2017 Mets: Hitting Is The New Pitching

Remember when the Mets thought they could follow the model of the late 90’s Braves? They thought they could build a championship caliber roster, and the heart of that roster would be made up of elite young flame-throwing starting pitchers. Well it seems like our heart is failing thanks in large part to the organization’s incompetence and their total mishandling of the young aces. The young arms have all pretty much been destroyed. But on the flip side…now the offense is smoking hot!

I guess it’s time for a total change of plans. Hitting is the new pitching. Let’s rewrite our team mission statement and rebrand our team image by plastering the face of our best hitter all over the place. Wait, the organization destroyed our best hitter Yoenis Cespedes too? Okay, let’s just use Conforto’s face and do this thing. Hitting is king!

Wednesday’s Hit Parade: The Mets scored 16 runs on 20 hits against Atlanta on Wednesday in a 16-5 win. They didn’t hit any home runs. Just hits on hits on hits. They had rallies in the 1st inning (2 runs), the 3rd inning (3 runs), the 5th inning (4 runs), and then the 8th inning (7 runs). Michael Conforto and T.J. Rivera each had 3 hits. Rene Rivera had 3 hits and 3 RBIs. Jose Reyes had 2 hits and 5 RBIs. Even Neil Walker and Curtis Granderson are starting to pick things up. The starting pitching was garbage. Jacob deGrom gave up 5 runs on 8 hits over 5 innings. He walked 5. Awful. But who cares? Pitching is old news.

The Comeback: Last night the hot hitting and trash pitching continued. Minor league bum Rafael Montero was smoked in his start giving up 5 runs on 7 hits over 3.2 innings. Get this guy out of my face. Josh Smoker came on in relief and gave up two more runs. The game seemed out of reach even after Grandy’s two run homer in the fourth inning made it 7-3. But I totally forgot about our new team strength. I forgot that this offense is red hot. In the 7th inning the Mets rallied. A comeback victory rally? Insanity. The team crushed reliever Brad Ziegler. Six straight hits by the Mets led to four runs. T.J. Rivera played hero with a game tying two run double. He also had a homer in the first inning. The Marlins walked Wilmer Flores with the bases loaded in the 7th inning to give the Mets the 8-7 lead. That was the final score. The Marlins had plenty of opportunities in this game to score more runs, but they wasted them.

Stolen Crown: On Thursday the Mets were rained out. Jay Bruce had hit a two run homer in the game, but Mother Nature wiped it away. He’s still the rainout king to me.

Thor Non-Story: This week Noah Syndergaard got a second opinion on his destroyed lat muscle that was torn as a result of the organization’s gross incompetence. Anyway, the Mets media really tried to turn this non-story into a big deal. The new doctor said he’s out for 3 months. So did the first doctor. He’s out forever.

D’Arnaud Out Forever: The Mets finally put Travis d’Arnaud on the 10-Day DL after 3-4 days of trying to magically heal his injured wrist. Now the Mets say the injury is worse than originally expected. Sooo he had an injury, the Mets tried to make him play, and now it’s worse. Sound familiar? The Mets broke Yoenis Cespedes, Syndergaard, and d’Arnaud this season, and I can’t even muster any outrage. They broke me too.

Today: I still have Robert Gsellman starting in my fantasy league, and yes I realize that makes me an idiot. That being said I need him to have a good outing today. It will literally make or break my fantasy week. I’m guessing he gives up 7+ runs over 3 innings.

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