All Aboard The L Train To Losertown

Final Score: Pirates 4, Mets 0

The Mets L train of despair is spiraling out of control on it’s way to Losertown. The Mets can’t beat the worst teams in the league like the Brewers. They can’t beat the coldest teams in the league like the White Sox a couple of weeks ago and now like the Pirates. You know what that means? It means our worst fears have been realized. Right now, we are one of the worst teams.

Can’t Stop The Starters: Jacob deGrom was great per usual. He went 6 innings, gave up 6 hits, 2 runs, and struck out 9. He made one bad pitch when he gave up a two run blast to Jung Ho Kang. Also deGrom’s ERA is 2.82 and he’s 3-3. The Mets starting pitching is as good as it’s ever been. Shame on this organization for wasting it.

Two Innings: Terry brought in Jim Henderson for two innings. “Oh Jim Henderson! Great find by Sandy.” Remember when we used to say things like that back when the season didn’t feel like it was crumbling before our eyes. Anyway, he was fine in the 7th, and in the 8th he gave up a leadoff walk followed by a two run blast to Starling Marte. His arm easily gets tired. Terry should probably stop bringing him in for two innings when he knows he’s guaranteed to fail. Just a thought.

Offense: Nothing to recap. The Mets had three hits and were no hit by rookie Jameson Taillon through 6 innings. Curtis Granderson broke it up with a single in the 7th inning. Taillon ended up going 8 scoreless innings.

Plawecki: Mike Nickeas, Anthony ReckerJuan Centeno, Johnny Monell. With two horrendous errors last night (he dropped a foul pop and tossed a ball into center field), Kevin Plawecki is beginning to earn a place in the Mets Hall of Horrendous Catchers.

Root Canal: Juan Lagares was scratched from starting last night’s game with a toothache. And by scratched I mean he ended up pinch hitting with said toothache. Also if Juan was actually supposed to start, then I love how quickly the Mets have abandoned the Alejandro De Aza/Lagares platoon. De Aza is really bad. He’s channeling his inner Mayberry big time.

Casual Cortisone: Michael Conforto got a casual unexpected cortisone shot in his wrist, and the Mets said he’d sit out 48 hours to let the shot take affect. Then the Mets immediately scrapped that plan and pinch hit him last night. He struck out in pathetic fashion. It’s pretty obvious that he’s been playing injured. Might as well just keep playing him until his hand falls off.

The Big Surgery: The Mets announced David Wright is expected to decide at the end of the week whether or not he will get season ending neck surgery, or if he will try and rehab the injury so he can come back later in the year. I hope he does what’s right for him. The Mets implied that their approach to the trade deadline will be impacted by Wright’s decision. That is completely ridiculous, and his decision should have no impact on the Mets approach. No matter what he chooses, the Mets should be pursuing an impact bat to replace him in the short and long term.

No Cubano: Speaking of impact bats, the Mets basically reiterated that they don’t typically test out the international market for free agents like the new Cuban third baseman Yulieski Gourriel. They implied they’d consider him if Wright will be out for the season. The funny part was the Mets made these pre-game comments, and then Jung Ho Kang went on to punish them. You know Jung Ho Kang? He’s the guy from Korea, who plays all the infield positions, gets paid like nothing and blasts home runs all day. Sandy and the Mets passed on him. He’s an international player so it was too risky. We don’t need offensive studs like that. Better to stick with reliable Quadruple-A bums. You know what you’re going to get from those guys. Nothing.

Wheeler: Zack Wheeler will supposedly start his final Tommy John rehab stint and is on track to get his first major league loss of the season as a starter after the All-Star break. Take your time Zack. We suck.

Last Bullets In The Chamber: Sandy talked about how great Brandon Nimmo is doing in Vegas before the game. Honestly, I’d say the Mets will consider promoting Nimmo and Dilson Herrera by the end of this homestand if they keep playing this bad. Those two guys are the last internal bullets in our minor league chamber. That’s it. If this losing keeps up you need to call up Herrera and put him at second base and move Neil Walker to third base. And we would also need to consider designating De Aza for assignment to make room for Nimmo.

Giving Up Is Not An Option: One thing is certain this season. We cannot give up. I’m not talking about the fan base giving up. The fair weather fans can do whatever they want. I’ll be watching no matter what happens. My point is the organization cannot give up on the season. I don’t care how many injuries the Mets have. As long as Yoenis Cespedes and this entire pitching staff is intact, they must try and win it all. It’s really as simple as that. The Mets have the second best pitching staff in the league behind the Cubs in terms of runs allowed, and they have the 28th ranked offense. It’s outrageous that we are in this position again, but we need to be all in. Selling at the deadline is not an option. Figure it out Sandy.

Today: Noah Syndergaard pitches today. Bet the under on Mets runs and the over on Thor Ks. Both locks.