Mets Bring Back Niese For Bastardo; Uribe Next?

The staff of writers that MLB hired to write the Mets 2016 season script are absolutely hilarious. First the Jay Bruce deal nearly falls apart due to medical issues which was obviously the writers way of paying homage to the failed 2015 Carlos Gomez deal. Then the Indians announce that they’ve designated Juan Uribe for assignment, and Sandy indicates the Mets could have interest in bringing him back. And finally for the last laugh, the Mets announce right at the trade deadline that they have re-acquired crybaby former Met Jon Niese for mop-up man Antonio Bastardo.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Niese deal. Jon Niese is supposed to be a competent back-end starter, and Bastardo is supposed to be a competent situational lefty out of the pen. They’ve both been horrendous this season. It’s just two teams swapping garbage. Maybe Jon Niese takes the fifth spot in the Mets rotation and finishes the season strong. Maybe he comes out of the pen and puts up decent numbers. It certainly wouldn’t take much to outperform Antonio Bastardo. As far as Uribe goes, with the Asdrubal Cabrera injury I absolutely think the Mets should bring him back despite the fact that he’s having an awful season (.206/.259/.332). Why? Because he’s Juan Uribe dammit, and he was part of the 2015 World Series crew. That’s why. We broke up the band. We never should have broken up the band.

And that brings me to the only real point of this post. If the Mets bring back Kelly Johnson, Jon Niese, and Juan Uribe during a 2016 season where Daniel Murphy is on pace to win the NL MVP, then Sandy and the front office owe the fans a public apology. I don’t care that we essentially stole Neil Walker for Niese. Bringing back a bunch of players six months after you let them go means you exercised poor judgment in the offseason. Whatever. Let’s see what happens.

All I know is Jon Niese better get Edible Arrangements for all the defensively challenged Mets infielders he insulted on his way out the door. The best part is Niese missed the stretch of the season where we had improved defense up the middle. Niese joins the team a couple days after Cabrera strains his patella tendon. Now he’ll be looking at old Wilmer Flores at short all over again. Plus Jay Bruce is joining our stable of poor defensive outfielders. Niese is going to be rolling his eyes non-stop as we boot balls all over the field. Welcome back crybaby Niese!

One thought on “Mets Bring Back Niese For Bastardo; Uribe Next?

  1. JohnE

    So I’m in Goodyear, Arizona, this March watching the Indians play the Royals. I got a seat on the third base side because I wanted to be near Uribe, who I think is a vastly underrated player. A couple of times I shouted down, “You belong in Port St. Lucie,” Juan. He probably didn’t hear me.

    BTW, my decision to sit on the third base side had the unintended consequence of placing me among a sea of Royals fans! A few noticed my Mets cap, but didn’t say anything. Several shook their heads. One observant fan, wearing a “Royals World Champions” t-shirt said, “Hey! Shouldn’t you be in Florida?” You gotta love that laid back Midwestern humor.

    Here’s a photo I took that day.

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