Travis “The Human Game of Jenga” d’Arnaud to the DL

Travis d’Arnaud has been placed on the 15 day disabled list. Whoever had David Wright in the “first position player to the DL” office pool must be livid. David Wright was the sure favorite in Vegas, but Travis wasn’t far behind.

Travis is really something else. “The kids!!! They called me Mr. Glass.” Maybe he’s got that Benjamin Button syndrome. Maybe he’s actually 75 years old and his body is just disintegrating from within. I mean the guy is a walking game of Jenga. Every time he throws, every time he swings, every time he runs hard, every time he gets hit by a pitch, every time he slides into a base, every time he takes a foul ball behind the plate, it seems like his entire body crumbles before our eyes. He makes six throws on stolen base attempts last night and after the game his damn arm falls off. I think it’s technically a rotator cuff strain, but it’s still pretty ridiculous. 

Honestly Travis “Mr. Glass” d’Arnaud is really just one of those injury prone players. He’s the guy who you caveat everything with “as long as he’s healthy”. And he seemingly never will be. I hate to say it, but he is what he is. You know how some players magically stop being injury prone sometimes? That actually happens on occasion. You know how? They do steroids. It’s always some form of cheating. They either get the special secret foreign surgeries like Kobe Bryant or Bartolo Colon, or they get the stem cell injections or human growth hormone treatments. I really really hope Travis can find an ethical way to shake these injury issues that have plagued him his entire career. I’m sure at some point we will move him to a different position to “preserve” him like he’s some priceless piece of art or an ancient artifact. But the bottom line is he’s a “forever hurt”. It is what it is. Now it’s time for Kevin Plawecki to step the hell up. You want reps? You want playing time? Here you go man. Earn them. Take the job away from Travis.

Also pray for Travis. God I want him to stay healthy and have a big time major league career. I really do. But I especially want him up here because now we have to watch Rene Rivera once a week. He’s a .200 career hitter which is an enormous upgrade from Anthony “Golden Chin” Recker but still dog doo. Also I asked Jeff Wilpon if he had a positive spin on the d’Arnaud injury. He said, “at least we didn’t have to pay to fly him back to New York for his MRI while we were on the road”. Then Jeff went back to auctioning off old Shea Stadium seats and miniature Jackie Robinson statuettes on eBay.