10 Shocking Spring Injuries You Will Never See Coming


The nature of these Mets injury cover-ups will absolutely shock you. The details are so horrifying that you may never think of the team in the same way again. The information is being concealed all the way at the top of the….

Am I in the clear? Did that little preamble surpass the character limit on the sites that show blog samples? Well if not, oh well. Y’all got clickbaited baby! The truth is there are no shocking injuries in Metsland. Mets fans ALL know the injuries that are coming. Sandy knows. Terry knows. Ownership knows. Everyone knows.

Zack Wheeler stopped his bullpen session yesterday due to tenderness in his elbow. The Mets say it’s no big deal. This shutdown should come as a surprise to literally nobody on earth. Zack was the unquestioned lock to be the first member of #TeamTender. Lock city. He’s the only guy on our team that has somehow played less than David Wright (another injury lock) over the past two years.

As far as the rest of the pitching staff goes, they are all injury risks. If any of them are dealing with residual injury issues by Opening Day, the team isn’t allowed to shrug and say “never saw that coming.” Would it really be that surprising if at the end of March Matt Harvey is still recovering from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery, Wheeler still can’t pitch, and Steven Matz has a sore shoulder? I’m certainly not wishing that on any of these guys. I’m being realistic. I’m literally just citing the injuries they dealt with all of last season and assuming that there may be some lingering issues.

The rotation is full of question marks and the team should have treated them as such. Bartolo Colon should have been re-signed. The Mets should have signed a swingman for the pen. They should have signed at least one veteran arm to a minor league deal for insurance (Jon Niese will be back. It’s going to happen. I feel it).

As far as the bullpen goes, Jeurys Familia may not be an injury risk, but he’s a lock to be unavailable on Opening Day. He’s getting suspended. The team knows this. For some reason fans don’t seem concerned by this at all because they are assuming Addison Reed is going to 100% duplicate his career best 2016 season. That’s not even close to a guarantee, but even if it was the team is going to have a tough time replacing the innings of the suspended closer. And if the rotation fears mentioned above come to pass, you can forget about Seth Lugo or Zack Wheeler picking up the slack in the pen.

At least the position players are safe right? Wrong. David Wright hasn’t thrown a baseball. That was the first lock of Spring Training. I actually read articles yesterday where people are proposing we try playing Wright at first base. Ummm he can’t play anything. Why would we think first base would be any different at all? He can’t throw a BASEBALL.

Who’s next? Come on, you know the answer. Go ahead and say it. Travis d’Arnaud! If Mr. Glass goes down with some injury like he always does, I’m sure it’ll be the week after the Nationals sign Matt Wieters to some cheap one year deal. Yup. We’ll be rolling with Rene Rivera and Kevin Plawecki, and the organization will pretend they never saw it coming.

I’m not even going to get into the risks around Lucas Duda, Neil Walker and the rest of #TeamCrackedBack or the risks of Jose Reyes (aka Senor Hammy Strain) running around like he’s 20 years old in the World Baseball Classic.

The bottom line is we must pray for health. But if/when the injuries strike, please don’t act surprised and let the organization off the hook. I wasn’t clamoring for the team to sign players and make trades all offseason just for the fun of it. I was begging for it because our roster (although seemingly deep) is filled with fragile young pitchers and aging position players, and the injury risks are already starting to show in week one.

Mets Sweep Royals! In June…

Final Score: Mets 4, Royals 3

The Only Injuries That Matter: I wanted to lead off on a positive note after a two game series sweep. I really did. But Yoenis Cespedes and Noah Syndergaard are both being examined at the Hospital For Special Surgery right now. Cespedes left the game after the fifth inning with left wrist discomfort. I’m sure it’s just some poisonous spider bite that will lead to his wrist falling off. No big deal. And Thor left the game after battling through six mediocre innings with elbow discomfort. Yeah an elbow problem. Just like Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler had recently. Greaaaat. Now we wait and see if the season is over. Yo and Thor are the two best players on our team. They are the only injuries that matter. Pray.

On To The Game: Other than the potential season derailing injuries to Yo and Thor, the Mets finally won a series against the Royals. We beat the Royals in June. Perfect timing. Sure it’s a depleted Royals squad missing Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas, but injuries are not a valid excuse when you’re playing the Mets. This was a big series win after such a brutal weekend against the Braves. And the Mets were able to win both of these games without stellar starting pitching performances. First Bartolo went down with an injury yesterday, and today Noah Syndergaard struggled due to elbow discomfort. But he still battled through 6 innings, gave up 8 hits, and 3 runs. He only struck out 4 Royals. He blew two leads. He blew a 1-0 lead in the fifth inning when he gave up a solo shot to Cheslor Cuthbert. Then in that same inning he let the Royals take a 2-1 lead when Jarrod Dyson singled, Danny Duffy sacrificed him over to second base, and Whit Merrifield hit an RBI single. He blew the lead for the second time in the 6th inning when Salvador Perez doubled, and Paulo Orlando drove him in with an RBI single to make it 3-3. But the Mets were able to score enough to win and the bullpen pitched three scoreless innings. Jerry Blevins and Addison Reed were the bridge to Jeurys Familia.

Loney And The Soup Apologists: James Loney hit a two out RBI single in the fourth inning to make it 1-0. Loney’s line before the game was at .292/.338/.417. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about James Loney. I’ve even seen people arguing he’s not a real upgrade over Eric Campbell. I don’t care that it’s a small sample size. If you’re still saying he’s not an upgrade over Soup you’re wrong. I’m not saying he’s a star. I’m not saying he’s the answer at first base. But Jesus Christ he’s better than Soup.

Asdrubal Is Today’s MVP: I don’t know if he got the Michael Cuddyer belt, but Asdrubal Cabrera had quite a day. He scored on the James Loney single and had a nice slide at the plate. He hit a two run homer in the fifth inning to make it 3-2 and retake the lead for the Mets. He even made some nice plays at shortstop.

Reynolds In LF?: Terry played Matt Reynolds in left field for the first time in his career. Terry has no fear throwing a rookie with no experience in the outfield, but he won’t consider calling up Dilson Herrera and putting Neil Walker at third base? Kind of absurd. Oh by the way Matt Reynolds hit a solo home run in the 6th inning to make it 4-3 and that was the winning run for the Mets. Lucky Terry. He’s a genius.

Pitching Injury Update: Zack Wheeler got his elbow examined today after it flared up during his rehab. No word from the Mets on that yet. Thor also went to the hospital after the game for an elbow exam as I mentioned above. After getting rocked with a liner off his thumb, Bartolo is apparently fine and ready to make his next start this weekend. He’s indestructible.

Tomorrow: The Mets head to Atlanta for a four game set. They really need to make up for that horrendous sweep at Citi Field. Light your candles for Thor, Wheeler, and Cespedes. The season could be over if those MRIs don’t go our way.

NL Toilet Bowl Rages On

Final Score: Brewers 7, Mets 4

Well the NL Toilet Bowl matchup between the Mets and Brewers raged on today. This time the pathetic Mets got shellacked by the actively tanking Brew Crew. Here’s a quick summary: The Mets offense continued to be absolutely pathetic and Logan Verrett and Antonio Bastardo got rocked. Half the bullpen was unavailable today because the Mets took 11 innings last night to win that torturous marathon of a ballgame. The Mets are 28th in runs scored this season. They are right ahead of the Phillies and Braves. We’ll be last in runs scored soon enough. But right now we are the king of the toilet teams.

Let’s start with the offense. Also keep in mind the Mets scored 3 runs in this game off of starter Wily Peralta. His ERA on the season is over 6.

Asdrubal Is Going To Disintegrate: Asdrubal Cabrera hit a two run shot in the second inning to give the Mets an early 2-0 lead. Cabrera has appeared in all 61 games for the Mets this year. He’s only played more than 146 games in a single season once in his career. We are going to kill him just like Michael Cuddyer. He’ll be a pile of bones by the end of the season. We should really put Wilmer Flores at shortstop for some games and Kelly Johnson at 3B. That combo in the field will make for some horrendous defensive blunders. But we can’t play Cabrera into the ground. He’s been one of the only guys on this team that can actually hit.

Grandy Is Back (I Think): Curtis Granderson hit a solo blast in the fifth inning to give the Mets their third run and make it 5-3 Brewers. He went 3 for 4 and was a double away from the cycle.

Why Bother Trying: In the first inning, Curtis Granderson led off with a single, stole second, and the Mets couldn’t get a hit to drive him in. In the third inning, Grandy tripled to lead off the inning. Michael Conforto proceeded to line a ball right at the third basemen who was playing on the line, and he nearly doubled up Curtis who was slightly off the bag. The play was challenged, reviewed, and Curtis was ruled safe. Conforto is an ice cold bad luck magnet right now. Then Yoenis Cespedes was unintentionally intentionally walked (duh why face him?) and Neil Walker hit into a double play. The Mets cannot buy a clutch hit. They strand everyone. The offense is worse than last year. That’s not just my gut feeling. Before today’s game, the Mets had scored 222 runs through 60 games. In 2015 through 60 games they had scored 224. There’s just no words left to describe this joke of an offense.

Logan Has No Powers: When I think of Logan Verrett, I think of Logan/Wolverine from X-Men. The Mets have the Dark Knight, Thor, and Captain America. It would be awesome if Logan Verrett was resilient, constantly fighting his way out of trouble, and his powers mirrored the regeneration mutant powers of Wolverine. Unfortunately, our Logan sucks. His powers include walking people, giving up home runs and really just sucking. He went 4 innings, gave up 5 runs, 3 home runs, and he walked 4. The Mets walked 7 overall in this game. Verrett’s ERA is up over 4 officially. Maybe we should take a look at Sean Gilmartin.

Chrissy Longballs: Chris Carter crushed a solo dinger off of Verrett in the second inning to make it 2-1 Mets. It was his 17th of the season. He’s such a homer or strikeout classic slugger. He’s just an Adam Dunn and Dave Kingman type. Incredible. I’m not sure if Sandy and the Mets regret letting Daniel Murphy go (they probably should). But I have to believe the Astros regret non-tendering Chris Carter.

Cheater Braun: Ryan Braun slugged a solo homer in the third inning to make it 3-2 Brewers. Screw you Braun you cheating bastard.

Pitcher Dinger LOL: Verrett gave up a two run bomb to pitcher Wily Peralta in the fourth inning. The Mets should consider demoting him for that gaffe alone.

Bastardo Sucks: In the 7th inning, Antonio Bastardo gave up solo bombs to Scooter Gennett and Ryan Braun (his second of the game) to make it 7-3. Soooo Bastardo sucks. I mean he sucks so far this season. That’s for sure. Look at this:

I hope he turns it around, but boy is it looking like we need another dependable reliever.

Another Back Plague Victim: Neil Walker left the game today. No it wasn’t because of his smashed heart from a couple days ago. He has….yup you guessed it, back soreness. The back soreness plague rages on. Terry said he’s very concerned, and Neil won’t play on Sunday. Pray for Neil. The injury hits just keep on coming for us. I want to laugh, but it’s not funny at all. The injuries are completely screwing us as they always do every season.

We’re Cursed: People say the Mets aren’t the most injured team in baseball history. I respectfully disagree and refuse to accept any facts to the contrary.

Suck It Up Conforto: Michael Conforto is really struggling. If we weren’t so short handed, I’m sure the Mets would consider playing him less often or even demoting him. But everyone’s dead and buried so he needs to play every day. Brandon Nimmo is raking in Vegas. I suppose that’s an option.

Don’t Trade Wheeler: Every fan that tries to come up with a hypothetical trade to save our offense says “okay so Wheeler and (prospect) for…(offensive savior)”. Umm I’m not buying that idea. I thought the plan was 5 aces? I like that plan.

Tomorrow: The Mets better win 3 out of 4 in this damn series. Steven Matz has to win tomorrow. The Brewers stink, and if we are going to keep pace with the other NL contenders we need to beat these teams. Period.