Sandy Gets His Man (Jerry Blevins)

Sandy finally got his man! His man being Jerry Blevins aka Mr. LOOGY aka Mr. Magoo aka Two Broke Arms aka the reliever formerly traded for Matt den Dekker. Sandy “took care of” the Mets bullpen deficiencies in less than 24 hours. When I say took care of I mean he brought back Fernando Salas (one year $3 million) and Jerry Blevins (one year $6 million and an option) and is going to run the same crew out there in 2017.

This should come as no surprise to any readers of The Metssiah. I told all of you the second the offseason started that the Mets were going to double down in 2017 with the exact same roster as last season. No meaningful additions or changes. I called this one.

And yes I spent the entire offseason worrying that Sandy wasn’t going to have the financial flexibility to even get that done. I mean technically he didn’t quite accomplish it because the Wilpons refused to pay to re-sign Bartolo Colon or Kelly Johnson. It’s not exactly the same team. It’s not any better on paper. But the hope is that the team is blessed with better health and that the young pitching dominates. Praying for health is a pretty standard daily practice in Metsland. Ray Ramirez swears by it.

I’m not going to use this post for another rant about the crappy Mets offseason. Instead I’m going to acknowledge the biggest takeaway from BlevinsGate. Sandy always seems to get his man on his terms. He did it with Yoenis Cespedes, and he always seems to do it when “his man” is an average player engaged in a one-year vs. two year deal standoff.

The Wilpons are lucky to have such a competent GM who can save them a few bucks here and there. The salary savings certainly don’t benefit me in any way. It’s not like Jerry takes a one-year deal and then they slash ticket prices or something. But it’s nice that Sandy never gives up and never seems to worry. And why would he worry? He goes into these “negotiations” with absolutely nothing to lose.

Player: “Hey I’d love to be a Met. I’d like a [insert multi-year deal request].”

Sandy: “Nope. One-year deal only. Frankly ownership will be happy if you just turn it down completely. But let me know.”

Then I imagine he gets up and walks out of the room. Lucky for the fans, guys like Blevins and Cespedes really want to be here. They like this team, the players, the fans, and this town. So they choose to stick around. Works for me.

Does it make me jealous to see the Dodgers sign Sergio Romo and the Giants sign Mark Melancon to bolster their respective bullpens while the Mets trot out the same crew? Yes it does. But whatever. At least we kept Blevins and Salad. Let’s just start the season.

Mets Re-sign Fernando Salad

The Mets continue to “improve” the team by bringing back most of the players from last year’s roster.

This time the Mets re-signed Fernando Salas aka Fernando Salad. Salad was the reliever Sandy Alderson acquired last August from the Angels. He was useful in his short stint with the Mets posting a 2.08 ERA over 17.1 innings. His actual 2017 salary hasn’t been released yet, but knowing the Mets it can’t be that much money. Signing Fernando on a one year deal sounds great to me. He’ll gobble up some late innings, and he’ll strike some guys out (8.9 K/9 in his career).

It’s not a major bullpen improvement considering he was part of last year’s crew, but as long as we re-sign Jerry Blevins I’ll have some confidence in the group of guys we’ve assembled for the 2017 pen.

As I said earlier today, it’s time to bring back Jerry Blevins. No more messing around. Sign Blevins Sandy. Get it done.

Mets Sign Guy That Isn’t Jerry Blevins

Oh my God, the Mets signed Tom Gorzelanny to a minor league deal! I know him! He’s that 33 year old fringe major league lefty starter/reliever who’s played with 6 different teams over 12 seasons and isn’t really worthy of a roster spot on a team that claims to be a World Series contender. You know who he’s not? Jerry Blevins. Relievers keep flying off the board with each passing day and the Mets keep watching it happen.

Sergio Romo is reportedly close to choosing a team, and it’s not likely to be the Mets.

Apparently the Dodgers want Blevins and Romo. Why? Why would the Dodgers want to improve their bullpen? If they fancy themselves a playoff contender why would they feel the need to make the team better?

The only Mets’ rumors from yesterday were more salary dump whispers this time involving Juan Lagares instead of Jay Bruce. Apparently teams are interested in trading for Juan, and there’s speculation that the Mets could then use the $4.5 million they save to improve the bullpen. What a freaking joke. I get that Juan’s contract stinks ($4.5 million in 2017, $6.5 million in 2018, $9 million in 2019 and $9.5 million option for 2020 with a $500k buyout) but he’s the only real center fielder on the roster.

I can totally see the Mets giving up on Curtis Granderson and Michael Conforto in center field by May and sticking Juan out there most of the time (until he gets injured as usual). If the Mets have to trade Juan to save a few bucks in order to retain Jerry Blevins then the team is already screwed. Nothing has changed. Fire Wilpon. Cancel your tickets.

If the Mets refuse to pay for bullpen upgrades then Josh Smoker and Hansel Robles better step up in 2017 for the sake of my TV remote and couch cushions because I’ll be smashing the hell out of them on a nightly basis if the pen stinks. The long stretches of anemic offense combined with elite starting pitching have been tough to handle over the past two seasons. But a team with elite starting pitching that scores runs, but blows leads out of the pen every night is another form of baseball torture, and I’m not sure that I’m up for it.

Pray that Jeff Wilpon unexpectedly finds 6 million bucks in his jacket pocket for Jerry Blevins. Pray for Jerry. Bring back Jerry.