Terry Kills Another Reliever; Henderson To DL

Here’s a live look at Terry Collins poking the lifeless corpse of Jim Henderson in the Mets bullpen. It’s official. The Mets put Henderson on the DL with right bicep tendinitis officially, but it’s all related to his surgically repaired right shoulder. Terry killed him before the end of June. I can’t believe TC consistently pitches these guys into the ground. All season long he’s been using Jim and his fragile right arm for two inning appearances and on back to back days. He’s had the guy throw season high pitch counts on a given day and still brought him back out there for the next game. This injury was an absolute lock. Pray for Jimbo. I hope his arm gets better soon. Otherwise we can just toss him in the reliever mass grave with Carlos Torres and Pedro Feliciano. Can somebody please take away Terry’s bullpen decision making privileges? Please? Somebody save Jeurys Familia before it’s too late.

One thought on “Terry Kills Another Reliever; Henderson To DL

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