop up duty and looked awful. I’m assuming he’s an overhyped bust of a prospect until I see some results. But his crummy pitching performance did give us the chance to see Juan Lagares take away a three run homer from Maikel Franco. Frankly I forgot Juan was on the team. As the season rolls on, Terry is going to have to find a way to get him some action to keep him fresh.

Tomorrow: His Sexiness Bartolo Colon is on the mound. Let’s sweep them. NL Least!!

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