Wilpons Sold Piazza 9/11 Jersey; Desperately Trying To Win It Back At Auction


Last week it came out that the jersey Mike Piazza wore on 9/11 is being auctioned off this month. I didn’t even read the article at the time, because I assumed that meant the Mets were auctioning off the jersey to raise thousands of dollars for charity before placing it in the baseball Hall of Fame museum at Cooperstown as Indiana Jones would have wanted. However, yesterday Mike Piazza came out and said he is furious that his jersey is up for auction. Why? Because the jersey isn’t being auctioned off by the Mets for charity. The Wilpons previously sold the jersey to Goldin Auctions unbeknownst to Piazza, and they have had it at the Citi Field Museum on loan. That’s right. The Wilpons sold MLB’s historic anti-terrorism symbol for a few thousand dollars to help pay back their Madoff creditors. No that is not a typo. I’m pretty much speechless. At first the Wilpons had the audacity to question the jersey’s authenticity and pretended they never sold it. And then, the head of Goldin Auctions pulled out the certificate of authenticity that the Wilpons gave him and was like “umm what are you guys talking about”. And now the Wilpons have straight up acknowledged they screwed up.

The best part is now the Wilpons have to win the jersey back at auction like they are Happy Gilmore trying to win Grandma’s house back. Piazza said the Mets have assured him they are making a “concerted effort to get the jersey back”. Jeff is just going to be standing in the back of the room as senile Fred does his best Mrs. Gilmore impression asking him over and over “What’s going on?” I feel like this auction has the potential to attract some terrorist scum. All kinds of ISIS supporters showing up to bid on the jersey. If Mets fans can raise the money, I will happily represent us as the “Shooter McGavin” of the auction. Priceless jersey speculation is a hobby of mine. I can outbid the Wilpons, and then use the jersey in an attempt to blackmail them into selling the team. I can’t imagine that’ll work though. I’m sure they’ll just auction off a few more players and come up with plenty of cash.

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