Mets Pass On Cuban Star; Prefer To Have One

In the least surprising news of all time, the Mets passed on signing free agent Cuban infielder Yulieski Gurriel (formerly spelled Yulieski Gourriel). He plays second base and third base and was touted as the best international talent available in the market. But the Mets don’t have a need at either of those positions. We already have our studs Wilmer Flores and Jose Reyes. I mean let’s be reasonable here. We have all these infielders signed to expensive long term deals. How can we possibly fit any other infielders on our roster? And by “all these” I mean just David Wright who may never play another game again. The Mets infield logjam is a real problem. We can’t go complicating things by adding another talented body.

Instead, Gurriel goes to the Astros on a 5 year deal worth $47.5 million dollars. The Astros have an abundance of infielders on their major league roster and Alex Bregman their top position player prospect is also a middle infielder. Obviously the Astros GM has lost his mind. How will his team possibly accommodate all these talented players? There’s simply no way to do it. If the Mets have taught us anything this year it’s that maintaining a deep roster is simply too risky. A team is much better off playing short-handed every single week and being forced to address roster deficiencies during the season by trading pitching prospects for Kelly Johnson.

Plus the Mets don’t want to violate MLB’s strict “one Cuban All-Star per team” policy. I know Yo wanted Gurriel to join the Mets very much. But he just doesn’t understand that rules are rules. One star Cuban per team. That’s it. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed. Also it’s hilarious that the Mets completely ignored the plea by Cespedes. He came to them and said this guy is the real deal and the team should sign him. Cespedes is rarely vocal about anything with the media. He went out of his way to express his feelings about Gurriel. What did the Mets say to that? Nope! Pass!

This is 100% foreshadowing the Mets 2016/17 offseason Cuban relations. Don’t be fooled people. Yoenis Cespedes opting out of his current contract is an absolute lock. There is no way in hell the Mets are going to give him the long term deal he wants and deserves. And you can rest assured that some team is going to give him his money this time. If his unproven former Cuban teammate is getting 10 million a season over the next 5 years, I guarantee you some team is giving Cespedes (who’s younger than Gurriel and a major league All-Star) 25 million a year over 6 years. I know everyone said that last offseason Cespedes would get paid. But last offseason it was pretty obvious that Cespedes wanted to stay in New York more than anything. The World Series trip was so fresh. He just couldn’t get over that feeling and pass on a chance to try and get there again. I’m sure that feeling will wear off by the end of this season. Plus he’s going to need extra cash considering he’s spent his entire 2016 salary on horses, pigs, and sports cars.

Speaking of Cespedes, he tried running the bases today and his quad injury hasn’t healed. I can’t decide what’s more likely. He’s either going to sit for 15 days on the active roster and then come back, or the Mets will pinch hit him tonight and he’ll re-aggravate the injury thus making it impossible for the team to backdate the DL stint. Whatever. I’m just going to assume the Mets passed on this new Cuban to save their money for Cespedes. Because if the Mets let Cespedes walk away from the team, we all should do the same thing.

Mets “Promise” To Watch Cuban Workout

Yesterday, Jeff Wilpon popped out of his burrow and made an appearance at some fundraiser. Typically when the shadow of Jeff Wilpon makes an appearance, it means six more weeks of losing. However, Jeff decided to go on the record about his frustration with the Mets current performance and indicated the Mets need to make moves now because the losing is getting out of hand. So today, Sandy Alderson made all sorts of promises. The most significant promise by far was when Sandy said the Mets are going to do their “due diligence” on recent Cuban defector third baseman Yulieski Gurriel (previously spelled Yulieski Gourriel and also the first name might be spelled Yuliesky. If anyone gets a hold of his freaking residency papers please email me a copy so I can spell his damn name right). The Mets even said they were going to hold a private workout for the new Cuban. Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but Denard Span is still waiting for the Mets to attend his 2015/2016 offseason workout. Remember that? Sandy promised we would attend his workout and a few days later we were signing Alejandro De Aza for the outfield.

The point is don’t get your hopes up. I said weeks ago that this is the guy the Mets should be getting to fix their little third base problem. But I have a feeling that after the team’s pathetic display this weekend, the Wilpons gave the marching orders yesterday for Sandy to send out some signals of hope. This Cuban guy will require a big fat check (at least 3-4 years at 10m-12m a year). I don’t care how much the Wilpons are paying Yoenis Cespedes on this fake 3 year deal that he will certainly opt-out of at season’s end. I just can’t see them opening their check book again. At least Cespedes went on the record and said he wants the Mets to sign his boy. God I hope this happens. It’s more likely the Mets conduct their scouting by popping on the grainy YouTube video of Gurriel on the Cuban National team, and then just decide to promote Soup.