Familia Gets Soft 15 Game Ban; Matz Gets MRI

Well it only took the league four months to determine his punishment, but we finally learned today that Jeurys Familia will receive an extremely soft 15 game ban for his domestic-violence arrest.

I’m not going to say much about the league’s domestic-violence policy or how Commissioner Manfred chose to apply it in the case of Familia. The bottom line is the charges against Familia were dropped, the league conducted an investigation and determined nothing happened that warranted a significant suspension and that’s really the end of it.

I’ve already written on a number of occasions that the league doesn’t take domestic-violence seriously, and that it’s absurd that steroid suspensions are typically more severe than suspensions stemming from an arrest for a violent crime involving a player’s family member. Fans tend to forgive and forget when it comes to domestic-violence crimes involving professional athletes. It is what it is. I hope one day that mentality changes.

The more ridiculous thing is the amount of time it took for the league to determine Jeurys Familia’s suspension. The arrest happened in November, and the charges were dropped in December. What the hell took the league office so long to decide?

I kind of want to work in the MLB Commissioner’s Office and review conduct violations all day. It sounds like the most laid-back job on the planet. You just sit at a desk waiting to get a call from a team asking you to investigate a violation of league policy.

Then you say: “Yes sir, we’ve received the conduct violation details and we are processing your case.”

Then you just spend the next 1-18 months putting all the court papers in big binders occasionally taking the papers out of the binders and pushing them around your desk for a few hours before re-filing them away.

And then after making a team wait for months, you arbitrarily pick a number of games ranging from 15-45 and notify the team a few days before Opening Day.

In the end we only have to wait until April 20th for Jeurys Familia to return to the closer’s role in Flushing. The guy was throwing 100 MPH in the World Baseball Classic so I’m pretty pumped to see if that velocity carries over into the season. I’m sure the velocity will last for a few months until Terry Collins blows Familia’s arm out like he does every season.

The other takeaway from today is the Steven Matz MRI news. Pray for him. Bad news from this MRI would be a classic Mets pre-Opening Day gut punch. I’m expecting the worst.

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