Mets Crumbling; Darker Forces At Work


Final Score: Brewers 5, Mets 3

Quick Recap: I don’t even have the energy to dissect this .500 road trip the Mets just finished. They just split a series in Milwaukee in truly embarrassing fashion. You want a recap of this game? The Mets committed 3 documented errors and an additional mistake that should have been an error. In the first inning with 2 outs, Ryan Braun hit a ball to Wilmer Flores that he deflected into the outfield. Alejandro De Aza then misfired to second base and Braun advanced to third on his error. The Brewers didn’t end up scoring that inning, but Flores should have been given an error on the play too. The Brewers scored three runs in the second inning. Keon Broxton hit an RBI single to make it 1-0. Then with runners on second and third, pitcher Zach Davies hit a sac bunt and Matz threw it away. Two more runs scored to make it 3-0. In the fifth inning, pitcher Zach Davies singled and then Jonathan Villar bunted to third. Wilmer Flores fielded the bunt, threw the ball away, and Davies advanced to third due to the error. That error set up a sac fly by Braun and an RBI double by Jonathan Lucroy to make it 5-0.

As far as the Mets offense goes, there was none other than Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes adding some meaningless RBI hits in the 8th inning. The Mets left the world on base per usual. Cespedes went 2 for 4. He’s our only real threat right now.

Darker Forces At Work: The Mets injury plague has jumped to frightening levels. Before the game, Terry Collins went to the hospital for tests. Pray for Terry. Now we have Travis d’Arnaud out, Lucas Duda/David Wright out for basically the season, Neil Walker battling back issues, Michael Conforto battling a wrist injury, and Cespedes sore in every part of his body. Essentially, the entire starting lineup is injured.

These 2016 injury woes go way beyond the standard Ray Ramirez inept training staff issues that we’ve all come to expect. We went to the World Series last year, and everyone is now disintegrating before our eyes. My running theory is this:

In mid-July of 2015, the Wilpons, the Ricketts Family that owns the Cubs, the Madoff trustee Irving Picard, and Lucifer himself all met with Bernie Madoff at his current prison facility in North Carolina.

The Deal:

  • The Wilpons got Yoenis Cespedes and a promise from Satan that he would help them make tons of money from future ticket sales so they could keep their fortune and pay back the money they owe for Madoff.
  • The Cubs got Satan to lift their curse and a promise of a World Series championship in 2016.
  • The Madoff trustee was promised he would get enough money from the Wilpons to pay back all the Madoff victims.
  • Bernie Madoff got his soul freed from Satan’s grasp, and a promise that he’d spend his afterlife in a nice mildly entertaining section of purgatory.
  • Satan got the souls of Daniel Murphy and Michael Fulmer, and in return the two athletes would go on to be the best hitter and pitcher in Major League Baseball for years to come.

Now in true Bedazzled fashion, there’s always some cruel spin on these deals with the devil. So here’s what we’ve seen happen since the deal went down. In August and September, Satan possessed Yoenis Cespedes who single-handedly sparked the Mets offense and led them to the playoffs. Satan simultaneously cursed Matt Williams and the Nationals. In the playoffs, in a cruel twist Satan transferred his influence from Cespedes to Daniel Murphy and used him to put a dagger through the Chicago Cubs heart thus keeping their curse in place in 2015. In the World Series, Satan temporarily left Murph and consequently he returned to being a defensive bum thus costing the Mets the championship. The Mets losing the World Series did not matter however because the playoff run combined with the continued presence of Cespedes has given the Wilpons all they needed to generate ticket sales to pay back the Madoff trustee.

Now in 2016, we have seen the second half of the deal. Daniel Murphy is the best hitter in baseball and carrying the Nationals who Satan wronged in 2015. Michael Fulmer is emerging as an absolute rookie of the year pitching stud for the Tigers. The Cubs so far are the best team to ever step foot on a baseball field, and seemingly nothing can stop them from ending their championship drought. And of course, the Wilpons were never actually promised a championship or any extended run of success as part of the evil negotiations. But they continue to sell tickets despite their entire team crumbling due to injury.

So that’s my running theory. I think the Wilpons made a deal with the devil, and now everything is falling apart because those mooks couldn’t negotiate a good business deal to save their lives. It’s June, the Mets are 34-28, and still technically hold an NL Wildcard spot despite their recent struggles. The season is so long and things can absolutely turn around in the summer for the Mets like they did last year. But yeah if you couldn’t tell from my tone above, I’m feeling kind of pessimistic about the direction our season is going.

NL Toilet Bowl Rages On

Final Score: Brewers 7, Mets 4

Well the NL Toilet Bowl matchup between the Mets and Brewers raged on today. This time the pathetic Mets got shellacked by the actively tanking Brew Crew. Here’s a quick summary: The Mets offense continued to be absolutely pathetic and Logan Verrett and Antonio Bastardo got rocked. Half the bullpen was unavailable today because the Mets took 11 innings last night to win that torturous marathon of a ballgame. The Mets are 28th in runs scored this season. They are right ahead of the Phillies and Braves. We’ll be last in runs scored soon enough. But right now we are the king of the toilet teams.

Let’s start with the offense. Also keep in mind the Mets scored 3 runs in this game off of starter Wily Peralta. His ERA on the season is over 6.

Asdrubal Is Going To Disintegrate: Asdrubal Cabrera hit a two run shot in the second inning to give the Mets an early 2-0 lead. Cabrera has appeared in all 61 games for the Mets this year. He’s only played more than 146 games in a single season once in his career. We are going to kill him just like Michael Cuddyer. He’ll be a pile of bones by the end of the season. We should really put Wilmer Flores at shortstop for some games and Kelly Johnson at 3B. That combo in the field will make for some horrendous defensive blunders. But we can’t play Cabrera into the ground. He’s been one of the only guys on this team that can actually hit.

Grandy Is Back (I Think): Curtis Granderson hit a solo blast in the fifth inning to give the Mets their third run and make it 5-3 Brewers. He went 3 for 4 and was a double away from the cycle.

Why Bother Trying: In the first inning, Curtis Granderson led off with a single, stole second, and the Mets couldn’t get a hit to drive him in. In the third inning, Grandy tripled to lead off the inning. Michael Conforto proceeded to line a ball right at the third basemen who was playing on the line, and he nearly doubled up Curtis who was slightly off the bag. The play was challenged, reviewed, and Curtis was ruled safe. Conforto is an ice cold bad luck magnet right now. Then Yoenis Cespedes was unintentionally intentionally walked (duh why face him?) and Neil Walker hit into a double play. The Mets cannot buy a clutch hit. They strand everyone. The offense is worse than last year. That’s not just my gut feeling. Before today’s game, the Mets had scored 222 runs through 60 games. In 2015 through 60 games they had scored 224. There’s just no words left to describe this joke of an offense.

Logan Has No Powers: When I think of Logan Verrett, I think of Logan/Wolverine from X-Men. The Mets have the Dark Knight, Thor, and Captain America. It would be awesome if Logan Verrett was resilient, constantly fighting his way out of trouble, and his powers mirrored the regeneration mutant powers of Wolverine. Unfortunately, our Logan sucks. His powers include walking people, giving up home runs and really just sucking. He went 4 innings, gave up 5 runs, 3 home runs, and he walked 4. The Mets walked 7 overall in this game. Verrett’s ERA is up over 4 officially. Maybe we should take a look at Sean Gilmartin.

Chrissy Longballs: Chris Carter crushed a solo dinger off of Verrett in the second inning to make it 2-1 Mets. It was his 17th of the season. He’s such a homer or strikeout classic slugger. He’s just an Adam Dunn and Dave Kingman type. Incredible. I’m not sure if Sandy and the Mets regret letting Daniel Murphy go (they probably should). But I have to believe the Astros regret non-tendering Chris Carter.

Cheater Braun: Ryan Braun slugged a solo homer in the third inning to make it 3-2 Brewers. Screw you Braun you cheating bastard.

Pitcher Dinger LOL: Verrett gave up a two run bomb to pitcher Wily Peralta in the fourth inning. The Mets should consider demoting him for that gaffe alone.

Bastardo Sucks: In the 7th inning, Antonio Bastardo gave up solo bombs to Scooter Gennett and Ryan Braun (his second of the game) to make it 7-3. Soooo Bastardo sucks. I mean he sucks so far this season. That’s for sure. Look at this:

I hope he turns it around, but boy is it looking like we need another dependable reliever.

Another Back Plague Victim: Neil Walker left the game today. No it wasn’t because of his smashed heart from a couple days ago. He has….yup you guessed it, back soreness. The back soreness plague rages on. Terry said he’s very concerned, and Neil won’t play on Sunday. Pray for Neil. The injury hits just keep on coming for us. I want to laugh, but it’s not funny at all. The injuries are completely screwing us as they always do every season.

We’re Cursed: People say the Mets aren’t the most injured team in baseball history. I respectfully disagree and refuse to accept any facts to the contrary.

Suck It Up Conforto: Michael Conforto is really struggling. If we weren’t so short handed, I’m sure the Mets would consider playing him less often or even demoting him. But everyone’s dead and buried so he needs to play every day. Brandon Nimmo is raking in Vegas. I suppose that’s an option.

Don’t Trade Wheeler: Every fan that tries to come up with a hypothetical trade to save our offense says “okay so Wheeler and (prospect) for…(offensive savior)”. Umm I’m not buying that idea. I thought the plan was 5 aces? I like that plan.

Tomorrow: The Mets better win 3 out of 4 in this damn series. Steven Matz has to win tomorrow. The Brewers stink, and if we are going to keep pace with the other NL contenders we need to beat these teams. Period.

Mets Take Wild Gift Wrapped Victory

Final Score (in 11 innings): Mets 2, Brewers 1

This game was an absolute slopfest. Sweet Jesus Christ. The Mets left the world on base, and ultimately won in the 11th inning because the Brewers misplayed what should have been an inning ending double play.

Dark Knight: Matt Harvey is really back. He’s put together a few great starts, and now he’s consistently showing the velocity and command we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the years. Harvey ran out of gas late. He pitched 6 innings, gave up 2 hits, 1 run, and struck out 8. His only slip up came in the fifth when he gave up a triple to Kirk Nieuwenhuis, a walk to Aaron Hill, and a sac fly to Ramon Flores to make it 1-0. Also the Mets gave him no run support and he didn’t get a W. Duh.

Double Challenge?: In the third inning, Aaron Hill walked, the pitcher Junior Guerra sacrificed him over to second base. Then with two outs Jonathan Villar singled and Guerra initially scored on a close play at home. The Mets challenged the call arguing the tag was applied before Hill’s foot touched home plate. The Mets won the challenge, and the call was reversed. Then the Brewers challenged that Kevin Plawecki blocked home plate illegally. That challenge was overruled. It was a stupid challenge by the Brewers as Plawecki clearly gave the runner the path to score. I’m not sure I can remember ever seeing the double challenge. I’m in favor of replay challenge and getting the calls right. But even I can agree with Keith that the double challenge is an insane time waster. I can’t believe they don’t just take one long look at the play and assess everything. It’s completely ridiculous.

Return Of Kelly: Kelly Johnson returned to the Mets and went 2 for 4. Captain Kirk also robbed him of either a home run or double off the top of the center field wall in the 7th inning. He doubled to leadoff the third inning and with one out, Matt Harvey hit a ball right up the middle. For some reason Kelly was basically frozen a few steps off the bag and at the last minute decided to retreat to second base. Unfortunately, Jonathan Villar was basically standing in his way to easily make the tag and then make the throw to first to complete the double play. Also when he stepped into the bag, Johnson’s leg bent and he fell over. I thought he blew out his knee. He did not. That’s just how I think as a Mets fan.

Yo Duh: In the 6th inning, Yoenis Cespedes crushed a solo blast to make it 1-1 thus ensuring these two teams would be tied forever and play for hours. He went 2 for 5. Thanks for being our only elite hitter Yo.

The Pen and Finger Problems: After Harvey came out, Hansel Robles, Antonio Bastardo, Jim Henderson, Jerry Blevins, and Jeurys Familia combined for 5 scoreless innings of relief. The only downside was Henderson kind of struggled in the 9th inning issuing a couple of walks. But he got out of it. Then he came out for the 10th, issued a walk and was pulled from the game because his finger nail ripped off. Yikes.

The Blown Chances: In the fifth inning, Wilmer Flores hit a leadoff single. Kevin Plawecki hit a single with one out to put runners on first and second for Harvey. Matt sacrificed the runners over to second and third. The Brewers intentional walked Curtis Granderson to load the bases for Alejandro De Aza. De Aza promptly grounded out to second base in pathetic fashion. In his gift start, De Aza went 0 for 5. So much for more playing time. In the 9th inning, Asdrubal Cabrera led off with a walk, Wilmer Flores singled, and then Kelly Johnson singled to load the bases. The pathetic Mets offense couldn’t get a sac fly. Kevin Plawecki popped out, Neil Walker struck out, and Curtis Granderson grounded out. We didn’t deserve to win this game. We had 10 hits. Not scoring with the bases loaded and nobody out is inexcusable.

The Gift Wrapping: In the 11th, we nearly did the same thing as the 9th inning. Asdrubal singled, Wilmer doubled, and Kelly Johnson was intentionally walked to load the bases. Plawecki fouled out in pathetic fashion. Then Matt Reynolds hit a liner to the shortstop Villar who dropped the liner and threw the ball to second base to make the force out there. The runner scored from third. The runner that was on second base went to third without a play. Reynolds was easily safe at first base. As Terry said after the game, “You just take the win and go get ready for tomorrow. You don’t try to analyze that one.” Amen to that. But FYI the analysis is it was a gift wrapped run and should have been an inning ending double play. Thanks Milwaukee.

Today: Logan Verrett gets the spot start today thanks to this week’s doubleheader throwing off the rotation. We should win again. The Brewers are pathetic.

Playing Milwaukee Is The Best

Final Score: Mets 5, Brewers 2

Can we modify the rest of our regular season schedule and just play the Brewers the rest of the way? Maybe we can petition the league to realign the divisions. The Mets can be the powerhouse in the newly constructed NL Toilet Division. We want Atlanta, Philly, Milwaukee, and San Diego. I’d ask for the crummy Rockies, but they already beat our asses. So maybe they belong in the next tier of teams. Against the Brewers, the Mets can make errors and get away with them. In Milwaukee, Bartolo Colon can give up 8 hits and only wind up surrendering 1 run over 7 innings. Against the Brew Crew, the Mets can leave men on base like they always do, and it won’t matter because we’ll still score enough runs to win. In Milwaukee, Wilmer Flores goes 3 for 4 and Kevin Plawecki can get singles that drive in two whole runs. Even Matt Reynolds can get an RBI single in Milwaukee to give the Mets a late insurance run. Yes, I only want to play the Brewers the rest of the way because I want to feel this way after every game.

Grandyman and Co: Curtis Granderson led the game off with a solo bomb. He loves hitting leadoff homers. God I hope this means he’s starting to come around. He also hit an opposite field double in the third inning of this game to go 2 for 4. With two outs and Grandy on second base, Yoenis Cespedes drove him in with a single to make it 2-0. Cespedes went 2 for 5. He’s our team engine.

Big Sexy: As I said above, Tolo gave up many hits. He got an inning ending double play in the first inning. In the second inning Chris Carter doubled with one out and Hernan Perez singled with two outs. But Tolo got out of the inning unscathed. In the third, Scooter Gennett singled with two outs and Bartolo picked him off. Whoops! In the fourth Ryan Braun reached on a bad throwing error by James Loney. Loney’s throw beat Tolo to the bag. But who cares because Tolo got a double play off the bat of Jonathan Lucroy and struck out Chris Carter. No problem there. In the fifth inning stanky Kirk Nieuwenhuis led off with a single and Hernan Perez promptly hit into a double play. Every single mini-rally for the Brew Crew got squashed by a double play or something. They’re just like the Mets. Their only run off of Tolo came in the 7th when Kirk hit a two out double and Hernan Perez crushed an RBI grounder right at Neil Walker to make it 2-1. The ball came up and rocked Neil Walker in the heart, and it bounced far away from him. It was called a hit. Neil’s alive so that’s really all that matters. But boy has his glove been crummy lately. He’s Murphin it up big time.

RBIs For All: In the 8th inning, the Brewers brought in Corey Knebel who was awful. James Loney led off with a single, he walked Asdrubal Cabrera, and Wilmer singled to load the bases. Kevin Plawecki then hit a single between third and short that scored two runs and made it 4-1. It was a clutch hit. I hope this means Plawecki will start to show something. Travis d’Arnaud will be back soon, and that probably means Vegas for Plawecki. The final Mets run came in the 9th inning. Juan Lagares aka Juanny one thumb hit a leadoff double. I guess he’s okay. And with one out Matt Reynolds (who came in for the injured Neil Walker) hit an RBI single. Almost every Met joined the party last night except Michael Conforto. Conforto went 0 for 4 and came up in the fourth inning with bases loaded and two outs and popped out to short. He threw his bat in disgust. He’s really struggling.

Reed Ain’t Perfect: Addison Reed gave up an RBI double to Scooter Gennett in the 8th inning. He’s been untouchable all season. Terry pitched him two innings on Wednesday and brought him back out on Thursday. Why? I guess Terry wants to kill him? Insanity.

Smashed Heart: Pray for Walker. He got hit in the heart/chest by that hard hit liner in the 7th inning. Supposedly he’s fine other than the fact that he’s developing a bad case of the Murphs in the field. I wish his bat would develop Murphy syndrome and he’d hit .400.

Trade Chip: Outfield prospect Brandon Nimmo is hitting .325 in Vegas. After his early season foot injury he’s really taking off in the minors. In last night’s Vegas game he went 3 for 5 with two home runs. Honestly, I think he’s going to be the trade chip the Mets push on teams if they look to make a big time upgrade to replace David Wright. Juan Lagares is signed through 2020 and Conforto is under team control through 2021. I’m not even going to entertain the notion that the Mets won’t give Yoenis Cespedes the 6-7 year contract he deserves when he opts out at the end of the season. If the Mets let Yo walk obviously we all need to riot. But assuming the Mets have those three outfielders signed long term, there’s really no room for Nimmo at the ML level. So it would make sense that Nimmo would be the guy they shop. We shall see. I’m not saying we should trade him. I’m just saying it could make sense for the right return.

Local Guys: Speaking of young studs, the Mets drafted Justin Dunn from Boston College with the 19th pick in the Amateur draft yesterday and then with the 31st pick (the Murph compensation pick) the Mets grabbed lefty Anthony Kay from UConn. And both of these guys are from Long Island. In fact Kay went to the same high school as Steven Matz. I love the move to replenish the farm with arms after we dealt so many at last year’s deadline. And I love that we snagged a couple of local dudes. Plus college arms tend to be more advanced. Hopefully they are on a slightly accelerated ML track.

Today: The Mets have Matt Harvey on the mound today against the stinko Brew Crew. Supposedly Kelly Johnson will finally be here, and I’m guessing he draws a start right away. What the hell is with all these incredibly slow post trade arrival times? James Loney seemingly came to the Mets by horse drawn carriage. And now Kelly Johnson takes two days? I feel like he’s being escorted to Milwaukee in a Presidential motorcade going 5 MPH and waving at everyone he passes. Let’s roll on the Brewers.

Mets Somehow Win Game In Pittsburgh

Final Score (in 10 innings): Mets 6, Pirates 5

The Mets needed this win in a big way. Sure they could have easily lost this game a bunch of different times. Sure it was helpful that Mark Melancon was unavailable after pitching both games of the doubleheader. Sure they failed to capitalize on a number of run scoring opportunities. But they scored just enough to get the W. Noah Syndergaard pitched just gritty enough to keep them in the game. Jim Henderson and Jeurys Familia sucked a lot last night. But they didn’t suck enough to fully blow the game.

Gritty Thor: Noah Syndergaard pitched 6 innings, gave up 7 hits, gave up 3 runs (2 ER) and only struck out 5. He did not have his best stuff. In the first inning, Neil Walker made an error that let John Jaso reach base. Thor then walked Andrew McCutchen. Gregory Polanco promptly made the Mets pay with an RBI double. Jung Ho Kang followed that with an RBI single to make it 2-0. But Thor retired the next three batters and got out of a sticky situation. He got out of a jam in the third inning. He got in trouble in the fourth inning and surrendered an RBI double to John Jaso to make it 3-2. But he limited the damage yet again. He gave a gritty performance on a night where he was getting hit more often than we’re used to.

Just Take The Base: The Pirates stole on Thor once in the first inning, twice in the third inning. I think they had four stolen bases. He really doesn’t hold people on base. Have we given up on fixing that problem? Maybe we’re so focused on our offensive woes that we don’t have time to fix the other cracks in our team infrastructure.

Old Kelly: Yesterday the Mets traded for Kelly Johnson. But last night it was old Ty Kelly who came through with a huge two run blast in the fourth inning to tie the game at 2-2. I complain an awful lot about the Quadruple-A mooks that make up this roster, but look at that picture up top. It was Kelly’s first career home run. Good for him. I feel like the Mets are going to keep him on this roster somehow. I can feel it in my plums.

Conforto Stirs: Michael Conforto hit a game tying sac fly in the fifth inning to make it 3-3, and he added an enormous game tying two run blast in the 8th inning to make it 5-5. He said he felt like he had better ABs last night. Keep it up man. We need his bat back in a bad way.

Somebody Please Hit: I’m so happy the Mets won this game, but it was tough to watch. They left a bunch of men on base and hit into a number of double plays as usual. Brutal. They left Cespedes on base in the first inning. With two men on base and one out in the second inning, Rene Rivera hit into a double play. They left a man on in the third inning. Conforto was only able to get a sac fly in the fifth inning because Thor led off with a double and was sacrificed over to third. In the 10th inning, Yoenis Cespedes led off with a single and Neil Walker followed that with a single. James Loney sacrificed them both over and then Asdrubal Cabrera was walked intentionally to load the bases. Wilmer Flores came through with a pinch hit bloop RBI single up the middle to make it 6-5. But then with the bases loaded and one out, Matt Reynolds and Kevin Plawecki were retired to strand everyone. Familia almost blew the game in the 10th inning, but luckily the squandered opportunities didn’t matter in the end.

Familia Tightrope: Jeurys Familia walked the first two batters in the 10th inning. Then he got a double play. With two outs, he proceeded to walk the next batter. He ended up striking out David Freese with first and third and two outs to end the game. Familia has not been lights out this season. He’s walking the damn tightrope every single outing. I hope he hits his stride in the summer. Otherwise we’re screwed eventually.

Guerrero No Deal: The Dodgers released Cuban 3B/OF Alex Guerrero. He’s been pretty bad in his first two years in the states. He did hit 11 bombs last year, and he bats righty. I’d bring him in if I ran the Mets, but I’m pretty sure they already said they have no interest. Ty Kelly it is!

Draft Day: Today is MLB draft day. The Mets have the 19th, 31st, and 64th overall picks. The 31st pick was compensation for Daniel Murphy signing with the Nats. I bet they’d trade that pick to get Murph back right now huh? Well it’s fine. Honestly we need to replenish the farm system. We’ll need more picks to send the Braves when we reacquire Kelly Johnson in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Mini-Series Preview: No off day today?!? I’ll have to keep my Milwaukee Brewers series preview brief. The Brewers are 6-4 in their last 10, but ultimately they stink. Ryan Braun and Jonathan Lucroy are both studs. There’s a preview, that’s a preview. We need to come up big in this four game series and get our season back on track.

Game 1: Bartolo Colon vs. Jimmy Nelson

Game 2: Matt Harvey vs. Junior Guerra

Game 3: Logan Verrett vs. Wily Peralta

Game 4: Steven Matz vs. Zach Davies

Mets Sweep Milwaukee Braves

Final Score: Mets 3, Brewers 1

So the Brewers are the Braves of the NL Central huh? They are horrendous. But who the hell cares. We swept the crap out of them and boy did we need a sweep after losing two out of three to the Nats. The Mets pitching staff continued to come up big today despite the team’s continuing offensive woes this month.

Thor Stepped Up: Noah Syndergaard surrendered an RBI single in the first inning to Jonathan Lucroy, and that was really all the Brewers could do against him all game. Thor wasn’t incredibly efficient as he topped 100 pitches by the end of his outing. But he still got through 7 innings, gave up only 6 hits, 0 walks (again), and he struck out 11 Brewers. The guy is on fire and in the Cy Young conversation. He’s an All-Star right now for sure, and I have no doubt Terry will bring him along for the game.

Cold Turkey: So the Mets have really given up offense cold turkey in May. We’ve just stopped scoring for anybody and especially for Thor. Michael Conforto launched a first inning solo blast to tie the game at one. I’m sure he was looking forward to getting back to his apartment with Thor to watch Game of Thrones before they head to Washington for the Nats series. In the bottom of the 4th, Conforto walked and Yoenis Cespedes doubled him to third base. Then with one out, Asdrubal Cabrera singled to score both of them making it 3-1.

El Stinko Brewers: Once Asdrubal reached base on his 4th inning hit, he advanced on a wild pitch (stinko). The Brewers attempted a pickoff of Asdrubal at second base, and they had him dead to rights. He flopped back towards second base, and he landed on his stomach a foot from the bag. After missing the bag on his first dive back, he made a last ditch effort to lunge towards the bag again and somehow the Brewers failed to clearly tag him on the replay. They challenged but it was too hard to tell. Brewers had all day to apply the tag. Yeesh.

The Untouchables: The Mets pen has been untouchable. Yesterday Jacob deGrom only went five innings so the pen got a ton of work. Today, Thor gave the group a break by going 7 innings. But Jim Henderson and Jeurys Familia cruised through the 8th and 9th inning. The Mets pen has the top ERA in the league. Props to Sandy for signing Antonio Bastardo and for finding Jim Henderson on the scrap heap. Credit to Hansel Robles for putting in a ton of work this offseason and coming out the gate firing flameballs. It’s a long season, but this group is off to a promising start.

Golden Rivera: Rene Rivera may be a light hitting catcher, but the guy has a cannon behind the plate. He threw out Alex Presley trying to advance on a pitch in the dirt in the 7th inning. It’s so great watching a sure handed defender. When Yo steps to the plate I’m always confident he’s going to do damage. And I get that same feeling with guys like Rivera and Juan Lagares when they field a ball. It’s sweet.

RIP Duda: Lucas Duda is actually going to be out for a while. The Mets doctors are still studying his MRI, but I’m guessing he’s DL’d tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll spend the next month in California in the cortisone hot tub with Travis d’Arnaud. Goodbye Lucas! See you next year. Soup’s on the menu forever. I wonder if we are going to send Robert Gsellman or Gabriel Ynoa to the Braves for Kelly Johnson next month? The Indians will probably only want one prospect for Juan Uribe. We have plenty because prospects grow on trees.

Tomorrow: Now we head off to Washington with our fingers crossed hoping that our offense will magically return, Bartolo Colon will be Sexy once more, and that Matt Harvey will rise from the dead. Such modest expectations.

Wright Walk-Off Win; Brewers Are A Godsend

Final Score: Mets 5, Brewers 4

Wright Walk Off: David Wright with a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th inning is about as feel-good a victory as there can be. Unbelievable. Watching Yoenis Cespedes nearly tackle Wright and uncontrollably smile as the entire team celebrates on the field is truly special. We really needed a win like this.

Brewers Are A Godsend: Umm the Brewers are absolutely terrible. The Mets needed a matchup against a garbage team so badly. I mean let’s start with the 9th inning. They issued a leadoff single to Eric Campbell. Baaahahaha. Then they walked Kevin Plawecki who spent half the AB trying to bunt and failing. Matt Reynolds came up next and effectively executed the sacrifice bunt. Grandy was walked intentionally to load the bases, and then David roped his single on a 3-0 pitch to get the 5-4 victory. The Brewers nearly walked in the winning run anyway. They walked six Mets over the game.

Grandy Mendoza: In the first inning, Curtis Granderson hit a leadoff home run. He absolutely loves doing that. Too bad he’s hitting .197 on the season. The Mendoza line is a Mets favorite. Grandy is under it (.197), Wright is approaching it (.223), Kevin Plawecki is at it (.203), and Alejandro De Aza is too (.205).

DeGranted: I really take Jacob deGrom for granted. I just assume he’s going to jump on the mound and mow every team down. But he really didn’t have it yesterday. He struggled to get through 5 innings, he gave up 5 hits, issued 3 walks, and gave up 4 runs. His 7 Ks combined with the walks really drove up his pitch count. In the top of the second inning he walked Aaron Hill and with two outs gave up a two run home run to Ramon Flores to make it 2-1 Brewers. In the top of the 4th inning, deGrom walked the leadoff man and then surrendered a single. With first and third and nobody out, Ramon Flores hit a sac fly making it 3-1. Then pitcher Zach Davies executed a sac bunt (which the Mets staff still can’t do), and Jonathan Villar followed that with an RBI single to make it 4-1 Brewers.

Cespedes Saved Us Per Usual: In the fourth inning, Yoenis Cespedes singled with one out and advanced to second base on a Brewers wild pitch (they stink). Then Neil Walker struck out and with two outs, Asdrubal Cabrera drove in Cespedes with an RBI single. Then in the bottom of the 6th, the Brewers walked Michael Conforto with one out and Yo followed that with a two run shot. He’s just an unstoppable force. He should probably be walked every single time he steps to the plate. He’s quietly on pace to hit like 54 home runs which would be completely insane.

Electric Pen: Hansel Robles, Addison Reed, and Jeurys Familia combined for 4 scoreless innings of relief and 6 Ks. The pen has been electric. There’s no doubt about it. Pray that their arms don’t fall off.

Duda Dead: Lucas Duda was scratched with back pain again. He got an MRI and they think it’s a disc issue. He’s not playing in the series finale either. The DL is an absolute lock. Well so much for our plan to not have a contingency plan at first plan. Hooray! We have literally no option. It’s Soup. That’s it. We may need to consider calling up Dilson Herrera for second base and moving Neil Walker to first base even though he’s never played there before. Slowly the injuries are piling up. Pray.

Harvey Time: They said Matt Harvey had a great weekend bullpen session and is going to start in Washington on Tuesday. I suppose if Wright’s corpse can get a game winning hit then Harvey can have a rebound start.

Today: Man we really lucked out with Ryan Braun missing the first two games of the series due to injuries. Noah Syndergaard on the mound for the sweep? Yeah I like those odds.

Matzy Poo Shuts Down the Brew Crew

Final Score: Mets 3, Brewers 2

Matz Fantastic: Steven Matz obviously gets the game ball. The early rookie of the year candidate pitched 7 dominant innings gave up 2 runs, and struck out 8 Brewers. Ryan Braun didn’t start this game due to injury or something but whatever Matz basically carved up everyone else. Other than a first inning two run homer surrendered to slugger Chris Carter, Matz was efficient and untouchable. The home run ball is great, but this is what I love to see most of all. The dominant starting pitching is the main attraction for our club. Matz was incredible. He had his velocity cranking up to 95 MPH, and he was flawlessly locating his breaking ball. Also, not to continue to dwell on the Dark Knight, but Matz is another positive sign for our boy Matt Harvey. Matzy-poo had TJ surgery back in 2010. Last season was when Matz finally got his velocity and command back. Look at him now. The guy can do it all. The point is Harvey’s post TJ struggles are to be expected and he will overcome.

Daily Soup Reminder: Let me get this out of the way because the Soup apologists came out in force last night. Eric Campbell drew a walk in the bottom of the 6th inning off of the dead tired starter Wily Peralta who was then immediately pulled from the game. Congratulations! He made a stellar play at third base to get the second out in the 9th inning. Diving stop and throw to first base. Hooray! You know what else he did? He struck out twice. In the bottom of the second inning, Neil Walker drew a leadoff walk and Lucas Duda singled. With runners on first and third and nobody out Eric Campbell struck out in pathetic fashion. Luckily Rene Rivera crushed a fantastic RBI groundout to at least give us something to show for the inning. My point? Stop giving our black hole in the lineup pats on the back.

Spoiler Alert, We Scored On A Home Run: In the bottom of the 6th, Michael Conforto launched an opposite field two run homer after an Asdrubal Cabrera leadoff single. We really only score on the home run. It’s not an exaggeration at all. We left men on base in the second, sixth, seventh, and eighth inning. A lot of Mets fans are genuinely worried about the fact that we only score on the home run. An equal number of sarcastic Mets fans mock the “chicken little” fans when the team hits a home run by saying things like “we should have went for a single there” and stupid crap like that. Ummm the Mets are 24th in baseball in runs scored. Who cares how many home runs we hit when we are objectively scoring a small number of runs relative to the rest of the league? Our inability to score consistently without hitting the long ball is a real issue. That’s the bottom line.

Summer Is For Hitting: So maybe the offense will pick up when the weather gets nicer? Offense in general picks up during the summer. But let’s be real here, the offense picked up last year in August when we dumped our black holes on the roster and started playing with a real 25 man group. Everyone talks about Yoenis Cespedes in 2015, and he deserves the praise. He crushed it. But remember in the offseason before we re-signed him, all we heard about was how big of a boost Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson were for the bench down the stretch. The Mets preached depth as the key to winning and consistency on offense. Well Soup and Rivera are not depth. The rest of the lineup is struggling too so we can’t blame Soup all day. That’s just unfair. But it’s worth talking about because eventually Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera are going to need a damn breather. Look at David Wright. He’s dying after a quarter of the season.

Here’s Why Soup Is Here: So I’m going to put financial reasons aside. It’s possible the Mets didn’t want to invest more in the bench because of penny pinching but the Cespedes signing sort of put that idea to bed temporarily. Soup is here because Sandy wants to be able to observe the roster for half the season and then make an assessment of our true needs. He wants to decide on July 10th whether he needs to trade for a reliever, bench bat or perhaps a starting pitcher/starting position player due to unexpected injury. I get the strategy, but I just hope we have the depth needed to stay competitive now. It worked last year so I can see why Sandy and his team are doubling down.

Today: As I said in the series preview, we have three of our aces going. Jacob deGrom toes the rubber today. The Brewers have poop pitching. Let’s win all these games. We really need a big rebound after our recent horrendous slump.

Series Preview: Brewers In Town To Kick Us While We’re Down

The Brewers stink right? They are 18-23 and 5-5 in their last 10 games. They are tanking this season, and so they must be awful. Wait what’s that? They’ve scored more runs then the Mets this season? Really? They rank 15th in runs scored and the Mets are 24th despite all of our home runs. OPS? Both the Mets and Brewers have a .731 team OPS and sit behind 12 other teams in those rankings. The Brewers just took 2 out of 3 from the Cubs. Not too shabby.

Luckily, it’s the pitching staff that defines the Mets and is the big differentiator between the two teams. The Mets team ERA still ranks third in baseball while the Brewers sit at 27th with a 4.87 ERA. The Mets pen ERA is tops in all the land. The recent beatdowns of Matt Harvey and Bartolo Colon has dropped our starting staff ERA out of the top 5.

I would like to think that this is a good time for the Mets to have a big home series against a “bad” team. But the Mets are playing like crap right now. We’ve lost 7 of our last 10. As a pessimistic Mets fan, this feels like a series where a dog doo team will come to town and field goal kick us right in the face. I could easily see the Brewers snagging 2 out of 3 at Citi Field and leaving us beaten and bloodied for our trip to Washington. But we have one big thing going for us:

Three Aces: Sure the Matt Harvey reality has Mets fans down in the dumps. But the good news is we have our three ace strategy in play this weekend. Matz/deGrom/Thor go against this Brewer squad. We need to win. Let’s sweep. We have a rotation full of stoppers and that’s exactly what we need from them. Stop this bleeding.

Pitching Matchups:

Game 1: Steven Matz vs. Wily Peralta

Since his 17 win 2014 season, Wily Peralta has been nothing short of El Stinko. He’s rocking a 7.30 ERA this season. He’s been spanked in nearly all of his 2016 starts. The Mets crushed him last May in New York. He went 5 innings and gave up 5 runs on 9 hits. Notable Matchups: Lucas Duda is 3 for 9 against him. Maybe this matchup will help Duda get out of his funk. Curtis Granderson is 5 for 8 with two home runs. Ditto on Grandy and funks. Neil Walker is 4 for 14 with a home run, Eric Campbell is 2 for 3 and Juan Lagares is 2 for 3. David Wright is 0 for 8.

Other than his horrendous opening start of the season, Steven Matz has been exceptional. This is his first start back after the first ElbowGate of the season. The doctors say he is fine. He felt fine after his bullpen sessions and whatnot. The Mets may be careful with his pitch count, but let’s hope his issues are behind him for now and he can contribute again. We need his studliness now more than ever with Matt Harvey struggling. The Brewers aren’t a particularly good lefty hitting team coming in at 18th in OPS against lefties. But Ryan Braun (.336 career average) and Jonathan Lucroy (.297 career average) historically crush lefties. Although Lucroy has been bad against lefties this season (6 for 40).

Game 2: Jacob deGrom vs. Zach Davies

Zach Davies is a 23 year old young righty that the Mets haven’t faced. He’s 1-3 with a 5.58 ERA on the season. He’s not a hard thrower. He’s the pitcher the Brewers acquired from the Orioles when they sent them Gerardo Parra at last year’s trade deadline. His first three starts of the season were poor. However, two of his last three appearances have been quality starts, and he hasn’t surrendered more than 2 runs in his last three outings.

As much as people have tried to make a big deal about deGrom’s 2016 diminished velocity, he’s been very good in all 6 starts this season but short of dominant. He’s 3-1 with a 2.50 ERA. He’s gone 5+ innings in all 6 starts and hasn’t surrendered more than 3 runs. He can be better. We all know that because we’ve seen him at his best. He dominated the Brew Crew last season (2-0). He went 6 innings and gave up a run at Citi Field last May. In Milwaukee in June he pitched 8 scoreless with 7 Ks. This home start is a great opportunity for Jake to really put together his first super dominant outing of the season.

Game 3: Noah Syndergaard vs. Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson is a back end starter type, and the Brewers acquired him from the Diamondbacks in the January Jean Segura trade. He’s 2-5 with a 5.32 ERA. He’s been bad. Last season he faced the Mets twice and went 0-1. He went 5.2 innings and gave up one run in Milwaukee last June. In July, the Mets chased him from the Citi Field game after 4.1 innings, 8 hits and 4 runs. That being said, he dominated the Cubs in his last start going 8.2 innings and surrendering two runs. Yeah that’s not a typo. This guy shut down the Cubs. Good luck to the Mets. Notable Matchups: Juan Lagares is 3 for 5 with a home run and Lucas Duda is 1 for 5 with a home run.

Noah Syndergaard has been nothing short of Cy Young caliber in 2016. That last start against the Nationals on Tuesday was uplifting. It’s been the bright spot in this recent Mets slump-a-dump. Last year he faced the Brewers at Citi. He got the win going 6 innings, surrendering 1 run and striking out 5 Brewers. I fully expect him to dominate because he’s done nothing but that all season. You raise the expectation bar and the fans expect perfection. Thor will deliver.

Things To Look For:

What’s Hitting?: We can dominate on the mound all we want this weekend, but the team won’t win if the offense continues to be MIA. Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Michael Conforto, Lucas Duda, and Kevin Plawecki have all been horrendous lately. Even Neil Walker and Asdrubal have cooled. I don’t have answers. Just prayers and uncontrollable pessimism.

Hot Crew: The usual suspects top the Brewers hot hitter list. Ryan Braun is hitting .364 with 7 home runs. Jonathan Lucroy is hitting .304 with 6 home runs. Jonathan Villar is hitting .284 and has 13 stolen bases. He’s been a solid fantasy league starter. Aaron Hill had a crummy past couple of years in Arizona, but he’s hitting .250 with 4 bombs on the season. He’s hitting .340 in his last 15 games. First basemen Chris Carter is doing his boom or bust thing with 12 home runs and a .245 average. His 12 bombs are super impressive, but he’s hitting .179 in his last 15 games.

Kirky 3 Bombs: Captain Kirk Nieuwenhius moved out to Milwaukee, and he’s having the best couple months of his career. He’s hitting .278 with an .849 OPS. He hit the game winning two run home run against the Cubs yesterday. Baaahahaha. Kirky 3 Bombs! He’s been platooning in centerfield, and is doing everything we hoped he would one day do for the Mets. Meanwhile Alejandro De Aza took up the Kirk mantle and hits under .200 while striking out whenever he pinch hits. Sheesh. The Brewers just called up centerfielder Keon Broxton, so we will see if that impacts their regular lineup.

Future Mets: Jonathan Lucroy is dying to get out of Milwaukee. He was begging off the team in spring training. I wrote about this a while back, but if Mr. Brittlesworth Travis d’Arnaud insists on staying in California and getting rehab massages all day, then we may need to explore a trade for Lucroy.

Vindicated: Ryan Braun is such a schmuck. He’s back to killing it. Juice? Magic? Skill? Who cares. I’ll never forget how he laughed in our faces. How he insisted he was innocent of steroid use and told us all off when he got off on a technicality. He ruined that poor lab technicians life because the guy mailed his steroid filled urine sample a day late. Go to hell Braun. Definitely don’t go to the Nationals when they come around shopping for an outfield upgrade. Don’t do that.

Pentastic: The few optimistic Mets fans pointed out during Harvey’s meltdown game against the Nats, that the pen pitched 6.1 scoreless innings. Oooh great I’m so happy the pen was able to preserve that humiliating 9-1 defeat for us. But in all seriousness the pen has been tops in the league. Fantastic. Keep firing away those scoreless innings. I’m sure the pen will be full of overused blue eyed corpses by the time Harvey and the rotation hits it’s stride in the summer.

Reinforcements: Speaking of the pen, Erik Goeddel and Sean Gilmartin are in town. Rumor has it Goeddel will be activated (Soup demotion?!? No way!) if Harvey stays on the roster, and if Harvey goes on the DL then Gilmartin will join the roster.

Do People Not Boo?: So I’ve been reading non-stop that people are ashamed that Mets fans booed Harvey as he exited the field after his horrendous start against the Nationals. Now I was at this game. I heard all the booing. Are people really shocked by booing? Is this a real thing? Harvey gave up 9 runs in 2.2 innings. Is there a single park or fan base in the league that doesn’t boo their starter if he gets lit up for 9 runs in 2 innings? No way in hell. People boo. Everyone boos. People complain when they aren’t satisfied with a product or service. That’s how life works. Fans go to the game and want to see an exceptional product. Booing is the way sports fans express dissatisfaction with said product. I’m not trying to lump Matt Harvey in with Time Warner Cable or your run of the mill dog crap service provider. But whenever my internet goes out I boo my cable box. And by boo I mean smash my hand on top of it until it resets. That doesn’t mean I don’t love TV. You can be mad at Time Warner or a specific clueless cable representative when they blow it. It’s allowed. My grandmother said people used to toss tomatoes at performers at legitimate theater events. Fans and audience and members always express their problems with performers and always will. That being said, I didn’t boo at yesterday’s game because I’m better than everyone else.

My Best Guess: Predicting the 2016 MLB Playoffs and Player Awards


Major League Baseball has such parity. Sure we can probably narrow down the field of competition to around 15 teams before the season even starts. Roughly half the league is actually competing for a championship. But that’s a hell of a lot better than the annual three team dance in the NFL or the one team in the NBA that has a chance to win (I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Olden Plate Warriors). Jayson Stark from ESPN (and Winterfell) writes a brilliant annual column showing how the parity in MLB compares to that of the NFL. It really gives you an idea of how even the MLB playing field is, and how hard it is to predict the outcome of the season. Honestly, if you want the real crystal ball just look at the Vegas lines. Vegas knows better than me or any of the other baseball writers. That being said, if you want some of my magic insight, here are my playoff and player award predictions for 2016:

The Metssiah’s Player Award Predictions:

AL MVP: Manny Machado. Yeah I didn’t pick Mike Trout. I’m crazy!! Machado had a breakout season last year, he’s young, and he’s part of a beastly lineup. Plus my scouts (google images) say Machado’s head looks enormous this spring. Maybe he’s been getting his swoll on this offseason. I’m no phrenology expert, but big head equals big season.

AL Cy Young: Chris Archer

AL Rookie of the Year: Byron Buxton

NL MVP: Bryce Harper. Again. That being said, Yoenis Cespedes is going off at 25 to 1 in Vegas for MVP. I like that sweet action.

NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer. Yeah I’m betting against my boys, but I’ll say Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard finish 2, 3 and 4 respectively so I feel better about the betrayal.

NL Rookie of the Year: Corey Seager. But Steven Matz will probably be in the conversation.


The Metssiah’s American League Playoff Predictions:

WC Game: Rangers over Blue Jays

ALDS: Royals over Rangers and Astros over Yankees

ALCS: Astros over Royals


The Metssiah’s National League Playoff Predictions

WC Game: Nationals over Pirates

NLDS: Cubs over Nationals and Mets over Giants

NLCS: Mets over Cubs


World Series Prediction: Mets over Astros


Also, for my previously published divisional predictions see these posts:

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