Where The Hell Was Syndergaard?

My friend texted me earlier this week and said let’s go to Citi Field and watch Noah Syndergaard on Wednesday so I said hell yeah. Sure the Mets have been sucking lately, but Noah Syndergaard is worth watching any day of the week, at any time, no matter how bad your team has been playing.

When Tuesday’s game was rained out I started to worry that the Mets might keep the rotation order intact and give everyone an extra day of rest. Then the beat reporters started to say that the Mets planned on skipping Robert Gsellman and pitching Thor on Wednesday night. Once I heard that “news” I completely tuned out. I went to work on Wednesday and was excited to have a chance to watch Thor dominate. And then what happened? The Wilpons pulled a fast one and waited for everyone to buy their tickets before announcing Gsellman would get the nod for the game. What a bunch of bullshit.

Anyway, the Braves lit up Robert Gsellman to the tune of five runs in the first inning. The game was over before I had a chance to finish my second goddamn chicken finger. It would be nice if the Mets had rotation depth and could consider demoting Gsellman to Triple-A since he clearly looks overmatched this month. But the team doesn’t have an actual alternative to slot into the rotation. Seth Lugo? His UCL is half torn, and I don’t expect to see him back on the mound any time soon. Steven Matz? If he actually finishes his rehab and returns to the majors I’m sure he’ll be back on the DL in no time. Bartolo Colon? Yeah I wish.

The Mets lost to the Braves 8-2. They made three errors. They have lost five games in a row. There was nothing to recap in this game. You want to know the top 10 highlights?

  1. Beer number one.
  2. The Mets loaded the bases in the fourth inning with nobody out, and Neil Walker hit a sac fly for our only run of the inning.
  3. Beer number two.
  4. The kid who took part in the wiffle ball home run derby on the Jumbotron broke the Citi Field record.
  5. Kiss Cam
  6. Beer number three.
  7. Asdrubal Cabrera made a nice leaping catch of a liner up the middle. I don’t even remember what inning it was.
  8. I was sitting in the Coca Cola Corner and yelled “Nick Markakis you SUCK” at Nick Markakis.
  9. Jose Reyes hit a foul ball home run to right field in the 7th inning.
  10. The piss I took before I left the stadium.

That’s it folks. Nothing to see here. The game was over in the first inning.

Ooooh and that reminds me. I didn’t have time to write a post after the Mets ESPN Sunday Night Baseball disaster. The recap is Met killer Daniel Murphy hit a grand slam in the first inning and the game was over. The game being over in the first inning is a theme lately.

I hate Daniel Murphy. His transformation from net negative to MVP candidate after being booted from Flushing and going to a division rival is one of the Metsiest things in Mets history, and I will never get over it. If Daniel Murphy leads the Washington Nationals to a World Series Championship, I may permanently lose all faith in the Mets franchise.

Screw Metkiller Murph.

Mets Play Another Stinker 

Final Score: Marlins 8, Mets 1

To summarize this crappy loss, the Mets offense was non-existent (again), the bullpen looked like crap (again), the defense was horrendous (again) and the starting pitching was thoroughly disappointing. It was a total stinker in every single way.

No Offense: The pathetic Mets lineup managed to get three hits. The first hit was a Lucas Duda solo homer in the bottom of the 5th inning. That homer represented the only run. The rest of the game was filled with Mets striking out (13 times). Over the first five innings the Mets made Adam Conley look like Tom Glavine in his prime. Then the Marlins pen combined to pitch four innings, giving up two hits and striking out sevem. Yoenis Cespedes and Wilmer Flores both went 0 for 3 and struck out twice. Neil Walker struck out four times. Jose Reyes didn’t start this game, but even he managed to sneak in a quick K in his pinch hitting appearance.

Shake Things Up: It’s cold and early in the season. It’s not time to make sweeping judgements about how this offense will perform over the course of the year. But the reality is we already saw this lineup last year, and we know that it’s feast or famine. In the short term, Terry needs to get Michael Conforto into the lineup and possibly T.J. Rivera. Let’s shake things up for a few days.

Rough Start: Robert Gsellman left balls up in the zone and the Marlins hit everything hard. In the first inning Gsellman gave up a one out double to Miguel Rojas and then with two outs Giancarlo Stanton singled to bring the first run home. In the second inning he gave up a moon shot homer to Marcell Ozuna. In the third inning J.T. Realmuto hit a “triple” (see horrendous defense section below) and Miguel Rojas drove him in on a sac fly. Gsellman also ran into major trouble in the 5th inning, but Terry stuck with him and he was able to strike out Marcell Ozuna with runners on second and third and two outs. It may have been a poor start, but it was nice to see him finish strong and keep the team in the game.

Horrendous Defense: In the third inning, J.T. Realmuto hit a ball to center field and Curtis Granderson straight up misplayed it. It should have been an out and instead it was a triple. It’s a reminder that Curtis does not belong in center field at 36 years old. The Grandyman also made an excellent catch in center field to end the 6th inning, but in reality he was just playing too deep and was able to make the catch at the last second. After the diving catch I saw the look on his face and it said “I can’t do this for 162.”

In the 4th inning, Wilmer Flores butchered a ground ball to third base for an error.

The other obvious defensive liability worth noting is Jay Bruce. I feel like he had a ball hit to him in every inning of the game and every time it happened I was holding my breath. He really stinks out there.

Bullpen Rocked: Josh Smoker pitched a strong sixth inning and Jerry Blevins retired a couple of batters but Hansel Robles, Paul Sewald, and Rafael Montero looked tired and awful. Hansel Robles walked two batters in the 7th inning and gave up a run. Once it was 4-1 I felt like Terry was waving the white flag when he brought in newly called up Paul Sewald to pitch the 8th inning. But after Paul gave up two runs, Terry seemingly abandoned the plan and decided to use the same overtaxed relievers yet again. Blevins came in and then he turned to Rafael “Dead Arm” Montero and even Fernando Salas pitched in a freaking blowout. Terry stinks.

Stray Notes

Dead Wrist: Asdrubal Cabrera was flexing his wrist after his first and second at-bat. He stayed in the game, but I’m sure he’ll need a season ending wristectomy.

Schedule BS: The Mets have 32 consecutive games against the NL East to start the season?!? Is MLB serious? Why the hell would they cram all of the divisional games in April and May? The scheduling people suck. Well I guess the entire season is on the line in April. No pressure. 

Today: Hopefully Noah Syndergaard can help us salvage one game at home against the Marlins. Talk about a pathetic start to the season. If Noah’s blister comes into play tonight Panic City will be in flames six games into the season. Also, blister rhymes with Fister. So we should probably sign Doug Fister.

Robert Bruceman Wins It For Mets

Final Score: Mets 5, Phillies 1

It comes down to today’s game. The Mets need one more win to lock up the first Wild Card spot and home field advantage. The Mets performance over the past month has been incredible. Sure the schedule has been soft overall, but they beat the Cardinals and Giants down the stretch. They deserve praise for this improbable run. If the Mets make the one game Wild Card playoff and lose, it’ll leave a sour disappointing taste in our mouths for 2016. As I’ve said many times, I barely consider the Wild Card game a playoff game. But the bottom line is the Mets deserve praise for waking the hell up a month ago and getting to this point.

The Mets won last night because of Robert Bruceman (i.e. the combined stellar pitching performance from Robert Gsellman and the three hit, three RBI night from smoking hot Jay Bruce). Robert Bruceman sounds like a swarmy classless business man that would pick up a woman in a hotel bar, accompany her to her room, and then disappear the next morning leaving her with an enormous room service bill.

The Bruce Is Beyond Loose: Jay Bruce hit an RBI single in the 4th inning, a solo homer in the 7th inning, and an RBI single in the 8th inning. Streaky players are completely ridiculous. He went from completely lost at the plate to absolutely en fuego. T.J. Rivera also added a 4th inning RBI single, and Yoenis Cespedes had an RBI in the 8th on one of the most absurd pop force outs to first base that I’ve even seen. God I hope this team clinches today and wins the damn Wild Card game. Bruce is hot. The offense is hot. Please just give these bats a chance in a short playoff series. Also, after all the struggles we had on offense this season I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

Trust Issues: Robert Gsellman gave up 7 hits and 1 run over 6 innings. He struck out 7. Is it weird that I don’t trust him? He’s been spectacular. ERA under 3. He’s firing off quality start after quality start. And I just don’t trust him. I’m expecting him to turn into a pumpkin despite the fact that he’s always been a promising minor league arm, and he’s showing his talent at the major league level. I suppose the skepticism has more to do with being a Mets fan than anything else. We’re always doubting the validity of every good thing. We just sit around waiting to be burned.

Trust Issues 2.0: Speaking of skepticism, the Fernando Salas, Addison Reed, Jeurys Familia combination struck out 7 Phillies over 3 innings. The back end of the pen has been logging so many innings, but it’s remained dominant. Terry used all the big guns again last night because he’s trying to lock this damn Wild Card spot up. I get it. But I’m skeptical yet again. I’m waiting for their arms to fall off when it matters most. Reliever trust issues also come with the territory when it comes to being a Mets fan. All teams really.

Cancel The Game: Terry Collins said after the game that he’d consider starting Eric Campbell at first base if the Mets make the Wild Card game and face Madison Bumgarner. If that’s the case just cancel the game now. I’d rather start any left-handed hitter on our 40 man roster in that game over Soup. Soup stinks. I’m just going to assume Terry had a moment of temporary insanity after the game when he said that. Please God no Soup. Also, the Mets confirmed after last night’s game that Wilmer Flores tried to swing and failed. He’s out forever. It’s a huge blow. It’s the reason we’re talking about Soup and playoffs in the same sentence. I’ll never forgive Terry for that pinch running oversight that led to Wilmer’s home plate collision if it means we see Soup hitting in a big spot.

Today: Clinch today baby! Let’s go Mets!

1-877-Runs4Fans, The Mets Scored Runs Today

1-877-Runs4Fans/R-U-N-S, Runs for fans/ 1-877-Runs4Fans/The Mets scored runs today!

Final Score: Mets 17, Phillies 0

What an explosive day at the plate for the New York Mets. Thank the gods for the Phillies. The Las Vegas 51s pitching staff and hitters made Philly look like they belonged in the Pacific Coast League this weekend. The Mets earned many of the runs on Sunday, but Philly also handed us runs left and right. Walks and wild pitches and hit by pitches. Sweet Jesus it was an ugly game for Philly. I’ll take it though! The other Wild Card teams lost. The Cardinals and Giants continue to struggle, and the Mets continue to excel against the bad teams during this crucial stretch of baseball. That reality has to be acknowledged. As much as it feels like “nobody wants the Wild Card”, the Mets have been among the best teams in baseball (record wise) for the last month. Let’s keep it up.  Also, I’m excluding the Braves from the “bad teams” because 1) They destroyed us and 2) Seemingly they aren’t as bad as their record would indicate. Look out for them next season.

The Runs They Gave Us: The Phillies handed the Mets so many runs on Sunday it was hard to keep up. With the bases loaded in the fourth inning, they walked Jose Reyes to force in a run. In the fifth inning with the bases loaded, they hit Rene Rivera with a pitch to force in a run. They also added a two out wild pitch in the fifth inning with Jose Reyes batting that allowed Jay Bruce to score. They walked in a run with bases loaded again in the 7th with Jose at the plate. The gifts just kept coming and coming.

The Big Hitters: There were many notable performances on Sunday including two hits from Jay Bruce. In the second inning Bruce led off with a double and T.J. Rivera followed that with a single. Bruce wound up scoring when James Loney hit into a double play. Curtis Granderson hit his 30th homer of the season in the fourth inning. In the fifth inning T.J. Rivera hit an RBI single. In the seventh inning Asdrubal Cabrera added the big time Grand Slam to make it 11-0 Mets. In the 8th inning Jose Reyes doubled in two runs. He had 4 RBIs on the day. Eric Campbell even got in on the action with a two-run single in the 8th inning. Michael Conforto had the final RBIs with a two-run double to cap off the 8th inning.

I’m Excited But…: I’m excited to see Robert Gsellman off to an incredible major league start. He pitched 7 scoreless innings and gave up 3 hits with 8 strikeouts. I’m excited but…I’m keeping my expectations low. I’m hoping he keeps this up, but I ain’t about to crown him as a new young ace. I made the mistake of doing that with Conforto. I don’t want to make that mistake again. Is he a playoff caliber starter? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter does it? If we get there he’s pitching. So yeah he could be a playoff starter. We shall see if he gets the chance.

Today: The game tonight will be very emotional. Jose Fernandez was supposed to start before his tragic passing in a boating accident on Sunday. I will remember him tonight. I will remember him always.

On To The Garbage Teams

Live look at the National League Wild Card race.

Final Score: Nationals 1, Mets 0

The Mets lost 2 out of 3 to the Nationals. Tanner Roark shut the Mets down completely. The game was just another reminder that we are a second class team in the league this year. The Nationals and Cubs triumphed yesterday and the Mets, Cardinals, and Giants all lost. The Nationals locked the division a long time ago, but even with nothing left to play for they handled their business at home. Obviously the Mets aren’t on the level of the Braves, Twins, and Phillies. Those teams are baseball’s version of the untouchables. As bad as teams get. But the drop off from baseball royalty to second class clubs like the Mets is significant. So now the Mets move on to the garbage schedule that remains. Let’s smack all these teams up and win the stupid Wild Card.

Bruce METS Disease Update: Jay Bruce came up with the bases loaded and one out in the first inning and struck out. He’s been terrible since his arrival in New York. I still think it’s too early to diagnosis him with METS disease. Obviously he’s showing symptoms of the same strain of METS that ended Jason Bay’s career. But it’s just too early to make the official call. If the Mets want to give Michael Conforto more playing time that’s fine by me. I love Mikey. I do think it’s somewhat ridiculous that a large contingent of the fan base is calling for Conforto to start everyday over veteran slugger Jay Bruce when Conforto has done nothing all season long to show he’s  likely to produce during this pennant race. But it’s not like Bruce has shown any signs of life. So if we end up giving Conforto another shot to play everyday then so be it.

Arms And Wrists: Robert Gsellman had a nice start against the Nats going 5.2 scoreless innings. But apparently he has a torn labrum in his non-pitching shoulder, and that’s why he never swings the bat. Wilmer Flores had X-rays on his wrist, and they were negative. But the wrist is still bothering him after the weekend home plate collision. Thanks again for not pinch running Terry! You only killed one of our hottest hitters. No biggie. And thanks to MLB for keeping home plate collisions in the game despite supposedly banning them from the sport. Umm if they were banned they wouldn’t happen.

Travis Is So Bad: Rene Rivera played yesterday. He threw out two guys stealing on strike em out throw em out double plays. One of the biggest surprises in 2016 has been the horrible season we’ve seen from Travis d’Arnaud. He’s been miserable behind the plate and at the plate. I never saw this coming. He was an amazing hitter last year when he was healthy. Not anymore. He must be injured. I’m sure after the season they’ll announce he needs some major surgery due to an injury that was never reported. He’s probably going to lose his starting job whether it’s injury related or not.

Tomorrow: The stinky Twins come to town. We always beat the worst teams in the league (other than the D-Backs, Rockies, Braves, and many others) so the weekend series shouldn’t be a problem.

Please God Let Us Win This Series 

Final Score: Mets 3, Nationals 1

According to all the Weather Channel fanatics a storm’s a -comin’. Some Hurricane/Tropical Storm is ripping down the east coast per all my second hand news sources. If that’s the case then maybe tonight’s game will be a washout. Or even worse, maybe it’ll be one of those ESPN televised games in the rain where the Mets make a million sloppy rain induced errors and guys slip and we embarrass ourselves on national television.

But if the storm veers off course and this game is playable, I really hope we win. Please God let us win! We need to beat the Nationals. A home series win against the Nationals won’t do a damn thing to impact the NL East race. The Nats locked that up long ago. A loss tonight won’t kill us in the Wild Card race. All the Wild Card contenders stink. We’ll still be in the playoff race no matter what happens. But I’ll feel great about our chances if we beat the Nats tonight on the big national stage. At least it would represent a little bit of vengeance after Daniel Murphy and Co. have embarrassed us so much in 2016.

Long Hair Equals Success: Robert Gsellman outdueled Tanner Roark. Gsellman pitched 6 innings and gave up 1 run on 6 hits. He struggled in the first inning after giving up back to back singles to Jayson Werth and Daniel Murphy and then walked Bryce Harper to load the bases. But he limited the damage to an Anthony Rendon sac fly to make it 1-0 Nats. He wiggled out of a jam in the fourth inning and the sixth inning. He also held runners on base unlike Noah Syndergaard last night. He picked off Bryce Harper in the fifth inning. The long haired fill-in dude stepped up. I like what I’m seeing from him. Seemingly for the Mets, long hair has a Samson like effect. Long hair equals success.

Grandy and RISP: In the third inning with two outs Jose Reyes walked, Asdrubal Cabrera doubled, and Yoenis Cespedes was intentionally walked to load the bases. And of all people Curtis Granderson singled to drive in two runs. The guy has failed all season with runners in scoring position, but he came through last night to make it 2-1 Mets.

Stinko Loney: In the sixth inning with two outs, Travis d’Arnaud singled and then James Loney ripped a double down the right field line to score Travis from first base and make it 3-1 Mets. The Loney saga in 2016 has been an amazing storyline to follow on MetsTwitter and in my opinion really sums up why we struggle to compromise on important issues as a society. Here’s what happened in reality. The Mets took a flier on Loney on like June 1st. It was a no brainer move considering they were playing him over Eric Campbell. Anyway he’s essentially played everyday since. For about a month and a half he hit .285 and played dependable defense. And since early August he’s been a terrible hitter and has showed his flaws in the field as well. It’s become very obvious why he was in the Padres minor league system, and Terry probably should have benched him long ago.

The reason I say it’s been an interesting storyline on MetsTwitter is because initially some fans overreacted to Loney’s performance and said things like “he’s better than Duda” which is objectively wrong. Because of that reaction half the prominent writers were against Loney from day 1 and made it their business to point out how crappy he is and basically have rooted against him for months. And now that he’s playing poorly, we still have the same fans saying he’s better than Duda and the same beat writers rooting against him and hoping he gets released. Seemingly nobody can agree on all the objective facts I pointed out up front and would prefer to continue to argue about the same stupid issues. Ridiculous.

Big Smoke: In the 7th inning Jim Henderson retired a batter but then gave up a single to Jayson Werth. Terry brought in Josh Smoker to face Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper. Murph lined a ball to center field and Michael Conforto made a diving catch. If the ball went past him it would have been a disaster. But Mikey made the big play. Then Smoker struck out Harper on a nasty 1-2 breaking ball to end the inning.

Big Pen Doggz: Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia shut down the Nats in the 8th and 9th inning. 2016 has been a tough season, but the reliable back end of the pen has been an incredible luxury. The Mets basically have 7 inning games when they have a lead. I hope that magically continues next year. If Reed matches his 2016 numbers next year he’ll go somewhere else and close for big money. So we better enjoy him now.

Duda Comeback: The Mets said Duda is swinging a bat and may be back before the end of the season. Yeah right. The next time Duda’s ready to suit up it’ll be as Santa Claus for the annual Christmas party.

Not What MLB Had In Mind: This Wild Card race can’t be what MLB had in mind. The Pirates, Marlins, Cardinals and Mets are just constantly losing and showing new weaknesses. It’s a race to be the last mediocre team standing.

Today: Seth Lugo goes tonight in the big night game on ESPN. Please God let us win this series.

Heart Of The Mets Order Ripped Out

Final Score: Phillies 5, Mets 1

I swear to God I’ve been trying so hard not to blame the Mets injuries this season for all the team’s problems. I’m really trying. I’ve written countless times about how this team has had healthy stretches where the roster just underachieved. I’ve blamed Terry Collins for bad managerial choices, and I’ve blamed Sandy for his roster construction. But the bottom line is we’ve seen what this lineup can do with a hot Yoenis Cespedes, Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera. We saw it in April and some of May when this team was launching home runs and winning baseball games. And we saw it yesterday when Yo, Neil and Cabrera were the heart of the order for a 12 run outburst.

I went to sleep looking forward to another slugfest on Sunday. When I woke up Yo was scratched with his lingering quad injury and Neil was scratched with his lingering back injury. Then in the second inning Asdrubal Cabrera hurt his hand/arm on a collision with the first baseman. He stayed in the game and promptly re-aggravated his knee injury running to second base. He was pulled out immediately and just like that the heart of the Mets order was dunzo. And that was it. Once Cabrera was out of the game the Mets never had a real chance to score. And of course they didn’t. Those are the three best hitters in the lineup. Jose Reyes is the only one left, and he’s a lock to aggravate some injury before the season is done.

I realize the Mets aren’t the only team with injury problems. The Dodgers are setting DL records, the Marlins lost Giancarlo Stanton, and the Cardinals have a full DL. But the Mets have it the worst. I don’t care what anyone else says. They had three guys starting today from the 2016 Opening Day lineup. Three!!!! I realize the Mets won the series, and I realize all the other Wild Card teams lost today. But this was a winnable game that the Mets would have won if their best players suited up. And that seemingly may never happen for more than a couple games in a row this year.

Caveman and Zombie Robles: Geico Gaveman Robert Gsellman pitched a nice ballgame. He went 6 innings and gave up 4 runs on 7 hits. That may not be a quality start by definition, but if these young guys keep the team in the game we need to find a chance to capitalize and win. Period. And the numbers are deceiving. He gave up a run in the fourth inning, but other than that he was solid until he ran out of gas in the seventh inning. He gave up 3 straight singles in the 7th to load the bases, and Terry yanked him and brought in Hansel Robles. And dead arm zombie Hansel Robles did exactly what you’d expect at this point in the season. He gave up a two run double. Then he intentionally walked Freddy Galvis to set up the force play with the bases loaded only to follow that by hitting the pinch hitter Peter Bourjos with a pitch. That forced in a run to make it 4-1. Then Jerry Blevins came in and gave up a sac fly to make it 5-1. Robles has absolutely nothing left in the tank.

Stinky Hair deGrom: After studying the hair of Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Robert Gsellman I’ve come to the following conclusions. Jacob deGrom has the best groomed hair. Clearly he lives in a nice house with a wife who buys awesome hair products and shows him exactly how to clean and maintain the long locks. Thor has naturally gorgeous hair, but it looks like a cheap wig because he clearly doesn’t brush it often. It constantly looks tangled and a little greasy. I doubt he has any conditioner in the bachelor pad that he once shared with Michael Conforto before he was banished to Vegas forever. Robert Gsellman on the other hand is such a 23 year old. His hair is the most disgusting and greasy of the whole lot. I’m pretty sure that dude hasn’t washed his hair in 2 years. It probably smells horrendous. In terms of cleanliness, Gsellman is the Pig-Pen to deGrom’s Charlie Brown.

Terry’s Biggest Sin: Curtis Granderson went hitless again in this game. He’s been awful. He doesn’t deserve to play anymore. Bring Michael Conforto up and stop this madness. Arguably Terry’s greatest sin this season has been giving Grandy 162 games of rope because of his 2015 performance. He doesn’t deserve to play right now, and he’s hurting the club every single game.

Every Team Lost Because They All Suck: The Mets remain 2.5 games behind the Cardinals in the Wild Card because all these teams are injured, flawed, or both. The Cubs will trounce all of them come playoff time.

Tomorrow: Rafael Montero starts against Jose Fernandez tomorrow. Cross your fingers and hope that our three best players Yo, Neil, and Cabrera all magically heal overnight and all the other players somehow avoid postgame injuries.

Team Platoon Triumphs

Final Score: Mets 7, Cardinals 4

With injuries piling up yet again, this time to the rotation, the Mets were able to come through with a big win against the Wild Card leading St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve said many times that Terry and Sandy deserve some blame for many of the problems this team has had in 2016. But the players deserve the blame and credit most of all. And that’s why the Mets players deserve credit for an impressive win last night. It’s one game. They’re 3.5 games back of the Cards now in the Wild Card race. They need to keep winning and make a real statement.

Wounded Soldier: The Mets continue to generate evidence showing they are the most incompetent organization in baseball. Jon Niese stinks. Jon Niese had a knee injury that was known by the organization and the fans prior to last night’s game. The Mets could have easily put him on the DL or skipped his start. Instead they had him pitch, and of course in the first inning Niese had to leave the game with the aforementioned knee injury. He was placed on the DL after the game.

Private Gsellman: The Mets had previously promoted Triple-A starter Robert Gsellman to pitch out of the bullpen which was something he hadn’t done in years. Gsellman was forced to come in and pitch in long relief for Niese. Terry also left Niese in the game long enough to walk the one and three hitters and give up an RBI single to Brandon Moss. Then Gsellman came in and gave up an RBI double to Yadier Molina and an RBI ground out to Jhonny Peralta. Those runs tied the game at 3. Other than letting the Niese inherited runners score, Gsellman went 3.2 scoreless innings, and he was credited with the win.

Platoon Bombers: Before Niese fell apart, Wilmer Flores hit a three-run shot in the first inning. Justin Ruggiano also hit a solo shot in the fourth inning. Both homers came off of Cards lefty starter Jaime Garcia. The Mets lefty mashing platoon squad of Flores/Ruggiano is pretty impressive. As long as Terry makes the right matchup decisions, I’m totally fine with Team Platoon.

Seasoned Veterans: Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera each had 3 hits, and they both had RBI hits in the second inning. It’s nice to have two seasoned vets at the top of the order. All of a sudden with Reyes setting the table for Yoenis Cespedes, it feels like this team can actually score with runners in scoring position. The Mets were 5 for 10 in those spots last night. The Cardinals on the other hand seemingly left men on base every single inning.

The Reserves: Josh Smoker gave up a solo dinger to Randal Grichuk, but other than that the Mets relief corps was stellar. 6 relievers combined to pitch 8.2 innings and give up 1 run.

Field General: In addition to his two hits, Yoenis Cespedes made stellar defensive plays including a home run robbery. He also ran hard and seemingly was limping around again. Terry denied this after the game, but I don’t believe him. Yo is banged up. He’s been banged up all season. The notion that Yo doesn’t play hard or that he selectively hustles is one of the most appalling and fabricated false narratives in professional sports.

Captain Blunder: Speaking of Terry making the right platoon decisions, in the 7th inning with runners on first and third and one out Terry pinch hit for Wilmer Flores. He chose to have James Loney face a lefty specialist instead of having Wilmer face the righty who was already in the game. It was the wrong call because Loney doesn’t hit lefties at all, and also he’s been terrible lately. He promptly hit into a double play. He did add an insurance RBI single in the 9th inning to make it 7-4 Mets, so I suppose he redeemed himself.

Man Down: Yesterday Steven Matz was placed on the DL with shoulder discomfort. Supposedly there’s no structural damage, and he’ll only miss one start. Remember when we were supposed to have 5 young aces? Well we’re down to 2.

Today: I don’t want to say tonight’s game is a must win. But with Jacob deGrom on the mound and Seth Lugo on Thursday, it’s a must win. Carlos Martinez is great too, but the Mets have to find a way to win this game.