Weekly Roundup: Cespedes and Terry’s Lil Bastardo


Cespedes: Obviously the Cespedes news dominated the weekend. The fan base is ecstatic. I’ve spent half the weekend watching 2015 Cespedes highlights. Dingers on a loop. The only people more excited than the fans are the players.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.22.26 PM

DeGrom: “We’re definitely excited to have him back on our team. In the little bit of time we had him, he was impressive. So a full season is going to be a lot of fun.”

Alejandro De Aza even responded to speculation that he might be upset about losing his platoon starting job: “Focus is not on individual accomplishments, it’s on winning a championship for the city of New York.”

You think these guys are jacked up? You think they understand the opportunity we have this season?  I just can’t wait for them to get back on the field for Spring Training.

Terry’s Lil Bastardo: Lost in the shuffle this weekend was the official signing of a Bastardo named Antonio. Antonio Bastardo is a baseborn reliever from the Dominican Republic with no lands or titles to his name and a perfect new left-handed setup relief option for Terry Collins. He pitched for the Pirates last season and was fairly dominant to the tune of a 2.98 ERA. He held lefties to a batting average of .138 and righties to .210 and his 10.05 K/9 ranked among the league leaders for relievers.

He’s also a veteran of the NL East having spent six years with the Philadelphia Phillies and has had incredible results against two of the left-handed hitting sluggers in the division (e.g. Freddie Freeman: 0-for-19, Bryce Harper 2-for-12). On the downside, he’s a graduate of Biogenesis University, and his association with the Biogenesis “anti-aging” clinic led to him serving a 50 game suspension in 2013. However, all those massages and facial treatments obviously served him well as he’s excelled since that time.

Final Notes: Bastardo’s a great addition to the Mets pen and according to the Mets we may not be done adding relief pitchers. No word on exactly who else we might add, but it’s possible we could bring back Tyler “Rat Face” Clippard in a setup role. He’s obviously looking for a multi-year contract, but perhaps we could entice him to take a one year deal for 8 million dollars and a giant block of cheese.

tyler clippard

Whether we stand pat or add another arm to the pen, with Cespedes on the roster this team is stacked and clearly ready to rumble. As David Wright said, “Yoenis wants to be here to finish what we started.” Clearly the players know 2016 is all about unfinished business.

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