Mets “Promise” To Watch Cuban Workout

Yesterday, Jeff Wilpon popped out of his burrow and made an appearance at some fundraiser. Typically when the shadow of Jeff Wilpon makes an appearance, it means six more weeks of losing. However, Jeff decided to go on the record about his frustration with the Mets current performance and indicated the Mets need to make moves now because the losing is getting out of hand. So today, Sandy Alderson made all sorts of promises. The most significant promise by far was when Sandy said the Mets are going to do their “due diligence” on recent Cuban defector third baseman Yulieski Gurriel (previously spelled Yulieski Gourriel and also the first name might be spelled Yuliesky. If anyone gets a hold of his freaking residency papers please email me a copy so I can spell his damn name right). The Mets even said they were going to hold a private workout for the new Cuban. Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but Denard Span is still waiting for the Mets to attend his 2015/2016 offseason workout. Remember that? Sandy promised we would attend his workout and a few days later we were signing Alejandro De Aza for the outfield.

The point is don’t get your hopes up. I said weeks ago that this is the guy the Mets should be getting to fix their little third base problem. But I have a feeling that after the team’s pathetic display this weekend, the Wilpons gave the marching orders yesterday for Sandy to send out some signals of hope. This Cuban guy will require a big fat check (at least 3-4 years at 10m-12m a year). I don’t care how much the Wilpons are paying Yoenis Cespedes on this fake 3 year deal that he will certainly opt-out of at season’s end. I just can’t see them opening their check book again. At least Cespedes went on the record and said he wants the Mets to sign his boy. God I hope this happens. It’s more likely the Mets conduct their scouting by popping on the grainy YouTube video of Gurriel on the Cuban National team, and then just decide to promote Soup.

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