Other Team Wins (Tigers); What Else Is New?

Final Score: Tigers 4, Mets 3

Every Mets Game Recap: Put men on. Leave them on. Put men on. Leave them on. Put men on. Leave them on. Put men on…

2016 Mets Season Recap: Win then lose. Win then lose. Win then lose. Win then lose. .500 baseball! I’m no sports scientist, but that doesn’t seem like a winning formula to me!

The Actual Recap: I have Justin Verlander on my fantasy team so that’s nice. He went 6 innings, 2 runs and struck out 9 Mets. Honestly, I’m just going to try and pick up every starter that faces the Mets the rest of the season off of the fantasy waiver wire.

Noah Syndergaard worked through 6 innings, gave up 4 runs on 7 hits and struck out 7. I wish no bone chips Thor still pitched. He was so dominant earlier this season. This Thor makes too many mistakes. He had a rough fourth inning and gave up a two run dinger to Victor Martinez and an RBI single to James McCann. Although in Thor’s defense, one mistake means you are guaranteed to lose with this Mets offense.

The Mets left two runners in scoring position in the second inning. They left a man on in the 6th inning. The Mets scored a BS run in the 9th on an RBI ground out by James Loney. They couldn’t buy a clutch hit per usual.

Kelly Johnson hit a two run homer in the fourth inning. Johnson has really been fantastic since joining the Mets. We should probably retain him on a one year deal this offseason. Don’t screw it up this time Sandy. Also, the Tigers walked Jay Bruce that inning to give Kelly the opportunity with a man on base. Bruce has replaced Yoenis Cespedes as the new auto-walk.

The Metsiest Thing Ever: I was at the bar last night, and they had the Cubs and Nationals on two of the TVs. The Nationals cruised to a 5-1 win over the Giants, and the Cubs beat the A’s 7-2. It must be nice to watch a team that dominates. Both the Cubs and Nats are on cruise control and locks to win their divisions. I still can’t believe Sandy let Daniel Murphy walk to our chief division rival, and now he’s having the best season by a second baseman ever. Unreal. I’m pretty sure it’s the Metsiest thing that’s ever happened.

The King Of The Jokes: The real problem with the Cubs and the Nationals being good is the 2016 playoffs will be lose lose for Mets fans. If the Nationals win the World Series, then Daniel Murphy going to the Nats will go down as one of the worst front office blunders in sports history. If the Cubs win and break their curse, then I think the Mets become the King of The Joke Franchises. Right? Who’s left? In baseball I think we may take the cake. The Cavaliers were a joke in the NBA, but they won a title. The Jets are a joke. Maybe the football Jets and Mets tie for the crown.

Today: The worst part about the Mets .500 play is the NL Wild Card race is full of mediocre and bad teams. We are still 2 games out yet we seemingly have been playing below .500 for months. But there’s no chance we win the Wild Card if we keep on stinking. That being said, Logan Verrett pitches today. Prepare for a Jon Niese relief appearance and more stinky play.

3 thoughts on “Other Team Wins (Tigers); What Else Is New?

  1. JohnE

    The current Mets team is mediocre. The poor hitting negates a very good pitching staff.
    My father took me to my first Mets game in 1962 (when I was 7). Those original Mets were truly a joke. When the Mets won the World Series in 1969, it really was more amazin’ than man walking on the moon.
    You want a real joke team? Consider the Dbacks. A team that wears ugly uniforms and plays (poorly) inside a ballpark that looks like an airplane hanger. Vin Scully the other night was amazed that the Dbacks draw an average 25,000 per home game. The reason they draw any fans at all is because nearly everybody who lives in the Phoenix area is from someplace else–so they come to root for their own hometown team. The Dbacks’ own fan base is virtually non-existent.
    On local news this week, the sports report is about the Cardinals opening training camp, ASU opening training camp, a Suns NBA update and, oh yeah, the Dbacks are playing somebody tonight at Chase Field.
    Now that’s a joke team. It’s mind blowing to think that the team is actually run by Tony LaRussa.

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